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  1. Bob McGuffin

    Not sure what's harder to believe: that the Game Grumps channel is apparently a person or the fact that there are apparently 8 people in the world who are worse people than it.

  2. Aaron Watanabe

    "You know what game this is BIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH." "It's Glover2, right?" "I forgot what it wa-"

  3. Evangeliman


    1. CostelloXIII


  4. David Wyatt


  5. Elbarq Elsa3ek

    That's the game which ruined the rest of games to me as they couldn't reach to its level of greatness

  6. Imre Palágyi

    You have to mention that the 2008 Prince of Persia game had something in common with the Zelda Breath of the Wild structure though. You start your journey 4 ways and easily change directions, whenever you pleased. It had almost the same freedom. I haven't played Breath of the Wild though, this is just an outsider's perspective.

  7. Rowan Hombek

    Fucking preach I don’t know why people hate this game it actually made me feel something in a games

  8. Las Angelo

    He sounds kinda like someone, MasterOfDoom, maybe?

  9. Yousef Odeh

    Lol I had a feeling he use the luck bug

  10. remaXamer

    I often wonder whether perfection is achievable or not. Then I settle on believing that there is no one perfection but multiple since perfection lies in the eye of the beholder. This video for me accomplished perfection.

  11. Andy Hill

    Fuck you Dunky

  12. Sachcha B

    Fax man this game really is something else.

  13. Sir Dankleberry

    Let's be honest what idiot would buy a Xbox nowadays? You can just play their games on PC.

  14. Archerboy79

    Soo..this is a next gen game??

  15. Soupreme YT

    Hi I'm so sorry for bothering you, my partner is doing a 24hr stream to raise donation to help young males mental health in New South Wales, Australia. His Twitch ID is onedaylyfe. Any donation from anyone is appreciated, even just a share. He's playing Zelda: BOTW and it's his first Zelda game ever. I am sorry again for bothering everyone here. Thank you for reading. Twitch ID: onedaylyfe.

  16. Player1

    I like AC a lot and I agree with everything you said

  17. fiselled

    i read all of these btw

  18. Nick Khalilieh

    They should fix that cheat with the coin

  19. more snqp

    this hurts

  20. experience jimi hendrix

    Any 10 year old ps owner: eXclUsiVes ExClUsiVeS EXclUsiVes.

  21. Space Man

    It is so weird seeing the older versions of rust

  22. Ali Kandır

    I've never played a souls game, can anybody explain how is having infinite luck equals infinite damage

    1. Ali Kandır

      @jano Gabor thank you

    2. jano Gabor

      There is a sword that deals more damage based on luck.

  23. Abar180202

    Dunkey never had the makings of a varsity athlete

  24. mac attack

    6:20 He just beat my ass and pimp'd off

  25. Chain Chomp

    i love the fact that dunkey listens to chance the rapper

  26. Lanz Algarme

    Canada is polite Philippines is hospitable Dubai is the future videogamedunkey is a hypocrite and a protagonist who worship The Flying Spaghetti Monster and he is an atheist/agnostic

  27. 4Max0

    If this game wouldn't play like trash it would be a masterpiece

  28. Narutor

    You cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn't grow. You didn't improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing. You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained. It's sad that you don't know the difference.

  29. officialmasqq _

    How did Dunkey expect to get a pizza when he didn't even tell the guy his name smh

  30. Set

    One dunk man.

  31. Dakris

    "Baby's Nail" :P

  32. Awesomedude Playz

    So uh... are you dying in purpose or lmao

  33. tinius

    I know your comments are usually just filled with memes and jokes, which I thoroughly enjoy, but i just wanted to say that I'm so happy that you give Ashley johnson the props for her acting in that scene. To think that many of the haters on this game came after the voice-actors is actually horrifying and terrible when all the voice-acting is superb, and they probably have very little sway in the story whatsoever.

  34. Joe Ford

    Lost my shit when I heard the Lunar theme. We need another Lunar!

  35. Spoon

    2:34 guess you could say he was fired

  36. mr gaspasios

    "The future of gaming" -IGN

  37. Enzo Scrève

    November end, look over at girlfriend, *it's **_t a i l_** time*

  38. Max Liu

    I know why I don’t like the game. First of all, all the horrific killing, players are a lot of the times forced to kill everyone in their way, yet only the death that takes place in the cut scenes seemed to have any emotional impact on the main characters and the storyline, I was not in control of anything, just blindly shooting and stabbing people, where discussion on life and death of these fictional characters was what made tlou1 a masterpiece in the first place. Secondly, I could not sympathize with the main characters, especially Ellie. She is irresponsible and so many likable characters suffered or died because of what she did, yet Ellie learned nothing through the story. The theme of the game is so shallow, when they could have been writing about what it means to remain, to be alive, the responsibilities individuals carry living in a society.

