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  1. Nelson Eloy Diaz

    Nico ponele una traducción al español !!!

  2. AEN

    Nico you suck, sry. ❤️Mika

  3. Salty5th

    How did you get the red downshift and up shift thing on the display

  4. Martin Dorsett

    What a great guy, lovely wife and two daughters that he clearly adores. Well done Nico you deserve your happiness. A certain 'driver of colour' could learn a lot from you!

  5. Daniel Austin

    I think Lewis watched this video

  6. Josh

    do the next one in a Williams

  7. Michelium

    2016 Spanish Grand Prix being Dutch and a Verstappen fan, must be the best race. New car, get's to lead a Formula 1 race and carrier on to win the Spanish Grand Prix!

  8. Iver Iversen

    Nico .. go back to f1 and make it great , and beat him again .. f1 need it ....

  9. Christian Belko

    In the detail of Monza you mentioned that it is recomendable to do all downshifts as late as possible, but in here you mentioned that is recomendable to do all downshifts as early as possible, what is the difference?

  10. vi 45

    I know that is not the subject but could you tell us a little about one of your good friends Claus Schwab and the great reset ?

  11. Samzyy

    Or when Nico zoomed up places in Bahrain

  12. Samzyy

    When Schumacher won 7 world titles and didn't think anyone would beat it

  13. Liam

    So much respect nico, seem like such a genuinely happy cool guy. That’s coming from a coming from a 15 year old

  14. john

    Some humans are just amazing I can't organize my sock drawer look at this guy 😅

  15. zDarbi

    I am considered fairly new to f1 having not watched f1 in the past so Monza 2019 finally a Ferrari winning at monza again

  16. Morten Kapa

    Cool. Next step up : Richard Hammond testing the Rimac prototype 👍

  17. Pavan AAKASH

    Germany 2018: As a Vettel fan, it was the perfect weekend leading up to the race. Vettel topped the practice, pole by a good margin everything was looking good until the rain came down. Now Vettel heading into the gravel and crashing into the barriers is not why I remember this race, but the effect it had on a 4 time World Champion who is known for being calm and composed is just crazy. It's been over 2 years and its effect is still felt, Singapore 2019 was sort of a redemption but every time Seb has a bad race everyone looks back to Hockenheim 2018 as the starting point. I still remember how my face changed when Seb was leading and then all of a sudden lost the car and crashed. This is why Germany 2018 is my most memorable race, it just goes to show how life can change dramatically over just one incident.

  18. Jason Palmer

    option 1 but with red :)

  19. cri s

    i don't like it ,........looks like a ferrari ,.........u need more than one car to make a good change in the right way ,.....and its more fun ,....and it's not my budget

  20. Quattro 4

    Your not a youtuber nico. Stop being cringe.

  21. Ed70159

    Wow! Its a long time ago..1968 South African Grand Prix won by probably won by the greatest driver ever, to my opinion, Jimmy Clark. Unfortunately it was his last win, breaking Fangio's record for winning his 26th Grand Prix. H won a 3rd of Grand Prix's he raced in.

  22. Ebbsy 007

    3 for me

  23. Yash Aryan

    2019 Italian gp It was amazing to see Leclerc's defence against Lewis. At the last stage Lewis got no tyre grip and he got finished behind Valteri.

  24. Kieron McKindle

    Suzuka 1988 - Ayrton Senna - PURE MAGIC!!!

  25. pasaknoob

    the crash on grosjean to

  26. Bayern torero29

    Race incedent? No its 100% your fault

  27. Jason Brand

    I would phone Richard Hammond and ask him which color car he would prefer...to crash.

  28. Laviolette Racing

    1997 villeneuve vs schumacher last race when schumacher tried to take out villeneuve and took himself out instead! Villeneuve won the championship! Im canadian and he was my idol! I had just starting racing in karts the year before.. i will always remember that moment like it was yesterday!

  29. Waleed Ahmed

    What gear are you using to play the game?

