There's strong, and then there's Army Strong! There's smooth, and then there's Chris Smoove!

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  1. dolce gabbana

    Heat have no all Stars, Nets have 3....that is so cheese !

  2. Brian Chavez

    Durant is way better at drafting than Giannis

  3. lyhthegreat

    tell me he's not all star material...

  4. Abdul Fofana


  5. Istikhar Ahmad

    Damn Durant picked LeBron former teammate and LeBron picked Durant's former teammate-

  6. Mohamed Ben

    1:39 that's some cheese

  7. lega4000 lega4000

    damn we playing lebron with the all time bucks and warriors damn lebron

  8. Mark David Mallorca

    Ade Tovar will find every excuses again.

  9. ShaneGxmes

    Pat Bev in the thumbnail: Lemme rip Beal’s elbow off

  10. Om Desai

    I remember Jrue busting my ass at 2k14, glad to see him putting that game winner.

  11. Om Desai

    Imagine Being In Mvp Conversations And Still Being A Reserve For An All star game, sheesh lillard takes any slander 🔥

  12. R31N Prod.

    Houston Blowers.

  13. Om Desai

    Bradley Beal did the ‘lebron pre game ritual’ with the ball at the end 😭🤣

  14. Kordell Gethers

    Zion is the difference maker LMFAOOOOOOOOOO

  15. Y O B

    2018 all star game team lbj vs team steph 2019 all star game team lbj vs giannis 2020 all star game team lbj vs giannis now 2021 all star game team lbj, steph, giannis vs team durant lol

  16. P H

    Clippers need Derrick rose with pat bev

  17. Richard Kimbell

    Lebron and curry that might work

  18. Marios Paparizos

    Westbrook's clutch tip off

  19. phax

    Imagine if TJ MConnell would be the first one to do quadruple double..damn

  20. Lil Rice

    All the clippers know how to do is choke

  21. My main channel got banned

    Can anyone tell me what is the advantage of being 1st seed in a conference?

  22. Paul Smith

    We knew Gobert was getting picked last but I was surprised about Mitchell

  23. Noah

    jimmy butler is TUFF

  24. Chem39

    The salty lake city fans

  25. ONΞ SHΘT

    Dame and PG on same team? 😱

  26. Ross Weisbrot

    Team lebron

  27. Henry Ratner

    Lebrons starters are better but durants bench is better

  28. Avery Gomez

    team lebron

  29. Mitch A

    Go Celts! ☘️

  30. Sumit Verma

    Why was Lebron and I'd so mean to the jazz?

  31. Lexie Munsod

    No.8 was crazy no.24 was scary

  32. Dr Jrue

    Look at me man so inspirational

  33. ZaCkMoHD

    That is why lebron choose him

  34. Derek Chu

    Rudy Gobert is trash

  35. Vince Lovina

    LeGM back at it 😅🔥

  36. James Rebereb

    Not gonna mention their hot streak? Okay..

  37. play boyX

    Yo i think team KD is better dan team LeBron

  38. Tom Teunesen


  39. Elmar Daghbayli

    Jimmy G Buckets has entered the chat

  40. Pelbros

    Fire SVG!!

  41. King Trav

    Team LeBron

  42. Game Serum

    i believe the game winning rebound westbrook took, was his 10th. so he had a triple dub

    1. zodixy

      They gave the rebound to Beal so he had 9

  43. Elmar Daghbayli

    1:18 Giannis is hyped is gonna be balling with Bron, Steph and Lillard

  44. Elmar Daghbayli

    Kanter is gonna sleep happy with that dub

  45. J03M

    Look at westbrick man so inspirational

  46. FnZ BOSSD

    Daily pickem easy vc

  47. KaelebtheImposter

    Team lebron

  48. Elmar Daghbayli

    Steph passing to Bron that's some Cheese

  49. GoldenBoyOzzy

    I can’t keep betting on the clippers WTF lol

    1. Isaac Henderson

      Man they messed up my parlay

  50. J Benito

    Ja got fouled at the end

  51. The Black Renaissance

    Lillard should be mvp.. 30 ppg... 5 rebs... 8 ast... shooting 45% from the field and 40% from 3.. The blazers would be a lottery team without him..

