2021 Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team Launch | #AMR21

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    Join us for the 2021 Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team Launch, as we unveil our 2021 challenger, the #AMR21. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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    1. Xform Esports

      This reveal was rlly awkward lmao

    2. Maciej Wiśniewski

      I love seb’s smile

    3. dario rossa


    4. Saksham Gupta

      Bleed green mofos !!!

    5. Paul Howden

      British Racing Green 🤘

    6. sam monk

      lets go seb

    7. Greenolo Harola

      Yeahh finally I have a favorite team!!!!

    8. MS_Publisher

      Now thats a good looking car.

    9. Jerrold Keyser

      Lance doesnt deserve to be on the same stage as Seb, let alone the same team.

    10. Sašenko Š

      This green is so nice I’m about to paint my house green, my lawn mower, my leaf blower, my pressure washer, my cars, my motorcycle. I want furniture in this color 😂

    11. Amanda Adams

      You guys don’t t reflect communism or sexism at all

    12. stenbak88

      I love seb and his simplicity

    13. Chubski

      4:29 Yes, I too as a young child decided to invest in stocks for an automotive company that has had an unstable past

      1. Rudraksh Sharma

        They NEVER give up, and that's the best part❤️

    14. TopSecretVid

      lol😂😂😂..This is a German car...🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪😂😂😂😂

    15. Purwanti Allan

      Nice to see Vettel back to his iconic smile.

    16. Miguel Quintero

      She was on clash of the titans

    17. Evan N

      Anyone else notice the 2021 F1 car in the video in the beginning with the white around the air inlet, the car is darker green, and no pink. Why didn’t it look like that?

    18. Benny77 Haja

      Sebi ist der beste

    19. Akashneel Bhattacharya

      ayy, aston martin was with red bull, what do you mean after 61 years????

    20. Alex

      4:04 Is this the hunger games guy?

    21. A Real Life Story

      Hey look, another Mercedes

    22. Nishanth Kasi

      My favourite part of the lunch was watching Gemma.. I love her alot

    23. yasio bolo

      From Red to Green, from Mario to Luigi. And the end Luigi will be back for the 2021 champion. Seb in green🇩🇪💚

    24. Emanuele Confettura

      Forza Seb

    25. keio

      Had to watch this for what I heard about the cringy interviews and I was not disappointed 🤣🤣

    26. Βασίλης Αβραμιδης

      So Lance, Absolutely

    27. Joe. Jia

      Tonight on Aston martin: We change the safety car to a vantage, an f1 car gets revealed and sebastian is happy

      1. yasio bolo

        Man like Dave are you nuts

    28. Andrew Winslow

      Look, We all love GOATS but What the Hell does Tom Brady have to do with Aston Martin f1.

    29. Dom

      take a shot every time someone says Aston Martin Cognizant Formula 1 team

    30. Al Bruce

      Hopefully the team will perform on the track with more professionalism than this film does... It's so wooden, it's embarrassing.

    31. asioe kiou

      Lawrence's beard is AWESOME. Really got in the Christmas spirit and never got out of it did he? Looks awesome!!!

    32. Giuseppe Castellino

      it's so cool this mercedes

    33. August Borgen

      Someone should make a compilation of Lance saying «eeh»


      All im seeing are STIGS on the film 😍

    35. theINQBS

      Omg this lady is god awful! Speaks like a robot and seems to know zilch about f1. Overall good information and the car looks incredible, but holy hell did she make it cringy throughout.

      1. asioe kiou

        The only technical info we got was buttons on the sides, lol one of them must the the counter-spin

    36. Nathan Johnson

      I drew a AM flag watching this. Let's go for first place with Aston A!!!!

    37. Nathan Johnson

      I think I just got pregnant. Yes some things just look right. Hey Aston will you 8 me?

    38. Nathan Johnson

      I'm so proud of you guys wow. I'm speachlesd and I haven't even seen the car yet.

    39. Nathan Johnson

      You wanna know what's the best? Putting the best in the best...."Facts". Let me know when ya wanna make history.

    40. Nathan Johnson

      I'm so proud of you, God Bless.

    41. Adam Mahomed

      Man like Dave are you nuts

    42. Mel Mortimer

      Oh yes...Aston Martin..are back!! Been toing..great to see a British car...with that prestigious name on the track...can't wait to see them in action!!! 😈

    43. John Taylor

      Watch vettel this season trust me he’s gonna go for it

    44. The Ripley Sisters


    45. Dino Tönges-Ćatić

      Nice car

    46. Ghostshot990


    47. Indie Love Brand

      Terrible voice over. Seemed like he was bored. Then how could we be excited about the launch.

    48. seiom jvony

      HAHAHHA, script reading is on point.

    49. Jamison MustyRushroom

      The only technical info we got was buttons on the sides, lol one of them must the the counter-spin

    50. Nore Eckerberg

      Aston Martin suddenly became very... American? The chairman followed by Tom Brady threw me a bit off guard

    51. elucidate

      I really wish they called it the Aston Martin DBR6. It would have been a powerful statement that fits perfectly in line with the emotion of the trailer.

