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  1. David Eriksen

    Mine bitcoin with nicehash

  2. Derek Placeholder

    this is news? Ovens and dryers get 240 volts.

  3. Charmaine Walker

    Does anyone know how to fix a cassette that has its tape pulled out? I have a cassette of my mom and dads wedding music and my mom has since passed and I would love to hear it!

  4. Derek Placeholder

    "the LED stoplight is better in nearly every respect" I have noticed, all over the Southeast anyway, that the green LED light consistently has about a 30% failure rate in it's lights. Granted it's the least important light, but it seems to be a consistent failure. The most efficient traffic I have ever experienced was during an ice storm when the traffic lights were out (power was out)-- everyone just treated intersections as "yield" and things went very smoothly.

  5. Bryan Liguori

    That cool song sounds like some unreleased Animusic video

  6. Jose Jimenez

    FYI, NTSC = 752x486 active resolutions, but castrated at 720x486 by equipment manufactures...

  7. ShadowOps Airman1

    As of 2015 they are still being used in cd car radios

  8. Pete Bentley

    Well me I like the stationary oil filled radiator heaters with rollers on them.they take a lot of time to get your house or room worm but when they do it stays worm and with no flame or chemicals like propane or kerosene heaters to me there the best.i bought 5 of them at Walmart 6 years ago for 16.97 apiece and thay all are still working just fine and keeps our house warm and our electricity Bill's have not been over 235 a mouth yet since I bought them.but joe blow biden has stolen the election from our real president elect Donald j trump so who know what our electricity bill will be anytime soon right!!!!!


    what i find interesting is that a color display like lcd and oled and even 7 segment displays, they seem to have depth. but e-ink looks unnaturally flat and i think that's why they look so, fake, and unreal. because they have no dimension like we are now used to in displays

  10. knate44

    So when can I look at the silver microcrystaline structure of all my favorite movies?

  11. VALLEY

    oh yeah rgb can't make violet

  12. Soyboy of Busan

    I dock my MacBook Pro as my only computer and it blasts through everything I throw at it

  13. Andy Janssen

    can you healp me

  14. Kal Naga

    FUN... Thanks for the entertaining amazing way of all this basic important info ENJOYED IT and learned a lot

  15. VALLEY


  16. Jackson McKeen

    2:35 420

  17. Nathaniel Ricker

    Something that kinda bothers me about wind power is that it is always assumed to be carbon neutral, and sure, they are while running but the amount of concrete and steel used to produce wind terbines results in significant CO2 output, add in that they get replaced roughly every 30 years and they may as well be seen to have a steady co2 emission. I have been unable to find good stats on exactly how much but it bothers me that it doesn't get mentioned.

  18. dinosaurinho15

    youtube has come full circle.

  19. truckinman86

    6:10 “Don’t try this at home”…… unless you are a licensed electrician. But at that point, one should already know the risks of exposed electrical parts by then.

  20. Damian0816

    *Sad DFW noises*

  21. Mike Roe

    I thought it had a click spring in it so it don't turn on on its own

  22. Jenna Gets Creative

    My husband replaced the horn in one of his former trucks with a series of little trumpet horns that played the Dixieland melody.

  23. Henry Hildebrand


  24. tomikun

    Magenta: You took everything from me Brown: I don't even know you

  25. DanOCan

    What a difference! We started adding dishwashing liquid to the pre-rinse dispenser and our dishwasher is performing better than ever.

  26. Hirnfaser

    I think a lot of people actually work like this.

  27. ja4nice

    Don't Use Ultrasonic Humidifiers they only make a waste product dampness which is swooped off direct to the nearest compost pile for processing to rejuvenation. The way the ultrasonic type misters vibrates and ejects the moist substance used is the same as atmospheric tumbling and that is a kind of backwoods, non human air in cycle which is pumped off in the daily process. All you are doing is suppling the air you breathe with waste type humidity. The scientist which did this wasn't very observant, check in out, it actually 'runs' from your hand down to the floor and then it 'creeps' out of your house, somehow.

  28. Useful Pineapple

    Don’t have those Highway Oasis things in Virginia. There’s some in New Jersey and New York, but they’re only the pull off to the side, not the bridge ones.

  29. JDMACC

    Blooper Flava flamps @ 2:09

  30. But, why?

    Wanted to find out something different, stayed anyway cause the videos is so good.

  31. Matt B

    DEfasts just recommended this German video to me: defasts.info/title/video/lZORZczcnYiXwqc.html Those amateurs forget to use pre-wash detergent; but they too had a window built into a dishwasher, so if anyone needs to see more dishwasher interiors, just follow the link.

  32. Joshua Agaid

    I challenge you to make a 1080p HOMEMADE GPU!

  33. Jieming Ou

    Love your sense of humor! I'm watching your videos instead of watching my physics teacher's...

  34. Fox Fire

    Him: So what color is this? Me: It’s orange! Him: Yes, very good! It’s Red! Me: Fux you I went to art school!

