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A British TV licence is NOT required to view my videos or almost every other video on DEfasts.

Many of the builds and projects featured here operate at full mains voltage and carry a high risk of shock and fire. As such they're really intended for either entertainment value or for those who do similar stuff.
The videos are generally uncensored and may contain tasteless jokes, profanities and even blood and electric shocks when things go wrong. So just like a normal workshop really.

So kick back, grab a beer and enjoy the ride.

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  1. brianartillery

    Amen to that.

  2. Das Deutsch

    I love these!! I remodeled our bathroom and used these to replace a 4 gang wall switches. Also added LED imbedded glass tile that now are controlled by these as well!

  3. jfan4reva

    One of the features they're touting for these lamps is the low heat output to save on air conditioning costs. In a place where you run a/c all year round that could be significant.

  4. Jordan Ciaramitaro

    I have a strong feeling that Dubai lamp will become a marketing term to sell cheap dangerous knock off versions at inflated prices in the near future.

  5. Cir Diam

    Very nice!

  6. Roy Tellason

    I like it as well, and it proves that China can make something without all that flashy crap and other useless modes included. Too bad the site where you bought it seems to be defunct.

  7. VIIXX

    Its not scam u just learn some electronics (V) n (W) 12v light consuming 20w

  8. VIIXX

    12v 1.5A=20w 12 volt 20 watt both are different things

  9. MissingMew

    hrm... i wonder how feasible it would be to "clone" these lamps using off the shelf components (including regular dome LEDs) and using a larger sized bulb as case (to not have to minimize as heavily). not considering that it would involve making and fiddling with bits and pieces that will be live at some point :P

  10. Brittney Self

    1 minute in and I'm officially here for the cat. Just kidding I love your videos.

  11. Broder Perdurabo

    Bought aq kit from Wishkina, and it works like a dream, replace heads.,

  12. chocolate squiggle

    Am I missing something, or are these lights all about half the wattage of regular lamps though? So it's great that they'll last 10 times as long, really. But you'll have to use twice as many of them to get your regular dosage of evening lumens?

    1. KJ Dude

      That's why there are twice as many LED strips in the bulb. To double the output.

  13. Steve Leahy

    Yes take the other lightbulb apart What would the Edison lightbulb be comparable to here in America also what do you call a candelabra base lightbulb

  14. Evzen Hedvabny

    Quite late... But this device might be (in theory) safe in in countries of former USSR. Soviet power grid has been designed as 220V IT system. So (in theory ) neither wire should bite you when touched.

  15. Gregory Thomas

    It really pisses me off that companies refuse to do this with all their used to be a company made a product to LAST way longer. Allowing all this Chinese crap in the supply chains has changed the model from better made stuff to who ever can make it cheaper wins...and we suffer because of it. If things lasted longer the environment would have way less rubbish being dumped in it and the tree-huggers would have nothing to bitch at...a double win! /rantover

  16. Bible History Science

    Imagine a world in which lamps are so good that it’s unsustainable to sell them anymore, so customers must “subscribe” to use them like software by subscription.

  17. Bob Fields

    We're gonna a teardown and schematic.

  18. Justin van Zuilekom

    While talking about the waveforms from encoders and shit, that setup is literary just an electrical vernier scale. It probably connects a specific fork, indicating the tenth of a millimeter.

  19. ferret gaming

    so you can`t buy these lamps, but here is clive with a how there are made guide, so some of us could easily make our own if we really wanted some.

  20. Rob Robbie

    ..... I was having my GF CornFlakes when I saw the magnified pubic hair on that PCB.

  21. Big Dev

    Soy is the cause of blocked signal in the brain we have been poisoned with in our food supply. There are allot of other side effect of soy including cancer and gender confusion. It effect everyone different.

  22. Carlos Ramon

    Finally, somebody eating foreign food that isn’t an American

  23. Wm Neiss

    How about checking out some clippers!!!🤣

  24. Alex Oja

    If i send you a device i made will you power it up with an electrode in hand and then open it?

  25. Rey Dus

    What is so horrible about this, is that not only it pretends to be eco with the mechanism, but it is a huge waste of plastic that will end up in a landfill, probably!! Let us not mention the use of batteries...

  26. Thomas Dixon

    Just seeing this video now and I know you may never see this comment, but I would just like to say that I am helping my wife to look after her mother, who has Alzheimer's/Dementia, I salute you and your brother for what you have done for your mother and for truthfully letting us know what lies ahead and how we should deal with it. Thank you sir.

  27. Alex Oja

    If this was widely available and consumers were cognizant of the benefits... philips would lose money. So not gonna happen.

  28. Kirk Johnson

    If the bad guys ever start coming up with tricky devices James Bond would bring them to Big Clive.

