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  1. vincent gnanaraja

    This proves humans are sheep's, if one jumps others follow

  2. SumDude

    Jesus loves u which is why he suffered and died for ur sins so pls turn to him, he changed my life for the better, he saved me from my own stupid desires and he can so the same for u if u accept him into ur heart and confess that he is ur lord and personal savior, turn from sin and receive the gift of eternity in heaven that Christ died for u to have,

  3. Will

    Bayern one man. If only he knew haha

  4. LaLaLiLaLi [라라리라리]

    These are the reasons why FIFA do not have e-sport. Sport game based on luck.

  5. SumDude

    3:05 Kawai Lenard has entered the chat

  6. Matthew

    So we getting the supers from now on?

  7. Adrian Rowe

    Jajajaa nooo Varane

  8. Luke

    Fun fact : most of these really happened

  9. Sneezy-E

    All I see is hands moving

  10. Bernarda Santos


  11. Alex

    0:32 They made it past the quarter finals just to create a Super League a few days later and therefore getting banned from the whole competition! 😂😂😂

  12. Zentrale für Kommentarlöschung

    I hope UEFA kicks the traitors out by Friday.

  13. C J

    It was all a lie

  14. Martin N.

    In real life: What happened when you put a bunch of billionaires owners, football administrators, fans, ex-players under the same roof? People stop being polite and things start getting REAL.

  15. Rayqaza 29axill

    35:20 everyone has guns 😂😂😂

  16. Santiago Quintero

    Now we are not going to see Liverpool again

  17. Potato Man


  18. OmarM23 games

    Byren wtf😂😂

  19. Z!N

    Varane tho

  20. Miracle Micah Comedy

    Nice one bro..I rep Chelsea

  21. Pro Pannas

    Amazing comedian what a legend

  22. Diulo Ngambele

    0:29 Jose : The League is ready for mor-inho Also Jose : I just got sacked.

  23. Ailsa Ni

    Am I the only one who's been waiting for this for the past something hours 😂😅

  24. Alex Baxtor

    With this new super league I'm distancing myself from football

  25. Epic Gamer

    MLS: I am the worst league in the world. Super league: let me introduce myself

  26. Donovan Solis

    Well that stay is no longer lmao 😂 as I’m watching this all the semi final clubs besides psg are done lol

  27. PR

    Waiting for super league video

  28. Travel Notes

    Luka had the best euro steps, every time he played.

  29. Youssef Hany

    Do the Super League reactions!!

  30. Max Schenner

    Now they're checked out for good

  31. Antonio M

    Nobody: Me waiting for him to drop a Super League video

  32. Soccer Editz

    when you get this recomended while a shit hole is creating something called superleague🤦‍♂️🥺

  33. T D

    fifa corruption

  34. Zaiyan Simon

    i wonder what will happen to this

    1. Μαία

      Yeah... we'll have to see what happens with all this mess, I hope Super League gets dissolved and everything goes back to normal. But if not, they could always change the show to be about the Super League and let the Champions be the new Europa League lmao. But I don't think it would fit right. I just hope they don't cancel this show, it is the 🐐

  35. Idriseo Elbazki III

    Are they gonna change to The Supers now?

  36. Ryan Carlo

    This has a whole new meaning now

  37. TheOne777

    Then they checked into the Super League Hotel...

  38. Tim Chiu

    Next episode: 12 clubs decide to beat the receptionist and take over the hotel, nobody is allowed to enter other than them 😅

  39. Dhyey Mehta

    That's like falling in dreams

  40. Hit slinger

    How the flip 🙄

  41. mariutunio

    EA Sports, it's in the script.

  42. M.Walid Hasanato

    Not that funny

  43. Fin Ainsworth

    Might be the last good UCL😞 ffs why super league

  44. Naym Nur

    Mik Antonio says bruv like 100 times

  45. OM D

    this whole series has a bunch of underrated hidden jokes

  46. OM D

    anyone else notice immobile trying to take his shirt off like when it actually happened LMAOOOO

  47. Blu Bla

    Henry all z way!

  48. Arvid Brismo

    The fact that this is literally happening right now

  49. Simon Manrakhan

    Unfortunately football won’t be the same anymore #notosuperleague

  50. Chahine Cell

    He looks exactly like eder militao when he wears madrid's jersey

  51. Yuven Lembvem

    😂🤣😂, they took the mini fridge out of Real Madrid room, Hazard is under strict scrutiny.

  52. Peter Anderson

    The Real Madrid shirt is from 2011/12.

    1. Peter Anderson

      @roei irani Yes, you right, but they wore it in 2011/12 as well as l remember they won League Championship but lost European Cup semi final to Bayern Munich on penalties. Real keep changing the Adidas 3 stripe on kit in past to purple, dark blue, black, gold and now the red which is the worst on current kit.

    2. Vafin Dukuly

      That shirt looks beautiful 😍

    3. roei irani

      No it’s from last season

  53. H-when

    Dude, you gotta roast the Super League

  54. Samrat Acharya

    YNWA??? Nah Liverpool will definitely walk alone after joining super league. Just imagine how long fans around the world has been waiting for this club to win premier league title and now they just wanna slam the door in front of their fans faces. I grew up watching Liverpool as a club which barely won any trophies but still cheered them every time they played on the pitch and now those American owners are trying to mess everything that this club stands for... Without premier League there is no Liverpool, without champions league there is no Liverpool. I'll rather switch to Everton than to watch them play super league.

    1. Abu Saeed


  55. s.dnzl20

    2:15 “Mbappe or Haaland wouldn’t want to play in the Europe league” well Liverpool saved their asses from EL so..

  56. Co Khi Tien Minh

    kane and totenham

  57. Tarun P

    Pls make a vid on European super league 🙏🙏tis is a huge controversy Respect to d tms who rejected d offer🙌

  58. all attack

    so sad

  59. Xander Frank

    Do how the 12 clubs checked into the Super League

    1. Tim Chiu

      Those 12 clubs beat up the receptionist, own the hotel and decide that nobody is allowed to enter the hotel other than them😅

  60. Mike Recto

    The opening song makes sense now. Money is the name of tha game now, i guess

  61. Jiří Holý

    Everyone just few days later: Your hotel sucks! Definitely not comming back next year.