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  1. Joshua Drayton

    Lil baby the GOAT 🐐

  2. pompom2001

    free palestine

  3. THE GUY

    Dj khalid is like pokemon who says only dj khaled

  4. Seppo Taalasmaa

    Not any Happy Gilmore comments? 😪

  5. Cashmoney Rye


  6. Isoken Bright

    Song pops hard .. Beyoncé killed it 🔥

  7. Fresco Bar

    song made me sneeze and tell myself "bless you" 😂

  8. Chamalka Abeywickrama

    Justin bieber hairstyle ☝👍🤘🤘💪💪

  9. Ebony Johnson

    Grown men shit! The 2 legends came a long way since Ether. I love their growth🔥🔥 They murdered this🙏🏽

  10. Low el' De

    song is dope AF but that blonde girl 💋

  11. saral betty


  12. Prod. LeGacy

    Lil durk and lil baby voice together his different

  13. F M

    Rip to music

  14. DJ Muka GALLIS

    This video got me trapping and laughing

  15. Tapan Mondal

    New record is coming.:)

  16. Imam Genie


  17. Ke Vin

    dj khaled 💪❤

  18. KaysonMusic

    Y this sound different from the last time I did

  19. Kristen Mc

    21 Savage looking like tiger woods out there lol

  20. Ali PlayOn

    I’m here for my boy Takeoff ion know about

  21. Homo Novus

    Ohh!!this is really best music

  22. Sifiso Ngwane

    The weather checks Lil baby before it comes out..

  23. Can i get 1 Sub

    *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life...*

  24. The Personal Pokedex

    3:01 RAISING CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Can i get 1 Sub

    *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life...*

  26. Can i get 1 Sub

    *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life...*

  27. monkey chan

    Iam spamming this comment to every vedio I see our country there is food crisis and it is going even harsh in this pandamic corona time due to lock down .. So plz before wasting your food think about it that you're wasting food because it's not good in taste or because of other stuff but what about people who are not even getting any food to eat. So next time plz don't waste food and don't even let other to that .. (Sorry for my bad English..) Have a nice day🖤

  28. Sifiso Ngwane

    Song hits different when you back Up..

  29. Dave Its1ne

    I get that these two are legends and they had beef, all that. But this video and song is trash 🗑

  30. FreeSpirit

    I don’t understand the concept of the random women in the video 🤷🏽‍♀️

  31. joevaluv

    This song is 🔥 Another one! #justbe

  32. MetaLuda28

    I feel “it’s the middle of a summer I got a hoodie on”

  33. Loony Toon

    When DJ Khaled talks it's like nails on chalkboard to me. But his work and and the Hits do say it all...

  34. Beats By The Kilo Music-Podcast Productions

    3:20 I wish he would throw that b.s. punch, wit that b.s. stance

  35. Kien Pham


  36. Spazz Out

    If you confess with your tongue that Jesus is Lord and you believe that the father raised him from the dead you will be saved. Jesus Christ is the only way to the father.

  37. dickson mazivisa

    Wayne still gut it ... loved e bars

  38. Mikkel Hartvig Petersen

    Where Can i find The lacoste that 21 is rocking😬😍🤯

  39. seldomsceen

    Why do ppl act like Nas and Jay never did s song together? Lol. And YES Gillie was right ..Jay's verse was kinda 🌽'y ..also he need to cut that nasty matted stalk off his head.

  40. Peniel Yerima

    ''Hard to drink like Alomo'' did you miss that too?🔥🔥 Nas!!

  41. Delon Thomas

    Stay humble brothers

  42. Spazz Out

    Look up Eminem's cousin humma truck blasten off

  43. Desi Jop

    #Supersexyawesome# go Billy #onelove#

  44. Spazz Out

    Look up Eminem's cousin humma truck God is my rock

  45. Spazz Out

    Look up Eminem's cousin humma truck welcome to Indiana

  46. Spazz Out

    If you confess with your tongue that Jesus is Lord and you believe that the father raised him from the dead you will be saved. Jesus Christ is the only way to the father.

