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  1. Furqan Zuber

    Who are f in people that hit the dislike...bunch of jerks

  2. Myer Turchin

    Snow man 100,000,0000% ;];];];]

  3. Viper

    wheres bailey

  4. william Higgins

    I hope this shows you guys how many of us from all around the world love all of you guys and know how many smiles and tears u bring to all of our lives for that I say thank all of you you have saved my life multiple times from Deppression suicidal thoughts and PTSD from being a C Veteran. Much thanks and love we all miss u and can’t wait for the videos to start again

  5. Xander Rowberry




  7. Dark Loser

    0:01 so who da f*** are you?

  8. jo tanner

    That dog is so cute

  9. Kaira Spoors

    Who's here in 2021

  10. Sam Lindsay

    1:08 How prank channels all think its gonna go down

  11. Sam Lindsay

    0:23 I hope that was a joke, when he was yelling Darrell extremely infuriated and loud. I hope he wasn't that uptight back then.

  12. D Edge

    1:51 Moortaaal Koombaaat!!!! B-)

  13. DUSK Talent

    YES SIR I CAN BOOGIE 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  14. Matt Lambert

    Love u guy's.

  15. Sv3n E

    Gab is so sweet. 😍😍

  16. Miss Jodie

    I only have one thing to say oof 😬

  17. Strxwberry

    My dad said shut up

  18. Strxwberry


  19. savas tirit

    Best guys ever <3

  20. António Teixeira

    Who else wants a sidemen WakPack collab?

  21. Combat killer 123

    Brandon big feet... Ur feet are smawll

  22. MDJ 10

    The puppy was like ".....wtf is going on..."

  23. Familie H

    Sooooooo Sweetttttttt🥰

  24. Chelsea Wilkinson

    Absolutely beautiful broke my heart your son especially is too cute x

  25. Lazarbean

    5:52 playing some drums?

  26. Minaxi Naresh

    Wtf are doing darral

  27. Karl's Dent

    Woody should let keleiny cut his hair no matter how badly keleiny will do it I think it will be such a good vid

  28. Regon Klimov

    Who else is watching Woody and Kleiny at midnight cuz theyre so good youtubers?

  29. Rob Wayland

    Is that kliney girlfriend he got the number off

  30. Zack Fawkes

    The rap part was funny

  31. Mel Setchell

    Ok babe I

  32. jai sambi

    Gabs loved this video

  33. NightWoolfB3ar Gamer

    Bailey is so adorable with the puppy

  34. Ekie

    Pls guys give your lives to Jesus he loves you and he wants u in heaven, repent of your sins, Jesus loves

  35. Nelly Matthews

    choos a tato for ech other

  36. Ema Ema


  37. Heckyll

    1000 pounds also he looks like kratos from god of war

  38. Tisvin Abel

    Dude you guys are suprising your family with this same dog it self come on man at least change the gift

  39. Rekurd Jawhar


  40. Lala

    3:40 when you walk out of first aid with your best friend after bumping heads

  41. M Tzy

    Hello i m form Indonesia🇮🇩

  42. Drew Artist

    Would you be kind to put subtitles on the DEfasts settings please. I am deaf and rely on subtitles. Kindest regards

  43. Waliul Hasib

    Hey woody and kleiny or any one form the group if u guys are reading it I wanna say u guys should go on with what u guys are doing . You guys are the best and don't forget to give me a sing of u guys readed it

  44. Axe Maddy

    This is how life should be 🥺🥺🥺

  45. Haroon Zulfiqar

    Am also want play game with 😎

  46. Dilan Silva


  47. malachi's vlogging

    I never knew kleiny had tatoos they look great

  48. Josh hall

    I hate that sound

  49. Trusted J

    My mother is American, I surprised her with a picture collage of her and her grandma before her grandma passed. This was so cute. Love this.

  50. willtheboss09

    I could image them as cops and they like radio: shots fired shots fired radio: ok woody but pause

  51. Haitch Bo


  52. R_Krispp65


  53. Hans Samson

    Thats not real on 0:07 lmao

  54. Ali Mamatjanovich


  55. Ritick Kejiou

    I hope you guys bring the fire soon

  56. Ishtiaq Sadik

    Basically that was not funny

  57. Dylan Alcabedos

    2:45 this reminded me of morgz's mum

  58. Chill Time TV

    didn't know a 6 year old was smarter than half the people in this world. Bailey you are a star! god bless you

  59. yuoop noke

    Woody & Kleiny... Two absolute comedy legends one DEfasts Love the content you both put out and can’t wait for more

  60. Saraiya James

    Why does Big Foot Brandon So Tall.

  61. Jeremy Kicks

    Morel from this video never ever trust Woody and Kleiny!!!!!!😂

  62. Charles Barrett

    Fun fact woodys real name is Paul wood

  63. Klaudio Simakaj

    Kleiny why didn't you leave Woody to ride the lambo😂

  64. silgr project 28

    I've been trying Thank you

  65. Elijah's Epic Animals

    0:23 "Brandon is a professional scientist" Hes not even wearing the safety glasses the right way round...

  66. Rosie Hawkes


  67. Alex Kilburn


  68. joss martin ramos


  69. Michelle Corson


  70. willtheboss09

    what about if one of his friends or family died so the police phone and he was like hahahaha very funny then they like wtf

  71. pk gamer

    Nice bor 🤣🤣

  72. Shivshakti Dubey

    Pls be regular we miss ur vlogs

  73. Jathniel Grizzle

    kleiny : this is a very educational channel. ME: looses brain cells after each video

  74. Bernadette Mcdonagh

    We can just watch the old vids

  75. Mypath Is Live

    Guys do u know woody and kliney surname is Paul

  76. Nicolas Poirier

    4:44 is that hulk

  77. Alexander Stott

    spoiler: he didn't leave in a bodybag.

  78. rakesh meitei

    Kleiny ur body's inflated more than I saw u last time 😅

  79. Wallace thomas

    Waiting 😭🧡

  80. Heckyll

    that reminded me of when i got my dog bro your a good dad woody