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  1. Kalla H

    Mind your balls😬

  2. Ronal Rodriguéz. R

    Increíble, pero un sub fusil de USA es ms barato xd

  3. dashiznit0212

    I hope at least that was spray transfer MIG welding not short circuit. Should have used 7018 at least for something with that much pressure

  4. Ja Jo

    Reminds me of those crazy machine shops in Baja,....that only really exists because of the race.

  5. Emmanuele Calzetti

    what did you use to isolate the barbecue part?

  6. Kory's Rides

    13:47....accurate center point.....

  7. Fernando Ocampo

    Does it get hot enough to melt steel

  8. Linus Gk

    The "chain" the track was built from, what did it come from?

  9. Fazan Hamrock

    I have checked many woodworking plan sites. I think the instructions from Woodglut are the best.

  10. osvaldo pavanelli

    Amazing work, congrats!

  11. Thủydusof Nguyễn


  12. MOSTAFA y

    فكره حلوه لمعاقين

  13. Charles Balliet

    wow great presentation. I just want to know one thing... How did you come up with the design? from plans, a book, previous work on tank suspensions?

  14. sniper nekad

    God nice❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍

  15. Capsule Skateboards

    Οποτε θέλετε μπορούμε να κάνουμε ενα monster skateboard!!! Made in Κύπρος!

  16. Janko Martin

    Woodglut scripts contain most of the woodworking plans you can find.

  17. J n


  18. Jack Larson

    it would be really cool to see you guys do a collaboration with those crazy dudes over at Garage 54

  19. Jack Larson

    was that a GY6 motor from an old scooter?

  20. yungdaxid

    step 1 buy ten thousand dollars worth of equipment

  21. apat bond

    I can cut pencil with kitchen knife

  22. Árpád Lábadi

    20 km/h :-)))))))) - the music is a little bit exaggerated

  23. Gena DanilovLife

    Это реально КРУТО!

  24. yassen


  25. Юрий Орлов

    Транспорт неплохой . Можно инвалидам колясочникам приспособить для передвижения .

  26. SergeyVologda

    Now its time to use cordless angle grinder 👏

  27. พรม พรม


  28. mohd shafatimy

    So amazing..i like it 😊

  29. Anhur Alzuhairi

    when addidas trys to show off

  30. Amadeo Ortiz

    which kind of gas are you using for welding the aluminum?

  31. Karl O'Flaherty

    you are a genius i love the way you think

  32. Arya PZH

    Good Work...but i dont see any different without the spring dan tube

  33. René Mardones


  34. Просто Сергей

    Хорошо когда есть токарный станок дома

  35. Jevon Cooper

    I wonder if you had to do a gear system if you could use that to make a full scale generator

  36. Rob Ot

    Bet you can't do a wheelie 😂

  37. Izaque Rocha

    Muito bom!

  38. 6foot midget

    Everyone in the comments bitchin bout "it's not homemade" or "ya need a factory to build that" when I was thinkin anyone with a garage would have these tools. Pretty standard tool for a do it yourselfer lol.

  39. Michael Beltran

    Can i have it..😎😎😎

  40. M A Rahat

    Wow good job please giving pump diagram

  41. Сергей Ляшенко

    тормоза придумали трусы!

  42. Jiya Sailor

    Nice sir

  43. Marv Tomson

    Next build....Powder Coat Oven & Powder Coat Gun. Better than rattle can paint

  44. Antoine Smith

    I pray your well taken care of for your craftsmanship, the King's personal craftsman

  45. Luther Bryson

    Needs a longer stocks. Like all of us

  46. Juan Ignacio Caino

    Very nice! in addition to the water expulsion system, if you were to use it a lot for water sensitive tooling, there's pressure regulators that have a dryer incorporated. Most aerographic and dental compressors have those units and they aren't significantly more expensive than just plain regulators.

  47. Braeden-Maxwell Mzondo

    please make something that can fly with you In it

  48. Braeden-Maxwell Mzondo

    the things you make are amazing do you sell anything you make

  49. Dio Traveller

    Wow you have done a lot of hard work to make this buggy bike chassis and design super yet to reach heights like💞 iam became a fan of you'rz

  50. 魏燕

    You don’t need that to take down a drone. All you need is a flame thrower or a gernade or a BB gun with gud accuracy or turn on full auto or use real guns.

  51. Dimya Banu

    Poli monoose

  52. Khalid43 43

    Please don't explain in your video ..... because there's miny persons don't speak English ...... Yours videos are the best👍👍👍 please how make a motoculture

  53. Bomberdog

    Man, I love this! I'm a 30yr. welder/fitter so I can appreciate what it took to build this. You had a vision n made it happen, skill level through the roof!! Great job on building a serious one-off machine!! Hope to see more!

  54. Julian Rodriguez

    de cuántas RPM debe ser el motor?

  55. Sebastian Wiers

    I feel like the front wheels are sub-optimal (obvious reasons) but also maybe the steering geometry. I think a setup like this requires motorcycle tires and steering that centers the steering axis of each wheel through the contact patch (at least when upright).

  56. Phuong Huynh

    Is It for sale?

  57. Fabrice Severin

    you are an awesome creator !

  58. Gacheru Mburu


  59. Thowest2019

    what is the music in dis clip ?( 7:50 )

  60. Dani M. tv

    Wow super nice

  61. Antonio López


  62. Juan Diego Gomez Galán

    Which materials can you grind?

  63. toronoto guys

    Exceptional skills. Great job

  64. Cahaya Nurani

    Om ijin bertany saya punya las titik 5kva 28A..tp pd saat ngelas di benda kerja, tidak ada percikan bunga api seperti ini ya..hanya membara merah benda kerjanya..dan hasil nya benda kerja tidak nempel, saya coba dengan benda kerja plat tebel 0.6mm

  65. Richard Mcginnis

    i subscribed and clicked on the bell but youtube doesn't seem to think i guess, that your videos are that important, the last one i watched was 10 or 12 minutes long with 15 minutes of commercials! so i am unsubscribing because the commercials seem to youtube to be more important than your videos i do like the videos they are educational and very cool but i'm not willing to waste my day watching these commercials sorry.

  66. akshay ' gupta

    from wher did you get the idea fo all this thing what all thing you are studed for it tell some thing about this and from which country you are???

  67. akshay ' gupta

    are you the mechinecal engenear

  68. Василий Шатров

    Где размеры всего

  69. Ron Jones

    All that work and he didn't cerakote it? Really another level of absurd, I love it.

  70. Suresh Raman

    R.I.P tyres

  71. Muni Muni

    Ở việt nam chưa có thấy điều này

  72. Rasya Motor

    you managed to make me laugh at the last second. it was the first time that I was following your channel

  73. id104335409

    - Can you do a wheely on it? - That's all it does!

  74. TheSkinking

    Now make one with two wheels, you sit between them and steer with separate brakes for each tire. Less likely to flip

  75. Scott K


  76. Leland Clayton

    kinda weak if you ask me. You Guys attend to do better then this.

  77. joy prakash

    Hey, I've to develop new Hydraulic project. I've have 2 numbers of 1000mm cylinder and want 2 tons of pressure. So how many HP motor and oil pump required to get enough power pack. Please anyone guide me on this.

  78. ken bryant

    Easy if you got thousands of bucks worth of kit.