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  1. Juan Jose Vasquez Alvarado

    Terrible review, wasted time.

  2. Andrew Montgomery

    This guy has lost his mind if he thinks nvidia gives a f*** whether or not gamers or miners end up with their cards... bottom line... they have the silicon already for this gen and will sell it to the highest bidder... nvidia doesn’t give a crap where they make their money they just give a crap that they’re making it

  3. andrew pitman

    yay for more cards we cant buy

  4. donewit Urchit

    I hope the refresh is a super series that has a 10-12gb 3070

  5. Snafu

    great, more cards for BOTS to buy, sold to other bots, then resold again.

  6. I G A N

    I have a smile face on rn, but at the same time my heart is broken cuz ima take another L on that

  7. Rel ixo

    The miners will buy EVERYTHING !!!!!!!! So ? Instead cards more OUT OF STOCK will be incoming. Nice work Ngreedia more cards for the miners! ZERO for the gamers.

  8. TheVector2003

    If we have already a 3080 or 3070 or 3060ti, what will happen to us that have one??? Will we can still use them or we should change drivers or bios ???

  9. blue spartan GAMING


  10. Vanny ARTS

    Good for gamers? Bro!......not even competion has been good for gamers in this era.

  11. Jakepo44 !

    Mining should be illegal because look at what it has done(IT TOOK THE GPU STOCK) and its basically free money you do nothing.

  12. SamKad

    The intros just keep getting better lol

  13. Napoli

    Thank god for micro center

  14. vadergrd

    3060 is now with ~ 1000euro retail :) .some can still be found...

  15. Brown

    Bump the 3080ti's Vram to 14GB and price msrp around $850usd with decent supply and I will be all in!

  16. Millionandbell

    My 970s back is hurting from trying to keep up with my i9 processor..

  17. Dain

    i honestly dont care about the specs, just make it available at a fair price like the 30-series pricing already is. I dont have a gpu and i have a sick high end gaming pc just waiting to be used, 3 months have i waited. Im soon forcing myself to buy a used 2060 OC for 350$ so i have something decent to game on.

  18. Gr8Imres

    do you guys ever just wonder if these cards even exist and you arent being tricked into this giant practical joke by nvidia, youtubers, and retailers

  19. Christopher Ramsay

    How about fixxing supply issues first.

  20. NikolaiSlapabitch

    ..... why as a gamer would you want your GPU artificially limited I’m mining. You as an average person can literally leave your PC on mining while your sleeping , at school/ work and have it make free money for you that basically makes your whole PC free and pays a few bills over the year. I own one 3090 because I’m a gamer and when I’m not gaming it literally makes me money and pays for itself

  21. DZ The Gamer

    Do OEM Win10 keys expire? Might get one for a pc build this coming year...

  22. Cameron

    I literally cried while laughing ... I love your intro

  23. Jaster

    These anti mining cards will suck, ethereum is already going down. When it eventually crashes the market would be flooded with cards.

  24. Pwittzzz


  25. Hospitaller Knight

    "More RTX Cards INCOMING" Scalpers: Oh Really?

  26. JD SAN

    Nice! More gpus for scalpers and none for me. Yay 😀

  27. Mr Jiggs

    They should not do anything against minors, i'm not one but telling or forcing someone to do something with something they buy is wrong. Also many buy used mining cards to be able to afford high end GPU at cheap prices. They need to not do this it is wrong not everyone lives in a communist country, don't tell people what they can do with a piece of hardware you buy.

  28. himanshu modak

    I feel like they have seen how effective it is to block ETH mining on 3060. They might try to nerf every single mining algorithm on new Ti models and release it to public. Maybe it will have 50/25% hash rate for all mining algorithms and they will sell mining cards alongside with those. This would solve stock issue by a lot. If hashing rate difference is so much then these might be and stay in stock.

  29. Chris Seitzberg

    The intro ☺️👌🏼

  30. NikolaiSlapabitch

    The amount of ppl that don’t understand how lower performing cards are made out of the lower performing silicon in the wafer is crazy

    1. Michael Noble

      Or that there is a shortage of silicon wafers needed to make the cards which is why they can make a 3060 easier than a 3080.

