[1239] Yak Lock From Taiwan Picked FOUR TIMES!


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    1. iGarageband Shorts

      This took longer than usual 😂

    2. Weerawatch Suriyo

      Me: Gets chased by a murderer and runs back to the house Also Me: Changed my lock to the drunk man lock Guys help me I'm under a basement!!!!

    3. Tony Garcia

      If i was trying to pick that lock id just get frustrated and instead be petty about it by sticking other things in there and jamming it up. Gum, twigs and another key just to break off in there.

    4. Apollo

      Man, locks are difficult to pick LPL:*litterally just wiggles something around and it unlocks*

    5. Negative Zer0

      Thank God this man is on our side

    6. Oreo gaming Buckley

      if this man wants to get in your house you can not stop him he will get in

    7. VoiD ex

      Our apartment and many russian built places have these kinds of locks i suddenly feel very insecure

    8. Reality Animation

      Hes literally a hidden lockpicking criminal teaching other criminals and citizens think its just entertainment

    9. BreadedLemon

      Just have a brick wall so no-one gets in or out

    10. Ethan Boyd

      I've been having enough of a hard time living in this post-fact driven society; now LOCKS are Fake News too? Ugh....

    11. Litosciano UDS

      Demoman: "youre doing good, lad"

    12. PhoenX

      This is made FOR drunk people AND can be picked BY drunk people!

    13. Carles

      Theres a knob specifically for people lockpicking unable to lockpick.

    14. Spacemiaou67

      Having to turn the lock 4 times won’t help a drunk man.

    15. Pro Jector

      I like how sick society got to invent this kind of shit instead of get rid of alcoholism.

    16. BeetleMonk

      swastika key

    17. bernardakoito

      Next locks: needs to be turned a hundred times! Keys comes with battery operated motor

    18. Play-doh Poptart

      And crowbars?

    19. Marko Hobson

      For drunk people! Let's talk about white girls in scary movies lol

    20. James Redburn

      Imagine being drunk and picking the lock just to show your friends how easy it is

    21. Ansley Tiarn

      I mean, this looks like your standard Taiwanese apartment door lock design....

    22. Muhammad Deo

      Looks like my locker door is useless for him....

    23. Darkie

      Imagine having that lock in a horror movie and you just start turning it and the killer is like: 😐

    24. Iron Krusher

      "if you turn this knob, it prevents entry by picking" remember folks, breaking and entering is illegal. if someone tries to pick your lock, just say no!

    25. Steve Stumpp Rejvold

      Lost the key now I'm homeless

    26. Firaro

      I suspect half the security is just noone knowing what to expect from this lock cause they've never seen it before.

    27. Axel Wülf

      One of these days, a whole other level of locking things is going to be invented 'Til then, it's funky scary looking stuff

    28. Demoniac

      Lock picking: 97 Lock picking: 98 Lock picking: 99 Lock picking: 100...

    29. ContagiousRepublic

      Remember: Your lock doesn’t have to be unpickable, it just needs to not be pickable by a drunk who sees quadruple.

    30. Connor Hudson

      So this is technically unpickable if the people actually press that button?

    31. Allen Richardson

      I like that u can prevent someone from using the lock from the inside when you're home. That's the only good thing it has going for it.

    32. Conner Walden

      Probably GrayStillPlays

    33. Foxshade

      This guy: *wiggling it around without a care* Skyrim: *turns it 0.00001cm in the wrong direction and the lockpick breaks* "God damn it.."

    34. Roger that

      Try to pick stuff made here's unpickable lock please!

    35. The coop 48

      This man scares me. He can just walk up to any car or house and just get in. Takes him less than 4 minutes like that’s cool and scary.

    36. Adrox

      Don’t know why he lock picked it the keys were right there

    37. Kenneth Shaw

      It is a beautiful lock. The symmetry pleases me.

    38. Paahdin

      You know i would definetly get that lock.

    39. CheEzy

      Definitely makes homes a bit safer. It will take longer to pick so potential robbers will see it as a waste of time to pick this thing and it helps drunk people get into their homes easier. Awesome lock.

    40. vlk

      Try tokoz Gama pro :)

    41. Shadow Creep

      By gray you mean graystillplays youtuber or a different gray

    42. hex808080

      I was expecting the lock to moan.

    43. grape

      Its all fun and games until they put the key through the door

    44. Yvon Basuel

      If a person buys that kind of lock and loses *ONE* key, they're screwed.

    45. assasaassaa

      The amount of houses he could have robbed: ♾ The amount of houses he robbed: 0 This guy is a real one

    46. PizzaAintDough

      Thx you dude, I was able to break into this dude house and I made 100 grand

    47. staff

      taiwan??? ahem.... don't you mean Chinese Taipei?

    48. John Doe

      I'd be curious to see if it was possible on this lock to move the wiper fast enough to get the pins to skip over so you only had to pick it the once

    49. William Stevens

      I live in a solid steel box. My doors are 3/8 mild or better with 8 hardened steel dogs per door. These folks saying that thives can just break out a window or rip a door off are delusional. My residence is far from impenetrable, however I live where I work so the opportunity for casual theives is basically zero

    50. kevon Thompson

      I don't know how to pick a lock but I'd get mad half way through and just use a C4 instead

    51. Shiva Abhishek Chandrashekhar

      What are the equipment's he uses and how do they work?

