1. Iron Crab

    No, to all the opening questions.

  2. Excaliber King

    Love it! I already use DuckDuckGo! Can’t wait for even more security!

  3. Ruthie Ober

    Or just copies of samsungs

  4. BoundForGLORY ThisWorldIsNotMyHome

    Yeah I'd switch. All our devices over to Apple if this took place. All these tech companies need to be shut down so they can go back to the drawing board and stop trying to control ppl.

  5. BoundForGLORY ThisWorldIsNotMyHome

    Okay let me first say I have never used Apple. With that being said, I never thought these words would come out my mouth but 🤯 I would actually consider switching to Apple if this happened. 🤢 There, I said it. I'm still not an "Apple person" 😘

  6. Luke Davis

    Sounds like very good news, though I'm not sure I trust any of them... Apple included. Also doesn't Apple do the same... Track you and build a social profile of you??? I'm not buying it...

  7. James Mana

    Let Apple do it.

  8. greg poulin

    I will be switching from android to Apple as soon as the 13 is released

  9. RP752000

    Has anyone here even seen that many people with the iphone 12?

  10. LostButFound Peace

    A breath of fresh air to KNOW there are still successful businesses and owners that haven’t been consumed by greed! I am all for it and relieved that I do not have to let go of my iPhone! Please follow through Apple

  11. LostButFound Peace

    Facebook saying Apple has too much control??!’ 😆 My how the tables have turned!! How does it feel to experience “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE TO YOU?! Karma is great!

  12. LostButFound Peace

    Thank you Apple!!

  13. Tmlart Marie

    Not falling for it. I'll never buy an Apple product or own anything with an "I" in front if it. The main manufacturer is in Zhengzhou, China. Seriously?

  14. Rita E

    Thanks to *surf_tools* on Instagram with his help I was able to access my finance phone so now I feel save all thanks to him ..........

  15. Todd Mooney

    So refreshing. We need this and, deserve it as consumers..! Thanks for the insight.

  16. Tdr94 19

    iPhone 12 was a bit of a let down

  17. hang man

    hell with facebook

  18. T C

    And make sure you can't repair if it's broken.

  19. Winnie Johnson

    NEVER liked FACEBOOK!! did it for 2 years left them in 2018.. don’t like GOOGLE either. But Facebook has had their reign now it’s time to kick rocks..!!

  20. Sister iDV

    Umm hello?

  21. Apple Mobile Gamer

    Samsung: We are introducing the all-new Galaxy Car!!!! Of course we are including a charger. 1 year later: Um.... now, we are not including a charger.

  22. William Thomas

    Apple wants to away the power to spread CIA misinformation from Facebook so they can do it.

  23. Nadezka Ogay

    Hahahahahahaha. Bye bye suckers!!!

  24. Aaron Carron

    They do that Apple will lose customers

  25. Tyto Rubio

    "Apple is taking a firm stance on privacy"... really? They just want to gather and sell as much data as they can themselves.. Apple is just as bad as those other big players

  26. Edward Przÿdzial

    ahhh... censorship doesn't protect you and it hurts the general public not apple, facebook or google. this dude is a marxist. marxist report and control centralized apple because tim cook is gay... right on fascists.

  27. Ben

    would the AR glasses be able to have prescription lenses

  28. Kyran Kenner

    Apple gets my vote and if the 13 comes with the features you talk about I'm buying. Time Facebook and Google got slam dunked

  29. JoAnn Salvisberg

    While I applaud Apple’s efforts mentioned in this vid, I disagree with their decision to cancel Parler. Why did they do that?

  30. Chop Sticks

    bruh i just bought the 12

  31. Ingens_Scherz

    If they do this, I'll dump my S20 and get an iPhone.

  32. David Barrozo

    All i can say is yeeeeaaaaahh! And wooooohoooooo!!😂😂

  33. Aries Eighteen


  34. Aries Eighteen


  35. mat shaw

    FB points at apple for having too much control then goes on to ban an entire country. Are you freaking kidding me lol

  36. SoundsOfSushi

    Hmmm youtube needs to go too

  37. David Boggs

    *As annoying as the Iphone is, I would continue to use it if I knew nothing could track me, and I was in a secure environment where greedy rich power hungry people can't just steal my data from me to make a profit*

  38. Beluema Beluema

    Face. book. Instargram. are. sponsered. by Chineses"s. drug. organization.

