The official DEfasts channel for the 36th America's Cup presented by PRADA.

The 36th America’s Cup will see Emirates Team New Zealand attempt to defend the ‘Auld Mug’ against a fleet of exceptionally strong and well-resourced challengers in a new AC75 foiling class in Auckland, NZ in 2021.

The confirmed challengers include Challenger of Record Luna Rossa PRADA Pirelli, New York Yacht Club American Magic, and INEOS TEAM UK.

Who will be triumphant in #AKL2021 #AC36 #AmericasCup

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  1. Jimi Lewis

    The actual content of this video is great but the elevator music playing over it makes no sense. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. EdoVsEdo

    They fucked up all the volumes again

  3. verticalgyno

    has it already been said that without music and with the microphones set better everything would be more understandable?

    1. verticalgyno

      yes, it has already been said ;))

  4. mark harrison

    had to KEEP CLEAR. All hard to do when flying at 40knots , and the R O W can change in half a boats length.

  5. Andrea Di Genova

    Forza Ragazzi Forza Luna.

  6. mark harrison

    Confusing and confused imo. I recall the phrase " PROPER COURSE" being yelled on the race course. Meaning the right of way boat must have RIGHT OF WAY and the other boat (or boats)

  7. Randall Thomas

    The port-starboard rules go back to maritime law and tradition. Remembering that frequently helps in interpretation.

  8. Gee Em

    Sweat on earth is the point of the dumb ass music ...?

  9. cindy ullsee

    Thanks, more interviews with the decision makers please. Much better than Kenny's 10sec' rule ;-)

  10. a w

    kill the music

  11. Nicolas Garrigue

    Again please without the music

  12. Pete Miller

    Background music is way too loud. If I want to listen to bee bobbing music I'll tune into my grand daughters' iPod.

  13. dmurphy1578

    Was the music so we couldn't hear his weak answer? Umpires should at least sound like they are right

  14. walter weingaertner

    Amateur audio settings

  15. Pootsman

    Hmmmm, still not sure I think it was the right decision (even if I did want Ineos to win).

  16. Mustavo Gaia

    can you upload again without the background music?

  17. Vinsu Karma

    Damn boat wanted to fly :- O How crazy is that!!

  18. Pacsuper7

    Very informative, thank you. If this would have been fleet race there is no way the starboard tack boats could have prevented collision.

  19. Nicholas Rinaldi

    why they admit to fail in the decision aboute the collision between LRPP ITUK in the round robin? Why you have made this poor quality video and haven’t done one in the other occasion where you where wrong?

  20. trisinogy

    Please, make sure the voices of the people involved are recorded properly. And no: the background music doesn’t make it better.

  21. matteo zanderigo

    Don't understand the empire's words due to the music and poor mic quality

  22. Loren Couch


  23. Mauro SaltyDog

    very nice and interesting but why that annoying looping music ?

  24. ru se

    Bad and dangerous decison

  25. TheDonOfDuval


  26. Tandem Psicolegs

    Vamos Luna Rosa!! Queremos la copa América en Europa!!!

  27. Gilberto

    Ha un curioso accento neozelandese, come mai?

  28. Aurelio Dei Giudici

    al momento dello (000) del timer luna rossa doveva raggiungere la cross line con una lunghezza,piu' UN 1/4 ho la foto pero' non sono capace di immetterla

  29. Trajectionable

    Here's hoping LR take it home, develop a proper sailing yacht, and end the AC75 embarrassment once and for all. Let's see some true racing ships in the Med next time.

  30. Giuseppee62

    Credo che sia la volta buona per vincere ! Forza !! Luna rossa ❤️ 👏🇮🇹

  31. giovanni de petris

    You have no idea how an America’s cup in a non Anglo environment would help sailing explode in fans interests. Imagine the America s cup in the Med or the Indian ir Chinese sea? Or in the water of Africa or in the Baltic or the Caspian or the Black Sea! Would be great, so I support LR that is obviously the underdog here, For the beauty of the Cup, go Luna!!

  32. formulaben

    Who are the announcers for this telecast?

  33. Martin Kaufmann

    I expect different and much much better speakers! The current team is ruining the races with its continuous social talk, nonsense and repeated content. They talk as we the viewers are all stupid housewives with no clue. Get rid of them NOW!