    52. ParadigmUnkn0wn

      Yak Lock help drunk get in to yak in privacy of own home instead of yak outside and leave mess for others. Very good technology.

    53. Im_a_person

      Imagine what this dude can do with a paper clip

    54. Waduhek CHOUBEY

      My fav part of the video was Comment section

    55. The roblox doge

      criminals : yeah yeah i See you

    56. barryburrito

      thanks, now i can break into my own home when i leave my keys inside my house

    57. idlemessiah

      So despite being an easy rake, it still takes a master lockpicker over a minute to get it open. This is honestly one of the best performing locks ever featured here.

    58. A_Tet

      Now im insecure about my house lock

    59. AntiChip

      lock picking is pretty satisfying ngl

    60. James D


    61. Yakuza_ Reseller

      Imagine being at someone’s door going yeah buddy i’m nearly in and then find out they locked the knob 😂

    62. Hghask

      Can it be opened with the knob turned

    63. Justin _that_one_dude

      No one high off the latest 2021 exotics is going to realize to lock pick a locked door or anything with a pick able lock

    64. SellerThink

      Not really a fair video since its a lock for Drunk People. Lets see how well you pick it while drunk.

    65. Larry inACatSuit

      The "YAK" lock? LOL

    66. Am A ukulele

      1:54 LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER

    67. Laura Lynch

      We all know the most hardest lock of all time is the child safety tops on medicine. I'm joking.

    68. Choccy Milk Container

      Imagine you're in a horror movie and the monster is stalking towards you down a hallway or something and you have this lock.

    69. Cinderheart MLP

      Seems like its easy to just stuff some gunk in there and lock the homeowner out by ruining their lock.

    70. Woopity Scoop

      I know one thief on Reddit said that tempered windows on your first floor is the best deterrent to theft

    71. Der Duke

      Me: That Thing is freakin cool, I want one 5secs later LPL: thats the First one Me: that Lock is total Trash

    72. Mr Potato

      reversed phycology

    73. Alejandro Del Lu

      Anyone care to explain how he knows/ feels the first half of the raking part was successful and can switch to the dimple rake?

    74. NoriXa

      i will get this in my home so no one comes in most easy way to prevent a robber becasue i bet they get noticed fast when they take 10 minutes

    75. CREEP P14YZ

      If your just gonna stay in your house just get a simple lock that has the little metal bar on it and a normal padlock so you cant pick it inside

    76. Ace rv Samson

      Is this ASMR?

    77. Matthew Neill

      So if the Mfg had used security pins those racks wouldn't have worked so easy and intetesting design could have proved effective?

    78. Ghost Hunter

      i need me one of those

    79. ronniefaisstfan687

      its easy enough to pick until that knob is turned on the back and it ruins your whole career

    80. Mateus Figueiredo

      Now pick it if the knob is turned

    81. Sleep man

      Thx I was robbing a mans house and this was the key lock so thx for the tutorial for breaking in his house

    82. fish swim

      that’s still a really good lock because you can just disable the lock completely with that knob

    83. Radar Warrior

      If you liked the video and want to see more like it! Subscribe....... *2399 videos later 2025 I’m still making videos like it*

    84. Tim, was Chad Broski

      That knob is really smart though, makes it almost unpickable at night

    85. Dampierre

      I've always imagined that this guy's house is the most secure house in the goddamn world

    86. Jason Wu

      Hi, Lawyer! I Subscibed to you.

    87. ThorsShadow

      He says this is supposed to intimidate people trying to pick the lock, because you have to pick it 4 times. Then proceeds to pick the lock by scratching inside of it a bit using some thin metal tools.

    88. Flamingo The mafia boss

      A person not skilled or knowlegable in picking locks at all asks: how much harder would this be with safety pins to pick?

    89. Jade ZR

      The title sounds like "the lock is so bad that it got picked four times".

      1. Confused by 6ths

        That’s what I thought it was lmao

      2. Mythic Wolf

        And in a sense, it's not wrong lmao

    90. Jebron Lames

      Is there a way to defeat the knob when it’s locked?

    91. Linda Foxwood

      I have seen one of these locks before. It was on a car steering wheel lock. I picked it within a minute - that it turned - but did not open the lock. Thanks for your video. I know now that I did not 'finish' picking the lock. All these years I thought the lock was broken.

    92. Ghostly

      Ok..... WHY DIDN'T WE THINK OF LOCKS FOR LOCKS?.... Going to bed? Lock the door, then lock the lock so it can't be opened from the other side!

    93. Rafael Aragón

      I wonder if it can be engineered so that all four sections need to be picked at the same time before it turns and unlocks. I imagine that would make picking it much more difficult

    94. quixy

      Lock picking 100

    95. Andrew Castillo

      I was curious to see if he could open it with the knob turned to lock the latch...

    96. Karimba Leofasa

      I... I kinda want this lock NGL

    97. Grims

      JerryRigEverything twin brother Change my mind

    98. mcGoodGame

      Ok. But can you do it 16 times? (Like my lock?)😂

    99. Marcuz

      you know u are drunk, when u can't open a lock with a key

    100. João Pires

      How did you know the number one pins were already up?