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  1. Poppa Bear37

    What do u exspect 300 ft drop on a phone

  2. molefe mccowan

    Do a hundred chargers vs apple fast charger

  3. *Lollipop Plays_games*

    2:55 when mum takes out the shoe😂😂😂💥✌️

  4. *Lollipop Plays_games*

    2:39 who else thought he jumped down 😂😂😂😂

  5. *Lollipop Plays_games*

    Everybody watching this video: o: wow Me watching this video: how did u get all the way up there!?!?

  6. Gustavo soares

    legend has it that this same experiment was done with a nokia ... the building collapsed

  7. •tydroid 3.0•

    Techrax:smashes back of the phone Battery:aight Imma head out *deflates with paint*

  8. Lior Silberman

    עוד מישהו פה בגלל הטיקטוק?

  9. cassidy aslakson

    Hello come to my house me Logan

  10. The waflle Gamer

    Me wallking down the stairs Setps on glass* aw shoot Me sees vid your so dead

  11. Carmen LM

    Alo que veniste 2:56

  12. Qwe Qwe

    الله يرضه محمد

  13. Pinus Niron cool Great 👍👍👍

  14. Állef Games


  15. flamingbatarang 7



    No dañes teléfonos 😡😠🤬

  17. Stefan Huschke

    POV: You watching him destroying an iPhone 12 Pro Max, on an iPhone 12 Pro Max...👁👄👁

  18. Rita Costa


  19. •More Unusual•

    Massive anxiety while watching this

  20. Danielle Chester x

    I rly do think he gets plessure out of doing this 😂

  21. TastySoap11

    The 200k people who liked this video is either 5 years old or mad.

  22. daniel vasquez


  23. Jack Evans

    What a fucking idiot ! All he's done is multiply the current capacity available to the load. The phone's internal circuitry will decide how much current it's going to draw. There will be no difference between one charger or one hundred. In fact, wiring up 2 or more chargers in parallel is not a clever thing to do either. If one charger is outputting 5 volts and the other 4.9 volts, in layman's terms they will 'fight against each other' and draw current unnecessarily.

    1. Kadley42

      ok nerd

  24. Keyla Morel

    Tu estás loco 🤦‍♀️



  26. 24kCuddlez

    Fun fact: I find the iPhone 5 creepy🥲🔫

  27. Trix

    DEfastsrs be like *yoU wON’t beLiVe whaT haPPEns NexT* *intro plays* DEfastsr: what’s going on guys Me: 😀🔫

  28. Fnaf Fans plush vids,roblox and more

    I'm a 9 year old and im not that strong and I bent and broke a phone with my bare hands :)

  29. rauan :3

    "how to up your count of eletric"

  30. Al-Fonso Tang

    Amateur 😏 Android use 1 charger 3.0A BOOM, 0% - 100% less than hour😂

  31. NinetalesAnimations YT

    Cool video dont let the hate or dislike get to you they just dont get it

  32. Abby Stephens

    The glass is tougher on the 12 than the 11 or 10 because it’s reinforced with crystal on the back so the back should be tougher than the front despite all of these test I would definitely put a case on it if anyone plans to get one

  33. Saravanan Chamy

    4:33 *CRACK!!!!!!!!!*

  34. Scott Dressick


  35. Monica Benassi

    Povero iphone

  36. Gamer kid 111

    Bro that robot scammed you

  37. IcE Wolf

    Ayooo I’m typing this comment outside the gamestop you smashed this ps4 at

  38. Sam The Gamer


  39. Beau Jenkins

    1:55 3:01

  40. Yanis M.m


  41. JuanCarlos Mejia C.


  42. darknessdemonYT001_the_gamer

    Ur a stupid and not all of them explode

  43. Mısroş


  44. Izzy Jojo


  45. Inaam Ul Haq

    A moment if silence for the people who actually believed this


    Ba da și mie un iPhone 12 pro Max

  47. victorsgameryt97 gamer


  48. PiKaju _


  49. bully911

    6:04 esos no son sonidos del infierno si no que es la precion del agua, y por que el agua esta conectada con un volcán eso produce ese sonido escalofriante xd laik si eres español

  50. Cameron Huerta

    How did I know he was going to tease himself

  51. Like I care Sir

    I bet this can’t keep my gen6 iPad above 30% when it has 2 or more apps open

  52. Davi Almeida

    Brand new iPhone from the box the guy breaking >_<

  53. EYE OPEN

    Finally an iPhone that is techrax durable 😂

  54. iamarfaashaw

    s8 plus should be used as brick in the walls.

  55. Rupesh Vishwakarma

    Jada phone aagaya hai tho merko bhi ek phone de de

  56. Samantha Obi

    Haha 😂

  57. alec bradley

    Where’s DaveHax when you need him?

  58. TheCrazyKid

    TechRax: Now what you wanna do it spread it over... Me: As if I’m gonna wanna put my phone in rubber like that. 😂

  59. Johirul Islam

    You are super bad😠😡😤👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  60. Saima Bibi

    What a waste of coke and phones 😣😖😩

  61. Aamir Saeed

    we will drop it again without case🤣

  62. Sushil Vishwakarma

    Don't broke mobile 😠😠😠😠😠

  63. Connie Makasi




  65. Decaddee Playz Roblox and more

    Tooooo much electricity

  66. Jay Galvan

    What was the point of throwing In the console?

  67. azhar azwan


  68. kak buto

    Вот это да🤩

  69. Matia Martinez


  70. Coloninest Cheems

    1:30 OWW

  71. Mr. Robux


  72. Mid Spec Gamer

    Lord of destruction

  73. daisyy.

    He’s complementing iPhone XR alot so i feel lucky to have it-

  74. Samuel Hlsilasay

    Hey can u give me 1 iPhone I’m just broke

  75. fnaf timex Fan

    OMG!!! it still works

  76. fnaf timex Fan

    how are you still recording when you have no phone

  77. Foez Ahmed

    You did this early in the morning

  78. Alex Finns

    You are surprised that coke went inside the drone?!

  79. Alex Finns

    You even killed a PHANTOM 4! WTF

  80. Alex Finns

    Why does this DEfasts make so many subscribers from such dumb videos!