  29. Mark 1024MAK

    Rather than taking the 2W lamp apart, what about seeing if you can make your version of these?

  30. mark layton

    send it back to Dubai .

  31. Benedict White

    It's a shame you can't buy them here.

  32. John Thimakis

    Mushroom clouds look awesome too, but we know the problem with those. I worked for a company that made biological safety cabinets, (fume cupboards) and they had a UV c tube in the conventional fluorescent tube format but they didn't make a blue glow at all. They only made a slight purple glow at each end. Anyway these things are extremely dangerous. If you were to turn one on and fall asleep, you'd wake up with a nasty sunburn and potentially skin cancer. Thanks for sharing. 😉👌🏼

  33. Nathan

    What are the range on those things?

  34. Parker Johnson

    i just come for the voice over

  35. Random Electronics and Displays

    I hate to think about the constant headache of having to replace spent batteries because lights won't turn on. Especially if the whole house is set up with those.

  36. twocvbloke

    The "too reliable" thing isn't much of a conspiracy, as there was indeed "The lightbulb Conspiracy", where the manufacturers decided they weren't making enough money, so grouped together (The Phoebus cartel) and cocked over their products to create the original planned obsolescence to make sure they failed resulting in a false economy of consumers having to keep buying them, rather than being proud of making something long lasting and utterly reliable and dependable...

  37. Nekkz

    That's insulting... in fact these videos could easily be good demonstrations in a trial against planned obsolescence for Phillips. They always claim they did their best to provide the best product... this is very hard to demonstrate conspiracy. This is clearly exposing the scam.

  38. arfyness

    I'd really love to find something comparable for 120v. I'm getting sick of flickery ones that bake themselves to premature failure, seemingly regardless of brand or price.

  39. dcale15

    And yet the people that allow this are the people that Keep getting voted in by the people in the comment section that say this is wrong

  40. ierig

    for a lab or medical thing, that case looks pretty shite.

  41. mikeselectricstuff

    Didn't know anyone still used those little 12v batteries. Have you looked at the batteryless transmitter switches that use a neat magnetic generator ?

  42. CarlOfDuty98

    No need to open the other one, it's clear the schematic they're using so...

  43. Paige Steele

    “There are no instructions” *proceeds to read instructions*

  44. Silvy

    The only LED lights that when they say will last 15 years/XXX hours, they will actually last that.

  45. Steven Faber

    I mean you kinda have to do the 2W one now. Where did you obtain those bulbs?

  46. İlhan Neğiş

    ok question, I used to live in Dubai for around 10 years, electrical code over there is British, so lamp connectors are bayonet style, if there's an exclusive deal over there, why in Edison connector connector?

  47. Владимир Алексеяевич

    I like this thing

  48. An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd

    It will help you grow an extra finger so you can write more efficiently.

  49. Benny

    If Philips won't sell them to the rest of the world, then perhaps an enterprising Chinese manufacturer will?

  50. bruv nomemto

    i have one of these

  51. smitajky

    Why is it that a lamp that is more efficient and lasts longer isn't available everywhere in the whole world. Even if it cost more it could be a wise investment. On the same basis I put some LED lights in a rural property. If the lights were turned on the TV stopped working. The HF interference swamped the weak signal. These lamps would have fixed that problem too. It appears that they are better lights full stop.

  52. Stefan Victor Bușcă

    we have this in romania

  53. Sébastien Leblanc

    I swear, when he read out the capacitor's rating, I heard 470 microfarts.

  54. ropersonline

    W/r/t the MOSFET that's marked with LPW: What does the LPW stand for?

  55. The Ejaculator

    So its not a fleshlight

  56. Ted McFadden

    Given the lamps are such a precious commodity (at least, outside Dubai?) I'd say leave the 2w unit alone. Having said that, if something interesting comes up about that zener diode, it'd be neat if you could pass that along. 👍

  57. Andrew Rawstron

    Looks like they might have sold out / discontinued. Can’t see on their website.

  58. jlucasound

    Yes, you may have been killed while wearing that hard hat but you would have looked so cool on the way out!! I'm glad nothing hit your head and you still looked cool!!

  59. ‍1marcelfilms

    200w led panel, run at 20 watt. Diy dobai lamp

  60. Fall Knight

    Would 1 of those 1w bulbs light a room or just itself

  61. Maxcraft

    One megafart capacitor

  62. ッTesla Coil GuyッTCG

    Wasn't the lamp with the dangerous LED that ruined the lampshade?

  63. Che Thatcher

    Used as a humane rodent deterrent, they hate the smell. Also used to get rid of bad smells in the air. You don't want to be around it all the time though, ozone is not great for your health.