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Filming is one activity we try to follow. But only filming artists, is not our main objective. Swissbeatbox stands for quality of beatboxing. Our slogan means ‘WE LOVE BEATBOX’ and we want to continue to push beatboxing forward, hold it as a trend and make an active scene bigger and more transparent

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  1. Felipe Zúñiga

    13:40 My favorite

  2. No name gaming

    round 2 I guess Dan just woke up

  3. summerville1952

    I wonder what goes thru girls minds when they see theyer mouths

  4. Arsalan Naufal


  5. WatchDog



    BROOOO this style is just so....raw!!!

  7. Cristian Jose Chiquito


  8. Dustin Kaviani

    @ 12:38 MB14 new what's up.

  9. Leonardo Muñiz

    13:00 omfg

  10. Sultan GT

    Indonesia Ngumpul woee! 🇮🇩

  11. Margbi Aymen

    And the winner is dlooooooow

  12. Hoodle

    2:26 he do be vibe'n

  13. Matt Roeder

    Pay close attention! He's just pretending to use the loopstation and synth. Great showmanship!

  14. Fighter Lm

    A beast at loop station vs a beast at beatboxing

  15. Fighter Lm


  16. Herdini Perdana putra

    Fix D-Low Win

  17. Lugofun Lugo


  18. Mikael Hakimii

    What's team punk just doing is it a joke

  19. Lugofun Lugo


  20. Jeremiah Sanga

    Cidfishes mom be like 2:29

  21. Anderson Garcia

    Alguien que hable español :')?

  22. Evoid Car

    5:55 me on top of mount Everest

  23. Charly Km


  24. SkellyXyt

    Battle of the champions

  25. Нурлан Дайрабаев

    Это пиздееец

  26. Kathy Hernández

    Wena cabtos

  27. Natsu Ichijo2


  28. joshua ray toledo

    D - low ruined the good vibes

  29. Rico Wahyudi


  30. bionic_rundown 92


  31. Asylumental

    Was frosty the camera man?

  32. zCali Clan

    Where is Madox?

  33. わぁ


  34. Philip James Paningbatan

    When you're talented much🔥♥️

  35. Koaladude 71

    Imm master this so when I go to school imma beatbox in front of random peeps in the hallway

  36. Chirag Sharma

    Op dlow this one was amazing

  37. 神•ᴅʀᴇɴᴏᴠᴀ ᴅʀᴇᴡ

    Dlow look like a clown look at his nose its color red

  38. Lorenzo Gonzalez

    5:39 Shadowed B-art

  39. Jay Ess

    Can't wait for the 976+ channels doing analysis vids to analyse this

  40. Budi Anto

    I think D-low won

  41. Turbo Dubstep15

    fucking minty smooth

  42. Al magribi Gabri


  43. JuanXC7 MC

    One of the first to comment

  44. D4nte 7u7

    D low 🤑🤑👌🏼😎

  45. Bams


    1. Juan Andreas

      Beda server njir

  46. Krxstal.

    Dlow watching codfish: Look at the crowd boy.

  47. Shayan H . L

    D-Low 🔥🔥🔥

  48. Nix Flo

    D low is a monster

  49. Sebastian Kleinod

    thight af

  50. deyo xx

    people underrate the drop of colapse thats a insanely hard drop to do

  51. dafi mantap

    Wah..keren Indonesia masuk Swissbeatbox

  52. ExquisitGaming


  53. Yugi.


  54. Michael Perez

    Spoilers: the orange jacket ona is gonna win

  55. Ryan Artoni

    A melhor de todas

  56. ܔْށE_ndoܔْށ

    (Crazy) 😳♥️...

  57. わぁ


  58. awa tonica

    OMG he is siiiiiick just like my man of culture


    D-LOW WIN🔥

  60. Jed Penticase

    5:09 colaps: OK 😨😥

  61. Chrissy Solorio

    DUDZ is the new codfish

  62. Angel James


  63. SETH PH

    Golden teeth

  64. tHE CukZ


  65. mike ock

    Okay that's phat.

  66. Muhammad Bagja

    Cek dewek mah pasti nu menang si d-low🔥

    1. Al magribi Gabri

      Panutan bet dah si dlow

    2. Bams

      Bacot lu ajg

    3. Ghiffa Anindraa

      Nyasar bro

  67. Дмитрий

    D-low 🔥🔥🔥

  68. Muhammad Bagja

    Saha anu menang iye?

    1. Juan Andreas

      DLOW atuh

    2. Bams

      Sia teh bau momok

  69. 中村K I N G

    My favorite beatboxers

  70. I don't Know you

    But tbh Rythmind is 1000 times more famous

    1. DyniceTv

      What does it have to do with a battle, its Not about the Fame its about how good you are.

    2. Mr. Beach

      Chezame: What?!?!

  71. Will Hurworth

    Day 567 of relistening, pls find a way to upload this onto Spotify 😅

  72. Mad Speed

    It disappointed me how much Rythmind failed to explore that concept and it kinda just fizzled out in his video. I’m so happy that D-Low made the effort to show how this (rather gimmicky) piece of showmanship can sound good without having to try too hard to understand what is actually happening as the beat progresses. Oh hi Madox

  73. vicente julia

    d low: 2 rythmind: 0.000000000


    1:26 Amazing

  75. Samuel Goetschel

    D-low is better than loopstation change my mind

    1. Fighter Lm


  76. Swissbeatbox

    THANK YOU Rythmind 🇫🇷 and D-low 🇬🇧 for an mindblowing 3 quarterfinal! Don’t forget to drop a meaningful comment and use #sbxkickbackgiveaway For your chance to win a PS5 or an Oculus Quest 2! 💚🙏

    1. PayStation4Pro

      D-Low took this one easily

    2. Дмитрий

      D-low the best beatboxer in the world🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    3. Rezki Ajji

      whether the comments that love him are the winner cause they got you attention ??

  77. Trypsy