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  1. Salvador Franco

    Hay Its better you go home,, F you want to fight canelo don't stay in front of canelo side to side in and out

  2. MuhammadAli_GOAT

    Ryan dressed like he has either won a genuine and legit world title (not a silver or interim) or that he is Canelo himself, not bad for defeating the great Sugar Ray Leonard, I mean Luke Campbell..

  3. 13

    Canelo TANK Alvarez

  4. Milusoshandyman 1

    Después de ese gran show 😁

  5. Ivan Linares

    Canelo; la mentira del boxeo, pinchis peleas piteras.

  6. rain zero


  7. TrollMaster Fictitious Fables of Europa

    market maker shows you is a lie buy as close to 6 as possible $TCDA be there baby 🍼🍼 💥💥🤯🤯


    How does this dude make weight he look like a 180 pounder 🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. Lawson Addae

    Canelo was born to fight !!! What a head movement 💪💪💪

  10. albert miller

    Lousy fight - no worthwhile genuine competition. Won’t call it “Fixed” but as far as boxing goes, this is a broken fight. What a joke!

  11. squad cast

    Absolutely terrible, as a UK fan I won't be watching parker again

  12. Shadowlox PG3D

    He got robbed wym guys

  13. marcao texeira

    lol avni

  14. Fatih Günay

    Bu kadar basit sıradan bir maç izlediğimi hatırlamıyorum.günahını almak istemiyorum ama planlı ve para için organize edilmiş bir müsabaka gibi geldi bana da

  15. DAMIR ŽIGMAN žigi

    So what

  16. JLÝA ChamLigaWorld!!

    Pero de donde sacan estos boxeadores

  17. Callw Geop

    This will be a technical chess match both have superior technical boxing, high iq I will be so pumped when they meet in the ring🇬🇧Vs🇲🇽 Let’s go!!!!

  18. Jon Cruz

    Kambosos counter punching

  19. Jose Sosa

    Charlo 2021 🔥

  20. Radicalxp

    Costal de papas

  21. bryan recinos

    CANELO es el mejor del mundo, chinga su madre el que no lo piense.

  22. Jorge Espinoza

    Peleó contra un saco

  23. Jose Rodriguez

    Jajajajaja muy lentos

  24. Michael Valenzuela

    Pathetic fight!

  25. Bill Slim

    Avni the Turkish Poodle was never going to test Alvarez, Suanders will as he is slick but I don't see anyone beating Canelo Alvarez right now he is at the peak of his career. Charlo can't win at 168 either.

  26. SS85

    His English sounds like manny

  27. Fredi Rodriguez

    Se mamaron. Que chingon.

  28. Bubba Harrod

    Is GGG gonna be the only person to give canelo a fight other than floyd

  29. Carlos Lopera

    Cáñelo y García son santeros el blanco siempre está en su vestimenta por esto les está hiendo bien en su carrera

  30. 7 ra

    CANELO going to finish all UK fighters. Will he fight FURY (its a joke)!

  31. Shimul Ahmed

    "John doesn't get a ton of respe..." John get knocked down.

  32. Pepe El toro

    Donde estan mis Latinos de cora?🇲🇽🥊

  33. Edin Mendez

    Y hoy de donde sacaron a ese boxeador eso le gusta a ese pinche canelo

  34. Ridwan Ali

    BLJ time to shine

  35. June Freeman

    the fight in one word...hugs!

  36. Jonjo Berly

    Next, Bivol vs Canelo.

  37. hector ortiz

    He knew he was done, why would he wanna get punched more...

  38. Jairo Valderrama

    completamente de acuerdo con @Santriez Taylor, canelo le pusieron al típico "Sand Bag"

  39. Pierre Fourie

    Canelo the MAN

  40. Damyll Speaks

    This fight was fixed.. Look where dude was aiming when he punched. And he was just walking in to punches....smh

  41. greg spencer

    This fight was a waste of everyone’s time. We knew who was going to win, neither fighter showed us anything new, and it held up the division. This is exactly why the causal masses don’t care about boxing anymore.

  42. L. C.

    This is the same situation as adesanya vs costa was! Think avni was just surprised at how fast and powerful canelo is and basically didnt know what to do. Or was overly careful like costa was in the fight against israel

  43. Nils Elbl

    Only the winner should be payed. So this looser would fight harder. He didn’t even deserve to be called a boxer

  44. Georgio Skandalis Kapsimalis

    With all these weight training they do nowadays their speed looks like heavy weight or more.. Old big George was faster and his grills were awesome too! ;)

  45. munecosuave13

    Dos tortugas 🐢 tortugas 🐢, peleando!!!!

