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  1. fire fox

    Were the commentators watching this fight ? In particular CHRIS MANNIX ?

  2. Johnny Royalle

    Toward the end, he started reminding me of Tyson in his prime. That left smash that comes from down low but ends up , upside your head, while using this turning torqueing motion. He used his legs for a gazelle effect and knocked him out , through his fukin guard. Canelo is the best now.

  3. thatboy

    You can tell Jake had Extra Respect for Deji, unlike the rest of his oppenents after the fight,

  4. GershomSeventyEight

    I really appreciated the sportsmanship!!!

  5. D Boucher

    This guy is something else. I give the nod to canelo vs mayweather in their prime.

  6. The Secret Info

    Anyone else just finding out about this fight and feels like a complete winner for seeing it for free? I feel ya fam! 💯

  7. Ydelgar Ortiz

    Solo recuerdo de esa noche que anduve en Las Vegas ... el pinche palote que le eche a mi vieja ... k.o. 💪🏻👊🏻🤣

  8. Just Gaming

    Billy Joe Saunders gonna be added to this list as number 1

  9. Galaxy Dahunog

    Bro should cut his hair. That's dangerous

  10. FYRFOX198

    Joshua didn’t win by knockout, his win is ARTIFICIAL...J V R 3 needs a knockout from JOSHUA to erase his EMBARRASSING loss in J V R 1.

  11. Mauricio Chan

    Florida mayhuether fue campeón invicto porque las Vegas siempre le davan triunfos que no tenía como cuando pelo con el terrible morales chino mandaban ahora está de oscar de la hoya entre otros y un gran campeón es el que pelea al tu por tu no que miren el ridículo que ace Floyd en esta pelea

  12. BlisteredThumb

    The heart. Unstoppable.

  13. Willie Bateman

    Sleep 🛌 hands down man down 💥

  14. KPJ

    He fights like Crawford

  15. sexymexijesse

    3:09 Even at the Club Canelo dances like that, ready to fight.... Pure Boxer hahaha

  16. Moises Perez

    The commentator are a joke " I have billy joe Saunders 2 rounds up” during 8th round at 1 minute 30 seconds left.

  17. Selorm Jerry

    Who saw meek mill

  18. A. P.

    Andy's coaches were wrong, I don't understand why? they didn't carry him on their shoulders when he won that fight like other coaches do with their prospects.

  19. Highflyer

    Wow they really didn't promote GGG after these fights, I didn't even know he fought in 2020

  20. Sean Gibson

    Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz knock offs

  21. Henry of Skalitz

    Now, listen! I have some unique words of wisdom for you all: Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

  22. Drop Box


  23. chris99103

    NOTHING...repeat NOTHING will ever top Foreman-Lyle carnage round 4 ...todays heavyweights are showgirls compared to those guys

  24. Andre Horton

    Both dudes are bad fighters but it entertainment so 👍

  25. Hold_my_Glasses

    Chris Mannix is on code but extremely delusional and he Obviously has never fought before. Listen to Sergio sir :) you sound like a casual and not a professional analyst... Remember Kell Brook.. same injury, twice, never the same after each come back.

  26. Ángel Colín

    Billy Joe Saunders acting all tough and what not and Canelo just acting normal yet Billy Joe Saunders Lost 😅

  27. Tommaso Bongiovanni

    Víva México desde Italia 🔥❤️

  28. J.G. Prod

    Lerrone Richards was soild. But bro look like a whole light heavyweight 🤣 not middle lol

  29. Chisom Ogwuegbu

    I was wondering why did Santos was not letting his hands go , then I saw what returned after he did. Okpo na anwa

  30. MrGALROS

    Jajajaja youtube making fighters

  31. rantzzz rantzzz

    Sloppy BJs always get shot in the eye...

  32. Nawlinz Kid Fresh

    Now I see why everyone is making excuses not to fight Devin 😂

  33. DC K

    카넬로를 누가막냐

  34. Taylor OG

    Gib is the baddest fighter I ever seen in my life haha

  35. Wood Grain

    I cant believe I click on this fight dude in red should not be in the ring

  36. FerThe GlockJeet

    I don't see how anyone had saunders ahead it was 5-3 for Canelo. Some of the commentators are baised.

