Farming is AWESOME!! Seriously...Farming is AMAZING! We make food for MILLIONS! How cool is that!! Come join us as we tell our STORY of FARMING in the 21st Century!

Welker Farms is located in North Central Montana and has been in the family since the homestead of 1912. Third generation farmer, Bob Welker, along with his two sons, Nick and Scott, strive to carry on the family farm legacy. Welker Farms Inc has become a common name throughout the agriculture world by means of popular DEfasts videos from our channel.

Ultimately we owe everything to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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  1. Clyde Acor

    Never question a farmers ingenuity! Some of the most intelligent people out there.

  2. PAB

    Did you buy or rent more land?

  3. Alpha Major01

    11:51 man, that’s a HUGE TURBO. 😂

  4. Alpha Major01


  5. Jacob Bishop

    Your almost as good as the man you now that green guy u let use your quadtrac

  6. still Living

    Great video, anything that saves time and money is good in the end. God bless.

  7. Clay Johnson

    Wouldn’t be a welker farms piece of equipment without modifying it😂😂 great work nick and bob and scott

  8. Arend Janssens

    At 6:50 I have a New Holland version of that and I've never seen the engine temperature that high ever

  9. Eddie Morton Tap Man

    It’s great that Dad has a Montana Engineering Degree with some old farmers frugalness added in there Too !

  10. Juanita Allin

    Can you get the cleaner red

  11. Henry G

    Great job as usual guys you never cease to amaze me!!!!!

  12. Philip Braun

    Wondering if the Huggies were for leg arms. Well, maybe his new child. Not sure the Huggies would fit leg-arms.

  13. H3N2

    It's a good thing OSHA does not check most farms.

  14. Wran Ther

    How long up your way before you can hit the fields for planting prep? Stay Safe and dont be letting the workload grind progress to a halt... -Bob...

  15. LKSimbalvr

    grain cleaner looking good. if you are planting the most you've ever seeded before it sounds like you will need a nice shiny new machine to demo to help get it done. would be good to see something like that happen.

  16. Cedric Broussard

    That's awesome keep up the good work love yall guy's!!!!🚜🚜🚜🚜

  17. TEXAN1845

    Mad scientists at work!

  18. Brad Lilly

    Why do you need that fancy machine? You have Bob and a screen

    1. Welker Farms

      😂 Good point!!!

  19. Adventures On The Farm

    Would you guys ever sell the blue dodge service truck

    1. Adventures On The Farm

      The one with the blue bed and white cab

    2. Welker Farms

      Trying to think of what dodge that is, we have a white dodge and a red dodge and two old light blue dodge grain trucks.

  20. scott wilhelme

    Is this to replace leg arms and the old man with the semi trailer grain cleaner?? I cannot imagine either. Ice house chassis, they are clever and may work to hauls that thing around and drop it on the earth when it starts to shake and quake:)

  21. kevin riese

    Bob I love man I really do. You can not build compression by putting a chain around an auger. Just saying. God bless.

  22. Dean Zinter

    Hey .... you know what makes electrical things work...... SMOKE once it leaks out it stops working!

  23. Aaron

    VFD controllers are so cool. I run a lathe and a hydraulic metal shear with one - but not so much for controlling speed but for using a 3 phase machine with a location that only gets 1 phase power. The controller you're looking for needs to be at least 1/3 higher capacity.... ask me how I know, I'll show you my 3 phase controller with a max capacity of a 1/3 hp motor (which, I didn't realize they made them that small).... :)

  24. TOW BALL

    3 years is nothing for you young fellas it takes ages to pass . 3 years for us old fossils like Bob and myself well lets just say time goes quicker it flys as you get older . Sorry for calling you a fossil Bob but i needed to catch your attention 😁😁 Money and time well spent i say

  25. Normand Fontaine

    There isn't much you guys cannot make or do

  26. Dean Zinter

    You should Move those mufflers and pipes closer to your work table so you won’t trip on them!

  27. TOW BALL

    3 years is nothing for you young fellas it takes ages to pass . 3 years for us old fossils like Bob and myself well lets just say time goes quicker it flys as you get older . Sorry for calling you a fossil Bob but i needed to catch your attention 😁😁

  28. Ticdaniel

    "Ohh the truck is taking off again" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌🤣🤣🤣

  29. agentcrm

    Was that VFD designed for multiphase? I know it's much easier to adjust single phase. At work we ended up buying a cheap variable speed gearbox, because it was easier than doing variable speed on the motor.

    1. agentcrm

      ​@Welker Farms Ah, that goes way beyond my knowledge as well. Australia is 240v single phase and 415v 3 phase, so I'm not sure you could do the same conversion. What we ended up buying was used, a single speed 415v motor that was attached to an inline constantly variable gearbox. BUT we also have 3 phase in the workshop already. Here I'd just go single phase because it's easier (we have a couple of display units) BUT I'm not sure how much grunt the 110v you guys have can punch out.

    2. Welker Farms

      We're fairly limited on our electrical knowledge but to our understanding three phase motors are better for variable speed but we only have single phase on the farm. So that vfd converts single to three and allows for adjustment. But I'm sure there is a better way! The vfd was rated for 1 hp and the motor we ordered was 1.5. People said online that it'd work but turns out the blue motor draws more amps than the vfd can handle

  30. Benjamin Matte

    Robert, still one of the best human beings ever

  31. Britt Blanton

    Hey Nick back when I was farming I had a chicken layer house and we used variable speed controllers on the motors that pulled our egg collection belts but the motors were D. C. Current , yours might not work with A. C. current.

