A free multiplayer game where you compete in Battle Royale, collaborate to create your private island in Creative, or quest in Save the World.

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  1. Fidel Ramirez

    His pose

  2. Fidel Ramirez

    In da back fade looks like midas

  3. Animal Chin

    Will this character lag every time it's in combat as well? S*#%nite.


    Miss chapter 1 fortnite bring it back please epic how it use to be in 2018

  5. Popsy YT

    Me: *waiting for save the world to come out on switch for free*


    Hola aaaaaaaaaah noobs soy pro xd

  7. Jordan Fletcher

    Worst season to ever exist

  8. Jordan Fletcher

    Worst season ever

  9. Sheed Alka

    Now look what this game turned into

  10. Vicente Rosales Rivera

    I never use it

  11. jeremyy

    can’t wait to see this is 2 years

  12. Killer! Sans-1

    Hmm, why is youtube recommending me old fortnite trailers?

  13. NrgMaxx

    gotta miss this :(

  14. Smile Hub Studios Presents

    That does not sound like ray


    Can you get rid of lazy Lake for me please

  16. itxdarknight

    Bru it should be one to right and on to left not one to up and one to down it is hard to see and you can't even play ltms

  17. The Tiger Lilies

    Hello? I’m just wondering if Special offer skins like Chun-Li have ever come back in the item shop a 3rd time?

  18. Rover

    vote here to take party royale

  19. YTK King4592

    I wish my dad sported me like this maby I would try to keep playing video games

  20. Rover

    Epic Games can you please take off Party Royale,because people on there be doing nasty stuff on there just take it off.

  21. Brian Hemenway

    i really dont like that your mixing a legendary and highly iconic character and show with that trashy disgusting thing called fortnite 🤢🤮

  22. Ghava

    Recycle gun is the best I troll my friends with it when they get out of the car I suck it the car in 10 outta 10

  23. fearless 223s

    john Jones in background 🤫

  24. Fuad on iPad

    Who is watching this in 2021

  25. Cesar Molina

    Switch players sad and im on switch😭

  26. Shamoux


  27. Delioce ん Ombréon

    STW are dead she got thé season 3 system

  28. Faze swây

    New skin let's go

  29. King Game

    Porfavor saquen a los dinosaurios plisssss

  30. Vectorlarity

    “Would you punch your best friend for $1,000,000?” Me: 2:29

  31. Christopher Derr

    yall rember when the tralier came out i was 11 and i was like O_O ?!??!?!?!? is fortnite DIEING but its not its just fornite banned on moblie rip moblie players

  32. TheUnicornCandyQueen

    All I need for this is.. Friends :)

  33. capitaine souris

    Ça me manque trop😭😭😭

  34. Sega Catwomen

    Will you guys be adding more pets in the item shop

  35. kingharjot

    Wow. It’s almost been a year didn’t feel that long

  36. qt_crumpet

    if only we could go back :(

  37. Jaden Ogiata

    My fortnite keeps replaying the prologue over again

  38. Nickz Wolfz

    0:44 accurate depiction of my school

  39. MikeB9877 _

    Now the game is full of awful tiktok dances 🤢

  40. F4BOX_15


  41. Captain Rex CT-7567

    Seriously for the sake of your sanity and if you don't want to see vulgar/hateful Arguments. I recommend don't look at any replies

  42. unisum

    2 more days until 3 years ago

    1. Kian Kian

      1 more :)

  43. Can I get some bruhs

    How do yiu get in save the world

  44. Joshua R

    The funny thing is i bet most dont even know what the term "fortnite" means

  45. Cyrus Trabanino

    make the game good

  46. Iloverobloxking 9000 2.0

    Yo fortnite can we have save the world on switch

  47. FaZey

    Why can't you unbann fortnite in samsqung

  48. TrueExposure

    Fortnite isn’t cool anymore, it was back then.

  49. Mohab22 Abdo


  50. Anthony Neff

    I wish games were nice and chill like they are in the trailers 😔

  51. Harvirsingh Rai

    me story from victory

  52. furry Lynx Legendary gamer

    Chapter 2 season 7 almost

  53. Hani Playz

    Bro this is on my recommendation 6 years later

  54. Riyaj Islam

    Fortnites not the same anymore

  55. Pika Dechu

    Gotta say having the brite bomber smash the screen was a good idea since she's all sunshine and rainbows and this was black and white

  56. Mr. Tacoz

    These people have no idea this game is gonna be the most popular game in 4 years

  57. xxcorgi

    they never actually went like how the trailer showed them.

  58. Sudzy

    Uhhh was I supposed to be able to drive in water with the new tires?

  59. ? Kraken

    This is on my recommened

  60. QuickGreen 4268

    F ya no está

  61. Çฺhåฺŕฺgёฺ

    Teacher: So what did you guys do this summer? Student: I went to Universal Studios Bugha: I won 3 million dollars at the fortnite world cup

  62. Laxosfire DzGhost

    Rip save the world

  63. Deadly

    Why, Just Why......

  64. Shuriken

    I cannot believe Fortnite actually thinks people play like this

  65. BossSauce Boiz

    Why dis recommend

    1. R. Jasso


  66. SilverShadow

    Who would craft a scar into an AK?

  67. insan3

    in the song is said bring the fun back thats what we are asking for

  68. Nadhir Pineda


  69. Enzo Vieira Pessotti

    Best season from chapter 2

  70. T0kio

    comeback travis scott please

  71. Enzo Vieira Pessotti

    Best season from chapter 2

  72. Springtrap exe

    I want this so badly but I'm broke at the moment

  73. Fwamingo Bacon me so rich

    We all missed U

  74. Tay Games

    I have a thought on how cool it would be if there was a plot twist next season here my thought: Jonsey is able to keep the zero point stable but he gets out and then the foundation comes they hav us go on a quest to grab items so they can My a time machine then they thow it in the zero point causing the whole zero point to collapse then we get sent in regular time but zero point is not there and neither is tower except new bosses like marigold and new weapons that are super strong and there are robot that float type guards you can hire and their aim is kinda accurate but not really Just what I thought would kinda be cool NOT actually gonna happen

  75. Silva Panda

    Could ya’ll please start naming the songs that play on the stations? Because I’ve wanted to find tons of em but don’t even know the names

  76. sev

    Add glock but call it 8 shooter

  77. ناجي GNNG

    ايبك قيمز لن يضبط معنا ادعم مبدعاً

  78. Dylan Batt

    How are the graphics better 6 years ago than they are now

  79. Mcboss10

    Wow this made a year ago and the bassassin just came back😂