I teach Macbook component level logic board repair from a common sense, everyman's perspective. I try to make it seem viable, and entertaining.

I also go over business concepts \u0026 philosophy that will be important to running \u0026 maintaining a sustainable, profitable business.

You can read more about our company here \u0026 inquire about service. www.rossmanngroup.com

We have a paid forum to provide support to component level technicians www.rossmanngroup.com/boards

If you want a Macbook repair, check us out at www.sendyourmacbook.com


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  1. charlielondon72

    I totally agree 😃

  2. Vinsu Karma

    Amen dude, amen.

  3. Vinsu Karma

    Motorola rules :- B

  4. Frays the mii

    He long boi

  5. Comrade NB

    I use NordVPN and it has its use, but I don't use it when I don't need that use. It is good if you have P2P or need to unblock sites in your country. I really don't like the sketchy "always 70%" sales, but it seemed to be the best choice for what I wanted to do. What I don't understand is that they could legitimately advertise and avoid this scammy stuff and still have a lot of customers and a good product.

  6. matt mclay

    Had my new M1 four weeks , used a USB-C hub (Belkin) and killed my MacBook Pro M1

  7. Mr371312

    Maybe cross promotion of the issue with other YT people like Scotty kilmer? I bet he'd be on board.

  8. Andy White

    God this is hilarious. Also informative.

  9. Isak s

    the funny thing about this thing is that linus isn't using his influenser status to try and get a new screen for free, he went down to the apple store to buy a new screen.

  10. Austin Woodall

    My buddy left his iPhone 6 in his car for 2 hours on a summer day and it bent 10 degrees. Still worked but he never bought another iPhone. I left my Galaxy S5 in that same car, totally fine. Long live the S5, the best cellphone ever made. I'll fight you over that. I pulled it out the other day to pull pictures from it and the touchscreen is more responsive than my S9. I will never buy another Samsung phone

  11. Nick Deng

    no video only sound

  12. Amir Dark One

    hey louic why dont you start petition to see how many people are interested in this. this would give you baseline on how many people you can reach over internet.

  13. A Dude

    OMG; this gets me started... The name alone which I find a disgrace to be misused... Before buying into this lie, do your homework about how you will ever be able to sell it; end of story.

  14. portrart studio

    Go to Joe Rogan and Tim pool podcast and just talk to them, talk to other tech youtubers that's the way to go !

  15. Van Sen

    Apple did it, because people were buying replacing parts and returning their devices. Making millions in the process. And it was nearly impossible to trace them. Apple would than sold these phones on and suffer from bad marketing.

  16. Truth Seeker

    Great core philosophy Playlist video 😊 I had the same situation with searching for a lawyer regarding a case. And I was actually drawn to the lawyer that rejected the case for his honesty and tried to convince him to take but sadly he broke down in front of the money and didn't stick to his principles and at the very end; i didn't choose him. 😅

  17. Jonas A

    Volvo cars recently said that by 2030 all cars will be electric and sold online. The words from the company was "we need to make a sustainable car for the future". I think when they say sustainable they only talk about what type of fuel it has and I do not think they will make it easier to fix the car.

  18. The Rookie

    “Did you have Jeffrey Epstein killed?” “MEOW”

  19. Blue Roots Denver TV

    i dont know you but you seem cool to me

  20. Stenella24

    usbc problem isnt so big.. most of the time 3rd party dongles work. soldered ssd is however a really big problem. apple should prevent swap space or intense ssd usage by checking by preventing that many writes into the system.. thats apparently the most unaddressed problem by apple.

  21. Jupp3

    Strictly speaking, it won't bypass lobbying - it's just that vast majority of general public understands that their arguments is total bs, and don't let them affect their vote.

  22. Alexander Sturm

    You should definitely try it. Every time a new concept is evolving there are people bidding against it. As many people stated you are the right person for it. It is important on this path to stay true to the truth and admit mistakes if made but you got reason on ur side and I thing in such a split world as today’s we need things that bring us together. Fighting for the power of the people is one of them.

  23. Kher4m

    Looks like industry require Standart Oil treatment.

  24. Virtual_Edition

    Maximum Attack. If it's worth doing its worth doing 100%.

  25. Jonathan O'Brien

    I want Louise to have the right to repair so he can make repair videos. But I understand he's stopping that anyway.