  31. David

    Nvidia refreshing their stack and offering more for the same $ is good for people who waited or missed out, but it’s a very early refresh for the early adopters!

  32. Carlos Torres

    I bought evga rtx 3090 for $3032

  33. Armann870

    nice clickbait title and topics that are not true 99% and nobody cares!

  34. Krhys

    Miners are gonna mine and if there's a market, nVidia's going to fill it, end of story.

  35. Jaster

    Great more cards I will never own.

  36. Strike 098

    I'm from the future it's out of stock. Oh the 3000 series? Nah I'm talking about the 4000 series. 3000 series still out of stock too tho.

  37. rickss69

    It's the scalpers, not miners.

  38. Strike 098

    I'm from the future Crypto has crashed and miners are liquidating their assets. Covid has been handled well enough and supply is back.

  39. kaukey

    Nvidia doesn't do anything unless it's good for shareholders. I have to wonder if there is a more serious threat coming from amd or Intel

  40. dharkbizkit

    great, more cards that are not in stock and get scalped . enjoy your 1100 dollar 3070ti if you can get one before the miners get their truckloads. and to be honest, if the mining cards mean more e-waste because of no resell capability.. part of me is fine with that if that brings back the status quo for "us gamers"

  41. Spativm

    Yay more cards... for miners. Corona and free cash to force people stay at homes isn't going away anytime soon. Let's face it we need more manufacturers and/or immediate burst of this crypto bubble.

  42. Tony Beckett

    DEfasts algorithm

  43. Face Palmization

    someone said nvidia has released the 30xx series? Lies i say, cant find any anywhere, so in all ways that matter for those of us who have to buy retail, no they have not released the 30xx series.

  44. Fran The NB Folk

    It doesent even matter because i dont leave in the country of guns and burgers :,(

  45. NooB BruH!

    Stop making GPU videos, unnecessary tbh.

  46. Matt Arcori

    Ideally I'd like to see a 3070ti with 12-16gb ddr6 for 625$

  47. Ron Doms

    Don't do this, Don't give me hope :(

  48. Al Brio

    More RTX Cards? Why Don't they focus on producing the ones they are "supposedly" selling? I been trying for over 5 months to get a 3080 GPU and nothing... I even tried to get a 3060 and by the time i added it to the cart, it was out of stock.

  49. LasttWhisper

    WHO THE FK IS STOCK PILING ALL THE FKING GPUS and why ! .. BUT WHY. there will be a point where no one wants to fkingg buy a gpu mkayyy

  50. TrinityLinkq

    Who tf is buying these wtf

  51. Frozenbizkit

    Don't even care more are being launched..

  52. Carlos Alberto Alvarez Velasco

    I've been following this channel for so long that I believe this is the third or fourth video about a 3070 Ti. Though I already have a 3070... I don't blame this channel's content or something but Nvidia and the leakers for crushing my dreams for a 3070 Ti :(

  53. hein blöd

    incoming, ok.....where to buy?

  54. Nicholas Goterch

    Bro you're gunna snap your neck making intros like that. You do you, but I'm looking out for your safety! haha Also this is good news, except scalpers are just going to buy these out too. shucks. I'll get a video card somehow, eventually lol

  55. R41N


  56. Henru Dorsey

    Mining is not the issue, no stock and scalpers is the true issue. This is just a huge PR operation to divert blame.

  57. Lloyd Mathis

    Just means nividia is going to put out more expensive cards. Or cheaper crappy performance cards.

  58. Three Cats

    I think used CPM cards will get bought by other miners who can't afford the latest CMP card.

  59. Allah Turbo

    honestly,where's the environmentalist stance on this, people are burning mega tonnes of energy just to generate some stupid numbers for very small amount of real exchange,these alarmist love to lay their hand on vehicle because its obvious,but where are them in this issue

  60. Fee

    How much do I have to donate for you to stop acting all goofy ? I luckily don’t have to see this often because I clicked “stop recommending this channel” but unfortunately when I search for a topic it still shows your videos and since you have 3090 videos on every topic I wind up clicking on your stuff every once in a while. Anyway I have to click off before I give you too much view time but lmk what it would take.

