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  1. Melissa Razakova

    0:36 uhm not really important but I have the same earrings :)

  2. ella janica lugas

    4:26 had me

  3. maria paula


  4. procrastinartist

    *SCEEEEEAMS* me 11:25

  5. goblinfairy

    literally for some reason i typically see my mutual on tiktok on a lot of these kinds of videos from rue (4:36)

  6. Melissa Echevarria

    Wow Sophie’s parents’ reaction to her coming out (with the cake) was amazing 🥺🥺🥺

  7. Nikafux

    6:40 why are those my absolute fav shows?

  8. Carlie Lysius

    2:34 someone explain what weong with brent?

  9. Nia Marin

    help i met this girl on insta last night and we talked for almost 2 hours or something and i might wanna send her one of these compilations. but i wanna send one that feels kind of ‘we’re friends who are both gay!’ because i don’t know what our relationship is💀

  10. beth :D

    8:05 bruh this is literally me🥲 I was only introduced to the fact that being bisexual was a thing because most of the people I knew was friends with were saying that being bisexual is greedy =/

  11. procrastinartist

    aawwww i wanna hug her 9:50 😢😢😢

  12. Banana Girl

    3:46 they are so cute!!!!! Like omg I didn’t know I needed this ship but- they’re so cute together

  13. trevortni_driew

    So uhmmm, since there are a lot of gays here I just wanted to ask about this: I'm fifteen and my parents don't take me and my girlfriend's relationship seriously. Understandable since she'd been my best friend during quarantine and we are very attached to eachother but the last summer we both came out to each other and three months ago I asked her out via Zoom and since that we're dating. The problem is that not only my parents don't take out relationship as partners seriously, they don't let me see her in person either.. We havent seen each other in person after 20th of June 2020 but since we're dating now, my parents don't let me see her. This has been going on since two weeks after we started dating and it's almost unbearable but I started to think maybe it would be good for us to keep our relationship like it's long distance and maybe meet a year or two later, whenever my parents let me.. I kinda think they have a point since if I had a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend, they wouldn't let me see him either but Im really at a loss.. My girlfriend tries to arrange dates but I always have to decline because my mom doesn't let us meet up until we "go back to being friends and stop with this nonsense" and I'm kinda fed up with this since she _already_ pressures me into dressing like "a normal teen girl" rather than "Wednesday Adams" (I always have some pink accessory on, I don't know where she came up with that but I guess she means dressing slightly masculine) So, what do y'all advice I do? What would you do if you were in my shoes? I am so lost right now so I'd appreciate any idea '^^

  14. Azzy

    I need to be honest with myself..I'M NOT SURE IF I'M A LESBIAN OR BI?! Like I love woman, I see myself with a woman, I want a kids, family, marriage with a woman. But some guys are cute..but all woman are gorgeous..

  15. Charlotte G

    okay can someone tell me what the movie at 8:25 is bc ive seen that scene 10819371938 times and still don’t know the fucking movie name

  16. Saltyッ


  17. mills wright

    When I was watching this a had a gay panic via txt and ended up lying that i was going to bed so I can’t check my watts app because I don’t know if she is online ;-;

  18. Army Atiny

    1:40 i had one dream 4 days ago and now...i wanna have a gf so fvcking bad😩

  19. Chloë Bingham


  20. Electra Cv

    Joke's on you, I don't even have a girlfriend 🤡

  21. AB & Birdie Take on the World

    Imagine being straight 😂😂😂

  22. How To Human

    Y'all I can't find any updates on the grocery store girl tiktok and need one fr.

  23. The Big Bad Wolf

    0:49 How I realized I was very gay

  24. sheregenerated

    Baby gays, please watch 3:19 xx

  25. Hayat Yasin

    ✨Jessica Chastain✨ gives me life, like I can only aspire to be so hot and powerful

  26. Yoongis Wife

    I should have known somthing was up when I made Barbie cheat on ken with all the girl barbies🥸

  27. strawberry succulents

    Good day to be named hanna

  28. Caitlin Mae

    4:10 called me out omfg

  29. Emily Luffman

    Idk about the last one? I feel like gay tragedy is way more commonly showed, even in modern things. And it was literally mandatory to make them tragic because of the Hayes code before. I’m sad that she can’t relate to it, and I really hope things look up for her soon, but I think suggesting that misery is inevitable for gay people is way more harmful? Idk I just think that happy stories about us deserve a spotlight as well

  30. Jasmine War

    All I have to say is .........STAN TWICE Pls dont take this seriously, not forcing anyone to do anything

  31. mcgonagallerys

    The last girl though, I'm so sorry she is going through that 😭🥺 I really hope her life gets better 🙏💖💖

  32. Ebba Liwerstrohle

    i felt that MULAN YES deep in my core self

  33. Seirasip Xuz

    8:08 😍😍 beyond beautiful

  34. Seirasip Xuz

    5:29 I know that was real asf tht sounds so accurate 😂😂

  35. Sweet

    4:13 I want to be hers. Where are youuuu?

