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  1. John Ellis

    The voice frequency on the video is annoying

  2. Shock Wave

    Saftey and tactical play will be his weakness i feel, i think even the lower ranked Chinese players will be a tough match for him because they grew up needing strong saftey and tactical play from day one.

    1. Oliver McCall

      He even looks Chinese tbh

  3. Paolo Galliani

    The three big: Federer, Nadal, Novak I think that nobody can say who is the greatest.

  4. Rees, Money & Life

    Once I started integrating the wrist flick whilst striking the cue ball, it generated significantly more spin with less effort. And I think that’s what they mean by timing, getting the wrist flick at just the right moment of contact

  5. JW#ELEYTIR809


  6. pida siouy

    Mads👍🏻Good job dude 💪🏼😘

  7. Rosterized

    So many people coughing in the audience, would be worrisome in the recent day and age XDD

  8. Coolkid

    Helt sykt å starte spurten så tidlig, men veldig kult å se at vi ikke så det siste av Rasmus på øverste nivå etter at han ikke klarte å finne seg en ny world-tour kontrakt! Fortsett sånn gutt.

  9. piee scax

    mi manca vedere Marcel gareggiare.

  10. Maria Bassett

    Lovely young lady fantastic tennis player...good luck to you my dear!!

  11. Adrian Cebulski

    Peter Ebdon version 2.0, and next generation is better, Peter made 12 break, Mark made 0 points...

  12. Kino Music

    Diverse selection!

  13. DublinDude2020

    You can tell Ronnie loves and respects Dennis.

  14. Walter Wieser

    Und jetzt is a Österreicher

  15. Salvador Allende

    08:37 seems like another boring day at work loooll

  16. Velopied

    Canyon loving these highlights...

  17. Soda Drinkin' Corridor Janitor

    0:57 is why everyone hates Goldstein.

  18. Prémiumhoz Ingyen

    trash songs, trash player...

    1. Tabor

      That's a trash comment my friend.

  19. Heinz Heizer

    Wie im Rausch

  20. Michael Polkey

    I think he was too young to retire and getting bored with the colour commentating!

  21. Marios Liasides

    Stefanos just Got lucky ! Nadal just lost concentration !!

  22. CR

    I am poor at snooker but I got a 147 a few weeks darts

  23. alida flus

    Mads👍🏻Good job dude 💪🏼😘

  24. Peak Torque

    Commentators you have been schooled HARD.

  25. Plushka Plushov

    Nick 'Too Good like Berny' Kyrgios.

  26. UrbanJungle

    Brilliant commentator - so nice to hear names pronounced correctly instead of them being murdered! more please Eurosport


    Still lost 4-1, terrific break even though it did look like hard work, needs to improve if he is to reach the crucible, qualifiers will eat him up this year I fear, if he can continue to improve and practice every day for a year he might have a chance next year.

  28. Ronan Kerr

    Aw boys come on 2014 Uk Championship Ronnie and Trump best match I’ve seen in my day

  29. Ronan Kerr

    Who was hear after Higgins won the players championship 21 and dominated everyone best snooker seen in 2 decades

  30. Ronan Kerr

    Abso fantastic videos watching all these vodcasts in March 2021 after Ronnie won 6th lol fair play to Jimmy for mentioning Higgins aswell him Davis Reardon and hendry are exceptional but Ronnie take the biscuit

  31. Pes20 solicitors

    All propganda for Gambling they would bring back all the legends to fleece the punters pockets if they could

  32. Damian Weber

    If you love Cycling and want to have a nice talk before and while the race you can join this discord Its a fun place to be!

  33. Damian Weber

    If you love Cycling and want to have a nice talk before and while the race you can join this discord Its a fun place to be!

  34. Damian Weber

    If you love Cycling and want to have a nice talk before and while the race you can join this discord Its a fun place to be!

  35. R B

    imagine Rob Hatch alongside this commentator... wouldn't leave the sofa

    1. cyberbeat11

      please not Rob Hatch. all he does is just talking what we can already see on the TV.

  36. Eddie Dantès

    He plays like that veteran...Stephen something...

  37. calculuslol

    kudos to the commentator!

  38. Craig Butler

    No way did you pull up there, I literally got to about same point, had to snake a bit but got thru it. Gutted!!

  39. Craig Butler

    Does this on tuesday, got up in one without stopping, the last third is horiffic

  40. J R

    The OG is back. Let's see if he can compete

  41. Sanju Rayan

    I hope Naomi doesn't idolise Serena as much as before and steps into her own. She has amazing potential! Also, her Japanese mannerisms are so nice to see haha

  42. Abhishek Hule

    Wait Wout Van Aert is going for the ITT at the Olympics? Strange

    1. Willy Hu

      WVA was 2019 and 2020 Belgian TT champion and got third in the ITT stage of 2020 TdF. I wouldn't say it's strange.

    2. JonasDammekens

      also, silver medal in IT WC current year, so not that strange :)

    3. JonasDammekens

      probably will do both ITT & road

  43. Konrad Szela

    kurwa jak ktos tam sie fafla

  44. The Last Baron

    Excellent commentary

  45. Angela molloy🚴🏽🚴🏽

  46. Angela molloy🚴🏽🚴🏽

    1. pida siouy

      farts propel them faster, big time farts, like BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRt, like a rocket. Fart doping is real

  47. charles lucas

    Revenir à ce niveau après dix ans ! Pourquoi pas Borg à Roland Garros ?

  48. B P

    Yeah she's good. Would like to see her more mainstream.

