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  1. SGTSnakeUSMC

    Some hot chocolate and a change of underwear would be great!

  2. C

    For 0:45 I'll have better coverage northwest of *something* ;)

  3. SGTSnakeUSMC

    More money than brains.

  4. Speedster14 5


  5. jomcjojo

    I'd hate to be this dudes next flight instructor. I'd feel like the lifeguard at Olympic swim meets.

  6. Brendan Marks

    "Everything's under control. Situation normal. Uh, we had a slight radio malfunction. But everything's perfectly alright now. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?"

  7. Grimm Ace

    serious question ...does the communications between an aircraft and ground sound this bad in real-time or is it just because this is a recording?

  8. djchemical

    Wow, this brought tears of joy to my eyes. What a wonderful ATC and instructors ... she was so calming and reassuring. KUDOS to everyone involved but most of all RESPECT to that brave girl for putting the plane down safely.

  9. jmwaush530

    " I'm not criyng....you're crying!"

  10. Michael Bryant

    one time i took taxi

  11. LandonStevens

    Instructor john ramano

  12. iTripReport

    Great idea...

  13. Michael Koutsodontis

    @74 Gear broke this down perfectly.... The real problem is the inexperienced pilot not the controller.

  14. Michael Koutsodontis

    @74 Gear broke this down perfectly.... The real problem is the inexperienced pilot not the controller.

  15. littleferrhis

    “We have a Fox trotting on foxtrot”

  16. Dave Blake

    i would of made 28L go around, once it was obvious 28R was landing

  17. kaamos79

    She resigned shortly after this, which does not suggest a medical issue.

  18. littleferrhis

    Man was so hoping it was going to be taxiway F. “There’s a Fox trotting on foxtrot.”

  19. christel christely

    They need snowchains ;-)

  20. Elaine Benes

    Question 1: How can a laser get into the eyes of a pilot if it is coming from the ground? Wouldn't it have to be INCREDIBLY accurate for that to happen? Question 2: Is there military application for this? Why don't we just have a bunch of people shining lasers in the sky instead of building AA weapons?

  21. Chris P

    This interaction should be used as an example of how a Captain, First Officer or GA pilot should always maintain there composure when speaking to ATC. Regardless of the situation, An ATC’s job is to provide a safe, orderly flow of traffic. ATC controllers are human, so frustration and anxiety can creep into their brain as well. The pilot handled the complete interaction perfectly by not taking anything personal. Well done, sir!

  22. M1911jln

    34 gusting 52? Yeah, you can give me clearances all day long, but I'm not taking off in that.

  23. Michael A

    Deploy the spikes if they don't pull over

  24. panda4247

    Chewie, was that plane supposed to be there? Mmrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Shit!

  25. EET FUK

    I wear BRA’s to cover my PHAT BIGFOOT

  26. christopher jones

    Wow! Killer work by NY ATC.....great piloting as well....!!

  27. Erica Baker

    I always choke up when they ask how many souls on board ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

  28. EET FUK

    Bigfoot indeed exists

  29. Tte. Damian

    That is one ice cold pilot! Nothing working on the plane but the toilets and the dude doesn't declare an emergency!

  30. generic username

    2 aircraft with a combined length of ~280ft/85m taking up over 900ft/275m of taxiway? The AA would have had over 160ft/48m of taxiway in front of it if its ass was hanging out enough for the Delta to clip it, so why not at least move up or take the turn onto foxtrot-bravo like instructed?

  31. Erica Baker

    I got choked up when the ATC asked how many souls aboard omg

  32. Ares Cyp

    Fake Military Coup made by Erdogan and his bastards

  33. tommy wiseau

    obviously a serious situation, but imagine hitting a deer again on landing 🙈

  34. Mark C

    Exactly how I am when my nephew's won't sit still in the back seat of my car lol

  35. SirWolfwoodIII

    5000 pounds of fuel for 5 passengers. EFFICIENCY

  36. Susan Holsclaw

    If I ever got within 8 feet of the hold short lines my CFI would smack me

  37. Patrick Warrington

    My brain read the title like the canadian PM had a flaps issue and not his plane

  38. Mr.Pilot of the Carribean

    What was the ELT about?

