Poker player in Las Vegas, NV

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  1. Trav TDS

    that royal flush man... had me there I can't lie

  2. everything will be ok

    Looks like an awesome place to stay and play. Definitely gonna check it out if I’m ever in the area

  3. sam hamdan

    i didnt even realize that he gets PAID to come to the casino and play.....and gets a free room....and free food........does he get free hookers also? not bad for playing 5/10 no goal is to play 1 cent/2 cent limit hold em in bobby's room!

  4. Mucus

    this is going to be all over my recommendations now isn't it

    1. Brad Owen

      Yes it is

  5. Eugene Weeks

    That big fat dude opposite of you looks like he’s about to check in.

  6. Ulric Spiva

    Your buddy nick needs to get a bra

  7. Charlton Vaz

    I really like your humour. You make it very interesting and entertaining.

  8. Wakil Canty

    You the man 💯

  9. Seraph One

    awesome vid!

    1. Brad Owen

      Thanks a lot!

  10. Dylan Root

    this is awesome because its my birth month and ive been thinking of playing poker here in az. glad you had such a good time

    1. Brad Owen

      Yeah I loved it there. Happy birthday. Mine was Feb 26th.

  11. AlphaSierra5

    Is this a house or hotel where you're staying?

    1. Brad Owen

      I stayed at an airbnb

  12. Sven De Vos

    Awesome session dude congrats

  13. 14yeartwitch

    Hey Brad, would u consider showing how many hands u fold on instantly in between ur pot wins or long hands?

  14. Dmitri Tchoulanov

    I would like you to record a video when you play your guitar and poker at the same time :)))

  15. mmguyy242

    Can someone explain to me the 'tipping' that Brad does to the dealer? Does he just throw $5 every hand he wins, I cant really make it out. Seems like the dealer is making some good tips if thats how every hand goes, though

  16. Fresh Coast Vapors

    Love this poker room

  17. Knight Issue Onion

    I was brought here by the youtube algorithm and I know all of these words but not in this order.

    1. Brad Owen

      Lol, welcome. I hope you enjoyed it.

  18. Lucas Barker

    Love the banter Brad.

  19. Stoic Anchor

    Hey, love your vidoes. Have you ever won a royal flush?

    1. Brad Owen

      Yeah, I've had at least 4 in my life. I had 3 of them in one year.

  20. Chris S

    Don’t make the brewery name personalized. People won’t care outside of poker so you’ve narrowed your range. Make it a local themed name. Easier to flip afterwards too

    1. Brad Owen

      Haha good advice. We will make it something else for sure.

  21. Casepac

    Would u have played the same if he had $4k instead of $40k? Gr8 vids Brad, thanks for the content.

  22. matt silverstein

    At 5:04 you said k,7,4 rainbow but it’s k,7,6... jus FYI 😉

    1. Brad Owen

      Thanks Matt, someone else pointed that out to me as well. Very annoying when that happens :/ oh well

  23. 6reen 6rud6e

    Just arrived in Vegas..any tips for poker tournaments

  24. E Maccabee

    why do trump haters always wanna use his catch phrase?

    1. Brad Owen

      Always interesting to me when people assume that they know my political beliefs. My mom was the president of Junior League when I was a kid and I grew up with a lot of conservative beliefs. I've always disliked politics in general though so I've never voted on a presidential election. I'd be careful not to presume things about people.

  25. Ian Johnson

    I love when trash talkers get owned!

  26. Steve Peter

    great vid i am big fan seen all i saw poker income tracker here got it and been great but i changed phones and cannot migrate 2 years of results any ideas or app suggestions thanks in adance

  27. Luke Rodrigue

    Seeing videos like this makes me want to take what I learned and go try it out at the Casino. Surprised more poker room managers haven’t allowed filming

  28. Kappa Kappa

    im learning poker jargon and im starting to understand somehow.

  29. Ian Johnson

    I love all the phrases

  30. Kevin Sun

    You produce a lot of value in the poker world. I have never subscribed to your channel before (but do see your video). But this video have officially changed me to become a subscriber

  31. M L.

    Would this game be better with more rake?

  32. Simon Smith

    Nice video. Keep up the great work

  33. Zerog41612

    Thanks Algorithm from bringing me here

  34. P S

    From all your vlogs how much have you net profited?

  35. Evil Gin

    8:10 jigidish?

  36. Somedom_ Somechuck

    Wow ..... I’ve watched every single one of your blogs and this is a complete transformation of how you normally commentate talk about play talk about other players and talk about how you take advantage or disadvantage of situation instead feels like you’re just on vacation partying it up talking about homeless and some other stuff is weird.... but hey - pokers about having fun ! Keep up the get blogs

  37. Izo Yamamoto

    Brad appears to be one of the most genuine poker players in the world. Thanks for being good peoples man, the game needs more like you.

  38. Daniel Negreanu

    Any opinions on K5suited?