  32. Chad Johnson

    Stealing Zack's tricks are yea now!

  33. David Poynter

    Thanks, I learned that it’s hard to make tires.

  34. eddie f

    do you have 3 phase at the bens and your pin may bounce out going down road thay are ruff.

  35. Jesse Eder

    Great video as always

  36. Midwestdoug36

    During the Armageddon, if I’m not already in Heaven, I coming to live with y’all on the farm! You can fabricate anything!!

  37. Kevin J

    From my past years in a certified seed cleaning plant, you may want to add a valve/ plate on the air suction to restrict or a "y" to allow-blend "outside air" if you're channing lighter material.

  38. Paul Skorheim

    I grew up on a farm in North Dakota and had an ag banking career in Minnesota. I found your videos in the last year and really enjoy watching all the farming and projects. I am a Case IH farm kid too. 😀

  39. Shors

    when u harvest ur crop epic style

  40. Logan YouTube

    That fan has some serious turbo lag lol

  41. Teddy Crenshaw

    Nothing more enjoyable than coming up with an idea and making it work. My hats off to you guys. I've built quite a bit of things like that just have to use your imagination sometimes to come up with some good ideas

  42. Logan YouTube

    Dang that 1950s auger is awesome!

  43. Chris Martin

    My spirit animal is a Welker. These guys are awesome. I'm always impressed by their work ethic and knowledge. 👏👏👏👏👏💯💥

  44. Rusty Axle

    That is going to be a behemoth of a seed cleaner ,once it’s finished,hopefully you will have a stone free planting season ,great work guys 👍👍

  45. Mike P

    Okay so apparently Legarms went on vacation again, or maybe you slept late I don't know. you guys have the funnest place to work ever and if you ever need a retired old fat guy to come around and watch you work there I've actually probably pay you to do it. The only downside to your operation, you don't own any Fords. 😁😆😅😂🤣😭😎

  46. Steven Mccullough

    I've said it before, I'll say it again. Farming's simple. Just stick seed in the ground, wait a while and go harvest the crop. That's it, right? . . . OK maybe a little more. You have to feed the dog too!

  47. GrandWagJeep

    The "meow" really made the old one

  48. Teamster25

    10:22 Nick i think you've been watch Electroboom too much!😉

  49. John Loken

    Fun to see you take on a design build challenge, Good video.

  50. Dave Carroll

    Love country boy engineered projects great video who needs leg arms ha ha ha

  51. Lyle Thurn

    Anyone paying attention to the American Rescue Act just passed by the senate, hey it's not to late to identify as asian/black/latino. Sorry woman owned not included. Their government loans are paid off plus 20 percent in pocket change. How are you going to compete with farms awash in money and debt free?

  52. Jacob The farmer

    what is the brand of your cordless tools and are they made in the USA?

  53. Carl Thor

    Nick, get in touch with Clough42, James knows this stuff and it would be a great collaboration. Best wishes all.

  54. Mike Barbacovi

    Great video as always. Wish you the best in optimizing the farm operation.

  55. Pat OHare

    Keep up the good work love the shop videos 👍

  56. S

    Why did you get three phrase motor

  57. Fabrication Ranch


  58. Properfunny

    Glad to see that you are able to reuse some of your harvest to help plant the next year. It feels like it is not done that much anymore.

  59. spencer moss

    That first motor needs a capacitor to start it.

  60. Jeff Coombs

    People forget that 99.9% of agriculture equipment was designed and built by Farmers back in the day I think it’s great that you guys are still doing this nowadays! As always great video cheers from the UK

  61. Me and the Mrs

    Actually Nick, I don't think the metric screens would work as well on American grown grains anyway.

  62. Richard Clay

    You and your Dad doing all the fab work now Legarms needs to clean the shop when he gets home

  63. Ed Cew

    Trying to figure out if you guys are farmers who mess around with machines, or machinists who mess around with agriculture. Or something...

  64. W Brown

    Even your dad dogs on you! “Where’s LegArms when you need him?” 🤪

  65. Roger Goodrich

    I’ve known some amazing engineers in this world (Boeing/NASA) and they couldn’t launder the clothes they are wearing. You guys make America great. Too bad there aren’t many more innovators (Before marketers and swindlers) in this world. I buy too many products that cost 1/10th of what it takes to make it to buy it. Wake up America and build it your self

  66. Денис Некрасов

    Very ugly tractor.....

  67. False Flag

    That fulcrum shaft is too small. It's gonna break at the point of the through holes

  68. Miriam Bertram

    Dad Welker must be having the time of his life working on these projects with his sons. And they're not trivial projects they are important projects. What a great senior Life.

  69. Python Opsec

    Hearing Bob say LegArms just cracks me up laughing. What a great sport and great to see the 3 of you being able to work together.

  70. Peester Moonshine

    Pure American ingenuity and persistence! When you boys are done, be sure to paint it red and slap a Welker Farms emblem on it!

  71. TPM

    Too bad you didn't make more videos of the renovation

  72. Maxine Rose

    Love how you guys figure things out and just build diagrams, just plain ole farming now how. My dad always said necessity is the mother of invention, so true on a farm.

  73. Eugene Harrelson

    Look at automation direct for a VFD they have good quality and prices

  74. Soderholm Farms

    You guys have more than just skills, you have great amounts of creativity and imagination also!!!!

  75. Dustin Bille

    What is the product name you use to bounce the internet for building to building.

  76. vom Lande

    Cant wait to see you all at spring Saison work