This is Plainrock124's Vlog Channel! I promise not to Vlog everyday, I only will Vlog interesting events in my life! If I don't post a video in a long time, it's because nothing is happening in my life at that time. I hope you have a great time here.

Laptop: 2019 MacBook Pro 16"
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro
Photo Manipulation Software: Pixelmator
Main Camera: Canon EOS RP
Main Camera Microphone: RODE Video Mic Pro Plus w/Rode DeadCat VMPR+
Vlog Camera/Secondary Camera: iPhone 11 Pro
Slo-Mo Camera/Underwater Camera: iPhone 11 Pro


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  1. Leaf

    Why do you sound like you have a gun pointed at you? What did he do to you???!!!???? (This is a joke)

  2. Ianis

    Chad viewer

  3. Jsjs Jwjw

    Give me the iPhone X please I'm in the UNITED KINGDOM

  4. Andres Cantu

    Got a question? Are you rich?

  5. ashabenoy2011


  6. rolando teran

    i realized he is not at new york

  7. zachary dunbar

    3:16 well if kids like your content what are you gonna do he does not control who watches his videos or not also you should always be grateful for viewers even if they are kids they watch your content cause they enjoy it and that's good i think it matters on what the content creator makes not the viewers (for the most part)


    13:16 you should of made added a explosion effect

  9. predatorlr

    My g yo neck wtf is wrong with yo neck all that meat you be working out😂🤣

  10. Some kind of Gaming

    Who knows the friend it’s nantanel bandy of course

  11. Jason Davis

    The mustard bottle looked like a paint bottle

  12. ree_memes

    3:17 Is really important

  13. Pokémon Kid I guess

    Next rip them while reading hate comments

  14. Blake Tristen Ordona

    F tana con boi

  15. Rogelio Olivares


  16. Thaneshwar D


  17. Optical aero

    5:11 was that sound in the background

  18. Old Tech Reviews

    9:05 powermac g5 is shot by plainrock

  19. H1PP1E

    I respect the fact that he didn't put "scott the woz" in his title because that would get more views.

  20. Stnf78

    If your office didn’t have useless junk than the whole room would echo :)))

  21. CarWheels22 Gaming

    I went to that ikea to get my brothers desk and my bed and a lot more so I went to that shop ikea

  22. Lauforce_ Sunflower

    I laughed when Kyle was in that NINTENDO book. XD


    I am a kid

  24. D4M nbrzac

    Hey at least you don’t have stans

  25. Nintendofan87

    King do you support LGBTQ+ rights?

  26. sliderman

    Yo, Scott hasn't uploaded in 2 months

  27. gamer ranch

    every kid that gets a happy meal be like

  28. Dmaster V.2

    I’m a 18 year old virgin that’s super straight ⬛️🟧

  29. plain rock the better version

    if he was blue he would be megamond

  30. splends

    “Has no respect towards fans” Plainrock literally spends thousands of dollars on technology to destroy just to entertain us.

  31. BiIvaMunner

    i'm not standing for this daisy slander good video otherwise

  32. King Dee, Gaming and Memes

    I agree

  33. Louie Mallatratt

    This guy is the 🐐🐐🐐

  34. Unclejoe4

    I like your videos with your freinds you should do more

  35. Stoop


  36. Slime Boy

    Im not subscribed well I am now

  37. DaJuana Quillen

    boy you are dumb there are buttons behind the controller's

  38. SergyIsBack

    He honest when he says he does DEfasts for the money, but he did say he enjoys it 💕💕

  39. Perksy

    bruh i know Jeremy Titus 🤣🤣

  40. a trans lesbian


  41. Carl Does Videos


  42. Avery Carranza

    solders he does have a girlfriend if you go to bordsmashing animal crosing switch after he sais on the beach when something about a murder you can hear a girl gigaling which could be girlfriend wife or a sibaling

  43. AndiB99

    Imagine being addicted to Nintendo

  44. pokemonFan 743

    what upload schedule, scott hasn't uploaded in months

  45. Random Stuff Happens

    You are the god of destruction

    1. Quackers


  46. Floofy Wolf

    I know I don't talk like this a lot, but apparently I have to when I saw people are arguing about King's love life and sexuality. It does *not* matter what he chooses to be, just let it it be and stop arguing about it, holy crap. It shouldn't matter whether arguing and being rude to each other about whether he will be asexual or not. If he wants to be let him. This isn't worth fighting over! But I see you guys apologized to each other about it, so that's cool. ^w^ Anyways, you guys have a good evening and stay safe. OwO/

  47. josephsaga

    Microsoft loves to fool their fan base lol

  48. Myst_ Desendant

    Plainrock: I spend weeks on videos Me: Spends 20 mins making a low quality gaming video

  49. Myst_ Desendant

    We need a Plainrock Scott the Woz Crossover

  50. Caramelo

    Pause as fast as you can at 2:27 there will be a club penguin 🐧 clown

  51. your local idiot

    This man literally has a ripoff MBA because of DEfasts


    He said that making fun of the fanbase is a joke while I cry in the corner when he said it

  53. kid McCarthy

    That’s true “ it’s a sports game it will be discounted in like 6 months” i bought fifa 20 for $79 and now it’s $5

  54. Mario’s Friends

    1:01 plainrock124 calm the fuck down

    1. IPLAYGAMES317

      Calm down its only kinda true

  55. Jorgue Luis Martinez Gutierrez

    Now this is what content is supposed to be

  56. McDonalds kid gaming

    Markan butts

  57. Dave Aladin

    Plainrock is good virgin😉😏😎😤😤👍😶😃😂😄😎🤣😁

  58. Aneth Hernandez

    He is so rich

  59. Idk

    king i hate to tell you but your not a millennial

  60. Tanner Stewart

    this dude said if you don't want your feet to get sick lol 4:54

  61. Poyo Poyo

    17:57 The Maze Fail 2021

  62. help

    It's been a year since I reviewed this channel and now in a furry and he hates them but I'ma ignore that because people are gonna call me a snowflake😀 whatever he's funny

  63. WhoJaz

    15:30 rip etika

  64. [bigfellaayeb0ss]


  65. Jeffy Jeffy


  66. Fazeyy

    I always wonder how plain rock’s kids life will be like. Man they will enjoy it

  67. Skye Gamezz

    his scream at 7:53 sounds like Shark Puppet

  68. Drone Warsシ

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  69. cpt REX

    I like this guy but we all have to admit he kind of stupid😂

  70. darkskull


  71. Adam's Rankings

    I just realized Scott never followed Plainrock on Twitter 😮

  72. Adam's Rankings

    It's bothering me the airpods on his shirt aren't the same size

  73. Lil State

    So uhhhhh…. U go give me the Apple Pencil?

  74. monster jam game rating

    I cant believe he is that famouse that i found him in akinater

  75. HeavyMetalBoy4

    2:48 Here is the [____] T

  76. Judethedude

    the only reason I disliked because the dislikes were at 799.

  77. Jennifer Owen

    Looks like the dog was trying to attack the game cube controller wires good dogo bad blue Shell

  78. Cameron TV


  79. Alucardkiller69

    Another DEfastsr went there

  80. Limitless.

    This is like when you show your mom a meme and it turns into a lecture