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  1. Gerald Ward

    if they weren't so stupid.

  2. T Dawg

    Nick Decarlo seems to have had that smile wiped off his face. Fun fact: felons go to jail. He'll fit right in. Straight to hell, boi.

  3. Antonio Rios

    I love happy endings

  4. Johnny Lotto

    2:26 it sounds like he says “willfully annoyingly” which is probably more accurate

  5. Guy File

    Texas Sucks

  6. sky high

    Ha ha ha enjoy guys.

  7. nathan podsakoff

    Don't forget, they're the victims. Just ask them, they'll tell you.

    1. Lee Jay

      They just parrot the same approach as Trump. If anyone accuses you of doing something wrong, scream that it's a witch hunt and you're the one being victimised.

  8. nathan podsakoff

    Does he not realize he's pretending to be the thing he wants to murder? Idiots are going to idiot.

  9. Sevi Regis

    Keep rounding these bums up

  10. Phillys Auto

    Arrest cynthia Johnson and Maxine waters for there involvement in the riot's before the election

  11. Extremely Moderate

    Murder the media and his shirt says "Media"

    1. Darth Wheazius

      It says MT Media ie "murder the media".

  12. BlondeGirlSez This


  13. Richard Mc

    I love how stupid Trump's supporters are. We will have a lifetime's worth of laughter at their expense.

  14. Paul Hamilton

    🤣🤣🤣 i also see this writing on a Federal Law book that this @$$clown just violated. * 18 U.S.C. § 2385. Seditious Conspiracy. If “two or more people… conspire… by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof,” penalties are fines and twenty years imprisonment. * 18 U.S.C. § 1361. Destruction of Government Property. If the damage exceeds $100, penalties are fines up to $250,000 and ten years imprisonment. * 18 U.S.C. § 111. Assaulting Federal Officers. Fines vary, 20 years imprisonment. * 18 U.S.C. § 351. Assault on Members of Congress. One year imprisonment. * 41 CFR 102-74.380. Creating a Hazard on Federal Property. Penalties vary. * 36 CFR 2.34 (and elsewhere). Disorderly Conduct. 90 days imprisonment, $300 fine.

  15. Rafed hmadi

    Lock them up.

  16. Clara Bow

    None of these bozos are members of Mensa - the more sophisticated white supremacist have not been caught yet. Where is "bullhorn lady" & "pipe-bomb dude"?

  17. bekim colaku

    Does his black life matter should we release him because he's oppressed and he had to kill this white person for reparations 🤨

  18. Michael Reynolds


  19. Esmeralda Somilleda

    Trump supporters so low how sad she needs to be locked up blame your fucken president

  20. Raph K

    Is this nazi germany? Turn in your friends and family for great prizes!

  21. John Pergiel

    She’ll be begging for a job at McDonalds when this is over.

  22. Ann Leslie

    You did the right thing. Bless your heart. Hoping things will get worked out eventually. 🙏🏽

  23. nicolas cruz

    I hope she like tuna fish 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Ricky Spanish

    Lock him up! Traitor!

  25. No name Needed

    Lock him up!

  26. Trixie Neil

    The hair side bang swish and the nails and make-up...oh she's way too confident! I can't wait to see this Karen make-up less, roots and grays poppin' out, bite down nails crying that she's sorry. OMGosh!!!! Can't wait!!!!!

  27. msjamie hollbrook

    Alot of suckers in a world of lollipops.

  28. adam brewer

    I’m starting to think that bragging about federal crimes on social media is a bad idea

  29. deborah lariscy

    So tired of these para military extreme wannabe's who act out in violent ways or similar. Makes them feel powerful, but they are delusional. I'm sure they think they are heroes and storming the Senate was a good thing. Most wouldn't be brave in REAL situations, like a war zone, but they do this disruptive action and makes them feel macho. And, they have a "great leader" they can believe in. Such a male trait for some. They are living out their fantasies - I mean look at those idiots climbing the wall in front of the building with ropes !! lol Must have been in one of those war games or movies they love to watch. Never thought there would be consequences, maybe felt trump would save them, I don't know how delusional people like this think at this point. Lame and so un patriotic.

  30. J See

    Do the crime, do the time!

  31. Derek Wilson

    He won’t leave prison once his time is up his while conscious life is pretty much prison he won’t function

  32. HSUS Disaster Fraud Hurricane Michael

    There is no shortage of adoptable dogs and cats it’s absolutely absurd

  33. Ricky Ricjardson


  34. Marvin Lundy

    When are we going to see indictments for murder. All parties close to the the rioter who was shot were her co-defendant commiting a crime!!! They are responsible for her death. Facial recognition hasn't uncovered that or the person who assaulted and killed the Capitol police. If they were black their doors would have been kicked in!!!!!

  35. Michael Andersen

    Like to see them all locked up together, they can cry on each others shoulder.

    1. Ltc Hippo

      Clothing optional

    2. GoatZilla

      They need to be separated.

  36. Crypto Aree

    I personally don’t think there will be any elbow grease required. They posted all of the evidence on the internet.

