1. Edward Sanchez

    So that would mean. ¡Mi esposa es en esposas!

  2. YᗩSᕼ 亗 ᖇᗩTᕼOᗪ

    Epic 🔥😂

  3. Boxman

    Dunno checks out to me

  4. vitaltrazh

    Oh no, he has a point about it being like jail 😂

  5. KooKie kookies

    The "a p***s in the a**hole" had me in tears 😂😂😂I just can't I'm dying bc of that AHAHAHAHHAHA

  6. powermetaladdict

    The guy at the end LMFAO

  7. NUKE God

    French : ver ver.... Hindi : Groom groom groom

  8. Junayed Masud


  9. Yaven

    In German, "freund" means friend. It also means girlfriend...

  10. YoZenii

    Im french it’s outrageous 😅

  11. Madeline McAtee

    How does everything sound better in another language?

  12. red-pxl

    i m french (sorry for my inglish but i am in 5ème and i am not a very good in inglish)

  13. Joe

    It’s all ez until verbs join the chat 😔

  14. Swamp Donkey

    People like to pretend their special for speaking English even native speakers. English isn't special the biggest thing it has are probably none gendered words.

  15. Rukasu

    So all I have to do is say ver with some letters at the end and it will be a word

  16. 2019 Guy

    Hispanic Boomer humor

  17. AlexAn1me

    If you tell siri how is a female dog is called its called a b* and at the end of the vid the french man shows the guy the female dog but in french its called "Tha B* "

  18. Safira Noventa

    In portuguese we use the same Word: esposas.

  19. Erica Jones mary Lucks

    Listen a story... at french and english A Green Worm Pours a Glass Towards a Glassmaker around eight o clock. Un Ver Vert Verse un verre un vers vingt heaure.

  20. Melon Lord

    "My names Toph. Cause it sounds like Tough" (it's a reference-)

  21. ThtCrzyBstrd

    Overmorrow. The word you're looking for is overmorrow.


    German: Friend: Freund Male Friend: Freund Boyfriend: Freund Female friend: Freundin Girlfriend: Freundin Confusing af

  23. Adam Mcgrath

    We record a song but play a record

  24. Nhung Hong

    Not to be the "actually" guy, but the word for the day after tomorrow is overmorrow

  25. - Meow Lion Gacha and Animations -

    I’m so gonna ask my French teacher how to say swimming pool in French

  26. ranjith.p Aqua

    ver verse vers ver ver vert ver I think you dont understand french.

  27. Hockey Doge

    I love how France is so all over the place but USA is just calm and cool

  28. AlexAn1me

    I watch this every week

  29. edenimation

    For me, football ⚽ makes more sense.

  30. 《taku》

    The facts doe: 🚶‍♀️are on que🧚‍♀️👌

  31. NOUR

    When you run out of words:

  32. Katy yandere

    Try Philippine language

  33. Greenbraltar 69

    What's the WiFi password? Me:

  34. TheLegends1153

    "Alr bro thanks for the exam paper answers"

  35. Shin il Basabe


  36. 마야OSTsya

    Chinese: _Sssssshshhhshssss_ 🐍 Japanese: _ggggggggggak_ Korean: _yooooooooooo_ English: _ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXWZ_

  37. szobi

    You can do something similar with Serbian (yes I know most of the world doesn't give a F about Serbian) : Imagine someone ringing your bell and while he's standing at the entrance door he says: it's me, I'm alone. In Serbian this would be: Ja sam, sâm sam. 🙂

  38. John Doe

    Lmao man's just discovered homophones, they exist in practically every language (including French).

  39. muchie_ chan

    Hmmm ver ver ver ver verm ver

  40. citronespace

    J'ai l'impression que je suis le seul français

  41. Tsion Tesfaye

    It 's vert funny But I study french and isn't very easy

  42. cannonspectacle

    This. I've been waiting for this.

  43. Unnu Naruto

    En fin de compte, j'ai entendu tout vert

  44. Anti-Chaos legion


  45. Madhu mitha

    How many r watching this in 2021?? As DEfasts recommended this now🤣🤣

  46. MaryAnne Cheese

    They are called oranges in French as well

  47. Mariangela_Tz

    Japanese is easy too Anime anime anime hen wondzj anime anime yao nsbxna anime anime and always anime

  48. K.οβ

    Wait till he hears about tough

  49. Pietro Gabriel Vaz Silva

    We Brazilians did this with English

  50. Nathan JoaxLuis Santos

    in philippines handcuffes is Posas they just take of the espo

  51. Swamp Donkey

    Tbf we have none gendered language and the sort makes us really simple.

  52. We ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsAr

    Also japanese is also confusing af Example Hana=Flower Hana=Nose Shi=Death Shi=Four

  53. W҉a̸l͎l͎f⃡e⃒•S҉u̸n͎S̸h⃡i⃒n҉e̸

    French People : What?.. 😫😫 👁️👄👁️

  54. Creed Gaming

    Not sure if im just dirty minded but i was thinking candcuffs meant something else😳

  55. MaryAnne Cheese


  56. am ol

    tomorrow - kal, day after tomorrow - parso 2 Days after tomorrow - narso 3 Days after tomorroe - tarso - hindi and many indian languages

  57. Timothy Roy

    English didn't make up a whole bunch of words English is a grouping of multiple different languages pronouncing different words so that's what it seems like English is all over the place is because it literally is from all over the place

  58. Shefali Aswal

    Chandu k Chacha ne Chandu ki Chachi Ko Chandni raat me Chandi Chowk me Chandi k Chammach se Chutney Chatai...... It's a Hindi tounge twister.....

  59. VeronicaPlayz

    Ok so I need how English thought of “butterfly”


    Worst one is fucking plough

  61. Michele Bellomo


  62. IdrissMb

    C’est super facile le français 😎

  63. # Mateomino

    Ehhhh no te metas con nosotros 😠😠

  64. Roziana Yusof

    True we all piss in the pool

  65. Mirlind Bacaj

    My name is uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemuhwem osas

  66. cap cypher

    I kinda like the French character

  67. Silly Snake :0

    I've already seen this somewhere and it is funny 😂

  68. Sxyain

    1:Como 2:Como? 1:Como 2:Como? 1:Como Como? 1:Como Como Como

  69. Mahdia Shaikh

    Should've added plough and burrough

  70. MikasaAckerman


  71. Zsasha Jane Bernardo


  72. Márk Zeke

    English: You just committed your pretended act, you committer of pretended acts! Hungarian: Te tetted e tettetett tettedet te tettetett tettek tettese! *LANGUAGE INVEST*

  73. Ice Legaspi

    Whats glass in French

    1. IdrissMb


  74. MooN_ Tyy

    *laugh in thai*

  75. horse gym

    Je ne comprends pas quel est le problème ?

  76. Xiellion

    French also has a ton of words that sound exactly the same but mean different things, all languages are confusing in some way

  77. Nerdic Person

    Oh my god, youve given me the vocabulary i need if i ever choose to go to Paris

  78. Cheese Kimbap


  79. sara Travieso

    As a spanish girl: agreed

  80. La truite Mégalo

    I am french 😭

    1. IdrissMb

      Pas grave, moi aussi 😎