Gold Shaw Farm is a farm in Peacham, VT. More accurately, it’s not really a farm yet. Founded by Morgan Gold and Allison Ebrahimi Gold in 2016, Gold Shaw Farm is more of a farm-in-progress than an honest-to-goodness farm. Our dream is that someday we are able to make our 158 acre parcel of land a regenerative and productive homestead/farm. To get there, it’s going to take a lot of work on our part. Our DEfasts channel chronicles the journey of getting there for our friends, family and community.

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  1. Russoman

    Show all the other videos broooo. I wanna see them yullah

  2. Erwin Addison

    Don't be de turd..funny

  3. Muhammad Nur Afeef

    he is so cute like a polar teddy bear

  4. Muhammad Nur Afeef

    why can't toby dog can't stay with you guys in the house???

  5. Liam Harris

    Did you really have to show the goose orgy 😂

  6. NoVaKane

    High? Intoxicated . With catnip...? Do research please so you sound like less of an idiot

  7. Are Dub

    Use a pallet as a underbase for your next coop. Then this is easy peasy.

  8. Joseph Hall

    Too "banged up" @6:14, nailed it!

  9. Back Breaking Farm's Midwest Finest

    Look like you expanded your chickens flock. Congrats!

  10. Jamie Rain - Redflufflykins

    Since you're allergic you could make a catio (Cat patio) and call it a day! A great cat toy is Da Mouse by GoCat :) Looks like a real mouse and is a good size/has a cord that doesn't tangle. Drag that across the ground and ZOOM!

  11. Arthas Menethil

    Just stick a little handle on the back of the females heads so the males have something to grab onto. Maybe make them a little sex swing. Problem sovled

  12. Morgan Mason

    Hey Morgan what kind of chainsaw do you have

  13. Holy Reality

    Oh my God, he’s playing smashing pumpkins in the background whole smashing pumpkins. Priceless

  14. Horace Crowe

    neat wild turkeys

  15. KJ Hafdahl

    Thanks for the link to the Skillshare site, it's exactly what I needed. Now I'm a member. Going to class real soon.

  16. Da chicken

    Wasn't it hurricane Isaias?? I lost power! And "Release the quackin", I have a duck named the quackin

  17. Jason Shock

    Geese, forever pissy teenagers.

  18. OutOfTheKlosset

    "Don't be greedy" that's true I think for most people but I think there could be some people who don't have the mental ability to figure it out on their own. :( I think it's so horrible to scam people.

  19. Juliana Sacks

    The chicken probably does not now what it is

  20. Kennith Chapman

    Leave the cat alone! It will kill the rats n mice!

  21. Gloria Dossett

    You don't have enough hens for two roosters. R I P, Gen. Washington.

  22. KJ Hafdahl

    keychains, pencils, pens, uhhhh, dog collars....uhhhhh that's it

  23. KJ Hafdahl


  24. KJ Hafdahl

    ALL DUCKS GO TO BED!!! love that

  25. Rhonda Thompson

    So touching and such a powerful reminder to express our gratitude to those who have touched our lives. Sincere condolences! I'm pretty sure she knew how much you appreciated her kindness and generosity. <3

  26. Lillian Nissen

    If it's a male cat it has a wider territory and likely visits many farms, which is good for the neighborhood in general.

  27. Lillian Nissen

    Back in the day we had a 50 acre farm in British Columbia. We had as many as 18 cats on the place and they really did a great job keeping the mice and vole under control. We had a lot of fruit trees so the birds had good places to land. We had a few songbirds but fewer rodents. I would welcome more cats on your farm.

  28. KJ Hafdahl

    and a rainwater gathering setup; and filtering system

  29. KJ Hafdahl

    binge watching, just love watching Toby Dog run

  30. Jamie Rain - Redflufflykins

    Have a contest for your audience to design custom bandanas for each individual goose.

