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  1. Guitarguts63

    well I was at MicroCenter in Maryland yesterday that had nothing over a 2Gb card. And even EVGA's links do not work other than this one that shows OUTOFSTOCK. This entire mess is all over the earthquake from October last year. I couldn't even find an RX580 8GB from anyone that wasn't 300.00 over priced.

  2. Calabask’s Corner

    I think I might go for the 6800 Merc. Going team red with my GPU, so maybe a full return to Team Red is merited!

  3. M K

    I just got myself a Rx 570 because these prices are hell #Rx570gang

  4. zenixlo

    Those numbers look wrong...

  5. Ron Smith

    Wishing you and your family get well soon .

  6. Caphartly

    wow what a horrible card, here give it to me so i can get rid of it

  7. KonceptGameMontages

    Jay's face at the beginning says it all 😂🤣

  8. Fisky

    I would pick the 6800xt because i already own a red card.

  9. Men Doza

    RED Team XFX 319

  10. Boosted LV

    so its a 2070.. got it

  11. Daniel Pokorny

    Id go with team green since I'm more comfortable with messing with their stuff

  12. xpaxpl

    heh it only feb and I already give up idea on buying one of 30XX this year ... I mean I could afford it but spending msrp x2 no thank you... there is even chance that next year it will be 5-10% better cards for 1/2 of today's price so...

  13. MWatson1972

    Why does the entry for the card give you an option to log out???

  14. xSGaming

    rookie numbers , got my gt 610 to 115 C

  15. Calvers06

    I just sold my gtx 1660 for over $300

  16. ElemenT

    The case from the ad looks like Cooler Master masterbox td500 mesh and they got rid of the CM logo and sell it under their brand.

  17. Dan Ardelean

    Asus rog strix 3060 12gb ram $1,317.86 where I am...and the Eagle is $1,268.12....

  18. yuri saney

    That XT card.... omg. Sorry Nvidia!

  19. Finch

    Me as German: .... These Amerikan having problems.....

  20. MWatson1972

    Why does the entry give you an option to log out???

  21. You-Top1

    hmm getting a 3060ti fe (399€) in december still makes me happy (I know how lucky I am!!). Still I agree that the whole situation is REALLY stupid and hard if you have to update. Do you remember how many people SOLD their 2080ti before 3070/3080 release for under 500.... A few years ago so many people where sure the PC market is going down. And now... here we are...

  22. Andreaz-64

    Great informative review. I always love to hear your take.

  23. OldTwitchVODs

    tl;dr: Just another disappointment.

  24. bofast

    I bought a Delta fan back in college to see if it would help me overclock better. It was loud enough that I stopped using the fan before the computer had even finished booting :D

  25. narhan318

    🥺🥺🥺 both are works of art

  26. Roy Silva

    I’ll accept the amd card, already have a 3070 and my brother wants to build a pc so I’d give it to him to see how it compares with mine!

  27. Eric S

    I was lucky enough to grab a TUF 3060 gpu at microcenter for <$500. But, the only way to get one these days is to wait in line at Microcenter.

  28. Grits69FordF100

    Only have done the shuffle twice and both times got a card. 3070 and now the 3060. Others I know have also been able to get multiple cards. My problem yesterday was Zotac 3060 showed $489 but when I got notice of being picked in the shuffle, the price was higher than the price shown in the shuffle. Felt like a bait and switch.

  29. SanteeNL

    I can't believe I cancelled my plastic back MSI gaming X RTX3080 I had on preorder for €779 some time ago. I gladly took the Asus TUF 3060ti for €530 when it released though :)

  30. Symbiotic Parasite

    Can get one from retailers in the Netherlands but it's like € 720

  31. x Riizo

    Managed to get my hands on a 3070FE for £460 a few months ago, even though it's "only" 8gm Vram I'm still happy I got one. Was upgrading from 1070 to 3070 so I'm happy. I hope people are able to get their hands on them at some point.

  32. MVC MVVM

    330$ for card which is weaker than PS5 GPU.