  30. silverace08

    wow a true legend in his own right, nico, great to see you giving such pro tips, would have loved to see you continue racing in f1, i cannot understand how much pressure there must have been though to perform day in-out, was awesome to see you excel 2016, also inspiring to see how much respect you still have for your biggest childhood rival in lewis, madrespect inturn for your humility in acknowledging his ingenuity and consistency, you achieved something amazing in being one of the few to steal championship from him despite him being a 7 time champion now and equalling the greats of those such as schumacher, you will still always a hold a place in hearts of fans worldwide for your gentleman attitude with finesse racing ability, hope to see you race once agains.

  31. ArbindB

    Enjoyed seeing Nico act genuinely like a kid in a candy store. lol

  32. ata mamed

    Lewis Hamilton liked this video.

  33. Lead Sled

    Black over Gold with Ox Blood Red trim.

  34. larspikke2

    Brazil 2006. Schumacher promised before the race to give the absolute maximum he had to finish his career. Even he didn't win because of a puncture he proved why he was a 7 time WC. He did everyone else look average and drove like no one ever has.

  35. Fatih Sesli

    94' imola for sure...

  36. Daniel Martinez Dowsett

    Even more exciting? Remove the even more, its boring af

  37. Mikael

    this is a very cool and informative video by a WORLD CHAMPION F1 driver, FOR FREE, i love internet

  38. Cube Addict

    Nico could have been on pole if he did a lap like this in real life racing

  39. Santi Eiras

    1957 Nurburgring because frangió was faced with an impossible situation to win the race after losing almost a minute and a half pitting and losing places making that lap to the limit showed how good he was a t the wheel and it gave Motorsport a bit of its glory back after the 55 lemans crash

  40. Lanceyyyy

    British racing green

  41. Alex

    How hard to beat the Mercedes Team? What is your favorite race track?

  42. Enrique FAU

    It's impressive how a real F1 driver scores the same lap time in this game as another real F1 driver on the real life track one day later. It goes to show the game almost perfectly simulates reality.

  43. Luca Sardaro

    Se correvi ancora in F1 davi del filo da torcere ad Hamilton!!!,preferivo vincessi Tu Nico😃👍

  44. 191snapper

    PU leather, fts.

  45. Lewis Wilkinson

    Bahrain 2020, most horrifying crash I’ve ever seen, I’m just glad Grosjean is alright.

    1. Lewis Wilkinson

      @silverace08 Indeed it was scary to watch, let’s all be thankful for the engineers who design such a safe car for such a dangerous sport

    2. silverace08

      yea, was shocked and just started praying, it was like a phoenix rising out of the ashes when he climbed out, miracle he was conscious and got himself out in time, definitely the car and gear tech saved his life, halo, fireproof clothes, i just wonder what made the front snap off from the back in the way that sent his monocoque piercing into the barrier which i believe was the reason for such a fuel leak as the tank was torn open and sparked the fire-a byproduct of the heat at that speed, although i feel the speed and angle wasn't that extreme so should be something part of standard f1 crash testing, which i'd think is comprehensive enough to test such possible scenarios, it was a freak accident, as damon hill commented, and definitely a first for our generation to see live on tv although there have been a lot worse in history, but those were different days, when safety wasnt considered a priority as it has been more recently, also it was worrying how his monocoque literally got stuck in between under the 3-tiered barrier, which i feel shouldn't have been so pierceable, although i understand it's also designed to absorb high impact and dissipate energy, there could have possibly been no way out for grosjean if the twisted metal covered his opening, i know this is a very dangerous sport by nature but i think that is avoidable going forward, they've got to do a serious re-design of the barrier tech as well as re-assess their crash tests, since it also failed in the case of anthoine huberts t-bone situation, which should also be a secure test procedure, albeit reality can play out in unexpected and uncertain ways dictated by fate, plus it was lucky the medical car was right around the corner and the fire marshalls were also right there, else it could have ended differently, most of all it was roman's guardian angel that got his senses together such he was able to get out

    3. Lewis Wilkinson

      Never seen anything like it, the car tore in two

  46. Gabriel Ståhl

    Hmm not a fan of the look, prefer the C_One, this looks a bit like corvette. C One was easy identified, this I wouldn't be able to say what it is unless I see the brand name

  47. Edwin

    The green one is so good looking and perfect imo.