  31. Rhonda Thompson

    Love this, thanks for sharing! <3

  32. The Laughing Dove

    Would it help to give more hide and bedding locations to the chickens maybe? In nature Washington wouldn't necessarily be able to camp a choke point, hens would be able to approach a roost from many different angles or just choose another one. It's just as natural for Shakira to choose a spot away from him as it is for him to be very forceful! Hopefully the chicken saddle helps her out. Edit: was interesting to read the person who talked about roosters not learning manners from adult hens if they don't grow up around them! It's funny how big a difference subtle seeming to us changes can have. Might be time to get a few roo chicks and get enough choice in the matter to set your girls up with a boy they like, and send extras to the pot

  33. KJ Hafdahl

    TIGERS? APRIL FOOLS! such an imagination! (who's gonna protect Toby Dog) ahahahhahaha

  34. KJ Hafdahl

    I'm learning about one man's determination to follow his dreams, and he is doing a great job at it, with his lovely little wife. :) love it

  35. pat0652

    Put a warm bed in the barn (with a bit of catnip) for Victor Barncat!

  36. Kamek Magickoopa

    "Smashing the Chicken Patriarchy" Finally, some social progress

  37. Connor

    Would u not consider getting something like Holland cattle a hardy breed for ur cold climate

  38. KJ Hafdahl

    I love the Golden Farm! (sunshine and love)

  39. KJ Hafdahl


  40. StrykerV8

    Hey! Those chickens are just as smart as liberals!

  41. Leifyboi 1

    Leave the cat alone

  42. andria blue

    Idk if its a state law thing or what but we had 1 bad contractor took money up front tried to increase costs and ask for $ during job, I refused to allow him on property. We had 1 good contractor &1 great contractor and neither took $ up front. They live locally in a rural area business advertised off reputation and we've recommended our favorite out of the 2 for 6 yrs after their service. A good contractor will have capital to invest in a job but certain LARGE jobs may require a deposit however there's payment outlined unless its agreed that all bills will be paid within a short time.

  43. annaj banana

    What a great dog.

  44. trevor

    It took me 15 seconds.

  45. annaj banana

    My Favorite part is the friendship between Toby and Pablo the barn Cat.

  46. mikis i

    For cold weather do you think it would be warmer to put the coop on the ground with a concrete base, or raised?

    1. Gold Shaw Farm

      It would probably be slightly warmer but a whole more work and cost. Not worth it to me.

  47. David Elliott

    You should realise that’s one well fed cat. You are now his pet. Right along with his other pets who feed him very well. Thanks.

  48. Jaime☆Gafford


  49. Patti Hainline

    Toby says nah really i know who i am i do not need to share this with anyone! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  50. Primordial Fowl

    Noope nope, I was worried when the hen was screaming so much with general Washington at the beginning, but after seeing the chasing, especially of that kind, you gotta get rid of him. That’s not the natural order of chickens, it bad behavior created by human made artificial environments. If someone disagrees with me then let me know be responding to this comment, but it looks to me like he’s gotta be dinner.

    1. Primordial Fowl

      And btw I don’t find it upsetting and I’m not applying human morals, that is NOT the natural or healthy system of chicken society, you have to kill or separate roosters with that behaviors in the same way you would a chicken with a physical defect, if you want me to explain why that’s not the natural order than I can

  51. annaj banana

    He is so cute. He does remind me of a baby polar bear.

  52. Tim Johnston


  53. annaj banana

    Awww it is Mini-Toby. He was a cutie right from the beginning, and he turned into a really beautiful dog. Morgan u butthead.... I bet the pie was just fine.

  54. Steven Booth

    I have had two of those humane mouse traps for years and they have never worked.

  55. Melyana Irwan

    Begging my mother to get ducks LOL

  56. #NewBlakeStone #NewBlakeStone

    I live in a big city and it’s barely drivable in a car

  57. Ardes Yvonne

    Just a friendly reminder to watch this video before you get cows 🙏 Keep It Simple 💕

  58. #NewBlakeStone #NewBlakeStone

    This person is mixing up Catholics with evangelicals. The pope says evolution is real

  59. Ardes Yvonne

    Remember the lesson you learned in 2018: Keep It Simple 🙏

  60. Donna Gagne

    I'd put a half wall in the bathroom in front of the toilet. More storage area and privacy. Native Vermonter here.