  33. Mark

    Put an LN2 pot on it and max it

  34. Nick Charles

    The 3060 shouldn't exist at this price. I don't care how much of a shortage there is. Should have been $299 with 8GB VRAM, and Nvidia should be holding their AIBs to the MSRP. If the can't, then they shouldn't release anything to them and just do an FE. They do that, and the AIBs might learn their lesson...

  35. Filip Vasilev

    The 6700XT will come with 12GB VRAM

  36. nem tudom

    4:58 389 FUCKING DOLLARS FOR A '60 CARD?! WTF IS THIS? And no, im not talking about the current low supply price. Thats MSRP, meaning, PERMANENT. Nvidia, what the actual fuck? So, basically, those who used to buy the 60 cards, will get the 50 cards now, and then what do the people who used to buy the 50 cards, get? The GT 1030? Fk off

  37. M3

    That intro says it all

  38. cookeymonstro

    So much salt🧂

  39. MWatson1972

    If I actually win, which I never have, I promise to give away the gtx 1070 to someone I know or don't know who NEEDs this card, I will even ship it to the person and it doesn't matter who it is but if they need this card it is all there's and I will ship it to them. The only bad thing is their luck is running on my luck now I pray for the both of us whoever it may be...

  40. Xandy X

    im glad you feel better me and m dad got it and so did i its not a fun time.

  41. kritzingerx24

    I hammered the refresh button at 9AM to get a 3060 from Bestbuy, didn’t end up getting one, but the instocknow telegram tracker I forgot I setup for 3090 FE buzzed and I managed to get one for MSRP ($1,499). Fancy that.

  42. Mark Mayhew

    Not that its even a thing but the 3060ti is way better value and performance then the 3060.

  43. Kaustav Kapur

    lol nvidia suucks so hard that the rtx 3060 cant beat the 5700 when it is the same price and that is last gen

  44. Leonardo Mohammed

    I got that card on newegg for $329 USD i was lucky enough in that shuffle. Probably the 4th person in my country that got it.

  45. Quick Flight Gaming

    The shuffle actually makes it more fair because without it bots would get priority.

  46. roger diaz

    I'd go with AMD, I'm currently gaming on a surface tablet with keyboard and usb mouse 😭

  47. karl johnny knutsen

    team to follow JayzTwoCents

  48. sed8me

    "Shuffle" Thats a *RORT* with no que progress, there's no transparency of proof of sales.....

  49. Sire DragonChester

    Suprise Nvidia and AIB aren’t being sued. So happy with my GTX 1080ti bought yrs ago and have kept. Fuck 3xxx. They half node upgrade and NOT worth there premier price. Samsung 8Nm is NOT new ppl. It’s rather old actually vs TSCM. 3080 has 10 GB Jays. I think you made a whoops,

  50. Fisky

    i feel as if the 2060 and 2060 super should be available and these 30 series cards should of been delayed until 2022.

  51. kiveynen

    I'm so sick of the automotive industrie.. they got huge areas with banked with "new" cars which are just overproduced.. just stop producing, god damn it.

  52. Grayson Willard

    You just put into words what everyone has been trying to say

  53. Redlion Gamer

    2080ti because i need that nvenc

  54. Walter Bishop

    i wanted to upgrade my good old 1080 Ti to 3080 or 3080 Ti but i think its better to wait for RTX 40 series at this point, we will see when they release it... maybe i go AMD but its hard to tell when prices are what they are right now but im still a bit scared of AMD after 5000 series and their disaster with drivers

  55. Lammet

    Title: salt Ad: sugar

  56. Νίκος Κουλακιώτης

    who cares anymore? i do not intend giving away my car to buy a crappy inception or agonize myself along the marketing bs and fake questions about availability etc. Personally its no fun to watch anymore, farewell pc gaming (+1987-2021)

  57. Fidaiy Tan

    3060 by MSI is SGD $769 in Singapore.

  58. king kong

    what kind of lower end? this cards costs 800€ !!!