  34. Char Hassenboehler

    Looks like Italians are standing up in back

  35. Dirk Böttcher

    Einfach nur geil

  36. Tor Blixa

    man they had to work so hard

  37. fenackerpan

    And there is the conundrum at the end of Jimmy's talk...'we willl know who has the fastest boat'. I sincerely hope both boats are evenly matched so we get some real racing. Otherwise.....

  38. Leonardo Darosi

    Che batosta :(

  39. Paolo Savaresi

    american magic andava come un missile poi è successo di tutto

  40. pte wilks


  41. Leo Leo

    We want this ships again!

  42. Fabrizio Rinaldo

    Forza luna rossa... Fino alla fine

  43. 00Billy

    Vibration noise? hehe... We had one of the first Hood stoway main's..... so theres a slot in the mast and the sail rolls up inside... BUT ! with any sort of wind hitting the slot just right....... the 'loudest flute' youve ever heard starts. We designed the 'flute stopper' to seal the slot. ( 2 different ones as they widened the slot ..) I miss the sound of halyard slapping.....but not the flute sound.

  44. C.A.

    Very excited! Anyone know how many lead changes we've had after the start of all the races(excluding the capsize)? Can't be many, the starts have been CRITICAL!

  45. K W

    Surely the best AC moment was in Newport in 1983. Has any moment ever really topped that?

  46. spacegamer

    I don't know if the rules in the america's cup are different than the ones, we have when sailing in germany, but as far as I know, you're not allowed to push the other boat beyond the point where your sails basically stall. And you are definitely not allowed to turn directly into the wind.

  47. Barry Miller

    Show the start date! In the title and at the beginning! Duh!

  48. airzoomhuarache

    We Are Coming Kiwis... Let's Start The Battle 🇮🇹🏴‍☠️

  49. francesca fini

    He starts slow... a statement that aged badly

  50. HairBilly

    1:46:26 ''FOiZZA PALEiMMO ! FOiZZA PALEiMMO !'' 😂😂😂

  51. Ice Troll

    Man crush, guilty.

  52. luciano porrelli

    LUNA ROSSA che barca meravigliosa ....... vorrei anch'io una LUNA ROSSA

  53. o0bananaman0o

    Nathan deserved a ride this America's Cup. Hopefully who ever wins it this time doesn't price out all the competitors smh

  54. luciano porrelli

    LUNA ROSSA INVINCIBILE ARMATA Vai vai vai go go go


    New Zealand LunaRossa will surprise you 💪🇮🇹❤⛵

  56. coolerkin

    Just waiting for the Italians to change sides half way through...🤣🤣🤣

    1. Sol Invictus

      Go to study something, muppet.

  57. Giuseppe Scotece

    I have some doubts out there, TNZ has optimized everethyng in function of aerodinamic efficiency, like they are used to in F1. But there is also the downside in doing so, because the concept of the AC75 is completely new, and maybe they pushed themselfs too far into a territory that is still unexplored, perhaps taking too many risks, we’ll see..

  58. Goran Pandem

    There is no end to Brexit

  59. robi dutch

    LR vs. ETNZ: 7-3

    1. Charlie Naskens

      We hope 🏆🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹👀🇮🇹⛵⛵⛵⛵

  60. Jean-Pierre de Siebenthal

    Thank you Nate for this review ! Hope you enjoy the place... I just remember the 2010 moth European in Silvaplana!!! Cheers. JP

  61. Il Matanela

    All I wish is to see a fair and open competition. We know TNZ is favourite and honestly I feel honoured to see LR compete with the best. I am just fed up of all the polemics which partially ruined the atmosphere in PC's final and look forward to turn the page and enjoy the race. Good luck to both teams 🇮🇹🇳🇿

  62. Antonio Secchi

    Che sia una grande occasione di sport in un momento così particolare. Luna Rossa ha le carte in regola (e lo ha dimostrato) per vincere! Comunque vada viva lo sport!! Forza ragazzi

  63. Hil Shean

    Jimmy is in his prime and has much to exact on the Kiwis! 🙃

    1. Isaac M Tamou

      Siad that last time

    2. David Kendrick

      Yes, he's really tough, that's for sure!

  64. Giovanni Dalle Nogare

    About Agnelli vanity they forgot to mention the wrist watch over his shirt cuff

  65. Tom Hermens

    Spittal should not be on that boat. He is Australian!!!!

    1. Sol Invictus

      Foil arms (Persico), sails (North Sail), hydraulics (Prandini) on ETNZ are Italian, they shouldn't not be on that boat.