  47. Afrik Trendd

    They say time is money but money don't buy no time 🔥🔥❤️

  48. Karl Bautista


  49. Delon Thomas

    You know what amaze me nas and jayz beef lyrically and still remain relevant and humble while the younger rappers slaughter each other over crap we love music

  50. n f

    Justin's looks like one of the penguin movie idk i dont remember the name

  51. Titan 4554

    To much going on in this and that girl just not needed Buju saying some real talk 🔥

  52. Jae Cee


  53. Yellow Penetrator

    Pretty fire

  54. Allo Lastar

    If you till listening to this jam gathered here🔥🔥🔥

  55. Jāce Mind-Sēēker

    I listen to this at least a few times a day for motivation. If they made it out to where they are now, so can we .

  56. Thomas Mc

    We not going to talk about Khaled saving justin from the crocodile

  57. Ian

    What did DJ Khaled do in this song .. Bieber did most of the vocals and 21 had a verse .. he just yelled a couple times and dropped so many ads in it .. it felt like a commercial break

  58. cjnicco19

    Capelton kick da teet out da riddim!

  59. J D


  60. Elisa Ania

    Totally Tropical Taste 🩴🩴

  61. mash THE123

  62. Wahid Gouaich

    Fun fact : All what Khaled do is flex

  63. mash THE123

  64. john ehizogbe

    Time is money but money make no time☠️

  65. mash THE123

  66. Tabby Omwenga

    I heard SIT DOWN..then I was like Kendrick??..then I looked up and saw Wayne and I was like👁️👄😌

  67. Thato Pilusa Fitness

    Is DJ Khaled a billionaire? I thought his net worth is 75 million dollars.

  68. Jim Ytan Darunday

    Nice 👍

  69. Nyembe Seven

    Together Africa 🇹🇿

  70. Jawahar singh

    The only thing which I like about this song is the beat

  71. Imad Knows


  72. Joelr Guooltti

    As Mother's Day was approaching, I was deeply moved by those gorgeous bouquets of carnations, roses, and gypsophila on the streets of New York City. My heart was filled with the beautiful image of my mother, Ms. Dong Baoxin. I was eager to pick a beautiful bouquet and give it to her, but she is far away, in Heaven. Mother's Day is celebrated throughout the world. To me, it has become a day of emptiness and mourning. My mother passed away in 2004. She lost her life to the persecution of her faith - Falun Dafa, a spiritual discipline based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The practice has been banned in China since 1999. On this 17th Mother's Day since losing my mother, I said to her, “Mom, do not worry. I am on the other side of the Pacific Ocean in the free world. I can freely practice Falun Dafa without worry of being arrested. I’m carrying on your mission of letting more people know about the beauty of Dafa and about the persecution it faces.” My Regret When my mother died, I was in displacement myself to avoid being arrested by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for distributing Falun Dafa informational materials. Due to the regime’s close telephone surveillance of my family members, I could not contact my mother and thus did not know anything about her situation. I have felt regret for not being able to talk with her at the end of her life. On the first day I returned home to Dalian (a city in Liaoning Province) from displacement, I was devastated to hear that my mother had passed away a few months before. My older sister said to me, “Sister, mother has been gone for a few months. You went into hiding at that time and we could not reach you. Later, Dad was afraid you’d be too sad, and thus did not want to tell you.” “Mom looked peaceful when she left,” my sister said, trying to comfort me. Nevertheless, my tears could not stop flowing.

  73. Cetinoglu

    DJ KHALED : What am I doing right now? DIRECTOR : Shout dj khaled loudly

  74. Josh wall

    T-pain checking for change in pay phone brings me back to them days

  75. Bread 'N Budda

    I woke up with this song on my mind, the hook, chill vibe along with the Boss Talk. Very Inspiring.

  76. T.L Msane

    I so wish there was a Rick Ross's verse before Nas's. This joint RH, I can't get over it. Masterpiece

  77. TheRealYvngDrippツ

    this dude khaled is a clown😭😭

  78. Anir Darrazi

    This is MAD 🔥

  79. Andani_amigo

    21 21 21🔥🔥