  26. Psychotic Knight

    you were right just by the title alone , it is mostly all bullshit , the so called racism of today is mainly caused by leftist parties creating lying and fabricating victims so they can further spout their insanity , its to gain sympathy so they can get their way , racism is also being soiled through criminals using it to gain wealth and status , and of course companies are also jumping on the same bandwagon to gain more sales , and because of all this degeneracy its creating actual racism , and that racism is targeted mainly towards white people

  27. DelDelincuentes

    I found disrespectful from both representatives with gasses, but most with the lady with glasses. Watching the phone, looking away, almost laughing so unprofessional. The second guy from the left was professional by asking questions. But the cute lady with the tablet she was not just professional SHE WAS SUPER PROFESSIONAL! Cheers to her! All others should learn from her and start listening. I support the right to repair.

  28. Charlie Kennedy

    Build up some teams in cities through social media ,they can help get the word out that the people are taking back our lives and rights by direct vote and not asking politicians to do something for us ...by using that ideal it will resonate with with so many people cause most are sick of politicians... use ever social media platform ,...Facebook groups ,Instagram,Snapchat twitter ,all the video sites and I think we could easily do it ....right to repair hits ever part of our lives too ...

  29. Havlock

    Oh, god, hearing that non-Apple-blessed USB-C devices brick M1 laptops brought back the bad memory of early '00 Dell PCs with motherboards that used ATX power connecters but had non-ATX wiring. I found out the hard way that using a standard ATX power supply with one of those Dell mobos would make it go up in smoke. It's not quite so dramatic with the M1 laptop, but getting a nasty surprise when you use a standard port in a way that it commonly works on other PCs and devices in my mind harkens back to that crap Dell pulled with their PCs back then.

  30. Wickem

    Genius bar employee: You need a new logic board that cost just as much as a MacBook.

  31. G K

    "A Netflix original series, The right to repair a Louis Rossmann series." eh? Eh?

  32. G_glop

    Just waiting until someone reenacts The Cremator.

  33. Atemoss

    Companies got destroyed completly with dat testimony xD Big thanks to dat lady you Rox !

  34. jonathan kruer

    Spunds like the guy in the video you guys are watching is talking him self out of a job because only the manufacture is going to be able to fix the motors

  35. Deon Hamilton

    yep but also add podcasts to the journey where you talk to people about the subject, talk to as many big youtube channels as you can, interview people like Linus, from Linus Tech Tips, ElectroBOOM, Techmoan, channels like this, when you do this you can reach a bigger audience, especially if you get other youtube channels to also support and talk about what you are doing.

  36. Daylin Q

    1:03:00 I got this for you Louis Rossmann... this was explained to me by a person named Shaun T, he said you plan for the outcome of your day to be one way, but something else happens.... the ability to control and adjust your mind to accept that, as well as make each say a success whatever may come good or bad, is your SuperPower... that is the ability of change and growth and to never base your happiness on 1 goal

  37. sdn40

    Sometimes it's impossible to fight the good fight. The greatest system in the world is broken. Money trumps right or wrong. The streets are littered with the bodies of those who lost the good fight based on passion. Deserve has nothing to do with it anymore. Politicians are owned by the people you are fighting

  38. Ness -

    Business is booming eh?

  39. erroltheterrible

    Dell might not be great, but they provide service manuals for (most?) of their notebooks which shows you how to disassemble down to a bare chassis...

  40. Peter Rasputin

    Hello Louis thank you for your work. The MacStore slogan should be "Buy a New One". . I am an external technician also dear friend. I have many time when customers come to me like the last opportunity to solve a Mac issue. An issue that the Applestore cant solves or even give a reasonable/logical answer. . I give you a free advice. To have an video-out adapter to Vga is an easy way to know if the machine don't send video, from a problem of the chip or from the bus cable in those mac model from 2014

  41. Victor Nyorani

    What you need is a group of ten thousand or so of your fans to commit to share on social media the poll questions and the video ad for right to repair. Put up a page where the ten thousand people can sign up to commit to do that social media sharing. And do a test sharing event beforehand when everyone commits, to see that everyone is onboard. I'll be one of them, even if I'm in Kenya, I know many computer repair guys who are worried by the changes in device designs that prevent repair. But maybe you might need people within the US, since the social media sharing needs to target US residents. With this massive group of people who commit to share on social media, you might only need $10,000 or less.

    1. Victor Nyorani

      On second thought, the perspective raised by Rex makes more sense: defasts.info/title/video/hZmwerDLmIqUy90.html&lc=Ugy7wn3mPU5PwPj-ghd4AaABAg

  42. DieFlabbergast

    He's angry because you named him after that philandering former president, and he just found out.

  43. David Cortez

    It’s not just Apple... it’s all the large corporations, designing things not to last... except Apple is just widely exposed of it and they are good at what they’re known for, they create the problem and sell you the solution

  44. Evergr3n

    3:10 - 3:14 was it for me

  45. 1212goose

    I bet its closed now.