  46. Carlos David Navarro

    Dato curioso: J Balvin vuelve al Hard Rock Stadium después de un año. El año pasado lo vimos en el Superbowl 2020 junto a Shakira & Jennifer López featuring. Bad Bunny

  47. Flying Angel

    Yildrim such a bad Performance....

  48. Angelo Rodriguez

    El mejor libra por libra. Les guste o no.

  49. Guillermo Raudez

    Asalto a mano armada para Miami. Grupo Canelo Corleone, 20 millones Canelo + 2.5 millones al ruso. Estafa total. Ver videos cuando entrenaban. El Ruso era mas agresivo..

  50. 2NHK TV

    Is that a boxer?😂🤣😂

  51. robin westermann

    Yess!! BJS vs Canelo. That's the fight I've been wanting to see.

  52. Noor Majiet

    3million dollars in south africa its about 60 millin rand/u can hit me cold for 3million dollars/no wonder avni laughed after the knock down/canelo is doing a floyd on the boxing fans/fight charlo and shut them brash kids up/or let ggg do them 1st

  53. Alex Terrieur

    What a light sparring for canelo 😂

  54. Cody Gilstrap

    When asked what he wanted to do next Canelo should have just told Eddie just serve me up another can of that Italian soup

  55. Ömer Terzioğlu

    Avni Yıldırım Energy, süper 👍

  56. Matt Gonzalez

    That guy got 3million dollars for being a punching bag, he is the winner and us the loosers fpr even watching this lame fight. What a fiasco.

  57. Pal R.K.

    Some of Canelo's punches are at the belt, stopped by referee only once. Strange, he doesn't do that. No difference to outcome, but he is more accurate.

  58. Faisul Abedin

    He was more interested chris eubank Jr lol

  59. Moorish Sway36

    I’d beat the brakes off both the Paul brothers. Easy work

  60. im not lazy

    There's actually no point of fighting canelo anymore he's just mastered the sport💀

    1. Damyll Speaks

      Wrong. His fights are fixed.. He still cant beat Mayweather and triple G got cheated..

  61. MusicPro Duce

    A cada paquete le ponen a Canelo que le pongan a alguien que sepa pelear para que sea una pelea digna de ver sino es un boxeador pegandole a un boludo todo el round

  62. Mario Davalos


  63. Uriah Heep

    The lights were too bright and the stage was too big tonight....

  64. Seria A

    Vendimi per favore, grazie

  65. J 13

    🇲🇽👑CANELO P4P KING 👑🇲🇽

  66. Blaze Mcginty

    You guys know he was canelos former sparring partner

  67. Oscar Martinez

    The canelo entrance lasted longer !!


    that upper cut from joshua was tanatalizing

  69. MK 33

    What a joke of a fight

  70. Akshay Raj

    Go on saunders!!

  71. y o

    Ben askren fans exist ?😂😂

  72. Arnold loterte cobacha

    Pinag praktisan lng kawawa

  73. Erick Arce

    I was just receiving my pizza when they finished

  74. Jo Ky

    Watching back 2021_03_01. The figther is 1.

  75. Froylan Calixto

    jajajajaja como a la canela pecosa le llueve re bonito ya no quiere comentarios de habla hispana jajajajaja

  76. Mike Perez

    let Billy Joe take all the PEDs available and load his gloves Tyson Furry style to make it more interesting.

  77. Carlos Grullon

    Esta bien como estrategia de hacer mas dinero y mantenerse en forma. Pero, ya es hora de charlot, andrade, triple G. Es decir, peleas de real competencia. Peleas como las de daniel jacobs y triple G son las que en realidad a valido la pena ver mi amigo canelo. Recuerda que eres mexicano y que existe un legado de entereza de los boxeadores de antaňo que no debe ser olvidado. Capiche?

  78. Miguel Ángel Pérez de la Nuez

    Decepcionante actuación del turco. Muy mal preparado en todos los aspectos para la pelea, nunca estuvo a la altura de Canelo Álvarez, ni siquiera al comienzo de la pelea. No entiendo cómo el boxeador turco se preparó para la pelea con Canelo, pero yo despediría instantáneamente a todo el equipo técnico, porque fue una verdadera vergüenza.


    Coomings soon canel vs floyd gayweather, the end of floyd

  80. Adolf Hitler

    the people who screamed once they took a hit really made this non enjoyable