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  1. pink696

    When he said people who use a gt 1030 are losers I unsubscribed

  2. Carbon CopCatter

    You can still run with acid in your face.. just ask Dock Ellis.

  3. Knightlord

    I was actually going to use one of those adapters on my laptop and put a 1080 Ti in it, but then realized it would just be better to build a PC, which is what I did.

  4. Jesse Rangel

    This is the only channel I subscribe to that has notifications on.

  5. koen raus

    Gpu-z gives a graph and a pcie bus load number that would be interesting

  6. Donut

    I almost shat myself when I saw the rx 570 for 140$! Now it’s going for 400$

  7. Mirela Saitis

    Ok.its bad.but what should i buy?

  8. Crek Z

    Laughs in RTX 3090

  9. Leon Hopfes

    if you can get scammed slowly, you can get scammed quickly!

  10. Kruno Lokmer

    2:50 Feels good to be from Croatia now

  11. Star the Kirby

    This is so dumb: it has a transfer speed of PCIe 1.0 x1, which means it is running 1.5% of the bandwidth of a normal 3070 connection!

  12. Deon Spates

    This was really cool sir!

  13. Axel Elfarrow

    my specs Device name DESKTOP-CF29GMN Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz Installed RAM 16.0 GB Device ID 995DEA79-22ED-40C4-8FED-B3C96E53962 Product ID 00330-80000-00000-AA20 System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display

  14. Axel Elfarrow

    THERMALTAKE H200 TG ATX MID TOWER RGB BLACK thats my case also from canada computers

  15. MiElas ツ

    Maybe you can download the rtx 2070 next time.

  16. Axel Elfarrow

    i paid 130$ for a wd blue 1tb 3d nand

  17. Axel Elfarrow

    canada computers is where i got all the parts plus i live downtown ottawa ....cheers to all t6he peeps here from canada's capital

  18. Aquarii

    The craziest part to me is that wasn't even the stock ryzen cooler 😳😳😳

  19. All about Games

    would be nice to see if PCIE 4.0 would help out

  20. emersonruy

    Conclusão muito legal e honesta, parabéns

  21. Bojan Bozin

    Thats an 570 by the cooler

  22. Tyler Watkins

    complains about cable but doesnt use the hole right under it l0l0l

  23. Brett Prior

    Oh, I see you've managed to attain a 3070... Naaahhhhhhhh, don't hate you at all.... nope..... NOOOOOOOPPPPPPPEEEEEEE How bout this for funny....here in PGH PA, used 1060 6G units are now selling used, for over $450.... on the norm. There's also a listing for some dozen OEM Dell PC's, less their 3070's, for about $400 each... $1400 new, but less the 3070 he's selling each for $1k less. This was someone, some local someone's best bet at attaining 3070's to use for his professional PC building business... I say professional, lol.... I mean, it isn't that.... but you know what I mean. Someone who's trying to make a living building PC's in 2021.... something that hasn't been a viable career path since 1989... But regardless, this was this person's best financial bet. Spend $1400 each for 3070's, then make $400 each back (maybe) on the backend, trying to sell 10th gen i3 Dells, without GPU's. But who knows, I imagine he's able to then sell each 3070 for about $4500, as that's about right for the area right now. Also, that GPU usage isn't based on available bandwidth... that should be showing actual core usage... so I'm confused what's going on there. I'm guessing that the GPU is being hit that hard, but losing performance with the narrow path back and forth to the PC. Or so to say, it is rendering out far more frames, they just aren't making it back to the PC to be displayed out.

  24. Jacob Madafaka

    Aaaaand i wrote that, you should buy that adapter in previous video :P

  25. William Howard

    What happens if you put the 1x GTS 450 on the adapter, does it change performance? If you can get the games to run

  26. Silicon Freak

    "Monarch of Croatia" 🤣🤣🤣. Dawid, never change.

  27. Sound of Generations

    Well i had no luck with an external graphics card adapter , Fried a 8400 gs and a hd 5450 until i throwed it away (never worked , the gpus both had a green line through the screen after it...) Never test these shitthings with your main graphics card guys

  28. - A

    I assume that if you were to compare these benchmarks to say a 1060 6gb or 1070 you would get similar results?

  29. Runvald Darkstone

    If you have paid for a dual channel config ( explicit box checked and price suprlus added) > Contact Dell and they might offer a refund for the option OR ( happened to a client of mine) send you a second ddr kit for free as a " sorry we botched it" gesture. May as well be the same fot the cooler. In my experience, Dell support is (for the most cas e) efficient, on the provision that you could explain the problem with sufficient tech knowledge ( and know the Oh so many roundabout way to push your case) On another note ... Dell is not the " entry level gaming machine specialist" for nothing ( many of their Optiplexes XX10 and XX20 series machines have found a second life from desk tool to poorman gaming rigs ... )

  30. Troskot Skot

    I actually bottlenecked my RTX 2060 with a janky MB BIOS update. My framerates were 1060 3GB levels the whole time and I never figured out what was wrong. Turns out the new BIOS capped the lanes to 2x. I thought the GPU was faulty the whole time lol

  31. Roger37

    Nobody - *Weebs - Waifuuu!

  32. PPP_MemeMachine -PPP_Clan

    now give me the link (please).

