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  1. Simon Njage

    come to kenya mahn

  2. Blood Omen

    Your words put me through a spiral.

  3. Blood Omen

    I dont know what to call you as a gladiator. You Crixus or spart? No I call you Gannicus!

  4. The Krillster

    Okay, I love this song, don't get me wrong, but...why?

  5. __

    kinda cringe ngl

  6. Søul {Edits}

    Look at the differents... You:3M XXX tentacion:30M 😂😂😂

  7. Corey Smith

    Man song spit straight facts and straight knowledge bro...keep shining and never let nobody dim yo light. Make that shhhhh...shine brighter..💯💯💯

  8. Søul {Edits}

    If you are going to still singing for 50 years....xxx tentacion will stay the best and better than you....

  9. Sirlock

    I liked this, but I still wanna see the k-pop song.

  10. Young Love

    i broke up with my ex baby mama by saying i dont want another sorry, thank you dax, she manipulated everyone

  11. Alysha Cox

    The only one with the balls to answer em and a damn good job of it

  12. Kendra's Planeta

    This almost made me cry bruh 😭 I didn't expect something like this.

  13. Tristan Gibson

    When is this 🔥 gonna drop on spotify??

  14. Jarrad Taylor


  15. Adam McGrane


  16. Lil Mama

    Amen. Keep Believing It's all Gonna be ok I Can't promise Its Going to be easy but I Can promise its Going to be Worth It.

  17. Jesse Stahnke

    This dude is beter than enenime

  18. J Godly tier

    This is my favorite song rn bro thx

  19. Jeremy K

    Pretty damn good for a janitor. Lol.


    I fuckin relate to the lyrics and it hurts to remember that I'm wound around her


    Hes a free man all right

  22. DragonGaming

    Never thought that this great song would relate to my life till today since my girlfriend is leaving all because a lawyer won't see her case and wants way too much to even think about it


    The short term hallucination just like short love tales

  24. The Assistant

    Yo! Now dax wa sup rt there !!!.

  25. Thekidusef

    dax ur insane

  26. Haze Pascua

    addicted to your music and i just started listening an hour ago. bless dax keep it up. BLESS

  27. Maurice Herrera

    I must have listened to this song more than a 100 times and yet it still hits me every time.


    How did I miss such a banger....yoh mahn...you were bullied!!!


    So creative with your video work dax

  30. Historic

    I'm a huge fan of Dax, and I shout him out in my remix of Godzilla too. Thanks for being an incredible lyricist my dude. Check out Gojira! defasts.info/title/video/cs6zjL66mZHbstE.html&ab_channel=HistoricMusic


    Where is Eminem....We need a collaboration here

  32. me and the boys

    This is so badass

  33. Dead Drew Show

    Bro, I can't stop listening it's amazing

  34. Mina G

    Thank you for this video... the lyrics are so dear to HEART.. Its like you wrote my thought in this song... Humbly OneNess..

  35. charles lynn

    God damn did em jump in a time machine and have a kid with a black chick

  36. Astraluz Mix7


  37. Kevin Reginetz

    Found my way here after falling down the YT rabbithole and I gotta say I'm happy I did. New fan fersure.

  38. YeshuaBePraised

    “We back at it like a bad habit” 😏

  39. Giovanni Aguilar


  40. Henry Bourne

    Love it Dax 💯👊🏾💯💯❤

  41. Roberto Delafuente-Pavon

    Awww shit 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️, I’ve found the black version of Eminem 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. Astraluz Mix7


  43. Fight Club

    Omg this is so damn good

  44. Darien Nevarez

    Redd went kraxy on dus

  45. Amine Yousfi

    "My life is a book that they can't even read cause I'm bleeding on every pages" This song is juste perfect. Never dropped a tears on a music before🔥🧢🧢

  46. candice heyen


  47. Catrina DaGreatest

    Wow ✨🌹💪🏾🙏🏾

  48. Daniel Ryan


  49. Jason Green

    Dude u impress me on every song ive followed u feom the word go .u need more attention .mate ur additude on life is so inspiring. U are inspiring . Dear god give this man what he has earned and let him continue in his footsteps as we all need dax in our life .. thanks dax keep up the insanely solid work

  50. Rodney Perkins

    Lol 😂 damn you can rap but it made me laugh thinking about what the people in the car was thinking when they seen you shaking 😂🤣😂 just imagine the conversation in the car

  51. Chris DeFrance

    Your biggest threat is yourself

  52. know less understand small things

    Men your lyrics are something else love it bro 🔥

  53. akpzk


  54. Various Layerz

    1 million likes almost here Sirski!

  55. Hunter Avants

    Something tells me this would pair well with Mortal Kombat fabulously

  56. AJ

    Day 3 Back again to continue dissecting bars

  57. Conjuring Oppz-

    My heart hurts so bad

  58. Chris DeFrance

    They don't hate you They hate themselves 🔥 Vocabulary is on point Cleaning up the game for sure

  59. Angelia Joleen

    This Song is the definition of Beautiful 💕💕🥺

  60. Chris DeFrance

    Id like to see you with Em,Royce,Joyner

  61. Andrew Khan

    Yo I been married for a year now I'm a cop right I always make time for my wife I'm a hard worker life always on the line I'm buying her everything she wants always be by her side trying to make her happy and yet she call me a garbage I caught her cheating several times to I forgived her and I love her so much yo buy it hurts yo

  62. Chris DeFrance

    Straight Rider Momma raised a hell raiser by Pac smash one of those beats for me.

  63. Casey Herman

    Your gonna be big as Pac for sure. I had all Pac's albums and i haven't herd one bad song you put out. Keep doing what you do. And keep making Pac remixes. Much respect.

  64. Eugenio Jovel

    KSI still got more views then this and this remix makes no sense✌

    1. ProtoType AZ

      Yo bro first of all KSI is irrelevant rn , and this is a freestyle it’s not a song he is just showing his talent that ksi will never have

  65. Salty

    you got some mad skills, i want Knox Hill to react to this

  66. Johnny King

    This. This is Dax.

  67. Kaelen Wagers

    Oh my gosh man

  68. Bigrig_trmc

    Road to 3 million here we come #ITSDAX

  69. Johnathon Huffman

    I feel ashamed that I just realized that there's 2 parts to this :(

  70. Dijon Thomas

    Vocal art