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  1. Hangist

    I think people should be aware of the why and the why not with these cylinders. These Euro cylinders just like the PExtra en F9 from Iseo or this CES were built for particular reasons. Not everything comes down to picking a lock. It's just bad publicity for the manufacturer (CES in this case). Also, there are pins on the side of the key which you have not picked, were they present in your demo cylinder ? These cylinders were produced for profile attribution for vendors and or master key system. Also it will be good to see the EN1303 grade shown, germans, italians, spanish and french's follow the Euro rule.

  2. Jiren Sentry

    Two points and a question: Locksmiths don't usually have as a part of their tools what he just used. He gave him that. Locksmiths should have latest and oldest tech devices and tools to be excellent business specialists. Question: why don't they have it? It's more likely to charge the funds they do. If I can use such a device and it's a tool anyone can buy then it puts me out of business possibly.

  3. Reciomane

    imagine watching this as the first LPL video and wondering why every other one is not about laws at all

  4. D.P.O

    I mean, if someone is trying to break into your home and they for whatever reason are climbing your roof to do it and then they fall off and hurt themselves, would that be your fault? Its like, yeah the lock is designed to shoot out the chemical upon getting cut, but youre not the one doing the actual spraying, no one forced the thief to do it. But, like you said, if youre setting up a booby trap then its considered illegal, it somewhat makes sense.

  5. Ikea_Fan_2007


  6. James Hammons

    lol at his best

  7. Dan Van Muizenberg

    The water jet guys are perfect for testing the skunk juice

  8. Warwick Scram

    Mask up and cut it open pls lawyering lockpicker.

  9. Sylvia Else

    Simple solution for the owner is to release the pressure by drilling a small inconspicuous hole. After all, the warning doesn't have to be true to be effective.

  10. Vern Cook

    Clever I saw that video also

  11. Oh no

    “Hello, this is Lockpicking Lawyer. I was put into a high security prison for nuking multiple major cities across the world. However, this high security prison cell door has an INEXCUSABLE design flaw. Here’s how I’m going to open it with the zipper I broke off of my jumpsuit.”

  12. Lynn Kincheloe

    Couldn't the hollow shackle mean it's vulernable to the trap being remotely triggered with a firearm or other sharp projectile?

  13. smmiller506

    Another concern with this lock - what gas did they use to pressurize the fluid? If it's some sort of "-tane" gas (butane, pentane, etc), will it be flammable with the use of an angle grinder and cause burns?

  14. dberry99

    I enjoy your videos. I've learned a lot about locks and sadly how poorly they protect you or your stuff against wayward lawyers. A 5 foot prybar can solve most lock problems in my experience. An angle grinder can fix the rest. Fortunately we aren't infested with lawyers where I live.

  15. Ko Du

    So basically according to that logic sound alarms for instance shouldn't be used as well. They might cause a thief to suffer from stress, heart attack or hearing impairment etc.

  16. Nicholas Plaksin

    I feel like a thief who was attempting to steal your bike is not vary likely to file a lawsuit about that situation

  17. Zombie Spaghetti

    Dumb laws. Anyone trying to defeat the lock likely deserves what the get from it.

  18. blazortheepic03

    i dont see a problem with hurting thieves

  19. Dr. Dave

    Where can I purchase the same disc detainer core ROTATION tool?

  20. Augusto Gomes

    I love the pick that bosneeanbilliay made

  21. Dirk Bergstrom

    She cut off the top!

  22. Clint Eckerman

    M. Schuyler Towne is the LPL. Still don't have his face but I'm working on it.

  23. sir sir

    america. allowed to have a gun on you. cant have kinder suprise or a lock that sprays shit at you.. GENUS!!!!

  24. SADCOCK1970

    I can't believe that pressure will be maintained in a rigid steel tube for very long. Temperature changes, pressure changes and humidity will all affect the internal pressure and if there is no give, you may get an unpleasant surprise when locking up one day.

  25. Mr Peanut

    Does he sell that custom lock pick? Asking for a friend obviously

  26. Olacarn

    This looks like the safe we bought rebranded for YALE here.

  27. guy

    When I read the title I thought it would like... punch the robber?

  28. fuji808 _

    kinda stupid. if someone is trying to break into my business i want the lock to do whatever it can to stop him. it's basically saying you can't defend your business from a criminal

  29. BearThatRun

    abus stock went up 5%, can't wait for tomorrow

  30. J Vhoef

    You better do the destructive opening next time, I can send you a gas mask

  31. Dirk Bergstrom

    "I feel a click on the solenoid and..."

  32. matt smedley

    Instead of a vomit inducing chemical, I'm all for a permanent colour pigment to identify someone who has been up to mischief. Purple seams like a good choice 🤣

  33. Seth

    Thing is youd have to bring like an entire set of tools to pick it

  34. Redmoonblade

    Seeing as this is a high pressure vessel, it is also a very fragile lock, and after enough wear and tear you may be the one wearing the chemical. It may still be potent by then, maybe not.

  35. Bongo Baggins

    What's the most you've ever stolen from a safe

  36. Seth

    I love his somewhat snarky responses when he opens them Like the love lock

  37. Earthworms Crawl

    Can't the thief just use an angle grinder and cut through the cross bar that contains the locking mechanism?