  35. darktrail69

    I still have my 1984 VHS Sharp VC-381 VCR

  36. Eclipse Bringer of Darkness

    imagine the only thing that proves the existence of humans is discovered by an alien race was a dvd player, a tv, and a flex play dvd

  37. HyperVectra

    Twelve Angry Men is a GREAT movie and everyone should have watched it. I was so happy when I see you did a paper on it!

  38. Eva Rivera

    This guy kinda sounds like Timmy from WKUK.

  39. Krisley

    VERY informative! Great work Sir!

  40. Chompy TV

    I thought I was Mandela Effect swapped when I saw the blue Redbox machine, holy shit.

  41. Brian Anglin

    Much more civilized than newer toasters.

  42. krzysiekv12

    Depends on the heat release, we have a 2kw fan heater and a 2kw oil radiator, oil ratiator will heat up to maximum and the thermostat will shut it off, the fan heater will heat the room quicker as it will never switch off even on max setting

  43. David

    There is no such thing as Blue Green, Only people with a 4th cone can see it

  44. Blaire Shoe

    As someone who usually has to go back to make sure I heard something right every few seconds, I really appreciate people who put as much effort into their captions as you do- especially when you include "background" noise like when the water started to boil. The spirit of the end credits/screen is a wonderful bonus. Thank you! Now excuse me while I buy a simple rice cooker.

  45. Hovek the artist formerly known as OXOTNHK

    In highschool i rigged up a box tgat when i flipped it on leds would flash at the timing needed to trigger the lights sensors by police cars. Took a day of coding and a day of testing to get the timing down from the 3 modules. Worked great for a few months until a cop confiscated it from me Funny enough the area in west virginia i was in only had 5 streetlights in the town and yet there always seemed to be one that did not work

  46. kyle r

    Now I use them as drum silencers

  47. Rolandas Grigaitis

    No it's not ok that flexplay didn't succeed. It's a really cool concept and it should be appreciated. I don't care about the environment, you can't even compare how much gas we waste from using cars and other stuff.

  48. Anthony Coates

    After I use the dishwasher I find the pod in the bottom of the dishwasher (without the blue and green soap)....I'm enjoying this vid and hope I can answer my problem by the end of it.

  49. techguy651

    After all the Texas stuff, I wonder if Technology Connections will still advocate electrified heat as the future of heating.

  50. Mark Koval

    It's amazing how dirty (dust, grime, limescale, etc.) having a humidifier or keeping windows open will produce. LMAO @ piercing blue LED display! Would like to see you do a video going over water filtration units (Brita, Zero, etc.)...seems like it would be fitting for your channel and its content

  51. Luiz Fernando

    but... There too much "but"s in this video

  52. xxt

    Should've put a hotdog in it to demonstrate the curve while running. Amazing stuff dude, always thought electrical engineering was cool but most youtube channels are engineering or comp

  53. T0B1A541

    I'm sorry but, 200 Amps?! Really? That's standard? For me thats used to 16A or maybe 20A, 200A per home seems insane!

  54. Jayden Hunt

    GM turn on reverse lights when parked as well. Absolutely crazy

  55. meep

    The misinformation in this video is quite shocking, usually get better out of Technology Connections.

  56. Alexander

    6:29 Is what you should say to a fat boy after gymclass in the shower room

  57. Fean

    Fantastic breakdown of what GFCIs are and how they work. I wish I found this a couple months ago when I was learning about them in trade school. However, there are a few things I would like to correct or point out. 1. The plugs on hair dryers and similar electronics are not GFCIs. They are IDCIs(Immersion Detection Circuit Interrupter). The name on those is pretty self-explanatory. Don't test them by submerging them. They have the buttons for that. They are a safety feature, not a toy. 2. Some comments are pointing out that their bathroom outlets are not GFCIs. This does not mean they are not GFCI protected. At 4:39 Alec is talking about the Line and Load terminals. An outlet that is hooked up to the Load terminals IS protected by that GFCI outlet. This is illustrated by the experiment at 10:39. When the light is properly hooked up to the Load terminals, it works. When the neutral wire is pressed against the Line terminal(simulating a ground fault), the GFCI trips and shuts off the light. The same thing happens with outlets when properly hooked up to the Load terminals of the GFCI. 3. GFCI circuit breakers for your panels do exist here in the US. However, there are a slew of reasons they aren't commonly used. First, they can compete with the AFCIs(Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter) for the slot; and while dual-function AFCI/GFCI breakers exist, they are much more expensive. Even a GFCI only breaker is often more expensive than the outlet counterparts. Second, there are potential compatibility issues; refrigerators will often trip GFCIs when no fault exists(nuisance tripping). And the outlets are more flexible; you can have some items on a circuit GFCI protected while others are not. With the breaker, the entire circuit is protected regardless(remember that nuisance tripping?). 4. Per the 2020 National Electric Code used in the US and Canada, GFCIs are required all over the place. In a dwelling, your bathrooms, basements, garages, outdoors, close to sinks/bathtubs/showers, kitchen countertops, and more, all require GFCI protection. This is by no means all inclusive, and there are even a few exceptions to those locations, but your house should have quite a few of these placed around. And if you do not know what you are doing, DON'T MESS WITH ELECTRICITY. Hire a professional. It may not be cheap, but I promise it's better than getting hospitalized from a severe shock.