  61. Don Jose

    The wildlife in New York and DC are of a different species.....the 2 legged kind !

  62. annaj banana

    lol I would put up a pretty screen to hide the toilet. It is a big enough bathroom. It just looks too bland

  63. annaj banana

    I got that same look when I was young woman and I took my first car into the mechanics. I could sense exactly what those greaseballs were going to try and do. Rip me off. I returned later with my Dad and the whole atmosphere changed. I didn't get ripped off. I think it is human nature that we want to think people are good and trustworthy. Sadly many people are not. For those people you have to be on your toes. You have nothing to be ashamed of. In the end we learn much much more from out mistakes than we do from too many easy successes.

  64. Glorious MallCop Gaming


  65. keisreeman

    Why trap the cat? It must be finding mice for you.

  66. - Flint -

    I have a hen who lost feather on her back but shes good

  67. Tracy Ludington

    General Washington looks like he might have some frostbite on his comb. A little bit of Vaseline or Aquaphor would help prevent that from getting worse.

  68. ScarletsWeb 05

    When you have baby ducks and baby geese try to put them together when babys

  69. Jimmy Johnstone

    That rooster needs to be put in the stock pot. Raise a new cock bird with older hens, so as a juvenile he gets bashed into shape by the boss hens. He will then learn better manners.

  70. Jaws1754

    Belive it or not, our Jack Russell has become a guardian livestock dog for our small flock of 12 chickens. It's amazing since I didn't expect him to take that protective stance! He can see hawks and big birds, barks and chases them. He goes out throughout the night, barks walks around and will wake me if something is wrong. Our rooster even knows certain barks and will usher the girls away somewhere safe. I'm beyond proud of him, and even more proud of Toby dog ❤

  71. Robert Regan

    We have a couple of Dexters on our small farm (8 grazeable acres) where we run them with sheep (that we got from Greg Judy coincidentally) and a few goats. You've created a loyal customer base for your duck eggs Morgan, so I'm pretty certain given your demographics up there that you could do the same for phenomenal tasting Dexter beef. Did Greg mention to put a pond in at the top of your land, so you can get that pressurized water anywhere you wanted it? Good luck with this next venture! Also, contrary to the post below Dexters do NOT consume huge amounts of water. I have a 40 gallon stock tank and that lasts them a week in hot weather and 2 or more weeks in cool weather.

  72. Flabbergasted

    Just put a repeater / range extender where that camera is in the barn and you should be able to extend your wifi far enough. Just keep in mind the bandwidth requirements per camera that you put out there when choosing the repeater.

  73. Billy Two Cents

    Keep the cats, as long as they aren't screwing around with your farm :p. A lot of snow, how cold does it get where you are? I'm in Canada and wanna know if you can do birds and the like in the dead of a Canadian Winter?

  74. Billy Two Cents

    Hi there, new to the channel, two questions if I may: One: What of the neighbors when he barks late night? I imagine some people would be fine with it but what if you encounter someone that's kind of a jackass? Two: I know Toby has a purpose and a job, but I would find it hard to have a dog and not want to have him in the house at time and around the family, and that if any other animals were allowed indoors it would create some jealousy.

  75. L Costantino

    Get the Sowers team from Roots n refuge farm of the team from Comfort farms near milledgeville GA.. they both had a weekend of learning to butcher...

  76. Rita Mulloy

    Love your videos! Love the chickens, ducks and geese. Love Toby 💖 😊

  77. Muhammad Gadardi

    there is demans

  78. swimchickky


  79. annaj banana

    Lol Many years ago, my husband used to clean my car off before I went to work. I too was a nurse a long time ago. Anyway that was a little thing but it meant a lot to me. it is the little things in a marriage that u do for each other that adds up to a long life together. Yes Cleaning the snow off the car for your wife is as good as flowers, Trust me.