  39. BullToTheShit

    Use some of those winnings to take guitar lessons.

  40. Lee Montes

    Didnt ask you to not make the vlog... always better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission :). Love to see how you’ve grown over the years!


    Hey Brad. Love the channel! I was hoping you could tell me which mobile app you use to track your sessions? Thanks again for all of the great content! :) Tim

  42. Trip Aces

    It's Vlog's that is keeping poker and growing the game..... no question.


    I don't like watching online poker but that was fun.

  44. Beau Beau

    I love TSR I go there to play 4-8 in the early mornings

  45. Victor Narvaez

    Appreciate what youve done for the poker community. Started playing because of your vlogs and hope to play against you one day.

  46. Tory Shafer

    Brad’s Mexican?

  47. Buster Worley

    Your alone take off your mask chicken boy

  48. Reality Is Blurred

    This isnt interesting - get a real job degen

  49. MrAc4321


  50. Jestem Graczem

    Can somebody give ne website where I can play poker on real money and play money ( virtual money ) except pokerstarts.. because i have to give my adress. Somewhere where i just need create acc and just playing.

  51. Trav TDS

    I’m so jealous that you’re able to play poker! I really want to get back into the casino 😭😭 I miss losing money

  52. Smitty Webbermanjensen

    I love your channel. It seems like I should be learning so much from you but I just don’t understand much of the slang you use lol

  53. Mark Pitman

    Bellagio any time soon, would like some Bradley dollars:) in vegas this weekend...

  54. Elvin B.

    keep rolling that luck Brad

  55. Corey Simmons

    I started watching this v-log to examine the experience, poker and overall. Someday I will visit a few of the rooms Brad has and I may have a v-log or just want to record my progress at the various locations so, a rule not to film, will be followed. What I mean is I may still try to enjoy the rest of the experience but, I probably will visit “Yes to filming”locations more frequently in the future. This particular location is good. It has a variety of options of leisure. I can tell you that I don’t travel often and from various v-logs, I have seen may properties that I been to, some, I’ve never heard of before watching the v-logs. An overall interesting experience makes a recreational winning or losing session more enjoyable. I want a good meal, I need a good rest and sometimes, poker is just the end or beginning. Thank you for your time Brad. Good video.

  56. matheo 1

    bruh I'm good at poker and I understood nothing

  57. FarmersAreCool

    Masks and plexiglass are unconstitutional, and unbiblical. Total loserness.

  58. Maciek Kusnierz

    Im always amazed at how good you run. Whats you secret?

  59. VmacGoesHAM

    I like the way you conduct yourself Brad. I think the casinos will change their tune once they realize the value. Your channel is crushing it and you are giving free marketing to sometimes a million of their target market. Keep this hot streak rolling man!

  60. FeelsBadMan

    You look like you lost a karate tournament 20 years ago

  61. Max Taylor

    I'm bi-winning hahahaha

  62. Allen Gary

    What app our you using to track your sessions and profits 📈

  63. Oliver Webb

    Anyone have any idea what app Brad uses to calculate winnings?

  64. Christopher Didonna

    Nice strat

  65. Marc Cohen

    Brad, you stated that you had reached out to this particular casino before, but didn't receive a response. Why then did you make the decision to record, without checking again with them when you arrived? Also, even though no one stated not to post or create the vlog and after them asking you not to film did you decide to still post? Enjoy your content. Thanks.

  66. Ünknøwnz Zeltics

    Got me on the damn royal flush

  67. BT Warner

    Phil just a regular guy.

  68. MegaGamesHunter

    I like that brad almost always tip the dealer when he wins a hand, that's how you know he's a nice guy, keep up the good work!

  69. Oops Did I Do That

    So many hit and runs

  70. Stephen Lovering

    Its amazing how you NEVER lose

  71. Kyra Limahai

    Congrats on another positive trip! Been viewing your vlog's regularly. "Your a beast!". Appreciate your wisdom and knowledge as well as added tips. GOD Bless and Move safe...

  72. Nor Dank

    The editing makes it look like you are cheating lmao

  73. LasVegas SpyCam

    i am sorry for your cat :( ..

  74. 3BeansandDreams

    Great content! What app u use to track your sessions?

  75. Daniele J. Grassi

    Anybody knows what bankroll management app he is using? Getting kind of sick of Poker Income thx

  76. SnoopDev

    Don’t know how to play poker it’s just fun to watch people play and get big win or loss

  77. adi me

    Congrats. for the winning! 😆😆😆look😭😭😭

  78. Scott Ferrell

    Good run dude! The one and only time I ever had a ticket to get into a WSOP event I had to go into a nursing home that day because I had worn a pressure sore on my rump from sitting and playing on-line. Quit playing after that but I still enjoy it vicariously through guys like you!!

  79. mpup54

    Cosmo sez you best make the money or im pooping anywhere I please!

  80. mpup54

    "Im Brad Owen, bitch" is the meme of memes