2020 Portuguese Grand Prix: FP1 Highlights


1,2 Mio. aufrufe74

    A new track posed plenty of challenges as the drivers got to grips with the picturesque Portimao circuit.
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    1. nickname87

      Vettel very slow

    2. Jonathan Chester

      Highlights 2020 - 30 seconds - 10 secs start, 5 secs Albon passing someone at the back, 5 seconds Grojo spinning off and 10 secs Hamilton winning. Uuuuf!

    3. D.S.


    4. Zbriu

      0.12 That's a lot of down force! It's amazing how "glued" to the track this cars can get. They should be flying after that "ramp"

    5. David Edwards

      I have noticed something that I an not that keen on, not just in F1, but in a lot of races, although, it's more a circuit problem being allowed by the FIA. I thought gravel traps were put in to slow and stop cars that run off the track. But recently I am seeing more cars running into the gravel traps, but just driving out. Whatever happened to the safely aspect of them? They are not so much gravel TRAPS, as gravel track extension. If a car has an incident is runs off the track, these gravel traps don't look like they are going to even slow the car down, let alone 'trap' it safely.

    6. Modders

      This is why they need to go back to Watkins glen. That track is like this and would be SOOOOO fun to watch.

    7. Vivek

      Prototype tyres on at a new track.. Great

    8. Nived

      F1 is so boring now Bottas wins the practice Hamilton wins the race

    9. Hoosier_ RC

      It’s a drivers track.. that’s why you see Kimi so high on the board

    10. Diogo Cosme

      Portimão is the track that separates boys from men! Let's see who the real drivers are.

    11. Arthur Sandomine

      Looks promising!!

    12. Just Fun

      Sebastian Vettel-Sergio Perez-Kevin Magnussen all retire from F1 I dont like them

    13. Zombie Alive

      Please give Hulk a full time seat again!

    14. Jul Cabildo

      F1, please make this track a regular next season

    15. Rafael Rocha


    16. Simon H


    17. Varun Suriya

      The moment when you realise Landos radio testing message becomes true........

    18. Bernie Yoda

      No one: Every English journalist: *LEGLERGG*

    19. Dominic Chuaunsu

      Totally missed having Will Buxton narrate these things

    20. Jon Montenegro

      It's just me, but something happened to Mr. Crashsstapen, It is someone else's or somethin else's fault? It's never his fault, he never do anything wrong!!!

    21. David Chase

      The narrator completely skipped over Lando’s name :/

    22. John Paul Dorado

      Nice to see Raikonnen in the top 10

    23. Krishnan G M

      Is Ferrari not upgrades to Seb like what they are providing Charles?

    24. Max Vybes

      There giving vettel a slower car I’m convinced there is just no way!

    25. Diether Santos

      Here's My Predictions For Qualifying 1. Charles Leclerc Pole Position 2. Lando Norris P2 3. Carlos Sainz P3 4. Lewis Hamilton P4 5. Sebastian Vettel P5 6. Valterri Bottas P6 7. Pierre Gasly P7 8. George Russell P8 9. Romain Grosjean P9 10. Daniel Ricciardo P10 Ok Im Tired

    26. Leafer

      Idk why, but I have a really bad feeling something bad is going to happen this race. No idea why.

    27. SebaCod Py

      HAASta la vista THAT WAS BRILLIANT

    28. RooRoo the rooster R

      I’m going up and down side to side like a roller coaster

    29. André

      It's a circuit for men, not for girls...

    30. Stock-Car Club Steel Panthers

      Ok i can understand lando singing: i am moving up and down, side to side like a rollercoaster 😂

    31. Florian Semmler

      grid girls are more interesting

    32. Lewis Brown

      verstappen is such an idiot !

    33. Michael Cummings

      Hulkenberg out there hoping to hear someone cough

    34. Johann Sebastian Garcia

      Portimao? NYEH! It should be "P O R T L M A O"

    35. Jorge Garcia Monter

      Come on Formula 1, your intention to press Hulkenberg return is becoming boring and forced, why didn't you do that with better pilots like Webber or Buemi?

    36. Rahmad Excell Wirayudha

      This actualy a 2020 Portuguese Formula Drift Grand Prix

    37. Conner Diamond

      is ferrari purposely giving vettel a slower car ?

      1. Conner Diamond

        I wouldnt put it past them as they have already canceled his contract.

    38. Manny Lopes

      PORTIMÃO 🔝🔝🔝🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

    39. GHgiant

      New name: sBinalla circuit

    40. Eneas

      "HAASTA LA VISTA"? Quien carajo le enseño español al redactor? Ni google te traduce una burrada así.

    41. PJ Sinohin

      Whats with the yellow green paint on left front of Max?

    42. BrianBell4073

      I'm starting to think Hamilton has learned from his Reverseberg days. He does nothing in FP to give away his data and waits until Q3 to ramp it up. Bottas quickest in FP1, FP2, FP3, Q1 and Q2....then oops.

    43. Ciany Boi

      Portuguese GP = Algarve (to me) or Portimao

    44. Motorsports Guy


    45. Brian Barua

      I'm a little bit suspicious about the relative between Bottas and Merc,Bottas is always fastat and qualifying lap.But at the race when he is at first or second or third, he always gets engine failure or tire failure.is'nt it a little bit strange guys?

    46. SydneyPhotography2019

      Come on Leclerc!

    47. charles osborn

      Why are we not here. This track is unbelievable.

    48. LeafRBX

      Honda makes the best drift cars. Do you agree?