  39. Mapumpum Mapumza23

    I guess it doesn't come with the box

  40. B K

    Ok I just but 12 pro max but if the end google I will buy 13 or what ever they call it

  41. David Boggs

    I don't use any of those services, plenty of other services. I could care less about those, or their partners.

  42. Alexander Unknown

    nobody needs facebook, only mid-aged 50+ people lol. for chatting you have TONS OF MESSENGERS, and you have google or another searchers to find your daily doze of web shit.


    Apple is just strengthening their monopoly on their users. Apple need to be terminated too

  44. Eternal Lord

    how bout APPLE buy Facebook 👀

  45. Ron Weber

    Protects us and sends all that protection to China.

  46. B K

    End it

  47. Dawn Hill

    People should be able to decide whether or not they want to be tracked.

  48. PlayerboyX

    Well I think ar glasses will be discontinued cuz it might block vision while driving and can cause accidents

  49. Hemi Kakariki

    I'll replace everything with apple because of this

  50. Hemi Kakariki

    I'll be buying iPhone 13 because of this tracking , thank you

  51. Paul McCarthy

    Dismantle Facebook and fuck it off for good

    1. Paul McCarthy

      Yes it was used for nefarious reasons too

  52. Joe

    FB bye bye. Go job apple. 🍎

  53. Maddyplayzz Toca Boca and roblox tik tok

    *Me thinking if getting the iPhone 12 LOL

  54. Joseph Reynolds

    No Apple is not doing enough to block sleazeball like Fakebook

  55. DavidWicks1000

    Facebook is a sleazy company

  56. j r

    Its a start, good.

  57. Ellie Elvira Berzina

    No we will finally be able to film with out eyes ! Ig and DEfasts stories videos are about to get a lot more lit

  58. Maria Chavez

    I have an Apple 6s and I got a bug on my phone by the texting app

  59. Mycumminsisbetterthenyours

    iPhone 9 plus let’s go! 5.5 screen & home button Newest chip set Frosted glass back

  60. Sheila Steward

    But won’t that make apple the most powerful ? I hate Facebook so I would love to see something would keep our info private

    1. PáriStath友達

      Why would it? Companies like facebook and google make money by stealing people's personal data. Apple makes money by spelling their products so I guess everyone wins

  61. Victoria Jason

    Hello guys! my iCloud was successfully unlocked by Chasetools on Instagram he’s indeed a genius 🔥

  62. Victoria Jason

    Hello guys! my iCloud was successfully unlocked by Chasetools on Instagram he’s indeed a genius 🔥

  63. Sara danvas

    Excellent job from *plughacker_*on IG after helping me get an iPhone 12pro for free you can also text him

  64. jjdc1606

    I might be switching to iphone after hearing this

  65. Khaled

    A lot of talking and NO new info.👎🏻

  66. Mpho Mogale

    Come on man stop copping samsung 2:58

  67. Mpho Mogale

    I'm pretty sure they gonna copy the huawei pop up camera or samsung flip camera or xiaomi hidden screen camera

  68. W A Blinko

    If we are constantly being tracked for profit why cant we have a share in this? its our data so by rights its ours is it not?

  69. jn b

    Funny Zuckerberg saying apple has too much power, yet his pos company been censoring people openly. Screw Facebook hope the company goes bankrupt

  70. Lai Fong Choon

    High time

  71. funridersusa

    I think it's great, it's about time Facebook will be brought to their knees!! Facebook's double standard now be reversed on them!!! Great video!

  72. Nicholas Piscitelli

    Good I hate Facebook!

  73. Robert Lewis

    Myself I'm not worried about it I don't use Instagram I blocked Twitter and I hardly ever get on Facebook

    1. PáriStath友達

      What about Google?

  74. Subliminal Godfather

    I don't get it. Why are they making prices high especially during the pandemic where people don't have jobs? Are they saying get a job or something?

  75. landon gibson

    Do iPad

  76. Blue Dragon

    Imagine all Facebook pranksters going broke lol