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  1. Larry Virves


  2. Niahlyn Cabrera

    Nick: *Unbuttons his shirt* Me: If you listen very closely you hear nick say.. Nick: You single 😏😘 Me: and also why they close the door that is very sus

  3. Krrazzy

    I cringed so fucking hard I ded now

  4. _ Abdu

    Everything in this Channel is *Stupid & Scripted*

  5. DiscoCODBlake

    That was his reaction?

  6. Albert Arbelo

    The moon is not a star bro. Just sayin.

  7. Luqman Marzuki

    I don't subscribe yet it means his ps5 will broke... lol 😂

  8. Mystic Typ0

    Y’all are so cringe

  9. Plasmatic

    When he was getting his ketchup why was she flicking her tongue as if expecting some

  10. NICEMilkrice

    how to clickbait “in a nutshell

  11. blacephalon

    Dude.... I'm pretty sure the moon isnt a star...

  12. JuJu !

    Omg apples have teeth made of bOnE


    Is not like is gonna pick "be nice" Is a key 😆

  14. Saigo

    The moon isn't a star, it's classified as a satellite.

  15. George Sennett

    Dude listen do Wilbur's rules "Staged videos are Sh*t"

  16. BL4zing Viper

    Wtf noon is not a fucking star

  17. HazimLuay Fatouhi


  18. fat cat

    Zhong Nick has gf

  19. Josie Hill


  20. Loharano Rakotoniaina


  21. Svilena Leon

    I THOUGHT at first he was doing something else

  22. Mícheál Carey Brickley


  23. CaptainGold YT

    Hey Zong, can I get a vaccum please. Zong. YE SURE JUST LET ME TAKE OFF MY MASK, IN A STORE, WHILE THERE IS A PANDEMIC!!

  24. Lahama Dutta

    The Moon is a *S T A R*

  25. Truest

    So we not gon talk abo- nvm

  26. Koya_The_Tired_Koala

    My question is why didnt he drink the coke from the bottle???

  27. ColdSoda #0959

    imagine wearing fake iron maiden merch

  28. Son son the goddess of confusion

    No homo bro but ya pissed the bed near ya mistress

  29. Piyush 2509

    Moon is not a star its a satellite of earth.... 😅

  30. Careena Julian


  31. celebrimb 05

    Open it and close it the second the gas blow up

  32. Demetrius Coleman

    This is too cringing

  33. Lowri Pope


  34. Lowri Pope


  35. Whitney Yates

    These aren't really funny because of how staged they are but still like okay I mean it's not terrible . The funniest thing about this is that guys pants 😂

  36. Bertdaphlin FBI agent

    No one: Not a soul: Not even Zhong: Me:…why is there money in your freezer…

  37. Overseer's memes, Gacha and probably more

    I have had watermelon alot and its not sour

  38. we see them

    Me:Casually sitting on my bed playing fortnite him:can i have a balloon Me:sure Him:takes "balloon" Me:Realises what he took ME:SCREAMS DUCK

  39. Biscxit

    This is so fake. Do ppl actually find this funny?

  40. super turnip

    Wot... jus wot

  41. Faris Srabovic

    FUN fact: HE broke his PS5

  42. DragonWolf 6569


  43. Cactus Gamers

    Him:Weres my toilet cleaner Other guy: hmm? Idk Him:oh its right here Other guy:OH GOD I DRANK SODA FROM A TOILET CLEANER😫 SCREAMMSS

  44. Lol Playz

    Lol getting mad over him telling her the food is bad he didn’t even say anything else to put her on edge

  45. Six


  46. Taven Carlson!


  47. •Winn_Pyxie•

    Ok I'm just laughing at the face that guy made

  48. master mateen jr

    Spending day in the ocean

  49. Jose Burgos


  50. Plasmatic

    Why did he have 2 phones and why did he put them down as if he was watching obscene things and didn't want to be caught?

  51. Melaine Gutierrez


  52. NoDol1y

    Atleast they had a mask

  53. kjiwi

    No, I won’t be nice. You look like a grown up version of frieza saga kid gohan.

  54. Zuri Malone

    In the ocean 🌊 pls that would be so fun to watch

  55. Nani Nathan


  56. Wyte Van Men

    zHoNg bAcK aT iT aGAiN wItH aNoThEr bAnGeR

  57. x tian

    Seems like now it’s a competition to who does it faker

  58. Lowri Pope


  59. Ahmad Ibrahim

    Moon is not a star

  60. Ashton Thompson


  61. Wrathion 549

    Obviously fake

  62. Candice Davenport


  63. Lure_

    If smells had personalities

  64. Zurtle Bojangles

    Ruin the entire bowl of Cheetos why don’t you

  65. Rhya Eichenlaub


  66. Viola Letren

    gold digger

  67. MalaysiaBruhGamer 01

    Slenderman chasing you

  68. Mew- Raptor

    Ah yes, a random toilet cleaner just sitting on a dining table instead of it being a toilet Amazing

  69. Chloe's wizarding corner

    as a potterhead im oFfEnDeD of this dudes acting

  70. Biscxit

    This is so scripted

  71. Squilliam Fancyson

    ....this made no one laugh

  72. Justin Herrera

    If only I can make 600 just from sweeping😂 I hope no one believes these fools

  73. omar warrior


  74. Scarlet

    wait when where this earth Jimmy It never was earth EARTH IS A STAR

  75. Little Kratt

    This is so cringe

  76. Raider Nation

    Ewwwww that’s grose

  77. Cory-leigh Hollingmode


  78. Jax Kelley

    Can you stop being such a stupid screw up?

  79. Anas Ould

    🍝 noodles

  80. helena štrancar

    R.I.P Nich👈🏼👉🏼☝🏼👇🏼🙏🏼