  39. Tyrone Lugo

    Sorry it was a well prepare review but i still think the story is garbage.

  40. Remul LemLem

    1:13. That baby is like "Ooooh, look at me! I'm playing a video game" XD

  41. Justin Stovell

    This game reminds me of demon souls

  42. VRV

    I don't really have a choice

  43. J[anna]

    Finally, someone who just cuts the crap and gets straight to the point about how they honestly feel about something.

  44. Jack Murphy

    Song at the end?

  45. Shravan

    "Mom loves using all the new items"

  46. Dingus the Bingus

    Yo I just gotta say, if Dunkey doesn't name his Cyberpunk review "Cyberdunk 2077" we riot.

  47. Pirate Ninja

    He is not gonna play Monster Hunter Rise after all that. 🐉

  48. James

    Ac Odessy was very fun but littile tedious, I especial enjoyed the pirate with sinking and taking over ships,

  49. Conor

    Is this on PS4 also? It doesn’t really look next gen tbh.

    1. MKI


  50. Jordan Bonanno

    Not scooby dooo

  51. Derick Denier

    How did he made so much damage to the bosses????

  52. Shelby TheWorm

    Dunkey is the master of u toobz

  53. Crafty

    liar. that is not green day i am so dissapointed in you dunkey

  54. Jesús Trejo

    I played celeste and hollow knight off your recommendation, dunkey 🤙 You got taste

  55. Areeb Sheikh

    Why does Dunkey looks like Smiley from Dead Rising 2

  56. Orion

    Should you baaa, a PS faaaav?

  57. HylianBran


  58. That Dude Senna

    Have a ps5, no problems at all best console ever dudes

  59. adrian maulana

    You can actually hear dunkey said f*ck every drawer he opens at 8:53

  60. Andrew Turner

    "Fool..... no white man can open this wine. Go thirsty now!" "I am no man!" *wine bottle implodes with a sound like a deflating baloon*

  61. ישי מזרחי

    Damnn the league pop off killed me

  62. Trayce Martineau

    I really hope this is selective editing and the game isnt this stupid.

    1. MKI

      New to the channel?

  63. Sanyam Malhan

    The beginning with the Mario 64 music was epic😂

  64. Piraja27

    such advanced game design, the game feels so frustrating that you gotta cheat to win and the game can cheat back, god damn gotta get me a ps5 to lose my mind when they restock just to experience this and ofc the vastly superior game Bugsnax, gotta get Bugsnax

  65. Slade

    This is the easiest From Software game to date lol

  66. Elyazid Chatal

    Unsubscribe........... 🖕

  67. Youtube Pizzer

    aight dunkey with all due respect you can’t just criticise a fame for having bad shooting when the developer explicitly says that you should not play the games the way other games are played Also u were taking a lot of shortcuts in all the footage you showed of the game

  68. drewbabe

    the raw power isn't going to make games look better but it will improve framerates. 60fps should be a given at this point and the fact that nintendo's putting out games that struggle to hit even 24fps consistently is just pathetic. hopefully ps5 games will eventually all be 60fps minimum but we'll see.

  69. Mountain

    tbh i like ac origins but these video is still halarious lmao

  70. Squeezy Lemon

    Thought you played this already? Why you acting like you never seen this game before lmfao

  71. Mrs Refrigerator

    I know you're going to say shit like "Fuck the haters" to anyone who tells you that you suck for cheating. But legitimately, if you actually can't beat the game then- Sure you can review it. It's just like getting a toddlers review for a steak. And that's the end of your career Peter Dunklage.

  72. Spittertron

    All that sighing reminds me of Chris-Chan.

  73. Tycho Zephyrus


  74. Rotcrawler

    1:38 me begging for dark souls remastered on steam.

  75. Sp00kst3r

    homeless man harrasses poor gamestop employees for 5 minutes straight

  76. Biff Mcspandex

    This game is the best worst game ever and I love it for that

  77. jarowskis

    Dude idk what are you talking about, leap from ps2 to ps3 is huge and so is leap from ps3 to ps4.

  78. Siddharth

    I just love when the game cheats back lol

  79. Game Set Crash

    a mastapiece

  80. Dr. MITHUN

    This game is not boring