    52. Gabriel Ribas

      What a great looking car

      1. seiom jvony

        Vettel podium 1 feat Aston Martin...

    53. Aser Lewis

      Mercedes Supplying the grid

    54. KoSXxPotatisbarnetXD

      Looks sick :D


      Se tentou e fracassou, se planejou e viu seus planos ruírem, lembre-se de que os maiores homens da história foram produtos da coragem, e a coragem bem sabemos, nasce no berço da adversidade

    56. abbsnn cose

      dammmn, AM is a Sweat, they Have Gemma Arterton as Host😂

    57. Filion Auto Paint SRL. Santiago y Moca.

      The Seb smile arrive again, he is come back.

    58. vangledosh

      Best looking f1 livery imo

    59. Ugly Dave


    60. Michele Dimita

      Yess Seb and Aston Martin are the best

      1. abbsnn cose

        Most stupidest launch. Stupid host. She reading, and don't understand what she say 🤦🏻‍♂️

    61. SirLoock

      All smiles from Seb and Lance. Love to see it.

    62. Samir Ahmed

      Vettel is aston martin 🔥

    63. Duncan GP

      I like the color combo

    64. M

      Why use a known DRUG DEALER to promote you car Aston Martin!!! Poor very poor.

    65. Lucy

      yeah DAVE


      Vettel podium 1 feat Aston Martin...


      Well pleased to see Aston on the big stage. Just hope they perform better than this launch lol. Were they all robots and are they getting a bonus everytime they say Aston Martin cognasen AMR21

    68. Weesky

      I hope this beat Ferrari

    69. Tony Noplana

      How many CRO holders here?😏😁

    70. Andreji

      Lets Go Astom Martin First Champ Titel 2021 GO GO GO, (Fettel Fan)

    71. James Woodman

      Why has Aston Martin got people involved in their car launch that have shown 0 interest in F1. What is Tom Brady doing on here and why would he be cheering on the A M team and not Haas? Maybe has something to do with the Russian flag on the Haas car 🤔. Would love to know what DC thought of it 🤣.

    72. BanditBlu 1776

      Really nice green Mercedes, I mean Aston Martin !

    73. white ttlove

      nice great aston👍

    74. Андрей Андреев

      Most stupidest launch. Stupid host. She reading, and don't understand what she say 🤦🏻‍♂️

    75. Daniel Taboada

      What the editor was thinking with the most wierd cuts ever in the history of a live show.

    76. A Google User

      Just great to this name back in F1 on a serious basis - reckon the sport needs this team to do well just as much as the team itself does! Very best of luck to all involved!!🏎🏁🇬🇧🇨🇦🇩🇪👍👍😎

    77. KEMP SPORT

      Why make a presentation if all cars are the same now?

    78. dex räikkönen

      I really wanted aston's color scheme livery to be more like the green power ranger. maybe even a little bit of gold.

    79. dex räikkönen

      the fudge is tom brady has to do with any of this??

    80. Phillip Perez

      Who was the guy at the intro?

    81. 1988Carlsberg

      Well she’s an utterly useless presenter isn’t she! Literally no idea what she is talking about. Why not have Natalie or Rachel! Two amazing women who know what the hell they are talking about.

    82. Balkanian Group 2000 LTD

      Magnifique ✨👏🏁

    83. Real_Niclashell

      Bring Seb to glory please. :)

    84. LLGame

      I think the show, maaan. Seb is great Car is looking good but the other things look like, its just a business. Add little bit soul. And hey Seb is the Bond thats the end of the talk.

    85. Nas

      Now let's see if Strol will blame the car and mechanics every time he got passed by Lando.

    86. dbmbrbkb

      Yeah! Amazing! Let´s make History! All the best for the Team!

    87. BQ FN2

      Lovely looking car!

    88. tg72201

      This is pretty cringe.

    89. MrWadrO Rodriquez

      Owned by a Canadian lmao

    90. Gary Noon

      Never been a fan of seb as a brit but I hope he does very well

    91. Rensyl Alberto

      Lawrence Stroll reminds me of that villain from Hunger Games

    92. Sebastian Vettel


    93. brian fletcher

      Horrible livery

    94. Anna Jawornicka


    95. Nithyaprasath Vijayan

      I am expecting sebastian vettel will gives his fight

    96. Michał Pham

      Honestly they should've start recording from last 3 minutes for that show cause that's when all of them stopped behaving like robots. Car pretty slick tho.

    97. Zenok'oo

      My worst fear is AM not performing well next year after all of that build-up

    98. Jay

      Ferrari did a dirty on Vettel, but this is a gooood move

    99. Jay

      This car will Fight for 2nd place with Vettel leading the team

    100. Jay

      Such a good intro! Proper good production