  61. Failomas

    new Nvidia card incoming, overpriced and out of stock so good luck to have those too

  62. Pūpols

    whats the point still not getting them

  63. MattheW

    3:48 cat got scared 😥

  64. Machina Inc

    Maybe the 3080ti is 3rd time lucky. It got cancelled twice already. Although i have a 3060Ti as placeholder, it’s the 3080Ti i want (if i’m able to get one lol).

  65. wAFF

    More RTX Cards When to expect it: Never What to expect from it: Dont

  66. Ninja Neven

    Quit playing with my emotions... i need a 3070 for my new build. Smallest most powerful 2 fan

  67. J God

    We hear about new cards that are supposedly coming out in a couple months from now all the time. In December yoy ssid we are supposed to get the 3080ti in Feb. Now its April. Why do you even make these videos when it's all just rumor and speculation? I heard the 4090 ti super is coming out in June. Could you make a video please?

  68. Yuki Kasa

    So... there's a chance that I won't get my 3080 that I ordered over 5 months ago for msrp because it reaches the end of life? Keeps on getting better.

  69. Mahmmod Jodeh

    How many times has the 3080 ti been leaked or hinted at? 😂

  70. Mikhail__

    I'm surprised you're still running this news for a handful of people in the cryptocurrency mines in the middle of the desert. Normal consumers cannot buy graphics cards anywhere. Unless someone is willing to pay as much as for a car... Why are you talking about players all the time? Players will not buy cards for a minimum of one year.

  71. Jason Kerbs

    Man I don't even need the TI, I just need the regular 3070. That's all I need. And I'm guessing this isn't going to make the regular 3070s any cheaper either. This shit is ridiculous

  72. yeahh buddy

    Give it 2 days and the video will say " bad news no more gpus anytime soon" then flip it over again next week.

  73. Mitchell Goldstein

    Uhm... no.

  74. John Battman

    Yeah, coming to an EBay scalper near you...

  75. Jacob Tahiliani

    The real question is if they can make their vram not go to like 1000c 😂

  76. TeCh ExPlOiTs

    I don't care anymore. They can keep them.

  77. V Eameal

    I want them to have a system where they are public about sales and got a system in place to ensure a 1 per customer system. WHY cant we have a pre-order system?

    1. Mikhail__

      I have that in Poland. Ordered RTX 3080 on launch day, september 17 in the first minute. I was 10th. Still 10th after 5 months. Everything was shipped to the desert to Pakistan. Hope that clears it up.

  78. Case Bylenga

    rtx 3050

  79. Coding Apprentice

    There is some problems with this! What about all of the people who have unfulfilled 3080 orders that wont be filled? Waiting for months...... And then getting nothing!!!! It cant be efficient to replace their whole lineup when it comes to production speeds???? I mean... wtf???? At this point people just want a gpu..... For fudges sake! Any gpu..... Should they not be pushing out the max amount of cards they can? Instead of this push out the max number of "products" they can? The "restriction" in hashrate in eth does not mean shit and wont deter miners to buy them anyways..... So why re-lunch these cards when we know they will lead to A) Miners/scalpers buying them anyways?!?!?! B) Fewer total amount of cards produced!!!! B) People will be left with unfufilled orders.... of the "old" 3000 series C) Retailers would loose money by having to pay back huge amounts of money.............. I mean i get that they cant satisfy the demand. That could happen to anyone...... But the way they do it... Man.... Im not the brightest guy in the world, but even i know this is fucking stupid. Maybe it is good for short-term profit.... But they loose reputation, and gamers are much more likely to abandon ship if a new gpu company comes around....... We NEEEEED some other gpu company fast as fudge!!! The way Nvidia and Amd has treated us is fudging dis-respectful. We will remember.

  80. EclipticSzn

    Nvidia gonna keep launching things that majority of gamers are never going to be able to obtain. Wish we could go back to 2018 when gpu prices we actually good