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  1. Aryan Namboodiri

    I'm here at exactly 99.9K subs.......... Noice

  2. Prasanth Kumar Murari

    Title of the track - Chaos at the spaceship

  3. Nicek


  4. Santiaguini xd

    mi sueño es crear mi propio equipo de formula1

  5. Daniel Joubert

    Best looking Livery so far.

  6. doire aintu

    Hope the car is fast

  7. Aziyan sl Gamer

    It’s a new one

  8. Aziyan sl Gamer

    Wow I like that Alfa Romeo

  9. Max Ramírez

    whoooa amazing vid

  10. Sajjan Sahota

    Why is all these girls posting "hope the car is fast" like yea same but be a bit more creative lol

  11. olifromsolly2

    1:01 that is some damn good understeer through the chicane and back to flat out

  12. dedicated hobo

    with their effort to split f1 car to the half it so shame because cameraman so shit and also the editing to, the most amateur recording in "supposedly" professional kind video i ever see

  13. Yoshida Saki

    0:52 Pain-peko~

  14. miko foin

    Hope the car is fast

  15. lori 03

    E va via drita si è

  16. pida siouy

    Hope the car is fast

  17. Koelemeijer

    Bella macchina! I'm rooting for you!

  18. seiom jvony

    Hope the car is fast

    1. doire aintu

      Hope kimi get back what he deserve

  19. Baltazar Cruz

    696 likes and no dislikes that’s how you know the whole F1 community loves Kimi

  20. Watermelon Banana


  21. Gopnik Lewis

    Guess Kimi Loves being home “Relaxing and unmmm sleeping”

  22. Plamen Milanov

    Robert can use a little bit of Antonio's hair to make a wig, but he should leave most of it for Vettel, because he needs it way more than him

  23. sokin jon

    Hope the car is fast

    1. miko foin

      Hope the car is fast

  24. Marci

    Legendary trio

  25. Stellla

    Kimi forever

    1. miko foin

      Hope kimi get back what he deserve

  26. AdgoR _

    Forza alfa romeo 🇮🇹 Forza sauber 🇨🇭

  27. Hardhik Rai

    Everyone: Beat Giovinazzi: Blyat Not sure that he is part of the Russian mafia😂😂😂

  28. I AM AVIN

    Alfa Romeo C39+ Uno Reverse Card= Alfa Romeo C41

    1. pida siouy

      Hope kimi get back what he deserve

  29. Hanilaine Pe

    "not only shampoos in the hotel" *steals entire room*

  30. Daksh


  31. Siła Komentarza

    I'm curious how much did you spend on this clip because it actually looks like this one made for "WK DZIK - NEW SCHOOL 2" (by SANDOMIERSKI) even the music is in the same style :) and i think they have zylion times smaller budget than you

    1. Sandomierski


  32. dolita windo

    Hope the car is fast

    1. miko foin

      Hope kimi get back what he deserve

  33. B 757

    Boro <3

    1. sokin jon

      Hope kimi get back what he deserve

  34. Pasquale Cirillo

    Nice Car!! 😍

    1. doire aintu

      Hope the car is fast

  35. Bruno Lr

    Wow!, someone give Antonio some water please

    1. Hannah Barley

      @I AM AVIN Italian jesus might turn the holy water into Italian wine 😂

    2. I AM AVIN

      We need italian holy water for italian jesus

    3. muhammad nabil

      Who need water more than steering bwoah wheel

  36. SUPERBUS ITALICA Apolitico


    1. doire aintu

      This is the content I was looking for

  37. DarMaar

    Kimi is happy because the car have steering wheel.

    1. muhammad nabil

      @saturokel -Roblox yeah thanks for remind me

    2. saturokel -Roblox

      @muhammad nabil and wheels

    3. muhammad nabil

      And glove

  38. SUPERBUS ITALICA Apolitico


  39. Pietro Barone

    Forza Alfa Romeo ❤️

  40. Shiny

    Legend says that the Livestream is still on...