  36. Kayla Vandyke's

    this video makes my gay heart so happy 😌👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

  37. Scrablse

    8:08 Okay so I'm asexual and i personally don't want to label myself if i'm heteromantic or biromantic but this- 😳

  38. •OhNoItsEmber•

    0:56 that’s literally me okay I just want someone to like me doesn’t matter if I’m gay

  39. Aditi Bathla

    tysm for the message in tge last 🥺

  40. Aditi Bathla

    0:54 is that male validation cause if yes because wtf i an like that. somebody tell me please-

  41. Lys rose

    2:03 killed me 🤣

  42. Gabby

    school doesn't matter but rueclouds does

  43. trinity prince

    this silence in the car is starting to sound a lot like coming out to my entire family

  44. Monalyn Balasabas


  45. sour candy

    I'm straight but I listen to gay music

  46. sour candy

    I'm straight but I listen to gay music

  47. sour candy

    I like to watch these bc everyone is so uplifting and supporting nice and I love the vibe

  48. Alexan Sofret

    love these so much

  49. BroadwayLoves Kat

    2:26 Like- if you call someone “an absolute fucking water bottle” then water bottle is an insult, even though there’s nothing wrong with water bottles themselves.

  50. Mione Chat

    i can totally relate to the last one

  51. Elia C

    What’s the movie in 3:25 called?

    1. P Strociak

      Hannah W Hannah W hace 1 día You can watch it on DEfasts if you just look up The Guilty Secret it is under the channel PlayList Global. This specific moment happens in episode 5 at around 4:15. But, just to clarify, the drama is not actually a GL. 1

    2. P Strociak


  52. headpats 4 yoongi


  53. Brenna Brooks


  54. Jennifer Montes

    Wasnt mad tsai the one who came out to their mom with this song

  55. Katherina Lastname

    The girl being the better looking one in het couples is so true ahhhhhhhh

  56. Isabella _

    2:02 i'm not lesbian but damn she seems like such a warm and funny person 🥺 i wish i had her aesthetic 6:28 lol they act like a competition to see who can get the most labels bruh asf

  57. J Reis

    when you're scared to come out 😭✋

  58. Angel Stokes-Nicholls

    When she got the Egyptology book out I WHEEZED I’ve been obsessed with Egyptology since I was little😭

  59. Just Don’t Ask

    I just want to say this channel is what made me feel comfortable with my sexuality. I knew I liked girls since June of last year but I didn’t feel comfortable with it until a random video on this channel was recommended to me in December and ever since I’ve been watching wlw tiktok complication daily

  60. mikasa's hoe

    7:37 omg same

  61. Katherina Lastname

    I need to watch the Prince Ali one at 3:49 weekly for my sanity.

  62. 4beagles

    im emotionally attracted to girl And sexually men .....I think about a relationship it's always a girl but then sexually its men going through this confusion from past 3 yrs don't know what I do looks like I'm going to die like this 😭when I get my first kiss I'm fucking 20 yrs old

  63. Sweet

    2:05 She is so Beautiful ❤️ I'm Glad she's bi even tho I wouldn't have a single chance...

  64. Rhian


  65. Genesis Arteaga


  66. Riley Morris

    the very last tik tok. i was very lucky to have supporting parents when i came out, as well as friends. and i’m so sorry for the people who’ve had to deal with the unacceptance of the world. 🥺🏳️‍🌈

  67. Bumsyboo

    Guess what? I GOT A HOT GIRLFRIEND AND WE'RE GETTING MARRIED ON ANIMAL CROSSING After months i have attained the gay life i crave

  68. Graci Blanchard 2.0

    You know damn well that after watching that little movie clip 3:33 you searched it up😏😂

    1. P Strociak

      @Hope's soundeffects Hannah W Hannah W hace 1 día You can watch it on DEfasts if you just look up The Guilty Secret it is under the channel PlayList Global. This specific moment happens in episode 5 at around 4:15. But, just to clarify, the drama is not actually a GL. 1

    2. Hope's soundeffects

      Do u know the name of the drama/movie??

  69. Caitlin Urena


  70. Zwinky bot

    6:32 she so cute and i mean that not in a straight way

  71. Zwinky bot

    I wanna see a mixed-sized fem lesbian couple. That's like the lesbian community's unicorn.

  72. starlight

    does anyone know the song at 11:09 ? it feels superr familiar but i can’t place it

  73. ptrich0r


  74. Emilia Samson

    told my girlfriend i loved her today :)

    1. desi

      ayyy congrats my friend! *atleast one of us got one-*

  75. XKikiX Ahaha

    When you watch scooby doo the movie when you’re 9 and then end up loving Velma and cutting your hair like her and then wanting to be friends with her and then years later end up bi