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  1. aizuddin ghaffarud-din

    She just won golden Globes for best actress in motion picture comedy and musical.

  2. Narsing

    its like free shareit

  3. Vandroid CODES

    Okay maybe this version of joker will be good but lesser screen time

  4. Bryn Stuart Jones

    Where’s Sybok ?

  5. QuestionMark Gamer

    Wow this shit is so bad

  6. Ja Quiel

    Michigan state Spartans

  7. Efrat Cohen

    That was a great movie 🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. Christian Marrero

    I haven't seen the movie so I can't speak for the full representation but being someone with experience as a ABA Therapist for children and adults on the spectrum, I have had clients who speak with a tablet like this, need headphones for comfort, walk in a similar manner, etc. It's a very broad spectrum and this is obviously not representative of someone with high functioning asd. But just based off the trailer this seems like it could be accurate. I think the outrage must be coming from the usual portrayal of asd being high functioning examples like Netflix's atypical, with there not being a lot of light shed on just how broad the spectrum could be. But if I'm mistaken on where the outrage stems from and there's something in the movie that isn't shown in the trailer or some other reason lmk.

  9. Muggles Cake Sniffer

    I am guessing she makes it to Canada and then goes back to form the Squad and take down Gilead. Not sure about Hannah in this season. SPOILER..... Not sure because Agnes is in The Testament years later.

  10. Simon Smith

    Star Trek had to be brought into the 2000's. I grew up on TNG and the rest. Kids today won't enjoy it as unfortunately life has changed, and what people want to see has. I infact love Discovery. It brings something new. Let's love what we love, but the world has chaged, is changing. Let Star Trek do the same. Its the only way it will and can survive.

  11. Erica Peterson

    I don't get the comparison to Gone Girl. I didn't think about Amy once while watching this film. Different animal. Pike is great, period.

  12. Hey Sassy Lady

    I’m not understanding the hate towards this movie. Autism is a spectrum, and this seems like a severe case of autism that MOST people don’t see. There is nothing offensive in this movie... ya’ll are just too sensitive

  13. Julian Fulian


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  16. Icinine

    I'll give it a watch for a couple of episodes at least. The last season jumped the shark IMO. Wasn't as strong as other seasons. Remains to be seen can they pull it back on track.

  17. Nikolai Mestserjakov

    Godzilla vs Kong on a Pacific Rim?

  18. Tish W

    Anything with Eddie Izzard and I'm there.

  19. Dana Dane

    There is not a square inch of my skin without goosebumps 😳 Season one I was so disturbed I stopped watching half way through because I had to bring it up in therapy 😂 previews for season 2 made me finish Season 1 and I’m so happy I did. Le resistance!

  20. susu Amajiki

    Now this is just ✨embarrassing✨😔🤮. 👁💧👄💧👁

  21. David Kreutzer

    Is HBO MAX showing this movie ????

  22. Levi McElravy

    Historically inaccurate trash film glorifying Billie's incessant heroin addiction and promiscuity even more than her legendary music. As a life long fan I am extremely disappointed.

  23. Black Shark

    🎶🎵Here I am....once again.....🎶feeling lost but now and then🎶.......I breathe it in.....🎶to let it go..........🎶and you don't know...🎶🎵

  24. Josè Mari Valenzona

    I bet on king Kong

  25. Illusive[Brick]

    poor maddie....

  26. Progress and Peace 1

    A middle-age approaching, gaunt, white, rich, single woman travels halfway across the world alone to fill the emptiness in her life, because she likely wasted her youth and overlooked or opposed or looked down upon good people leading humble traditional lives, in her own country. Instead of adoring nature, instead of helping the underprivileged, instead of learning from and seeing the humility of women who lead traditional lives, instead of appreciating kind men, in her own country, she travels halfway across the world and does these very same things (as seen from the trailer). A movie made by artsy, rich liberals, pandering to artsy, rich liberals, accoladed by artsy, rich liberals, to be worshipped mostly by rich, white, artsy, liberal women. Every decade for the last 30 years or so has been like this, but this last decade has been especially laughable when it comes to this.

  27. Alexander C

    An exaggeration on modern toxic Feminism, pointing out how ruthless and means to a stupid end a movie can be! It’s a poorly thought through Storyline, with somehow basic flaws that any 2nd year film major would avoid. It is also a poor manner of lifting up female overpower stupidity, that ends up exactly where it should! With a bullet in the heart .

  28. Bozus

    ayyy de staat!

  29. dayindayout

    Inclusion? Struggles, triumphs, and heart tugs never knew identity politics. It has always been artificially inserted. Question is, why are they doing it?