  49. musclemang

    did the dudes handle bar snap?? I thought he was trying to do some new aero position and saw his right lever bobbing around

    1. Tim Leon

      yes lmao canyon is sweating heavy rn

  50. Zuk Fea

    I dont like early celebrations in sports

  51. musclemang

    wow that sprint was bonkers from kopecky

  52. Paul Walker

    Think she might have 12 world titles now

  53. Timo Wüthrich

    Commentator is one of the best I've ever heard in cycling highlights💪🏻

  54. BongoTM

    that old guy looks just like Stephen Hendry

  55. CabooseJr13

    Funny how he keeps remarking on the chain but Cancellara won Olympic Gold with his chain dangling outside his skinsuit by almost 1 minute

  56. Matti V.

    Great comeback...still, even if he lost. Nice break by old master, 7 time world champion!

  57. KS

    Selt should be delighted to play witk Hendry

    1. Brett Jones

      I’m sure they place all the time

  58. KS

    Comebacks are very popular lately

    1. James West

      Yeah, i hear theres a new series of Saint and Greavesie coming soon

  59. KS

    Old master.

  60. aarongluzman

    Spell of nature 🌹🚲🌹 Their precious style Special, unique Harmony of blossoming happiness Delicious senses of feminine spinning -speed Gives new sense, respect to female's grace Bravo Women 💞 Elite 🚲Cycling Aronne……✍️ 🏎 🚲📚

  61. thecandlelightlighter

    Van der Poels bar?! Oops Canyon.. Looks like the new cockpit for the Aeroad will need a bit more development :/

    1. thecandlelightlighter

      @Mark Sutherland yeah.. Maybe. But on the other side I think Canyon is keen that their bikes are used as much "stock" as possible.. But im afraid we will never know

    2. sandydenny lives

      I love hollow cf, it;s so strong and cheap and easy to replace.

    3. Mark Sutherland

      I’d be surprised if he is running the stock handlebar. Most of the pros will change that, especially with the currently gimmicky one potentially adding flex in sprints

  62. Jean-Jacques Lavigne

    That was a Long Long sprint. That must have hurt!

  63. tcrevels

    José Been @TourDeJose; great job, love hearing you again!!

    1. Jose Been

      dank u

  64. anggungunara

    This one is rather good for a 333-second highlight from Eurosport, appreciate it.

  65. Craig


  66. Tim O' Callaghan

    Even on the live broadcast, this commentator had some of the most comprehensive knowledge of northern european racing I have ever heard. kudos, I learnt a lot

    1. Jose Been

      thank you Tim

    2. crazy -crazy

      Because she is Dutch

  67. Thomas Mayo

    Excellent commentary, shows excitement in her voice, good critiques (e.g. celebrates early etc) and points out important stuff, pronunciation outstanding. She should do loads more commentating, but in general we need more women involved in cycling!

    1. Jose Been

      I plan to stay

  68. Hou Hou Chum

    Don't know how long has Ben (the ref) been around for, but it must've been so nice just to say Stephen's full name (again?) at the end of frame.

  69. Harald Borst

    Props for the pronunciation of the commentator. She's dutch but her english is fluent and her french isn't too bad either :)

    1. Ypuh

      Glad to see this comment with so many thumbs up! I speak a few languages, but not one so fluent as she speaks French/Dutch and English. Cool to hear people play/invest in their language game and end up using it in commentary where the audience can appreactiate such skill :).

    2. NO L

      Her french is great

    3. Reemer Feddes

      And pronounce the names of the dutch and Belgian guys without breaking a tongue (which is a relief to hear their names correctly)

    4. Hans Yolo

      Eurosport could do a better job mixing the commentary over the footage audio though

  70. Jason John-Boy

    That commentator turned on all the right accents! English, Dutch, Belgian... that was incredible.

    1. crazy -crazy

      Yeah, because she is Dutch

  71. Reinhold Achleitner

    Lotte kopecky is just so incredibly powerful on the bike.Very impressive sprint and win.👍👊💪

  72. gbyzh

    More of this commentator please. She’s ALOT better than your usual crew.

  73. PtWhiteBelt

    Great advert for Canyon. Sorry, meant to say "disclaimer", not "advert". Maybe buyer beware, or caveat emptor. Definitely not "advert".

  74. Brian Carless

    Who is this lady doing the commentary?

    1. Brian Carless

      @Duncan Van der Aar I know that name, she use to cycle for the Dutch, pretty pretty woman she is. Haven't heard her name in a minute

    2. Duncan Van der Aar

      @PtWhiteBelt For a moment I though to hear Leontien van Moorsel but apparently it was not her. Would also have been a good addition to the commentary team though.

    3. Brian Carless

      @PtWhiteBelt thanks

    4. PtWhiteBelt

      @Brian Carless Yes, you can find her on Twitter. She started doing commentary with GCN+/Eurosport recently.

    5. Brian Carless

      @PtWhiteBelt that's her name? Jose been? She did a dam good commentary on the race

  75. Nytårsfyrværkeri

    Trentin never gonna beat Mads p again 👀

    1. alida flus

      ya...this guys was back

  76. Gary Smith

    I really hope Dave wins a tournament soon, top player, top bloke!

  77. Fabian Wylie

    Thanks for posting 🚴‍♀️🏆💪👍

  78. Mark Bielak

    What a match, what intensity..

  79. ntnnot

    Li Na was in the zone in the TB. Incredible depth, margins and fight.

  80. gioyu comi

    Iam guessing the wind that MVDP breaks for his rather small fellow escapé is much more then the other way around