  37. Anthony

    What DON'T they have in the water in "north Texas"?

  38. B M

    These people are truly delusional, it’s just mind boggling

  39. octurn

    I want a blown up picture of 00.50 for my lounge room wall to replace "Poker Game" by Biggus Dickous Coolidge

  40. Wirbelwind Europe

    Are nearly all U.S. Republicans criminals? Almost all of them humbly accept Trump's arbitrariness. Your President took advantage of people and attacked the Senate, just for example, guided people to death, did everything that amused him. Many of his warriors pay a heavy price for their actions by going to jail. Trump soaks up the sun in Florida without any worries and that's all ok.? He just wants to be Caliph instead of the Caliph" ("je veux être calife à la place du calife").

  41. Hippopotamus Anonymous

    Poor kid.

  42. mississippispider

    It's going to be a ex or a disgruntled sack of crap that she broke up with.

  43. William Wallace

    Pos pigs

  44. flowerpink33

    You killed a whole human being over cigarettes and chips? Can we please start throwing these people at the bottom of the jail cells. This is so sad. Lord have mercy. 🥺🥺

  45. Niko Noga

    Just actors.

    1. Niko Noga

      @Crypto Aree They ain't going nowhere. They're government actors.

    2. Crypto Aree

      Yup, paid actors who will be going to prison for their roles 😂.

  46. Matt Connors

    Tom Hardy is already signed on to play Miller in "Capitol Seige" (release date tbd after sentencing of all "Patriots")

  47. SafeCashew

    “ call a ambulance” “ But not for me”

  48. Ric Mo

    Can't believe Mr Clean is now called Zip ties guy

  49. Senku Meow

    Ok, was the meme inspired from this or was this just a coincidence

  50. Natalie Martin

    Please know you did the right thing. You will see the total picture of how right your decision was one day. Your dad made a choice, not counting the cost. HE is totally responsible for the consequences that are in play right now.

  51. keke johnson

    Those smiles are upside down now LOL

  52. Furious_DC

    I love how much fun they're having there. Look at those smiles!!! It makes their sad mug shots and pleas for mercy so much more satisfying.

  53. Vicki Kay

    These people are dangerous, if we do not hold them (and the President) accountable, we are showing them they can do it again.

  54. Julian Alexander Prechtl

    The moderator looks and talks like an old school Godfather out of the movies 👻😉😁.

    1. Peteena Poodle


  55. Stevenimich Archangel

    I just love how most of these buzzards that get caught ALWAYS try to sugarcoat their real intent!

  56. Daniel 8583

    it's all so bizarre the way these people behave

    1. Ali Shehada

      Not really, once you consider their warped worldviews. On that day, they truly believed it was going to work, as a consequence of which it'd all belong to them in one fell swoop. More importantly perhaps, they all believed they had the ultimate insurance policy: a presidential pardon. Now that both wagers yielded nothing, they find no recourse but to grovel in disbelief and victimhood.

  57. l m

    What a joke those 2 wimps are! LOL!

  58. Wyyrdo Jim

    M.A.G.A= Morons Are Getting Arrested!🖕🤬

  59. MisterJonesification

    Trump's laughing at what he got away with while he's cheating at a golf course, while his dumb, racist, dangerous rioters continue to get arrested.

  60. nancy pagan

    Lock her up

  61. AzteK Warrior84

    Stupidest Criminals of The United States of America total disgrace to our country 🤦🏽

  62. Jack

    "I feel very persecuted" xD

  63. SCUBA Steve

    imagine being a patriot from texas and getting turned in by your gay son

  64. AzteK Warrior84


  65. Dankplayz

    LOL, reaping and sowing beatiful.

  66. Liam Fox

    Why would you rob a gun store

  67. Matthew Ng

    Is this a democracy? Looks like a authoritarian police state

  68. Frankie G

    Lol he's now listed as a threat to the united states🤦‍♂️

  69. Ashton Thegamer

    I think he lying guys

  70. MrFantocan

    If you try to stab a person but misses you are not to be jailed for attempting murder? Just becaused he failed to invade he should still be punished! Terrorists for Trump should all be in JAIL, alongside their dad.

  71. Pedro Marin

    Unemployed And he’s not eligible for a stimulus check (2020 taxes ) I’m sure he made more than $60k

  72. yesminwahab

    Hahaha. She looked like drunken maniac

  73. Andrew Potter

    Good son

  74. Gray

    A lot of mullets and neck beards are getting shaved to change appearances. In China they take behind the industrial chemical barn.

  75. Chay Bodnar

    You did good young man very mature and smart thing to do .

  76. Subaru STi

    DC is gonna need a bigger than prison.

  77. Anthony Teets

    Bad decision guy! You are now haunted by your own idiocy!

  78. Mike Hoster

    Suck It Up, Buttercup's...You did the Crime, now you get to do the TIME...

  79. William Drake

    How the **** is she out?

  80. Tina Saner

    I Love Carrollton Police. Great job Officer Daly