  33. Elmeri Koivumäki

    Thats a weird cooler

  34. Erick Rodriguez

    This pcie turned the 3070 into it's ancestral brethren gt 1030

  35. Waseem H

    It would be cool to test this with like a 1050, 1030 or something just to see at what point the interface isn't the bottleneck

  36. stikzy

    stickers add +10fps

  37. KEK

    You wouldn’t last a day with the power off. Go out side loser lmao. Unsub

  38. Hyung Kyu Lee

    ha~ we know who your man crush is~~

  39. Ambrosey

    You can potentially ask the seller for sponsorship, china custom pc seller like the anime one would die for an exposure in foreign market.

  40. jimbox114

    Shit. You haven't had nasty until you have had a friend who worked for a local pizza place bring you a PC that stopped working after a mouse pissed on the fiber optic card and ruined the whole system.

  41. Ber Bum

    i would gladly take that from you...

  42. paul maydaynight

    dont blame the cards, blame all the motherboard makers for not putting standard active PCI E x4 slots instead of the lowest x1 on everything even today. for reference dont forget the interconnect port speeds are around... Mini PCI Express has a speed of 2.5Gb/s PCI-E 2.0 x2 6.4 Gb/s (800 MB/s) PCI-E 2.0 x4 12.8 Gb/s (1.6 GB/s) PCI-E 3.0 x4 31.5 Gb/s (3.9 GB/s) see even the really old PCI-E 2.0 x4 gives a card reasonable breathing room for an x4 10Gb/s ethernet card etc ,demand all motherboard vendors replace all x1 with active x4 asap going forward.

  43. handy tech

    Leaving the mosfets without a heatsink is scary, is'nt it ? Thank you for the video.

  44. Absolute DeSi

    Other youtubers: its not working there must be a problem Dawid: it actually worked, there must be some problem

  45. Yuvraj Singh

    Did Mr. Beast made this adapter ??

  46. Avg Lebowski

    You should test it with a gtx 1650 like you suggested m. just to see the difference or maybe like test different GPUs to see where the bottleneck stop like the cpu and gpu are equally being utilized.

  47. Super900k

    40c sheeesshhhhhh

  48. Snoopmasta

    18 + 2 was the cutest mistake ever 😊

  49. David Joyce

    So no booklet or warranty card? Renown for good airflow? Hahahahaha.

  50. ibrahim hazim

    Schools: I will take your whole stock

  51. Santiago Villegas

    dude im going to try an egpu with my dell AIO via its usb 3.2 Gen2 Type-C connector. Should I just save my money?

  52. Logic and Despair

    yh, i nearly bought the pink version of this case So glad i didn't in the end

  53. Jeff Wayne

    Yay! The ad where you pronounce Linux wrong is back!

  54. Roman Lapin

    Liquid thermal pads is the solution

  55. RighteousBruce

    You can fart ina bath LOL

  56. Arioch

    Dang, glad I built my 1st PC myself and figured out it was cheaper and better to do it myself without cutting any corners. The 5gs I put into it was worth it 😁 after seeing many videos of pre-built PCs are horrible and you always get ripped off.

  57. Adam W

    Dawid, known for knee capping hardware like he was Shane Stant.

  58. generalyido

    1:43 it literally says vga card

  59. vincent jones

    Arnold schwarzenegger has big arms

  60. yumri4

    As DDR5 is coming in 2022 ~ 2023 32GB DDR4 is going to go to waste in 2021

  61. Hyung Kyu Lee

    of course you live in Richmond where all the Chinese owned computer shops are. lols

  62. candido silva

    Look the beast.)

  63. Tommie Aldridge


  64. Nishant Soni

    idea for new channel.... David does butt stuff?

  65. Gar Mar

    I'm curious how older cards would fare in that setup :)

  66. Final Kill Gaming

    literally throw in another stick of ram and at least an i3-10100 and you would get much better results.

  67. Nobody Important

    Check out a game called Cities Skylines....i use a 2700x with 32g of 3200MHz and a 2070 my city is only around 90,000 population with about 100+ mods and assets but ive seen others in a group on FB (Cities Skylines Mods) i belong too, ive seen people with cities so big they use Threadripper systems with 64g and up, the problem with testing this is you also need to DL a zillion mods and assets to add or mod your city to work better, on top of actually building a city that size to test this. and i'm sure theres other games such as Satisfactory, both on Steam.

  68. Zoyx

    I have an RX 470 laying around. Worth hooking this card up via this method to my Atari VCS?

  69. M Strand

    Now test it with a lower end GPU like a RX 470/570 and see how it does.

  70. jimbox114

    I have a friend who spend around $1000 on HP computer. Its 16 gigs ram, mechanical 1tb hard drive, i7 9th gen cpu, and no dedicated graphics card. It lags just running windows and the internet lol. I have an old i7 5850 that runs circles around his machine.

  71. HowlingCurve Tech & Gaming

    You can tell the GPU is practically sitting at idle given the temps are around 44c. My 2060 is sitting at 50c just watching youtube (I live in a pretty hot climate around 35c most days)

  72. Paul Le Mars

    See that's the problem, there's a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Doing it right is PC Jesus. Doing it wrong or extra janky is Dawid content motherload. It's a delicate balance.

  73. Abrasive Plague

    The man to go to when you need to find a gts 450.

  74. Alex Corvis

    It takes 5 seconds to see the difference between 120hz and 60hz let alone 30fps and 60fps

  75. man