  59. Rafael Toledo

    My RTX card is air cooled... in fact it's pretty much just air

  60. Абрахам

    finally an honest and salty opinion

  61. 2020Tech4U

    I'm so over the launches to tell the truth, I really have learned to appreciate what I have and help those who want a PC for work/play with what I can purchase for them. Love your system and play on

  62. Lucky pillgrim

    1000+ euro in my country, i will stay on the phone. and return to console gaming. it's buulshit what's happening

  63. Jeffry Donald

    There were more than 2 cards under $400, zotac had one at $329 and EVGA had one at $329 and one at $389, I got the $329 evga one :D

  64. DOSdaze

    Yeah, I'm over the whole situation. I've turned off my stock monitors and stopped even bothering trying to find a RTX card. Looks like I'm squeezing yet another generation out of my 1080.

  65. Mike van de Kerkhof

    i'd go with nvidea because it has better benefits when it comes to streaming and video editing

  66. Trevor DeBlaey

    I bought a scalped 1660super to get me through this mess I'm done obsessing over new gpus.

  67. Brandon Dammers

    I got a GTX 1660 Super for 490 euro’s it’s about 530 dollars. Absolutely insane market these days...

  68. Zosu

    I would much rather have them put 12 GB rather than the other option which would be 6 Gb.

  69. Giannis Giannopoulos

    I m playing on Rx 560 2gb and i tried to buy 1 rtx 3060 on lanch,i was so dissapointed that i wasnt able to buy one,but after this video i really say thanks god that i didnt buy it,thanks for everything Jay,i also hope you get well too.

  70. Snafu

    Stood in line around 6am, all sold out Microcenter. They said you have to camp for days. At least at this location.

  71. Jamie Smith

    Soooo, buy a console.

  72. J

    I'm still rocking a 1070ti and honestly I'm fine sitting on it until even the next gen of cards. Works perfectly fine for what I need it for even at 1440p. Scalpers can get fucked.

  73. Alekss Neimanis

    agree my gpu just crashed and i know the struggle :D :D will have to live for a few mounths without gaming anything before i can afford another GPU

  74. Dryloch

    Microcenter for the win. I stood in line once and got a 3080 a few weeks ago.

  75. Algazul

    On the 25th , I went to Canada Computers (its like a micro-center in canada) at 5h30 AM and the store open at 10h the line was huge and I was third in line when the store opened an employee told us their was just two rtx 3060 and all the other need to be pre-ordered when the two groups heard this they were fighting over who got here first I stayed in line and I orderd 2 one for me and one for my sister the price wasnt shown on the piece of paper and I considerd that is was 429$ (MSRP) + 50$ ... I payed f**king 1500$(cad) for the both of them I never felt scamed more in my entire life (sorry for my English I speak French)

  76. Alexander Lee

    I actually think the newegg shuffle is one of the better ways to divvy out graphics cards. Because it's already been shown that in a first come first serve basis the bots always win. However with newegg shuffle, it completely gets rid of the bot factor and gives everyone in equal chance. You can't complain about stock always being bought up by bots because they are their first before humans are, but then praise the first come first serve idea and dunk on newegg shuffle. the Newegg shuffle method gives everybody an equal chance of getting a card. It's by far the most Fair out of any of the other implementations, and as far as I know bots are not able to circumvent it. That's just my opinion. But I think that it's a good way going about it because it's not based on having an unfair advantage by bots, or whoever has the faster internet.

  77. Master Xen

    mfw I come into a large lump sum of cash and can't purchase parts. was debating on grabbing a 3060 but I might as well hold off at this point.

  78. JHRGF

    Wait yor email from : "We the gamers.." LOL

  79. SuperChlark

    XFX as I dislike MSI money grabbers

  80. Thadx

    The 30 series is so overhyped it actually makes me hate the whole graphics card scene in general.. If Nvidia didn't flatline their whole fucking 20 series for whatever reason I would've bought a Asus 2080Ti ROG Strix limited edition white but even they said they canceled the release of it.