5 BAD Habits That DESTROY Your Testosterone


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    1. Alanah Duncan

      I loved the work a lot! I have been trying to find for a vid similar to yours that breaks down the ideas in this video!Your tip totally is like the vids from Dr Ethan. Dr Ethan's videos are really informative and he actually helped me a lot on my finals. I suggest you see his YT out and give the medical student a like! 👉 #DrEthanAdvice

    2. Gustavo Razo

      Y’all not gonna like me saying this but cut the porn too

    3. F-u-c-k Y-o-u

      Have a fun a fu*ck all of this shits

    4. Ayush Sk

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    5. // COACH //

      No jose...Muhammed Ali is the goat of boxing

    6. jefferson Rano

      Thanks bro

    7. Eddie Agui

      Adding ball crop or ball deodorant to balls is prob bad too.

    8. Its Lou

      Kings, dont be a Jinny pig

    9. Jo Bat

      Traduction in french please !

    10. Noney Ta

      Jose the type of Zuniga who is the every guy's brother.

    11. Samarth Upadhyay

      Stop anabolics or wear a thick fabric shirt xD

    12. OSE

      Ok I won't brush my teeth thx for the advice

    13. Sourabh Shukla

      Stand still bruh, i can hear you without you moving like a rapper 🤦‍♂️

    14. Gaurav Kumar Pandit

      Bhai pornstar k sath sex nhi krna haii aur na johny sins banna haii chutiya bana rhe ho yaar tum logo ko .

    15. M D

      Jose rockn a Rolex with raycons lol naaaa

    16. Comment Guy

      I mean...I understand your point about music helping you but surely you shouldn't go tell that to my man David Goggins he'll tell you THEY DON'T KNOW ME SON

    17. Epic Trends

      Ty bro

    18. Malik Callen

      Anybody else took time to read the extracts? They have nothing to do with what hes talking about and are repeated 🤣

    19. Layne

      When are you starting to train your neck? This will transform your physique

    20. lawrence mayo

      im a doctor, some of the stuff here is total BS

    21. Angelo olivas

      Did he jus say Jinni pig at 5:35?

    22. EXILARY GAiM3Z

      Well if you can't push your limits without music them why are you working out. Everyone wants everything the easy way. I'm not gonna lie I'm a victim of this too. Truly tho you yourself have to be your own drive.

    23. Mahmoud Kablan

      Pure marketing, unreliable, pure crab, not listening to music, does not lower your testosterone, this guy just trying to make money

    24. Sahil Kazi

      0:33 😂

    25. Terrance

      Dude, calm down whilst you’re speaking

    26. Solomon El-shirbiny

      ads end at 00:51

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      Damn bro stop moving too much

    28. Carl Johnson831

      Was this a glorified Raycon advert?

    29. Senpai

      😂Guess i shouldnt brush my teeth everyday

    30. I i

      Niga you dont brush your teeth?

    31. ON TOP

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    32. Sulayman Bah

      Jose is the type of zuniga to care even about your kids you don't have

    33. Xquisete

      When someone is recommending another product you know he's doing it for you and not the likes

    34. Musa pasha

      Thanks jose

    35. Dieumerci

      Its the fluoride in them!

    36. Maroun Tawil

      Bro you re over exaggerating. Soy protein is in protein powder and bars that you eat or drink on a daily basis

    37. Kaktus

      lol i have high testo af and i eat soy everyday and i have done the last 3 years

    38. Thomas E

      No. Soy intake does not raise or lower a man’s testosterone levels. Derived from soybeans, soy is a high-protein substance found in many foods, such as edamame, tofu, soy flour, and soy milk. It can also be found in some supplements. Many people add soy to their diets for health benefits. Research has shown that soy can lower cholesterol. Soy can also alleviate hot flashes for some menopausal women. However, there have been some concerns that soy might lower a man’s testosterone levels. This is because the active ingredients in soy - isoflavones - are phytoestrogens - plant-based compounds that behave much like estrogens. Estrogens are hormones that are heavily involved in a woman’s reproductive system. Men’s bodies produce estrogens too, but at much lower amounts. (taken from: www.issm.info/sexual-health-qa/does-consuming-soy-affect-a-mans-testosterone-levels/#:~:text=No.%20Soy%20intake%20does%20not%20raise%20or%20lower,It%20can%20also%20be%20found%20in%20some%20supplements.

    39. Bruno Savastano

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    40. Nikola

      don't touch my soy. I love soy 🌾✨

    41. Andy Molina

      The Jinny pig lol

    42. Leon

      If toothpaste lowers your testosterone, then how do you keep your teeth clean?

