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  1. alida flus

    We must protect Little Ned at all costs.

  2. goldeneyefleming

    i take today serie s i play and try more times more times turn off and on from the game but NO SET PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME?

  3. Harun yılmaz

    Please add Turkish language support.

  4. Raider

    I wish this game was on playstation, this is the Best pirate game ever! And one of the Best open world games

  5. Metallica Boi

    Yay. Exactly what I wanted. More cosmetics. Smh

  6. PeterDeep

    Some ideas for the next update: 1. more ocean life, like randomly generated coral reefs, and dolphins and schools of fish, whales, etc so the ocean doesnt look so bland underwater 2. more on the ocean life thing, deeper shipwrecks or mabye some tall tales and structures and treasure involving mermaids, like hostile mermaids, or mermaid cities, and some thing to use so you can dive deeper that doesnt really change the pirate theme too much (i dont have any ideas for what they could add) 3. card games on the ship 4. some more boarding options for boats, like harpoons could be used as tightropes or ziplines 5. different world events that arent combat, like a whale breaching, or in the near distance, a megalodon fighting a kraken, mabye a school of fish that will do fish stuff, etc

  7. Jett Walker

    If ya’ll like funny & intense SoT vids, check mine out <3

  8. LT. Zilla

    Can I get a heart <3

  9. Rebecka MP

    Hey Sea of Thieves. Can you add motion blur, Color Correction, Sharp shadows, And All of them that is similar to Announcement Trailer At The Final Update?

  10. Urgently Gaming

    Oh wow, another trash update. What a supriiiiiiissseee

  11. yeeters_mcgeeturs

    lol the tag sunday vibes ruins it ngl