    2. Luigi Galli

      @stuart whyman Of course, they would be only 10 people on the boat, they should take another one maybe an Italian, but anyway is always better to have the best! Conceptually the same is valid for hydraulics in ETNZ. BTW: the competition is not between national teams like in Olympic Game, is between yacht clubs.

    3. stuart whyman

      They definitely couldn't do it with out him, that's for sure.

    4. Luigi Galli

      On the nice side if ETNZ wins, also a little bit of Italy wins as well!

    5. Luigi Galli

      90% of hydraulic components should not be on ETNZ. They are Italians!!! (I'm not talking about foil arms, they are Italian as well, but as one design are supplied to all teams)

  66. Alessandro Bargellini

    Luna Rossa is fantastic 🇮🇹

    1. Rich Adams

      Aussie helmsman helps.

  67. Dieghito

    Forza Lunaaaaa!

  68. fab harlock

    E' vero che il vecchio Ferrari diceva che la macchina bella e' quella che vince,pero' devo dire che Luna Rossa ha una linea veramente pulita,e fra vele e scafo non ha paragone con le altre barche,e' veramente bella da vedere sull'acqua a prescindere dalla gara

  69. gabriele

    All comes down to VMG, and time on target-speed. Having the best SOG per se means nothing.

  70. J Eriksson

    Who ever wins I hope to see a different yacht next cup. To see two boats flying around the bouys arent very exciting. They are fast yes... But code 0, gennaker or spinnaker would be nice. I miss that part in the cup

  71. bill hanna

    Looking at the spray coming off the new foils - Less drag , cleaner entry = speed , BUT at 40+ odd knots one mistake & its a big hump to clime ... Cant wait , Great for NZ on the international stage . Go TNZ .

  72. Tom Smock

    Good close racing needs no hyping. This cup is so boring and one sided..... you might call it FIXED!

  73. Diego Carretta

    Luna Rossa vs TeamNZL 7 1

  74. Peter Macpherson

    From what I hear team nz have got 3 or 4 knots more boat speed, they have more mainsail area from clever design but it will be so interesting to see, carnt wait

    1. Sol Invictus

      Sure, last news says that ETNZ can do 90 knots with 4 wind knots, without foils.

    2. Neutron Alchemist

      It would be a lot to have 0.3 or 0.4 knots more boat speed.

    3. Mark Melville

      Peter these boats are measured in incremental speed. 3 or 4 knots seems a bit much.

  75. Y40 Steelfixing

    Bring it on🤟🏾🤟🏾let’s go ETNZ...

  76. Frank Howard

    Who cares who's the quickest? The Italian boats (just like a lot of things Italian) always look the best.

    1. Luigi Galli

      @qksmith Damn right!

    2. Salvatore Pandolfo

      @bigkiwial I'm italian and i prefere look of KIWI.

    3. David Kendrick

      @Jimi Lewis Ha ha, good one! : )

    4. Jimi Lewis

      @David Kendrick "water can flow or it can crash.....”

    5. David Kendrick

      For what it's worth, I would put it at: 1. ETNZ, 2. Luna Rossa, 3. Rita, 4. American Magic. I like the shape of the ETNZ hull; it is beautiful to me and looks like innovation, and I love the swirls of the paint job -- "Be like water, my friend". For me it looks free spirited and interesting.

  77. Chris Slater

    Yeah, what's the quicker boat? That's going to be the tale of the tape.

  78. iroamagnakit

    KZ7 for the win

  79. MrMonotone

    I wish they'd tone the music way down in these videos, and fill them out more with actual information.

    1. Iain Urquhart

      I concur. Its too present in the mix and if you are hard of hearing which covers a huge number of "old gaffers with yachts" you are restricting access.

  80. Marko

    Dear Lord, please have some rich man build Nathan an AC boat. A Swedish man would be a good candidate.... Amen...

    1. David Kendrick

      Ha ha, love it! Just like old times... Amen to that, too!

    2. qksmith

      well past time for an australian challenge, they have the talent, just need the generous billionaires. Clive palmer was gonna waste a billion dollars on a titanic replica

    3. Alien Lifeform Research

      ... equally there must be a few Ozzie mining magnates with a spare 150 mill in the penny jar of an unused Cayman Islands "shell" company. The latter to preserve anonymity if they are shy.