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  1. MaryAnn Sterling

    I really LOVE watching you explain and correct the problems... THANK YOU

  2. Comfortably Numb

    What's your favorite Scotch? I've come to absolutely adore a good Scotch, JW 18 years is my favorite.

  3. Pond Perch

    Wisconsin USA

  4. Estela Quiroz

    2:08 ewwwwwww 🤢

  5. Graham Wells

    What does something like that crush cost too buy

  6. Laura E.

    Look at that cute mini- Graeme. Watch out Graeme, he'll be taking over before you know it! 🖤🐄🤍🐂🤎

  7. Janet Grant

    Hi, I'm so glad when utube suggest this channel, I'm all the way in Jamaica

  8. riviell

    The thick pus from the cows always looks like creamy cheese and I find that super ironic.

  9. ทองพูน มาทา

    I like song

  10. Madm 007

    Kudos to all the caring farmers. Too many just write them off.

  11. riviell

    I'm surprised that cow could stand.

  12. John USP

    Will be much better if he clean (with water) before working.

  13. Purple Phoenix with Helen Joanne

    Thank you for answering my question. Love these lives. Can't wait to get my hoof gp sweatshirt 😍 hope your having a good weekend.

  14. Purple Phoenix with Helen Joanne

    I would love to spend a few days as work experience learning more about this. It absolutely fascinates me. The vet nurse in me loves anything like this. Helping animals is my passion. Love watching your videos and hearing you explain in detail what you are doing and how you are going to treat the cow. Keep them coming 👍👍❤

  15. Floral Wallpaper Enthusiast

    Drops a liquid shit and foxtrot oscar’s. Alpha move

  16. S. B.

    “We’ll spray something topical to help fight the infection” Meanwhile, her foot is covered in feces....!!

  17. Leah Downs

    What is the song you use in your intro? I really enjoy it and I am so happy you can help these animals!

  18. danny blackhorse

    Well we at lease treat them well and take good care of them, nice job

  19. danny blackhorse

    are these cows over milked seem their breast is so big it seemed to be pulling on their back rear

  20. Parbat Odedra


  21. S Ssemwezi

    How do we find out what song is playing when you're traveling to the second farm? I like that song 🎵

  22. Ashley Smalley

    I’ve only just seen this not been following long but it’s crazy what life brings to people we lost my uncle at the age of 50 he took his own life 2 years ago and my little Cousin took his own life last year at the age of 14 due to getting bullied it’s horrible losing family but it’s the memories that live on inside us that help

  23. Bruce Kim

    thanks for healing cows feet

  24. cyn harman

    Why is she so thin

  25. Blue Bee

    wants her better so he can keep using her

  26. Buom belajar ikhlas

    Damn😲😲😲 i think its hurts soo much

  27. Shadowstorm5000

    This looks uncomfortable and satisfying at the same time.

  28. rory vonbrutt

    that was some funny stuff, her little squeak ! ! !

  29. Cathy Witt

    It pixelated pretty good there. Ouch, poor cow.

  30. Service Pasifika

    Hoof GP 2.0 @ 1:58

  31. Sue P

    Coveralls on inside out? Makes perfect sense if you're getting up at 2:30 am... 😴

  32. Kathleen Green

    There is nothing sweeter that a baby anything?

  33. rory vonbrutt

    Hero ! ! !

  34. * TruthBeTold *

    Losing weight puts extreme pressure on their feet? I don't know squat about taking care of cow's feet but I know that statement doesn't stand up to common sense.

  35. Grzegorz Zmudzki

    I honestly was scared he was gonna bleed through the whole video

  36. lee lee

    Liked the old intro. This is too long and the old music was great. Please switch back

  37. Sophie Baron

    what could happened if you cut a ulcer?

  38. Joe Reid

    You really need to either name these guys so it is easier to follow their stories or link the previous videos so we can follow the stories. There have been a couple cases where you said to follow a particular cow or bulls journey, yet sometimes after six months I cannot find any updates because I'm not sure what to the cow or bulls name was.....please find an easier way to serialize the videos when you are going to follow up.

  39. John Gwillam-Winter

    The hoof care industry that you specialise in is fascinating. It’s a credit to how much you and the farmers look after these animals.

  40. Mratyunjay Sharma00

    It's 3:15 am don't know why i m watching this ....🙄🙄

  41. Ashly Zander

    Is it a red Holstein or Ayrshire?