    49. Kholdstare

      Other drivers: S🅱️innala up and down, side-to-side, like a roller-coaster. Vettel: Now you know how it feels!

    50. Heavy4th

      You get a spin! You get a spin! And you get a spin! EVERYBODY GETS A SPIN!

    51. Cyberstorm42X

      1:10 Don't you mean "Bottas showing off his rally skills yet again by going off track"

    52. Yongy Hu

      Is this the track the Grand Tour visited in season 1 episode 1

    53. classyfenn

      so quick question because i noticed the ferrari did not have the mission winnow stuff on the car- is tabacco advertising banned in Portugal?

    54. xMix Dx

      So one of the only people to not spin is the spinner himself?

    55. Pizza Time

      Imagine f1 in a new circuit without practice and grid position determined by rock paper scissors tournament. The amount of s🅱️inalla in the GP would be higher than seb's in his whole career.

    56. Diggae Str

      How can leclerc be 1 sec faster than vettel? This is not about the driver. This is about the car. Ferrari pls retire from f1. This is a shame.

    57. FT

      WOW! What an amazing circuit!

    58. DeltaWhiskeyTango72

      Welcome back Will!!

    59. David Campos

      just because Stroll is the son of the owner of racing point, if it were not like that he would take him out and leave Perez, he does much more for the team than stroll with his maneuvers as if he were a rookie.

    60. dante marasca

      Espectacular circuito, pregunta los autos no tienen mas control de tracción

    61. Adrian F

      1:37 nice

    62. Rashawn GT

      Bottas most Fp1 victories in history

    63. Eblackadder1982

      "...Rounded off the session" - you mean came dead last.

    64. Justin Chung

      It's looking more and more likely that Hulkenberg's gonna be on the grid next year :) fingers crossed!

    65. Adapa

      I am still waiting for an explanation why COdemaster cant bring up a patch with the tracks they have in f1 this year..

    66. Miguel Pino

      "Haasta la vista", such a great point there

    67. souris verte

      how can their setup be that drasticaly different from one track to another

    68. Glen Booth

      See they let max off without a penalty. Talk about double standards. Lewis is right about the stewards

    69. David RP


    70. Sergio David Buitron

      Un placer volver a ver a Portugal en la F1,cuantos trompos por cierto

    71. Vice

      When you realize drivers in 2015s were much better that now.

    72. Terox

      whats the green stuff on verstappen's redbull in the first shot?

      1. Rashawn GT

        Flow vis It's to record the areo

    73. W. Putin

      I am only here because of my personal Hero Kimi

    74. Elias Holländer


      1. Rashawn GT


    75. David Chapel

      Stroll and Latifi gotta go! Money bag trash 💩

    76. SHASHINO

      This track is awesome.

    77. stuart mcmahon

      If the title was decided by FP1 bottas would be champ, unfortunately for him it’s not...

    78. BoneYard

      Oh cool , a 1:19.7 on the old version of the track surface wasnt too bad then (assetto corsa)

    79. Ben Kuyt

      sBinalla sBinalla sBinalla sBinallasBinallasBinallasBinallasBinallasBinallasBinallasBinalla sBinalla sBinalla sBinalla sBinalla

    80. Yousuf Kandeh

      Forza ferrari.

    81. ShadowPersonOfTheUnknown

      It's not an easy Circuit that's for sure. Many of the corners are blind and that last turn is really tricky to get correct (as with many of the corners).

    82. FireLynx

      someone is gonna hit wheels with someone else at the top of a hill on the circuit and we are gonna get the F1 Airlines

    83. Woland Bzh

      great track

    84. Shuto Tsukada

      やはり、慣れないコースでのレースは辛そうですね…… レッドブルの活躍に期待しています。

    85. hmdwgf

      They should replace Barcelona with this track.

    86. paiermen

      Aero engineers probably having a mental breakdown with this rollercoaster track 😂 awsome track btw

    87. Justin M.

      Looks like parts of the track from USA

    88. Hernâni Gil

      This is the most exciting and challenging track I ever saw hosting F1. A big challenge to engineers, drivers and even to Pirelli. Also an amazing track to fans, since onboards show how hard and exciting this track is for drivers.

    89. mich2020

      this reminds me of the bananas in Mario Kart

    90. M L

      Kimi on top ten.

    91. Mark Edwards

      Bottas making the same mistake as in Russia ! Tweaking his Merc just a little more to get pole. Maybe a little too much ? But the car cannot be modified for the race. Yep, there is a reason why they don't enter Ussain Bolt for the 1500 metres.

    92. Nick.

      Hulkenberg is like that old guy at the pub who refuses to leave

    93. hockey1freak

      So everyone spins except Vettel

    94. Thunderbolt Calgary

      Go Alex Albon!!!

    95. ThatsRaidillonActually

      How has nobody said it? I’m moving up and down Side to side Like a rollercoaster Yeah

    96. DJ1337JK

      from now on October 23rd shall be named a Vettel day

    97. CannedTuna

      Anyone knows what is the name of the background song? It sounds like Madeon during his Pop Culture days and I hella dig it.

    98. Luís Bita

      Best Regards from Portugal 🏎

    99. N M

      FP1: Bottas FP2: Bottas FP3: Bottas Q1: Bottas Q2: Bottas Q3 & Race: “Get in there Lewis”; Lewis: “tough weekend guys” Bottas: “ keep trying anything is possible “

    100. Drilld

      69 points behind hamilton nice.