  38. Yeetymcbeaty Boi

    "somewhere on the eastern seaboard is a lock that is welded shut" oooo new scavenger hunt

  39. gar

    Thanks for your time

  40. jackalski01

    Jaysus. He is a lawyer… 2 minutes of a disclaimer, caution and advise, 50 seconds of lock picking… All my lawyer friends are like that… Sometimes I think they would like put a disclaimer when telling time… (not to mention giving directions how to drive somewhere…)

  41. FluffyDog

    They should sell the liquid as some kind of other feature if it has other useful properties. Anything gimmicky like “this liquid keeps the lock warm to the touch in winter and cool in summer”. If anything happens to the thief, it’s his fault as he is using it not as intended. **Just a thought. This is not a legal advice.**

  42. dash4800

    i dont get why booby traps are illegal. Dont steal peoples shit. Why protect criminals?

  43. Yeah

    This lock is the definition of "play stupid games, win stupid prizes".

  44. UltraSuperDuperFreak

    Screw if its legal ..only reason it goes off if you are doing something not legal youself. And then you deserve it ! So if you are a normal person, it is no danger to you.

  45. igor d

    Hi nice video. I Wonder if you could do the same job but on the STOPLOCK PRO for car steer. Regards

  46. aides

    how is this title not clickbait

  47. Hadrionics

    This is ASMR for boys.

  48. Big Chogus

    Video: *ends Lockpicking lawyer: *puff

  49. Jim Marriott

    A nails on your fence lock.

  50. Alex Thirkell

    Between pissing about with guns and picking locks, clearly you're much less than 50% lawyer.

  51. Chompy the Beast

    Cascadia Flag hat? Well alright alright alright! What's an Eastsider doing rocking one of those? A proud transplant, I take it? Or just a proponent of bioregionalism the land over?

  52. VB

    This is why the USA is in such disarray, it is okay for a criminal to break the law and break into your lock but it isn't okay for you to defend your property. All this from a country that allows people to shoot you if you break into their house.

  53. Jm56Z

    I'ma stick with my Kryptonite U-lock on my bike...

  54. tim o

    Nobody care about legality. If someone is gonna steal from you they deserve to be blasted. Even better if it created shrapnel.

  55. tokito

    You know this channel will make lock picking for robbers easier...... yuh know jussssssssst a thing u should think about...

  56. PS PS

    Ok...So what's the lock you use for a bike you DO care about? lol

  57. Walt Sullins Shoots

    Should have made the video length 2 mins and 14 seconds.....

  58. borninstoke87

    As far as I would be concerned if they attempting to steal and cut through the lock, a bullet should come flying out let alone some poxy gas that’ll make them sick. Sod legalities. See if they admit what they were doing when they come into contact with such substance.

  59. Carter Nichols

    I can't help but notice you jamming your thumb through the shackle. You wouldn't be able to do that if it was locked on something. It probably didn't make a difference, but, for the sake of simulation, that was an oversight on your part.

  60. Milo Bostrom

    Sometimes i forget LPL is an actual accomplished person with a family and a job

  61. Linksbro

    Honestly, my biggest question about the legality is if this actually qualifies as a booby trap in the first place, I mean, it literally TELLS YOU on the shackle what will happen if you try to cut it. Does something qualify as a trap if it has a warning label warning you about the 'trap'?

  62. George Stark

    I always forget that he is actualy a lawyer... ^^"

  63. Neofierer

    Part 2 - Breaking the SKUNK LOCK seal .. ..

  64. Ryvucz

    It always saddens me that people have protections while committing crimes.

  65. PS PS

    Yeah, about that angle grinder theory....Guess what other DEfastsr's channel I just came from :D

  66. Yakumo Tatsuro

    Do not puncture High explosives inside

  67. MementoMori2049

    Lock be a lady tonight

  68. Jericho Wansu

    120° lock give me fear

  69. Connie Payne

    Even though the hypothetical thief is trying to steal your stuff, the kindness in me doesn't want the thief to get hurt. So this device is a 'no' from me if anyone cares to know 😁❤

  70. B i b l e B l a c k

    Maybe the best legal defense to this is: Do you have proof this was MY lock that I PERSONALLY installed on my bike? No need to procure any evidence against yourself. Reasonable doubt.

  71. Mister Banshee

    love this guy lol u can’t lock him out of anything 😂

  72. Greg Palmer

    Lock picking lawyer is a weasel. He trains crooks and then argues against using equipment to deter thieves.

  73. Chuck Finley

    Should be filled with propane

  74. TheWildmanden

    So the takeaway here is that if you want a lock that is actually somewhat secure from being picked, just make the most maze-like keyway possible

  75. Barns Barns

    Could the sparks ignite the gas?

  76. Tim Quinlan


  77. The Truth

    It's simple, if you are a thief and cut the lock so is it your own fault. Sick of politicians who makes laws to protect idiots.

  78. Seth Richards

    He makes it look easy

  79. Green Lint

    I'm not sure of the legality, but like LPL, I enjoy the idea of "liquid karma" for the scum that would steal your bike or motorcycle. The only think missing is a camera to capture the facial expression of the thief turned victim.

  80. barry smith

    LPL lost his thumb nail in his last attempt to pick the "nuclear, anthrax, asbestos blowing, covid 19 spraying lock" but,other than that, he's fine and will live to pick a lock another day.......