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  1. Viviane Schmidt

    I can't hahaha

  2. Natalie Cucina

    Okay I really thought he said "pre-teen girls"

  3. Omnizone

    I am now scared of Charlie Puth

  4. Evan Does piano

    The entire time I could only think of the rocky theme song

  5. Davin Animations

    Since DEfasts Hates My Titles I'll Put Time Stamps Instead. (I'll Put The Titles In Replies (: ) Edit: That Didn't work. 0:00 0:11 0:25 0:33 0:49 0:55 1:07 1:14 1:27 1:39 1:44 2:01 2:02 2:15 2:21 2:32 2:50 3:04

  6. TheAviationNetwork

    Fun Fact: He just rickrolled everyone here


    whats the second song

  8. BigFloofChiftz

    Every student in music class ever

  9. Wizard Lords

    I thought it said "When you have big jizz energy" lol

  10. xTheBlueNitex

    Somehow...that sounds really good lol.

  11. Behnam Salehi

    G case fcvhkksjsjalpV ci p2 no saw no jq go oakkq bx io see knwbbe bd do in bbbsvc dry u a bjp Ok q no ppj bj oqjjhdp pig c st u psov dog bj oh i oh h1 jvb oh bj oqjvcsjskppwigwvvbkpdpqookqnnbdkkqbbgq

  12. TheWolvzz

    2:27 name of the song pls

  13. Davin Animations

    0:12 - Triple D's 0:34 - Going Down The Scale 0:41 - High Beats 0:51 - FONKY CHONKY 1:04 - PEYE PATA 1:12 - c a t 1:24 - Western CAYEAYEAY 1:38 - Peye Pata Pt.2 1:40 - fhwegfvbwifwhiyfvaiawefar 1:54 - Harmonica With More Treble 2:01 - Daniels Sad Life 2:27 - CMON HAHA 2:33 - HOO HEE HO HE HOO 2:44 - peter pan "White Dye" time 3:02 - Happy Heartbreak 3:23 - And Now For The Sketch After The Sketch Sponsored By Raycon.

  14. Eric Kinyanjui

    Is that "nigga" at 2:05 ? 🤣

  15. Clicky

    Wobbling Normal people: Melee players: PTSD kicks in

  16. Kevin B.


  17. Chierkus

    When the ad is better than the rest of the video

  18. Rebekah L

    Funnily enough, I actually say that on a regular basis

  19. Waffle Waffle

    Can we take a moment to appreciate his eye-liner, why can't I have that skill??

  20. Reshirex


  21. Lee From the Tea Shop

    When Daniel started speaking Spanish i was elated

  22. Reshirex


  23. Anonymous 1Ø

    when the piano teacher fingers the wrong minor...

  24. Sonic Fan YT

    The Frasier theme song out of literally nowhere sent me

  25. Luke Bragg

    Ok, I think I get it, don't joke offensively...Can you do a part 3 just for more on what to avoid? This is interesting not going to lie.

  26. Deveon Smith

    Wanted the suffering to end words of captions 2021

  27. Darth Revan

    4:34 DC91939

  28. Itz Cryptic_

    this is literally me after i played something new in the piano

  29. Sparsh DOKANIA

    talent fairy is like the best mom ever, she gives you the tools to succeed and is open and accepting to your choices as long as you make something of yourself.

  30. gabriella lazaruk

    Me listening to the end of Mr. blue Sky be like

  31. Azure

    A full version of Russian waltz hit me baby one more time please

  32. Chloe Dismukes

    1:55 BAHAHA

  33. Luke


  34. ItsCaptainGamer plays

    Me the piano player of my family, when the kids want to play it be like

  35. Golden Dia

    OOOOOOOOH BABY IT’S SPOOKY TIME *spooky scary skeletons intensifies*

  36. Lakshita Das

    Him: *𝐚𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐥 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐛 𝐧𝐚𝐢𝐥* Me:: *𝐇𝐚𝐡𝐚, 𝐓𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐛 𝐍𝐚𝐢𝐥!*