    1. Allen Janco

      Not gonna happen since it either is gonna be Embiid or LeBron but Dame is more valuable to their franchise. Same with Derrick Henry if you know what I mean. Titans without him would suck, yet he's 3rd in MVP voting behind Mahomes and Rodgers.

  52. SixersKid1001

    Team Durant has more shooters I’m taking them

  53. P H

    Milwaukee bucks no excuses of not winning the east or a 7 game vs. Brooklyn Milwaukee got to make it to the playoffs finals championship

    1. glibz

      There's also a team called Philly 76ers

  54. flo A

    Chris you're cold as hell. 🤨 2:10-2:23 smh 😭

  55. Ryan Moon

    no love for kanter?? man had a 20 20 game

  56. Manne Muzangi MBo

    I Feel bad for Kawhi, now it's his first all-star in the east

  57. Siddharth


  58. Basketball 360

    Team lebron is so op every year. you would think the guys lebron drafts against would have better drafting skills I e curry durant and Giannis

  59. Epsilon

    What was Kanter doing cuh😭

  60. SoLowCue

    they never gonna all click together and if they do it won’t be sustainable opposites attract pg and centers work 3 shot creators won’t click

    1. SoLowCue

      it’s rare

    2. Keanu Seixas

      they done it more than once last season

  61. travi

    Morant stay crying for fouls lmaoo

  62. Dionte Charleston

    Shout me out chris smoove i been a fan for years since nba 2k9 days when you started my career for the first time till now

  63. Breadstick 444

    Overrated gobert

  64. Alex Boroja

    Luka is getting no love but he will be the face of basketball for the next 20yrs

  65. panggarotan ako

    Team lebron

  66. Kyle Jr

    Why couldn't it be from years past. The west stay in the west and the east stay in the east? It's called East vs West all star for a reason

  67. yungvegar

    Doncic and Jokic together would be such a DEADLY combo (would've been nice to see Vucevic on the same team though)

  68. R1_ Radcliffe

    Legend says Dame is the one who shot Tupac

  69. ramzijay TV

    George and Lillard are also teammates that some cheese😂😂😂

  70. TDFan623

    LeBron and Steph on the same team is a crime 😭

  71. I am an Ironman

    wait I missed the game, did they review that charge? isnt that an easy blocking foul call?

  72. joaqui aquino

    Durant didn't take Tatum last. He automatically gets who is left with the starters because he had 2 more slots after Lebron drafts his last player.

  73. Pretty Ricky130

    It’s crazy to see how Jimmy Butler was a 76 overall in 2k14 and now he’s a 92 overall. He’s come a long way

    1. Russ Walker

      Butler should be 93 or 94

    2. Meliodas

      @A Healthy Snack 96*

    3. Ranked Shooter

      Im not surprised! I saw how solid his game was even though his rankings were so low. Irl, he was doing leader things, banking 3s when his team needed him and a strong paint game.

    4. A Healthy Snack

      2k needs to start doing playoff ratings, cuz Jimmy a 97-99 in the playoffs

    5. Mike Dugger

      67 in 2k13 too

  74. devon Ray

    lebron stacked frfr

  75. David Sanotona KAP

    miami fans come out of hiding all of sudden

    1. MacRain

      We ain't hiding cuh

    2. Bucketzz

      Cuz we back 😈

  76. lMoodyy

    Coming from a pelicans fan we need a new roster are team is so ass

    1. Pelbros

      Lmao flip bledsoe. Fire svg

  77. Michael Pardo

    Only thing missing for jimmy is consistency

    1. ItzTriMax

      He is consistent. Only problem was that he was injured for a lot of the season

    2. Khalid Hawadle

      They were 4th seed when he was healthy

  78. Jack Lee

    jazz is getting dasruspictad

  79. Young OG

    Melo Ben playing great

  80. Mr Jiggs

    If cp3 made all star team then surely butler should've from their leadership

    1. William Scott Jr.

      He actually did make it but he turned the selection down because Bam didn't make it