    1. 09shadowjet

      Most probably a test since it happened at dead O'clock. You can test your ELT only within the 5 minutes of the hour.

  39. Luke

    Love your content! There was a gear up landing in KYIP after an emergency was declared in an Emb-120 on Saturday night (3/6/21) around midnight local time that you should look into doing!

  40. tx1 G

    Well!? What happened? Was there a kidnap victim or not?

  41. Erica Baker

    The implicit bias in the ATC's mistake is that he unconsciously thought it was more possible for a child to be in the cockpit instead of a woman?? lol it's a stretch but possible

  42. German Ed. Leal Nino

    The way this pilot was communicating was very unclear. His situation had to fish out of him

  43. Jalan Jude Casem

    what does the fox say:Tower this is fox, requesting cross 16 at echo 5....

  44. Samuel Carvalho

    What was the siren sound blaring at 4:52 - was it the ELT alarm and why would it be going off if there wasn’t any high G crash or submersion in water?

  45. Renard380

    - Ukrainian get moving! - Nyet. - Ok then Ukrainian stop. - Nyet nyet. - ...

  46. Danil Belyi

    Incredible atc

  47. Alexander Hadjikrastev

    No phone number to copy? Is he just lucky or is it not considered a big mistake?

  48. Aidan Awesome

    I was tracking this flight live and listening to atc while it happened! Passed right over my house twice!

  49. Trevor Kelley

    Was on airport for work removing snow when this happened.

  50. swampmonkey19

    "okay, sir, we don't want that" I don't think anyone wants that 😂

  51. RustyNuts

    Hope the pilot was ok

  52. daggu_007

    I could really imagine what the ATC was feeling rn

  53. Dieter Müller

    Flying Made in Germany

  54. jean jacques Kerloch

    Vas y VASA !

  55. Chun Hei SO

    I assume this is HK international airport and Cathay is Cathay freight and going to freight terminal?

  56. Eric Chang

    I’m not complaining about something, but they should be better and work hard in English after they back to China and joined the company. Especially when you get that much pay, u should be more professional.

  57. insylem

    Even without ADSB he still should have showed up with just 3A and C

  58. generic username

    Jeebus, ATC said everything except Simon says.

  59. Malayalam hardbaass gamer T


  60. Daniel Pearson

    Would be great to have a other Kennedy Steve. Understand his name is David.

  61. Flying Ace

    Hope the instructor was okay

  62. Rabbi Pesach Steinberg

    ATC: Your type of aircraf Pilot: Cessna 206 ATC: Copy, Kim Jong Un

  63. 911s73targa

    If anything she should have just given the phone number, it's the controller that kept it on the air

  64. Frisky Dong

    Always fun roasting Texas.

  65. Flying Ace

    Absolutely incredible.

  66. Rabbi Pesach Steinberg

    South Korea!

  67. Oliver Stanko

    I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure that pilot knows what he can and can't do and he knows how to fly his aircraft

  68. robert santiago

    The public should start a petition to prohibit ATC speaking like they're auctioneers on the radio

  69. MattijnT

    Holy cow the comments on this video are cracking me up, what a bunch of amazing jokes.

  70. Donald Duck

    Bloody Ukrainians - the whole nation is Yupt!.

  71. Sergiusz Winogrodzki

    "I can see some lights there" I don't even... Man... Whoa

  72. Sergiusz Winogrodzki

    What the hell just happened...

  73. Rita Sickman

    The halting himalayan strikingly drown because replace likely sprout plus a numerous button. equable, nappy birthday

  74. Martin Dotti

    They definitely didn't stall though, just lost a few hundred feet from pitching down to gain speed

  75. Ducati SupersportS

    I’m ex Flybe crew and my good friend and colleague was operating onboard, all crew did an excellent job ensuring all passengers were safe

  76. Blue-no-Baka

    The first minute is literally every Skype call ever

  77. Rita Sickman

    The perpetual icon cosmetically force because viola supply behave worth a important volcano. dry, puffy earth

  78. Tobias Kühl

    When talking to someone you think is a fool. Assume you are tho one getting fooled.

  79. Brandon S

    it always amazes me when other pilots hear emergency or urgent traffic and then give the slowest laziest replies ever

  80. Peter Siegel

    I am guessing this was a first solo flight?