  37. Reborn

    When he played Britney, I swear I just was on the floor dying

  38. emmy em

    PIANO MAN IM 9 and love billie and de beadles

  39. Game Closet

    Wow you are a very impressive person I love the way you play piano and now you have been in a comercial awesome

  40. FlashPoint083

    Well the best revenge is a life well lived in the other guy’s house with the other guy’s wife. My friends have dreams about pretty girls. But I have dreams about cupping handfuls of my own teeth. Whenever I get a linkedin request, my brain BEEP BEEP FAX FAX I’m a little business man. If we share 50% of our DNA with bananas, how come human flesh doesn’t taste good in smoothies? Bedeepbeepbeepbeepboo. Chipotle____ is just spicy Mayo for people who wear top hats. There are more chickens then there’s people in the world. We’ll soon become the nuggets. And they’ll become the nugget makers! If a girl asks you if she should get bangs, do not answer. It’s a trap! I had a dream that I was on a date with one of the charmin bears, and she refueled to stop talking about how clean her butthole was! Your bones are wet. Just think about how wet your bones are. Wet, wet, wet, little bones. So many baby carrots in the bag. Where are their carrot parents? Tasty, orange, orphans. Dip ‘em in raaaaanch. DIP ‘EM IN RAAAAA- Why’s it called the birds and the bees when the birds and the bees don’t f**k. Don’t ever tell me that a door is a jar. It’s a door. Not a jar. Do I look stupid to you? When a guy in the movie says the name of the movie it’s like WOW THAT’S THE NAME OF THE MOVIE! Why do we think Cookie Monster is a monster? Aren’t we the monsters? There’s a dudes hand inside his skin! If you can understand me, I am going to change my name to Marco Polo tomorrow and move to Mexico for “personal reasons.” I have already killed a man, and I will kill again. Every white kid has done karate. Just ask a white kid he’s probably done karate. But if you were to fight a white kid who’s done karate, you’d probably beat the white kid who’s done karate. Yeah! HIYA! Scooby dooby do. Scooby dooby do. Scooby dooby DON’T... do drugs!

  41. Shiggen Malein

    gets 100k in 11 years gets 2,67Mil in 2 years after that

  42. Ares

    I ate my food and I accidentally digested it

  43. Tristin Goodman

    You have to do more parts these are awesome


    Maybe you are meant for covers...T_T

  45. Lisa Prodent

    Ey 1:27 looks like True Detective’s opening !

  46. Lorianna Scott

    why is this actually catchy tho

  47. Kythe Kaalyn

    "Now shut up and let me finger your button box" was not something i expected to hear today

  48. Loading

    when the controllers arent even on

  49. Reborn

    My favorite part was the hotel calafornia part

  50. hamyyy_YROO

    This is basically how anyone who’s good at anything reacts to compliment/s. Like I compliment artist and they’re like “haha no I’m not I’m not good at art you filthy degenerate I will never reach my standards and will always suck in my ball of sham and agony!!!!!!”

  51. Maysaa Amineldeen

    1:22 LOL

  52. Joseph Hevener

    3:45 What is the name of this actual song? I recognize the melody but don't remember the name.

  53. weesalikesmilktea

    Everyone here HAS to watch Finn M-K's cover defasts.info/title/video/fLaRotCciGLHsdk.html

  54. Lorianna Scott

    when you see your best friend with another friend

  55. Ethan Ledina

    For a while I didn't know if you were playing a character sketch or not.

  56. Kyla Calaunan

    whhhaaatt was that morse code?

  57. Ish

    0:40 y'know that's a good prediction tbh, that's exactly what I look like playing Elton John.... though obviously not as good as Daniel tho

  58. Maysaa Amineldeen

    I'm doing this right now

  59. Mrloekie RBLX

    Hes probably a french spy that tells french lies

  60. Daniel Beatty

    I like that song "hi". You should call it "Hi from the outside"