  46. O G Johnsen

    I have an idea. It is about a coalition of DEfastsrs fighting for RTR. Maybe, mr.Rossmann, some of the bigger tech and gaming channels can help spread the word and/or provide backing. Best of luck.

  47. Thomas Fritze

    The interior status reminds me of the style they went for in Fallout 3/4. So basically, 200? years after total nuclear annihilation. I'm sure it'd go for at least 10 bottlecaps in that likely future.

  48. Jon Moore

    Comcast could provide a tool to its customers that receive these calls to report a call that they received (like a website, or an app). They can easily tie that back to a Comcast business phone number, and even better, they could report it to the FCC EVEN IF the call didn't originate on the Comcast network.

  49. Patrick Keefer

    Create a advocacy group website, put a donate button on it, take a bit of that money that comes in and target one state at a time and run advertisements on local TV and local cable if you can. Explain point simply and give them a website to visit to learn more. After a year of this, explain what you want to do and with direct ballot and tell everyone how much you need with a funds meter. Once you got one state, move to the next and some from previous states will support into the next one. People who can help with it will come to you if you leave a place for contact and even create a forum or discord to allow public commenting. In the midwest, try making an argument about the freedom and on the coast about recycling. Coastal states don't care about freedom, they just care if it's green or not. Don't call them communists, but push the whole reduced e-waste part. Midwest is easy at least, the people there will jump at the chance to stick it to the big corporations who kill small business. Talk about how right to repair will help create more small business with repair shops, they love that. Best part is, all of it is true.

  50. aculnay

    I love your enthusiasm, but I would be cautious. Yes, waiting would probably not get you the money any time soon. Doing it too early and half assed would be a fuck up as well. I would think gathering more information on how to run a successful social media campaign and trying things out is the way to go. I like the idea of you making a series about it. maybe start there. gauge the buzz and interaction that creates. Find ways to really get some media attention, like the repair stand right in front of an apple store you thought of a few years ago. Go with minimal investment to get a feeling of what could come. And maybe that would just get you the attention of the right people that might have the money you need. I would not go out with the intention to get this on the ballot and then passed. Go out with the intent to become able to put this on the ballot and have it passed. Does that make sense?

  51. Steve O

    Just stumbled on this channel... it’s like every repair shop I’ve been to when then they say “why don’t they just do a good job” with every problem I’ve had.

  52. Alfa Eco

    So if I have a laptop with ssd hard drive it us a good idea to max up RAM?

  53. Steve O

    This can happen if you drop a unit. Instinctively, you may think it’s fucked but always worth checking connectors. Apple prey on your ignorance!

  54. Peter Ruby

    It isn't hard for Tesla to change that error message by adding a follow up button with possibility to select the most likely scenarios like 1) I am aware of the modification and I want it there 2) I accept the risk 3) I am not aware and the modification was made without my knowledge (etc.) that would be helpful to customer and we'd see it as fair communication between manufacturer and customer.

  55. Steve O

    “Thingy”?? This vid is way too technical for me. 😂😂

  56. Pieter Maes

    Hey have you tried to reach out to Jimmy Dore ? he hates big biss to

    1. Pieter Maes

      wrong words, its about coming back to a normal decent society

  57. StrykerDelkar

    Thanks, DEfasts, for suggesting this 3 months and 6 years later...

  58. Георгий Карманов

    Oh my god, Erica is adorable!

  59. Kai-Made

    There was a "computer tech" in my area of the world that did some really terrible things. I was called in to fix things that guy broke or could not fix. I gathered evidence after realizing he was not just terrible at being a computer tech but that he was stealing parts and replacing them with inferior and more often than not smaller sized parts such as ram and hd. After I had enough evidence I turned it over the law enforcement. I can only assume he no longer does that or got fined or something because he no longer lives in the area and no longer works on computers that I can tell. People can be horrible.

  60. Robert Andrews

    Insurance is a scam, 100% with you. I'm a recovering opioid addict and I was prescribed suboxone to help keep me away from illegal drugs. I ended up going to rehab to try to get clean and after about 60 days I relapsed. I went to get back on suboxone as soon as I could. The problem was that my insurance denied paying my medication. This medication is expensive, for me 900 a month without insurance so it's not easy to afford especially since addicts don't typically have a secret stash of 100 dollar bills available. This insurance company claimed something that since I went to rehab, the medication I was taking wasn't effective even though it was effective while I was taking it, you know some bs excuse to hand the bill to someone else. They would rather have someone go back to heroin than pay for a prescription while the country was and still is in opioid epidemic. So I'm with you fuck insurance it is a scam.


    The car at first b like : 😳 👉🏿👈🏿