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  1. Derrick Silk

    This is the first time I'm noticing fans in the stadium, and after a year and a half of lockdowns it brought me to tears

  2. Adrian S

    Boqvist needs gone man, his defense is terrible

  3. Chris Zorella

    Rip to the father of the great one, Walter Gretzky 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. Maeguk

    Carolina is a force to reckon with

  5. Sasa Savic

    LEAFS SUCK☝😂😂😂🤮

  6. Fred H

    benching Mika might be what he and the NYR need

  7. Dean S

    Go Dobber!!!

  8. Camden Jones

    That’s why u don’t put hutchinson In net we would of won if u put Freddy in net but noooo

  9. Everest Tommy

    I think they screwed the capital's on the 1st goal

  10. Marcus Sörensen


  11. Alan Van Asch

    Nobody going to talk about the wings pulling the goalie with over 5 minutes to go and failing spectacularly?

  12. Jonathan Fragale

    I love how all the dads are like “my daughters are gonna kill me!”

  13. sauce à spag

    the 4th was my birthday, and the canes sure did gave me a present.

  14. Lemon

    The music and audio in this was kinda dog water but seemed like a nice tribute nonetheless. Hopefully they’ll play this again or make a new one for when the fans are in the building in April

  15. tulllguy

    Coots got mad, game changed.

  16. Tomasz Lis

    nothing like a 6-1 win over the devils to get me excited again, im realizing, as i watch this highlight for the third time today

  17. Rainn Paddock

    You can’t get closer than that what a play!

  18. NHLSnipez

    Did anyone see adb get bodied when Kane scored? 😂😂

  19. Marcus Sörensen

    Laf is rollin’ baby🥶

  20. Takoda Hager

    We need a urinatingtree video for Buffalo now!

  21. GGMattt_

    F************ck... decent game but as always, we just can't hold onto a lead :/ at least we got a point though so not a complete disappointment

  22. Austin Miller

    Another awesome win for the blue jackets things got pretty ugly towards the end but the blue jackets managed to get some key blocks in the final minutes of the third period and finally got back to back wins hopefully they can continue to win and beat the Dallas Stars again on Saturday the blue jackets need to make sure that they should never let their guard down when they have the lead

  23. Cooker1607

    They missed out on including the hattrick against CAR ... 2019 final with da jaw still the most powerful no doubt Even makes me a bit sad he didnt get to witness this in a fulled out garden ... and nope hes 44 in about 2 weeks so the clock on fan return is really ticking for him

  24. Austin Miller

    It's about time the blue jackets won a game and blue jackets fans thank you for giving the blue jackets a much needed boost we will need you for the rest of the season so the blue jackets can get into the Stanley Cup playoffs again let's go jackets

  25. Tristan M

    Demko won them this game, canucks didn’t even play well

  26. Dan Forbes

    How do you go from beating the Oilers 3 straight games to losing to the Canucks. SAME OLD LEAFS !!!!!!! thats how

  27. Colby Kistner


  28. Metal Marty

    Boy that 50 goals in 50 games talk sure went away pretty quick about Matthews. Like that was ever gonna happen lol. Great win by the Nucks btw.

  29. Dominique Gagné

    Hugues should play offense! Terrible defenseman

  30. Damon Ledford

    Jackets are either good or straight trash. No in between.

  31. A14

    "Hornqvist had a high stick" no way he's serious..

    1. Scion91XB

      I think he was referring to the stick catching Rinne up high, not scoring the goal with a high stick. But the stick barely touched Pekka so it was the right no-call

    2. Fredrik Olsson

      I don't know where he thinks the crossbar is located

  32. Martin bla bla

    😁😱👌🏻👍🥅🏒💪🏻🇱🇷🏔 NHL Anne Mountain

  33. Raymond Chung

    Bottom line..Demko won this game....This is a prime example of how a goalie can change the game.

  34. John Krol

    Claude Giroux!!

  35. Matteo Molina

    Thats why you don’t touch Igor Please be ok please be ok

  36. Can Conservative

    So many "bad news bears" plays by the Habs... almost embarrassing, they need a coach.

  37. The SIX

    Gotta give the bottom feeders a win once in a while

  38. Murph

    Two announcing teams I really, really hate to listen to... Boston and Pittsburgh.

  39. Max Donoghue

    Ditch those jerseys...and Price. Stick a fork in him..he's done.

    1. MAF MAF

      Price was not in net last night. It was Allen's turn to let in soft goals.