  37. Mike Lutta

    That knockdown was a careless move by jmm also the headbutt by PAC cost jmm the fight

  38. Bryant Griffin

    They are both clowns. 🤡🤡

  39. Antisocial 323

    Best Ring Walk Ever!

  40. Cesar Huerta

    Who in their right mind would want to see Saunders if he would come back. Saunders is a has been. He is history. Either Canelo or David Benavidez will put Saunders in a body bag. GGG is at 160 lbs, does this idiot really believe that Saunders can beat GGG. GGG will also put Saunders in a body bag.

  41. Cesar Huerta

    What. This idiot aka Chris Mannix really believes that Saunders will come back and be world champion? Canelo will be around for a long long time. Heavens forbid Saunders comes back to fight. He will get his ace crushed by another fighter or Canelo will put him in a body bag this time instead of an ambulance. These two clowns know little or nothing about boxing.

  42. Ali Ceja

    Viva Mexico the BEST pound for pound, canelo is like a shark attack ,when he smells blood it's how's the eye lol

  43. Thaiboxer80

    is this the first or second fight??

  44. Cesar Huerta

    Really? Move up to light heavyweight? Arthur Beterbiev will not put Saunders in an ambulance, he will put him in a body bag.

  45. Franco Camus

    great fight and great technique especially by Cotto. the problem was that Alvarez at that weight could walk trough Cotto punches

  46. konstantin stemmermann

    buatsi must be a fake. otherwise they wouldnt match him against unkowns.

  47. Harris Elder

    What’s this song called?

  48. Ahmed Asif

    Bautsi is a humble guy and a true warrior.

  49. Luis B

    That first fight is shameful all around. They all should be disgusted with themselves.

  50. Dage Hareqz

    After watching Boy tapang vs Russel brusko, 🤣😂

  51. Ultra Instinct Vegeta

    Buatsi's style kind've reminds me of Errol Spence earlier in his career. This kid will be a champion for sure one day!

  52. Jj s

    M canelo fan but this was robbery . GGG won this

  53. N G

    BJS says Canelo has never seen a fighter with his heart, after a few punches later, BJS quits on the stool, hahahahahaha, now that's a hard pill to swallow, lol

  54. OfficialSabbath Moke

    Didn't know it was legal to hold his head down and uppercut lol

  55. Happy Planet Green Planet

    Canelo was lucky. We will wait for Canelo vs GGG fight in future.

  56. Akshat Yadav


  57. N G


  58. ThatOld Guy508

    Boxing is fixed

  59. fraggg ggg


  60. Frances Lovato

    They look like brothers.

  61. Tasos Charalampakis


  62. Tasos Charalampakis

    He's crying to win in playground!! What a pothetic (boxer)... I see my 2,5 years old son and fight with his cousin 5 years old

  63. LolslayerTV

    Ksi destroyed him... ooohhh

  64. Osibamowo Moyo

    Dont undertand the 'humility' when u punched the man again when he was out already.. dudes gonna be huge tho

  65. Janz Cabz

    Who dafaq is jake paul?

  66. Glenn eric Selves

    When cocky fighters get destroyed hahaha love it :)

  67. Spierdalaj да

    How can you put Joshua on the list he may currently hold 3 belts but he's not the best heavyweight Fury is and where is Josh Taylor or these guys don't watch boxing often?

  68. Nikhil Desai

    What a fight!!!! Boxing is a beautiful beast!

  69. Mike Lutta

    Aiii!this was like Oscar commiting suicide!PAC was dangerous

  70. Ninja dojo Nobi

    Chavez was the best.

  71. delaneo waddey

    Bautsi is a beast.

  72. Simshine95

    Canelo Number 1 pound for pound, NO DEBATE

  73. Dancing Diva

    Dos Santos wasn't resdy

  74. Богдан Масажист

    Люди роками тренуються і результат середній,головне характер фізруха і бажання,теперішній час все перевертає з ніг на голову,але характер во всі віка визначає

  75. Sam Rodriguez


  76. Romeo Wendo

    In this fight canelo copied mayweathers exact ring IQ and I love it🙌

  77. Jj s

    Religious experience dang

  78. ImKidTrunks

    we want deji vs gib and my money on deji 😭

  79. J Bart

    Made me a fan. Guy is humble. The look on his face when he dos santos was going down and the way he points at hos santos when he was announced as the winner, thats humility.

  80. ホタルホタル