15+ BRILLIANT Home Hacks Using Command Hooks!

Brittany Vasseur

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    Did you know you can organize almost anything in your home using HOOKS?! Yes, hooks. Organize your kitchen, bathroom and closet with command hooks☟ ☟ CLICK FOR LINKS AND INFO ☟ ☟
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    Broom hook amzn.to/3k3DYuR
    Hand towel bar amzn.to/37p9Kxi
    Remote control caddy amzn.to/2OR5UGW
    Banana hook amzn.to/3biPgYn
    Phone caddy (this one will fit all size phones) amzn.to/3skAZkT
    Wall shelf caddy (I used as a lint bin) amzn.to/3s76xdB
    Clear wall caddy amzn.to/3scOcvX
    Ceiling hooks amzn.to/3aupYHs
    Utility cart hook amzn.to/3sacIxQ
    Small clear hooks amzn.to/3s6dPhR
    Clip hook amzn.to/3pyNxmE
    Large chrome hook amzn.to/3qDe5EH
    Shower hook amzn.to/37uSBCp
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    1. Brittany Vasseur

      Please follow me on my new facebook page!! facebook.com/Brittanyvasseur1/?ref=page_internal I will be posting my youtube videos, original content (couples Q&A coming next week!), sales and deals AND we can all hang out and chat as a community!!

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    2. Ammara Syed

      I love the shelves! So handy 👌

    3. Kati Yates

      My favorite is the broom and mop hooks because having a toddler in the house they will pick up anything to wack you or the dogs with😅 that one keeps it out of the way and neat. But I love all of them, I’m an organizing junkie 😍

    4. Noni Korfioti

      Your best video ever ♥️

    5. Nicole Apana

      My purse is least 20 pounds 🤣

    6. mytokidaze

      My favorite is the towel bar! And the glass spray bottle from Grove Co. 😁 LOL!! I need to know .. is that the "light blue" or the "seafoam green"?

    7. Anne Klein

      The little caddy's would work stuck to the side of the kids bed. They can put their phone in it and one child wears glasses. She can put her glasses in it. They can also store extra tissues. Woot!

    8. Haydee M

      I love the hand towel bar, and the banana hook 👌🏻😃

    9. Go Malibu Surf

      Sorry-- late to the party. Saw on your IG story you mentioned comments from your Quartz stain and that you were going to try Soft Scrub w/ Bleach. I missed the original showing of the stain/question. Is it posted somewhere? What type of stain is it?

    10. Christina Ayala

      It’s amazing what they come up with! I like the ceiling ones! Would be perfect to leave to hang Christmas lights or even just twinkle lights year round.

    11. Yvette V

      Love the idea for the hooks to hold my broom and mop, and of course, my all time fave , the remote control caddy 💖

    12. dmartz02

      Omg i. Going to have yo buy the phone hook for my fam 😄 .. they are all amazing though

    13. Teresa Altizer

      Hi Brittany! I liked you FB page and I like the large chrome hook. I used them for my Christmas wreaths! Hello from WV! I hope I win!

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      The hand towel rack!!! They are never placed in the perfect spot!

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      I am HERE for the spray bottle hooks because those bottles get so messy under my cabinets 😂

    20. Innaday


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      My favorite is the hand towel hook!

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      Does anybody know if she let Ryan off the hook?

    23. Claud Adams

      Followed your page on Facebook love your page long time follower. Favorite hook was the cell phone caddy

    24. Veronica Skrimsjö

      Yeah, the shower caddies don't actually work. We tried them, followed the directions *exactly* and it came flying off within a week.

    25. Nancy Alamo

      My favorite hook is the cell phone holder.

    26. Lindzey Wright

      I love the broom hooks, I've been wanting to get some but haven't been able to at the moment

    27. Johana and Romie

      My fave hook that I didn’t know existed is the banana hook, my kitchen has very little counter space and I love the idea of being able to tuck it away after we run out of bananas :)

    28. Megan

      I need recommendations for good over-the-door hooks (to hang backpacks and such)!

    29. Shorty Cottrell

      Hand towel bar hook is my fav

    30. Shorty Cottrell


    31. Diane Doskoch

      Fav hook is spray bottles. I collect spray cleaners!

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      My favourite hook is the spray bottle hook, I often struggle with bending & having my daily cleaning things on the inside of my cabinet door would be so helpful & would save me leaving them out. I'm about to plan the organising & redecorating my kitchen so I'll definitely look out for a few of these products. I've subscribed to your Facebook page & ended up watching your organise your life video & I really enjoyed it. That's another platform I can check for notifications of you posting. I think why you started it is a great idea. Good luck with it.😄

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      Hi Brittany! Love your channel ans these hacks are awesome! I have a question about the giveaway. I could not get the link to your new Facebook page to work on my phone! So I went on Facebook and searched for your page and liked it! Will that still count toward the giveaway?? Again, love your content!!! Thank you for being so generous!!! ❤


      My favorite hooks are between two the spray bottle one you mentioned or just the small saw tooth picture hanging strips hooks

    43. Emilie Ruiz

      Fave hook is definitely the spray bottle hook. I could totally use that to help clear up some floor space.

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      We love command hooks! We use them for decorating at our kids birthday parties and all over the house! My favorite is the metal command hooks that hold up to 5lbs. We use them in our bathroom, to hold baby bibs on the back of highchairs. Anything and everything! Can't wait to see your FB content! Following now!!!

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      Hello thank you we are renting so find some of the hooks fantastic

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        Ok I need the phone hook tooo 😂

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      The Phone caddy looks amazing, I definitely need it! My phone always ends up on the floor. I also like your idea of using the small ceiling hooks for concealing your cords! Thanks, Brittany for all your hard work on keeping us organized.

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