  40. NATOU43 LIVE

    Were is petey

    1. bruh


  41. Grant the Umpire

    As a Blackhawks fan this is the most frustrating thing that can happen

  42. cigar88up

    Wow the pens suck huh? 😂

  43. Gregory L Harling III

    Now if the flyers can only beat Boston ill be a happy fan

  44. Stephen Nixon

    After the way they played the 1st period I wouldn't have given them a chance in hell of winning this game and scoring 6 to boot. Shesterkin kept them in it because they played like a pee wee team defensively.

  45. Snipervfx

    Anyone here 2021?

  46. Matthew Devine

    bruins just dont know how to win a shootout do they...

  47. Max Ryan

    Should have been in front of his fans what a disgrace

  48. John Krol

    F Pittsburgh go flyers!!!!!

  49. A N

    Such excitement from these annoucers, ha ha, the Flyers won!

  50. Yuri S

    Bobrovskiy looks like a nothing.

  51. Santi Bricks


  52. Colton Simonds

    Bruh the announcers screwed up then names so bad. Apparently Laughton (idk how to spell)’s goal was actually scored by couts and assisted by tk

  53. kickwagon

    I finally get why Blashill continues to pull the goalie with so much time left in regulation. He wants to generate points for the opposing teams because he secretly hates ours.

  54. CaylenKing

    As a Sens fan and a Flames fan I didn’t know who to cheer for at this time

    1. ben dover


  55. dan joseph

    You have to give Toronto's ack up goalies credit though.

  56. Viewslul

    How come everybody is saying that buffalo is bad, could it be the isles are just better? :p

  57. Brianna WALL

    dang leafs what you doing you looked like scrambled eggs

  58. qcXx Misavid

    Ta cause du medecin

  59. Stefan Kucera

    muzstvo bez priebojnosti a iskry

  60. Stefan Kucera

    ubohy montreal

  61. Kyle Wagner

    I wish we still had our old logo, but this is the best the Panthers have been since the 95-96 panthers. If not, maybe even a little better. Go Panthers

  62. xuvi8 dzn

    Leafs backup is so bad

    1. bruh

      3rd goalie*

  63. Ja Ja

    Ty si pán Zdeno...PÁN ....vdaka za skvelu prezentaciu aj nasej malej krajiny.

  64. Donald Michael Lumsden

    Got a bit cocky after beating the Oilers . Take NOTHING for granted .

  65. Im_yatic

    I am a big fan good rangers I watched them on my tv good job rangers

  66. JJnS Farms

    Come on red wings. Brutal.

  67. Rero


  68. Michael

    Can Zaitsev be disappeared please? He's terrible!

  69. RJ Bean

    I’m a blues fan if they don’t pick him for the hall of fame there is something absolutely wrong with the NHL

  70. David Doe

    If you can stay out of the box on the leafs you'll have their number.

  71. bilinas mini

    good game Hawks, way tooo gooo!

  72. ctx

    Underdog win, Canucks back to their orca badge, Demko in god mode, only good things came from this game. Leafs are in playoffs anyways.

  73. Smooch The Doog

    I heard ron hextall is now the gm of the pens. HAHAHHAHAHAAAA FOR HIM!

  74. Matt Brahmer

    Is nobody going to talk about how much better Ned is getting. I used to worry alot with him in goal but he's starting to really look comfortable in there. Good for him.

  75. ya sha

    MK Ultra

  76. cereal boy

    Nice win for Pittsbu- Oh wait...

  77. UhhNoble

    Demon stole the game should’ve won that game if any other goalie and Hutchinson garbage as always

    1. Justin Beaulieu

      Stop said stole the game. Something that stole a game for u understand what is the definition of this word is how the refs stole a game on the Habs game against ott and Gallagher who should scores the goal. Leafs have just make 1 goals so... I think u can’t understand the word. If it was a 3-2 games maybe but it’s depend. Try to scores more goals and we will talk after

  78. Žanet 81

    Obly thing I can say in German Stüttle ist wundebar, er ist sehr gut. Finally duolingo lessons gave me something lol

  79. Go Leafs Go

    It appeared that Hutchie had another good game, kept the game close and gave the boys the chance. Little snake bitten tonite and Demko played a great game. For the Canucks right now to have a chance he has to stand on his head for them.

  80. PrincessFlora42

    I need to see what happened. Edit: Demko was the BIGGEST reason Vancover won. GG Canucks. Toronto couldn't SOLVE Him.