    43. The Lauranz

      This video helps me

    44. Multipotentialite

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    48. Rishi Bajari

      Imagine If a adult toy company sponsers him 😂

    49. Alberto Barozzi

      There are lots of studies who talks about soy, and they say that what you mentioned is false... sorry man, but soy doesn't have esteongen🤷‍♂️

    50. Hasan Ali

      Fun fact, 90% people like their own coments 😜

    51. Eunuk Nukus

      You move too much imo, just relax when you talk no need to do so much gesture

    52. jenna rotella

      Hi Jose, very interesting

    53. Xavier Hernandez

      When he said Guinea pig i got scared at 5:37

    54. vlux

      lmao are we not supposed to brush our teeth

    55. James stevenson

      Lmao eating tofu doesn’t decrease your testosterone. That’s a myth .

    56. Lulu Lucia


    57. Matthew Medley

      Your sound quality has gone down hill lose the big empty room!

      1. Matthew Medley

        And your testosterone will go up lol that was for a discounted price

    58. Saylus Securities

      I just got tested... I am 18... I lift regularly but I have a Testosterone of 267... I have 18% body fat and eat healthy... someone help me here 😩... how the fuck do I increase it to 600-700.

    59. Jonathan Mejia

      Phytoestrogens are not physically similar to mammals estrogen bro, that's a myth. Minimally processed organic soy products are not gonna have an effect on your testing

    60. Gorilla Singh

      Another video another 500 sponsors

    61. Luis Jaure'guis

      Now you know... No more brushing teeth. Just get gum. Will gums lower testosterone levels.

    62. Joseph Gora

      What time in March is your next ESNTLS launch?

    63. Some_rando_in_your_closet

      Wait so I can’t drown my sorrows without it making me less of a man?

    64. radiospank

      Eating meat will lower it 🤷‍♂️

    65. Psico Dánico Music

      for all the guys up here: I doesn't fucking matter how high is your testosterone level. Being insecure about it may be associated with low testosterone levels tough LOL

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    70. Ajeiwh Hahsbsb

      When I was a kid I thought eating peanuts would help mine grow.

    71. Jordan Meaux

      ✍🏼 Don’t ✍🏼 brush✍🏼 teeth✍🏼or✍🏼clean✍🏼hair✍🏼

    72. palmer3977

      Soy lol, ignorance suits you.

    73. ali reza

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    74. Miqdad Bolt

      Wow, Unbelievable.....

    75. Tristan Ruppert

      You need to watch these films like The Game Changers, and Forks Over Knives! Get your biology straiht! phytoestrogens are the way to go!

    76. Tristan Ruppert

      Nah homes, phytoestrogens inhibit estrogen receptors in our cells, increasing testosterone!! Phytoestrogens prevent our estrogen to be metabolized in our cells! In the end, soy foods get yout testodsterone up, and keep youe estrogen levels low, ALL WHILE keeping your blood nice and fluid, thus allowing you to have all these awesome nutrients circulate throughout your body!!

    77. Raph

      You know what ends at 4:54. Thank me later ;)

    78. flavio stefan giurgi

      Jose the type of Zuniga who doesn't wash his teeth to keep his testosterone at maximum levels

    79. Renaldo Allen

      King Jose where is your crown bro🤴🏻👍💯

    80. Tarik Gibraltar

      So you include soy foods based of "scarce" evidence and your own paranoia?! I bet you still drink cow's milk and equate masculinity with a big steak 😂😂😂😂 Phytoestrogens block estrogen receptors which don't allow real dietary sources of estrogen from taking hold. Products derived from cow's milk (dairy) or indeed any other animal is *loaded* with estrogen and actively lowers your testosterone. On this there isn't "scarce" evidence, there is an abundance of it.

      1. Tarik Gibraltar

        I recommend you speak to Nimai Delgado, for example. Tell him soy lowers his T 😂

    81. KingLuis

      He said some your tennis ball😂

    82. Marwan

      And we thought eating vegetarian was 'healthy'

    83. hoeZAYlooEES


    84. Jesús Mendoza

      so what toothpaste should I use?

    85. MJ Nightwalker

      Y'all do know the eating soy thing is a myth right? Name one study that actually shows soy reduces testorone. I'm like 80% sure this guy pulled half the stuff on this list from his ass.

    86. cacti

      he didn't like no ones comment

    87. Vaibhav Bain

      You act like you rapping

    88. Abdullah Abu-Mohareb

      That point about the toothpaste wasn't convincing at all, however I use a prescriptive toothpaste recommended from my dentist. As for the Shampoo products, as a guy who showers almost everyday I don't use that much Shampoo tbh so this is one is fine. The remaining points are correct though.

    89. John Maier

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      2 minutes of this video literally was just about raycon earphones

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      my bols are fine but I need more testosterone.... no i neeedddd iiiitttttt

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      He pronounces Guinea as jinny, but he wants to talk about the consequences of soy

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      Jose please make a video on manhood size what girls prefer please 🤭

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      I use only organic stuff does it affect the same

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