  42. susan kenney

    So sad. Ty for all you do for these cows. Please keep us up dated on her condition.

  43. Trevor Carlisle

    You can tell the cows are so happy and healthy because of the way the farm is set up, very ethical practices. I couldn't run a farm without being this ethical. I don't see how other farms run the way they do with the sickling looking animals barely passing grade and still sleep at night making a living off of the misery of these beautiful creatures. I use to think these animals were filthy, I've learned that it's the human who are the filthy ones. Love your videos GP you are very educational.

  44. Virginia Stirnweis

    I did not think the sweatshirt was expensive nor was postage bad. Can’t wait to get my jumper!!

  45. Fungus Yt

    His feet are covered in shit

  46. Flavia Koch


  47. Laughing Legs

    Nothing special and yet I can't stop watching this channel. He's using weed on the video.

  48. Leanna Michelle

    Thank you for telling us you story❤️

  49. Cheryl Goode

    When filming there was something on the lens and the pictures look granite and you could not see the dermititis

  50. Hurricane Heather Evans

    I'm American and I just adore you

  51. Sky Skylark

    That is a treat to see nice clean healthy calves ... awesome video

  52. *Sky The Crying Angel*

    Hi I'm new to this channel! I think I will like these videos because cows are my favorite animal!

  53. Todasani Smith

    Lol sentimental music to a cow that's gonna be slaughtered for food

  54. Todasani Smith

    It's like popping a satisfying pimple

  55. Jenn Whipp

    You litterally scared the shit out of him.....

  56. Thomas Cole

    You know, for a yank living in the city. I’m hooked on your videos. Great job.

  57. برق / Amer


  58. Mike Mullich

    Thanks for taking the time to explain what you're doing and mentioning the dangers and pitfalls in going too far. It would be helpful to either mention or leave text regarding the date you took the video. In this video, you obviously have an older "crush", at least it doesn't have all the controls and levers the "newer" one does. Thanks again for letting us into your trade. I haven't seen any of this type of work videos coming from the U.S.A.. If you could talk about your "rig" and maybe walk around it explaining the functions and purposes of the various bits and pieces. Thanks, Mike in Lancaster, California, U.S.A.

  59. Manuel Hinojosa

    Wts up hoof GP👍🏽

  60. Papanui iz hea

    😅😁😅😁😅😁 2:20 I wish I had that kind of passion with my job

  61. Olive Dog

    This might be a dumb question, but do farmers prefer female calves or male calves? Anyone know?

  62. VBA project

    hello I'm from Indonesia, I really like your video

  63. PWR3 P

    I'm from Australia 🇦🇺

  64. Nikki Cranford

    Can you catch the dermatitis from the cow?

  65. Olive Dog

    I’m in the United States 🇺🇸 so I missed the live, dammit 😂

  66. dolanova

    Bulls are so sweet getting their feet done usually. The way he just backed out and walked off! I've seen cows knock the whole freaking thing over

  67. Amanda Reed

    I love the updates on these cows. It's awesome to see their recovery!

  68. Murtaja Arif

    Good job bro I never skippe your videos.

  69. xXSlaughter3dXx

    Oh man that first abcess was horrendous. The relief he mustve felt after

  70. drchico40

    Salicylic acid is the base component of aspirin.....I wonder if there's an analgesic effect to the cow?

  71. kyle grate

    I'm addicted to this channel. Be careful. At the end you were driving on the wrong side of the road.

  72. Joao Gabriel

    Legal 😮👍

  73. Erwin Dsouza

    Come on man. At least clean the filth off the hooves before you work on them.

  74. Amber C

    I absolutely LOVE the music choices on each and every video. You're intro music is fantastic!

  75. Hilda Payne

    Love your music.. andcwhat you do for yhe cows.. I am sure they are greatful too

  76. Joao Gabriel


  77. James Fox

    Nice number plate 😉 mot has expired btw 🤔😂

  78. Driven_Seeker

    The more episodes I watch the more I realize hooves really are just differently-formed fingernails.

    1. alistair clement

      More like toenails but, yeah, that's fairly accurate, at least from a human perspective.

  79. Claudia Miranda

    This video made my morning! Just subscribed, can’t wait to binge watch all of your videos on your channel. Greetings from San Diego, California ❤️

  80. DRAG FF

    1:31 please tell brother what's name of beautiful song ??❤️❤️❤️