  58. Niko Bellic

    I use a Panasonic VHS player that has component out (HDCP renders the HDMI port useless), which goes to my Framemeister, which connects HDMI out to my Elgato HD60S, which (USB-C to USB type A) connects to my 2015 Retina MacBook Pro. My computer meets the absolute minimum requirements with a 2.2ghz 4 core i7 intel but runs fine (you just have to restart before recording another tape, probably a cache glitch). Once you have the recording (which comes out to 1080p 60fps), I open it with quicktime and export it at it’s same quality (the file that the Elgato saves on my computer, has problems being edited). On paper, I’m using lossy compression, but both files are H.264 and the original file is 3x to 4x bigger than the compressed one (a two hour tape, rounds up to about 40gb. Compress that, comes out to between 12gb and 16gb). Having both compressed and original files side by side, the compressed one is just a smidge duller, but nothing my videophile brain worries about. PS, since this is a lot of writing that you’re doing to a hard drive, I put that stress on old drives I have laying around (the Elgato recording software writes 4MB/s to 7MB/s per second). I just killed an old Apple 80gb IDE drive that was built in 2004, so f

  59. Mario Mackerelwain

    No. You're not weird. We're not weird. "It's the children who are wrong." i.e. all the girls who don't like nerds or are not nerds themselves.

  60. Steve's Rover

    That’s really cool. Also They Might Be Giants!

  61. leglamps

    As an electrician our country has multiple systems. Each different for transmission, homes, factories, stores, etc. Single phase to 3 phase systems.

  62. BonzoDog67 Lizardking

    The first Walmart "swamp cooler" is a bitch unless you like replacing those rotten wicks when they get gross and fall apart. 8:10 The Walmart version is definitely an electrode burner. Which is to say, it will dissolve its own electrodes in a matter of a month or two while boiling water. The Vicks version is far better, and is easy to service by removing the two star screws in the top and cleaning the solids out with a narrow brush. If you use mineral free water, you get almost no scaling at all to clean. Those two screws will at least give you a view of the boiling mechanism.

  63. zergmare7

    Bold of you to assume my usefulness

  64. J D

    @9.11 Papyrus and comic sans!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO....

  65. intoflatlines

    In the car enthusiast community it's somewhat common for US owners to do Euro tail light conversions, adding amber turn signals among other things like a rear fog light. Interestingly, I've heard that some European car owners do the opposite and do US conversions which eliminate the amber turn signal.

  66. antismoke

    Woah I was with you 100% until you dropped the Linux hate. Very off-putting, I have been an IT professional and PC enthusiast for a long time and frankly, I think the "OS vs. OS" debate is immature. I normally really enjoy your content but now I'm trying to figure out where that comment came from. A place of ignorance or arrogance? A computer, and the software hosted on it are just tools. Some of us are familiar with only a specific set or type of tools and may try to express superiority over those unlike themselves, ignorance begets arrogance. Others can get things done with any toolset handed to them, because they are skilled in their craft. The reason you gave is "I like to do work on my computer, not work on my computer" ok, but all I hear is this: "I like to do work on my computer with the tools I am already familiar with, and am not willing to learn a different way to do said work." Hey, that's fine and dandy, you should use the tools that work best for you, but that has nothing to do with Linux itself or any other platform, OS or tool. That is all you buddy, you should own it.

  67. Ashlar Johnston

    How did we start talking about woman's pokets

  68. Blasulz1234

    Water is technically a refrigerant. you could make water evaporate on some surface to cool it down and pass air on the other side to cool and dehumidify as long as the water side is seperated and leaves to the outside. It's just not a lot of energy and if you use a fan, the fan probably produces more heat than the water absorbs, would like to test if thats true

  69. Zutto Aragi

    Oh damn, TC getting brutal. There's something great about such a mild-mannered, softspoken man bluntly saying "people are stupid".

  70. Mark Koval

    Well, through the art and mastery of minimalism, I have no need for a dish washer. Nice content as usual (long time viewer/subscriber, first time commenter).

  71. Simon Parker

    Macbooks have it

  72. Jason King

    As a cyclist, I do not like loop detectors. Half of them never detect a bicycle no matter where you stop in or on the loop. Camera detectors are so much better

  73. rautamiekka

    FYI: the playlist link seems to somehow be broken cuz the YT mobile app opens it into a browser which says the link causes a domain search failure.

  74. Hydro Link

    I can't stand it when i don't hear the satisfiing click!

  75. Tommy Halfniger

    I hope you guys in north america will get amber turn signals soon. It's look much better and it's much safer.

  76. Karigori

    Wasn't clear enough.

  77. mos ab

    My brain is a mush after watching this video.

  78. hvymettle

    I almost never use the dishwasher except when I have guests. So much easier and faster to wash dishes I use by hand.

  79. Maggie Jetson

    This is how washing machine and dryer switches work too.

  80. JDM_Texan

    I watched this video while making brown :)