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  1. Mr. anonimous

    it can be seen that he is worried🤩🤩

  2. Brad Harris

    How if Ronaldinho didn't play for England

  3. Ale marin


  4. simon e

    Looks like a friendly practise match between mates but his talent is there for all to see. What a shame.

  5. Our_illumination

    _"played for England like Ronaldinho"_ So, never?

  6. emm jay

    Hardly like ronaldinhio

  7. Bob Dylan

    A big time Charlie.

  8. JD

    One of the biggest waists of football talent ever. He had it all except the attitude to succeed.

  9. Grorvin Mejia

    No es un Pedri, CR7, M'bape ni Anzu fati... nada espectacular.

  10. Lovely day chaps

    The boy had everything, then lost everything.

  11. Mycael Gonçaves

    🔴Alguém do Brazil? ,🔴

  12. GL Block

    I want Jamaica to qualify to the World Cup just for him lol

  13. J

    i rate the self belief for the first goal, so easy to pass that

  14. cesar ivan rk

    no juega nada

  15. Caio Raeter

    pessoal cria tanta expectativa nessa criança ai, eu particularmente não vejo nada de mais nele.

  16. donjaco

    what genre of music is this? and can I ge the track details? also ravel was baller. wish he was able to do more with it

  17. Galo Andres Arturo

    Parece hijo del Gran Carlos el pibe Valderrama

  18. Emilio Flores

    Pedri is much much much better this kid probably has a good agent or people like his hair jajaj

  19. Krush Jones

    Should come back to Utd. Let's swap him for Van Der Beek 😆

  20. Paul Gore

    Obviously never seen Ronaldinho play

  21. James Barlow

    Just a pity he was a bellend and was influenced by local Manchester not rights and subsequently destroyed a career that millions of people would give a spleen to have a chance at.

  22. Marshmello Slushìì

    Xavi is gonna waste his potential playing in Paris smh

  23. Carl Morgan

    You might as well give up. He's followed his Jamaican roots. And future England players will follow suit, if they are allowed to the in a flamboyant way.

  24. Guccior

    A lot of hype for 2 fouls, 1 bad pass. He is so overrated, he is too arogant and nervous on the pitch that makes him bad. I HOPE he will make it. But realistic i think he will not succed

  25. Guccior

    overrated player

  26. Muhammad Dio Saputra

    Did he crying?

  27. Liam Calderon

    Groove Therapy

  28. Vinz W

    Obviously he’s got stardust on his feet but talent alone is still not enough. All the time lost, such a waste. Imagine he shows the determination and puts in the extra effort like CR7, who knows where he will be playing for next.

    1. realnesx

      Not player grows up in a nice environment Morrison grew up in a rough estate in Manchester with a a single mum on benefits no father figure.

  29. francisco ayala vela

    No pasa nada con esa basura

  30. Dj Hulk

    17 finally carrera

  31. Maximo Tort

    Un vende humo este xavi simons

  32. Julio Cesar Quintero

    Jugador normalito. Aunque muyyy inflado por los medios...

  33. Sonia Rios


  34. Jarvis stead

    This guy could been the best if fergie was about for abit longer wow

  35. Jarvis stead

    He’s like a joe cole when he was that age probably better

  36. Crow

    Nunca será

  37. Pumpkin C

    Geez why you gotta insult Ronaldinho like that lol

  38. son of god

    Futur relayeur pro je l'espère pour lui

  39. Fabricio Utorunco

    Na no veo futuro mejor están los jugadores de mi barrio en cambio a el nunca le falto nada en cambio otros se la tienen q buscar

  40. R90 GTI

    Remember watching him alongside Pogba in the United youth team, he was head and shoulders above Pogba. I was mega pissed when United got rid but that's why fergie is the best manager ever and I drive a lorry 😂 He also binned Pogba off and was right to do so.

  41. Govs

    posicionamento bem ruim. É jovem ainda!

  42. Matt MM

    you can see the gap in class ~1!

  43. Dashing Doberman

    Such a shame


    Music in the background makes this way better

  45. Sean

    Ronaldinho never played for England

  46. John Clark

    English Freddy Adu

  47. olz dab

    Looks like this guy thinking about showing his skills than helping the team get the necessary result. So many unnecessary touches.

  48. Kuba Sienicki


  49. Dwight Semple

    Very good footballer. He needs a chance at another big club as the man has skills to pay the bills 💵

  50. Michael Wolden

    Wasted talent

  51. franczesko

    Bruh another tackling Busquets inbound, you just watch

  52. LTasty

    Keep in mind they're playing Lithuania

  53. Edu

    Yo con 17 estoy tratando de no ahogarme con mi propia saliva 😞

  54. Mega Glyndwr

    What a waste! Such great talent!

  55. Maximus Capacitus

    There's no doubt about the talent the lad possesses, but most of this video was literally him arseing about with the ball and not doing anything productive with it.

  56. RIDDLE123

    So true ronaldinho never played for England either

  57. Balik Supper

    Ronaldinho has won the champions league,the World Cup and the ballondor ,comparing him with this nobody is plain insulting.

  58. FOGAA

    Name:xavi simons Job:make fouls

  59. solac388

    More like Neymar

  60. joeyjefforson

    Ronaldinho never played for England

  61. Mhusty

    Looks good has lots of potential I’d say good youngster

  62. Callum Wilkins

    What happened to him?

  63. Jasoninho


  64. Пируз Бебошвили

    Дай бог что не сломали! Он станет великий футболист, надеюсь!

  65. massaganaa

    Only time I have seen Ravel play in the flesh was when Brighton (who I support) played Lazio in a pre-season game. Ravel only came on for 15-20 minutes but you could see the class oozing out of him. So much quality, such a disappointing career.

  66. David Andrews

    It's the bad boy image

  67. David Andrews

    He must have some South American juice in him his skills are phenomenol

  68. lmc1dj

    Sometimes we all make the wrong decisions in life. He would of made a good entertainer on the pitch. Wish him all the best in his life, some of us dont see the woods because of the tree's!!.

  69. Luis Antonio RG


  70. Ash Millions

    How good would JAMAICA 🇯🇲 be if they had players go over to them Black players should go over if they get racially abused by there own fans then will see if the abuse stopped

    1. Thomas Lambert

      I don't think all black players are eligible tho 🤔

  71. Hamid Pourdavoud

    Juve please



  73. Bob M

    Moves like a Rolls Royce. Unfortunately his off-field antics made him a car crash. Such a shame. Such a waste of talent. Bob (Man Utd fan)

  74. YUUのゲーム部屋


  75. abdullah mewawala

    he has great vison,positioning and calmness pure genius

  76. George E

    Every year he has a debut and he still sucks.

  77. Morrison Memorial

    Bro this makes me so sad No one even want to get to tight on him bc they know he’ll do them

  78. Chuka Emejulu

    Ravel Morrison once stole a watch in a training training session...

  79. klame Burgos

    Sólo veo un jugador promedió, a ver si de a poco a poco va creciendo

  80. Anjus Paz

    Neymar com 17 já dava aula, esse mini David Luiz aí não joga nada !!