  30. Malene Jensen

    “Get it soon in your local Spotify” 😂😂😂

  31. GenericName

    i really like this trailer and the movies plot - but fuck me , you really couldn't have come up with a different name for the thing ? echo boomers ? really ? imagine talking about the movie to your mates - and they ask what it's called and you go "echo boomers".. majority of people who hear about this would just peace out after hearing such a shitty title.

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  33. Johnny M

    "And introducing Maddie Ziegler as Music." Man, what a horrible way to make your film debut.

  34. Woop! Sh*t


  35. Rumi Usagiyama

    I’d say this movie was great

  36. Kyan de Haan

    what a dumb movie

  37. Chardè M.

    My little brother has high functioning autism and acts just like this... all the people saying how embarrassing it is sucks just goes to show what people really think and react to this level of autism.

  38. rxseqvartz

    I really want this to be a thing worldwide haha

  39. Frank Madison

    Inclusion during cancel culture. Yeah right.

  40. Kristina Mladenova

    Best news so far this year - we are getting a new season on April 28th!

  41. Stuart Burr


  42. hurrdurr

    Could've just released an album...

  43. Lina

    where i can watch this film?

  44. fear maro


  45. Inspirationally

    Great sharing my friend i like this one

  46. airplane mode

    Thought that was Saoirse for a second

  47. Joel Fortunato

    Some more woke star trek yay.

  48. A Weird Thing

    Conclusion: This random guy thinks he can fix this on a computer My other conclusion: This movie never actually existed... wait... what if..? Idk everything’s a ‘what if’

  49. Nim Idris

    I’m here because of Wendy Williams

  50. Adam

    This movie doesnt seem to look that bad.

  51. Janhavi Ramaiya

    SER Jorah ❤❤

  52. Nerea Martínez

    She reminds me of Rihanna

  53. Бела Белла

    Ну наконец то ..!!

  54. Lecynia Marie

    I've been waiting for this but I don't know if I'm ready for this 👀

  55. Swazi de Lite

    "Blessed be the fruit", "Under his eye" I can't wait to hear this in the streets again

  56. k moods

    looks like contender for worst movie of the year.

  57. LifeLongMETALHead83

    It's like a new version of Shit My Dad Says.

  58. kWide Vidsb

    like 30 love stories and not even one lesbian. i hope this tanked

  59. Mohsin rafiq

    I think Guy can do the role of joker much better

  60. Huracan360

    Reminds me of Anne from Little Britain

  61. Cee !


  62. Kunduz Irgebaeva


  63. Dr PePPi

    It's the blond dude from dump & dumper 😂😂😂

  64. georgeglass

    I hope they get the driving right!

  65. DayByeDay Christine

    And they are, Billie!!!! 💗💗💗🥲

  66. Kristina Stojanović


  67. CrAzY fOr MySeLf


  68. Happy dad

    Hey kiddo

  69. Taylor Lee

    I'm geeked. I missed this show. Cried like a baby on season 3's finale😅

  70. simone gnani

    Bellissimo , fantastico sei un mito

  71. Akasha Eyre

    I fought like hell not to watch this show because I knew off of the first trailer alone that it would piss me off. What I wasn’t expecting was how powerful & what a wonderful example of human resistance it would turn out to be. The writers, cast, costume designers & everyone else involved needs to be rewarded & acknowledged for the phenomenal & impactful way they went about telling this story. So excited to see it returning.

  72. Mahdi اصغری

    چه زنه خوشگله🥰🥰🥰

  73. Azaria Hunter

    awful representation, has she ever even met someone on the spectrum?

    1. Nina Didnothingwrong

      Yes she did

  74. barbaxamos

    Half the people who claim they are autistic or are diagnosed as autistic are actually not. They just use it as an excuse to make people feel sorry for them and get special treatment. Sorry, but its the sad truth. If this movie was made back in 2000 it would have been a massive hit. You are all hypocrites and moral tutors who have the mental range of a toddler and all the free time in the world to make a fuss and feel offended at entertainment media. You came to the conclusion that the protagonist would represent all autistic people just because you wanted to see yourselves in her. Sorry, try another movie which probably better fits your agenda. As expected, weak times created WEAK PEOPLE. More sensitive than newborn babies. I have a lot more to say but i dont want to make this more of a matter than it actually is.

  75. Quaze

    Alternative title: Karate kid 2

  76. Quaze

    Karate kid remake

  77. abrar ali kharawi

    Dont know why but only Japan or china get destroyed in every monster fights.

  78. Hakan Poyraz

    Lan alivenin aynisi

  79. Allan Fitz

    Hockey scholarship in England lmao. Must be desperate, ice hockey over here is shit. And why is this basically american highschool drama in a ice rink. Looks so shit

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