Wardruna is a Norwegian music group dedicated to create musical renditions of Norse cultural and esoteric traditions. With the use of the oldest Nordic instruments and poetic metres, lyrics written in Norwegian, Norse and proto-Norse tongue, Wardruna sets out to give new voice to ancient and ever-relevant ideas and wisdom from the past.
Wardruna was founded in 2002 by Einar Selvik. Since the release of their debut album in 2009, they have patiently established themselves internationally as important communicators of Norse and Nordic cultural heritage. Wardruna are known for doing relatively few, but often very special concerts, and always to high acclaim.
During the last years Wardruna and Einar has reached a wider audience through his substantial musical involvement in History Channel’s hit TV series Vikings.
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  1. Frosticles the Benificent

    Every time you hit the thumbs up, a little Techno Viking gets his first axe.

  2. Rekkit

    this man is a gift from the gods themselves.

  3. Claydog 42

    Ahh time to play mountain blade banner lord time to fook up some castles

  4. Illusion of Power.

    This is cool. At first I thought it was going to be yet another Death Metal band lost in a city park.

  5. Lucas M. de Mendonca

    is this one of the soundtracks you wrote for AC valhalla?

  6. Illusion of Power.

    Hearing this actually piss's me off! Why wasn't this the theme song for Vikings ?? It should've been.

  7. Peter show music

    i want to be acting 🎭 like you with you .

  8. Peter show music

    so great so amazing

  9. Shaheer Imam

    GbG, what country is this video filmed at?!?! Its beauty is unreal...

  10. Simon-Pierre Drolet


  11. Lady J Homestead

    "Everything that the ch!ldr3n of death, deceit, and darkness does.. only heals The Children of Light and Truth"

  12. Klewilson Melo

    Hino 😍❤

  13. alida flus

    You guys never disappoint me, especially with the voice of Einar. You gave me goosebumps once again and the feeling of connection to the spirits of the North!

  14. Lady J Homestead

    "Everything that the ch!ldr3n of death, deceit, and darkness does.. only helps The Children of Light and Truth"

  15. Lady J Homestead

    "Everything that the ch!ldr3n of death, deceit, and darkness does.. only helps me"

  16. Vitor Garcia

    I love this group, their songs are awesome. I'm brasilian and i've learned so much about the nord culture with their songs. I'm grateful for that.

    1. alida flus

      Absolutely primeval.

  17. Axel Bariabas

    Ragnar will return!!!

  18. Whiskey

    the cinematography is fukin amazing

  19. Joe

    I wish this version was on spotify

  20. GhANeC

    Change of seasons

  21. Lífþrasir Loðbróka

    Skål !

  22. Brendo Rex

    Love. Simply love.

  23. James Fritz

    What is the name of this type of music? Also what the instrument name playing in the background some kind of violin?

  24. Simon-Pierre Drolet


  25. Simon-Pierre Drolet


  26. ink virgo

    Breath taking! ❤

  27. Alyn Willams

    Makes me want to get on the mushrooms

  28. Polyanna1234


  29. Lieren Cavanaugh

    I'm practically drooling in wait for the new album...

  30. Benjamin Keklik

    Viking brothers ❤ memberrs of ragnar


    @Wardruna: I am so incredibly happy that I found you. I am depressed because my brother died in a car accident last year and your music gives me so much strength and support. Thank you so much. 😭❤ And I don't understand a single word, but I feel your songs ... Thank you, thank you, thank you. 😭🙏🏻

  32. Shady Slim

    I have no relations to the norse but I love their culture.....Skal

  33. Oksana Petrova

    Атмосферно !!!!

  34. Oksana Petrova

    Отлично, очень нравятся видео подобного формата )

  35. Vinicius Paiva Santos

    This is the kind of music that should be more popular

  36. Stephen Richter

    Amazing.. Such powerful song!

  37. Voto Grav

    Love it. New album is going to be so great!

  38. Filtiarn

    I’m a simple man. I see wolf and click video.

  39. Tandem Project X

    <3 Absolute great expression - so deep from heart & soul! Thanks for this uplift! :-)

  40. Susana Monzon

    Es una musica muy mágica!!!! Transporta a otro tiempo, otro mundo!!!

  41. Frank Jamison

    Absolutely primeval.

  42. Gabo A DC


  43. Souther nanto

    истинный север привет из россии

  44. Александр Кардаш

    Сэлвик талантище, как он генерирует такую музыку? Не перестаю каждый раз удивляться. Ну а клипы, каждый раз прям именно то, что я рисую в голове. Браво!!! Скорее бы открыли границы, чтобы снова поехать в Норвегию и Исландию, а пока будем в Карелии ловить виды и впечатления

  45. Franck Graulier

    Magnificent. May the spirit of the old Europe never disappear. Greetings and respect from a Lemovice Gallic.

  46. Skyler Lowthorpe

    This brought tears to my eyes. Few things do.

  47. Akaka Domenjer

    You speak for me... Thank you

  48. Hannah Diment

    Beautiful - does anyone know what the Tagelharpa is tuned to? Also I'm so hard to raid.

  49. Filip Ekelund

    Ni blir bara bättre och bättre asså

  50. Gribouille du soir

    Awesome!! All hail Wardruna! Skall.

  51. t-groop

    Славяне тут? Ставьте лайк ,посмотри сколько нас!

  52. Эмиль Полковник

    Вдохновляющая композиция , отличная сопровождение , прекрасный клип. Как всегда все на высоте , завораживает до мурашек.

  53. JC

    Einar you are making my life much better, thank you and greetings from spain bro.


    Awesome from Ecuador 👏👏🔥🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨

  55. renate walleitis

    Thank you for this wonderful song... Dankeschön, Grüße aus Deutschland... greetings from Germany

  56. zey cain

    This songs and this Channel deserve to have one million like buttons si i could by myself click one millions fucking Times on the likes

  57. Henrik A

    3:42 Ahh! The feeling! Song along with video... flawless <3

  58. Pawel Rybka


  59. Alwisgm

    Hugin... Munin..!!! Sehen und hören..was erfährt Odin ( Wotan) auch Hrafnáss ( Rabengott) genannt...vom weissen Raben?

  60. Ron Smith

    Fable Powerful, every time new yet, ancient as the forests & the seas

  61. Turkisherlock Holmes

    Hi from Turkey. I can just tell for this song, perfect!

  62. Akire Jopia

    La canción y su música te llevan a otra dimensión... Excelente!!

  63. Hunor Demeter

    Everytime for thr past 3 years this amazing band Wardruna had released a new song every 2 months or so, and I have to say I have never been dissapointed, the quality of material this band produces is just unique and big ups for my man Einar Selvik

  64. Panda Brown

    even the social distancing is on point: 4:19

  65. JorgechorcxPappy

    Nordic Jazz, nuff said.

  66. Ingrid Huisman

    Werkelijk prachtig!!!!!

  67. Avinash jha

    King Ragnar

  68. Gaston Ahumada

    Soy de Argentina, Latino America, la verdad es una belleza y magica la musica ambiental de Wardruna. Si algun dia pudiera verlos en vivo seria algo magico tambien.

  69. Giani Girela

    por dios esos lugares

  70. Tigran Vardapetyan

    If AC:Valhalla OST won’t be even close to this, I think it will be worth nothing

  71. argosatori


  72. Guitarra Aqua


  73. Josenildo Rodrigues

    stunningly beautiful... your songs are perfect ❤❤👏👏👏

  74. Dawn Rodriguez

    Thanks so much for this song.

  75. Дмитрий Лушников

    Превосходно!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, славяне давайте подтягивайтесь нужно возрождать развивать наш родной фольклор!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!