  41. muhammad nabil

    Hope kimi get back what he deserve

  42. muhammad nabil

    Hope the car is fast

    1. saturokel -Roblox

      @Ryan Choat least they make better cars than u

    2. muhammad nabil

      @Stachu yeah mate

    3. muhammad nabil

      @ProverbialTech yeah finally

    4. Ryan Cho

      What is a point of car performance? They always mess up at the pit. Over 10 sec pit stop is unacceptable.

    5. Stachu

      It looks fast

  43. Aleksander Tchkhebelia

    I don't know why but I love it

  44. BORYS60

    wow very nice

  45. Šimon Plechata

    Looks so angry 🔥🔥🔥🔥 amazing car

  46. Adrián Román

    Forza Alfa Romeo 🇮🇹 Forza Sauber 🇨🇭 🏎️💨🏁

  47. Sergeant

    Alfa knew what they did with color switcheroo, now Alfa logo is in more useful, white background, and Orlen is in red background, which is their main. Smart trick.

  48. Giuseppe Micciche


  49. Ganapathy subramanian

    best so far

  50. Baltazar Cruz

    Alfa Romeo looks soo good

  51. Daksh

    Kimi : Waking up is pain..... Bwoah

  52. Seshvir Seodutt

    Looks like a red rookitWilliams

  53. Rajab Tariq

    What’s with these two teams doing this whole uno reverse thing. I mean I’m not complaining I love it but it just seems like a bit of a trend

  54. Ishaan Jain

    The livestream is still live after 2 hours

  55. issac clarke

    What a beauty

  56. ApexPredator_

    Dunno if this is a subtle advertisement of that IVECO S-Way. LOL

  57. Eduardo Talavera

    Bellissimo! 💕🇮🇹

  58. AFK Lemon

    The prema f1 team is here... For real tho that livery is fire 🔥....

  59. Scorch

    It looks good, but will it do good on the track? Lets find out.

    1. issac clarke

      Let's hope the new Ferrari pu delivers! I want to see the alphas fighting

  60. Hamza Chaudhry

    That's a cool truck

  61. MelonFace22

    its not bad but why do all Alfas give me mayonnaise vibes

  62. Anguilla01


  63. ZFA3944

    What's the song title?

  64. Nicola Fox

    ♥️👌Looking good ♥️

  65. TamppoSilakka

    Typerä villkuva, välkkyvä ja pyörivä video, josta ei saanut mitään kunnon kuvaa autosta. Turhaa mainospellejen potaskaa.

  66. Térence Gros

    Alfa Romeo Racing doit faire beaucoup mieux que la saison dernière où l'équipe italo suisse était dans la panade ce qui représente une déception. L'Alfa Romeo C41 est la voiture qui va permettre à l'équipe de Frédéric Vasseur d'être souvent dans les points , dans le Top 10 et surtout jouer le podium avec ses pilotes Kimi Raikkonen et Antonio Giovinazzi mais il faut que cette voiture soit performante avec un moteur Ferrari très robuste. Alfa Romeo Racing doit être ambitieux cette année. Forza Alfa Romeo Racing ! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  67. AGOST

    Bella bella! Vi raccimando quando iniziate i test invernali: La prima frenata e la seconda ndasi pian perché a va via dritta.

  68. Skyrelf

    look's very nice

  69. HolyGuacamole

    Kubica was great in this one. 😆

  70. Hugo Togner

    This is beautiful. Great job, Alfa.

  71. MD Mehat

    It's smooth, shiny and beautiful, just like Antonios hair.

  72. Ignacy YT

    I watched this presentation. Good livery

  73. MatteoF1

    Man what a beauty 😍 !!

  74. F1AD


  75. G-M


  76. Jacob Fimognari

    Beautiful car, AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo are straight Alpha's flipping their colours round completely 🔥


    For those who were at the live: Remember how everyone was impatient when people were dancing 🤣

    1. J2duragicy


    2. Mike Snevets


    3. 2R1_2021 AADVIK MOHTA


  78. Toni

    So Rich Energy Williams then?

  79. Kanta Verma

    Next one is red bull tomorrow

  80. Allu Kulo

    I love the livery