5 Minute Crafts No One Asked For!


1,7 Mio. aufrufe97

    That's real good juice Evan..

    Am Vor 12 Tage


    1. Kryptos

      “Nothing in the world is free” Me: He gives us this content for the fair price of memes

      1. Xgamer Z3000

        Similar comment I did on a mrbeast video I commented on his giving 40 cars to 40 millionth sub video poeple: nothing in life is free! MrBeast: am I a joke to your

      2. [perry ]

        @LR Supertube I don’t know if I should click that link or not

      3. Nico’s Adventures

        @LR Supertube he might Rick roll us idk about that one chief

      4. nightmouse123

        Doctors ve baffled when they do an xray on his stomach

      5. -*Shigaraki’s Simp*-

        @LR Supertube ouch

    2. Char K

      How did he did he kill you like to do that because I thought of you the pants before but I didn’t

      1. Char K

        I meant to say how did he lift his legs up like that because he didn’t use his hands so I thought he was Kelly’s legs

    3. Jaidyn Flick

      1:49 .... Todoroki 😌

    4. Scott Weissman

      I imagine his whole house is sticky.

    5. jaylen Robinson

      When will we see your wife?

    6. Faith Baker

      Brandon “ Ohh your legs fainted. “

    7. Lucy Lucy

      Are you ok?

    8. Kera Geoghagan

      Cc: (impactful bumping)3:01 Me in the middle of the night : Hehehehe Monster under my bed : shhhh I’m trying to sleep but that is pretty funny

    9. RLC Dina

      0:35 this made me laugh real hard

    10. Tilly Shields

      22 seconds in I'm wheezing, its 1 o clock,in the mornin😌😌😌

    11. Tilly Shields

      Those adddssssss

    12. steve smith

      does any 1 know what the music at 1:44 is for the tiktok with the water

    13. DatGayDangerNoodle

      EvAnS jUiCe Is So GoOd Me: 👀

    14. sasuke uhciha

      Brooo yoir so g Flexible 👌🤣🤣🤣👌

    15. Caitlin Lacey

      did you take my scissors 1: 15

    16. Jacob Ingram

      him ; i totelly dont make a mess the room; are you sure about dat

    17. Starlynne Mendez

      This is so funny 🤣🤣🤣

    18. Zoe Ellis

      All the video cracked me up

    19. Lillie Mae

      Brandon:I trusted you Alexa:tehe Brandon again: no body asked you

    20. Ashton

      Oh god 😂😂🤣 i am in full on tears. The zip ties sent me ober the edge 🤣🤣🤣

    21. Shaun Baksh

      0:38 I couldn’t stop laughing lmfao

    22. Bailey Gaskill

      y is the begnig is so funny🤣😂😅😆!!!

    23. Police Officer #0617

      This is how you successfully make a fool of one of the worst channels on DEfasts; *five minute waste of time*

    24. Chill pill 201


    25. LimeGuy000

      Your funny.

    26. Lilibeth Subesa

      Alexa:im not sure?????

    27. Isabell Courneya

      Id look good with bangs alexa:humm sorry in not sure

    28. Ejiro Kirishima

      Could you bring ginger back pls I miss him

    29. Sofia Andrade

      Your very funny 😄

    30. Chaos Open

      It probably takes longer cleaning up after his videos than making them.

    31. Amina Way

      Why everytime you open I soda bott,e ot explores

    32. Cauqhts

      "Brandon with coke, stop drop and roll."

    33. Cayden Brown


    34. BSP Gaming

      I don't drink coke cause it cause alzheimers 5 seconds later: *puts whole mouth over the bottle while it explodes.*

    35. Xxbubblebunnyxxx X

      0:00 I peed a bit

    36. Sara Elliott

      I just want to say something (about another video) when you were doing the podcast with Gloria and cam you said that you can't have loyal fans in 1 month. You got me into your fan section in less than a day. The same day I watched one of your videos for the first time I knew that you were gonna make my day and you do you make me smile everytime you post and I love you, Cam and Gloria and I always will. I will support you no matter what. I just wanna say think you for all the smiles that you have gave me✨💜

    37. Justin Is cracked at Fortnite

      He destroyed that room for this

    38. Vegaofficial09 Perkins

      Me: *crying* me: *watches this video* Also me: *dies of laughter*

    39. Tanjiro_Kamado

      0:26 INCOMING NUKE

    40. No Context

      Oh your legs fainted

    41. Grace hardy

      Things Brandon said ~ curse this dump truck

    42. twilightmommy1086

      "quit being yourself" I'm dead😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    43. calculatedchaos24

      0:27 ITS A BOMB GET DOWN

    44. •Edits-Artsy•

      “I don’t drink coke” him putting his mouth on the bottle with the drink going everywhere (me):👁👄👁

    45. Kayleigh Jollie

      I was watching this while eating Ramen noodles and I laughed so hard that I choked on my noodles🤣🤣💀💀

    46. nugent Girls

      Is your mouth ok lol

    47. Ellie Langford


    48. Leah Melendez

      Brandon you are so funny 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

    49. Aubry Keller

      When you realize that he wears the same pants in every video

    50. kaleigh💖💖

      i am not a religious person but i feel the need to pray for this man’s safety

    51. Sinisterbunny679

      Guys he looked at the view finder

    52. Demonplayz

      im not kidding im actually choking

    53. Demonplayz

      i can never leave a video with out almost dying of loosing breath while laughing

    54. Tylted


    55. GalaxyWolfPup UwUz

      I feel bad for the mess he has to clean up after this video 😂 thank you for that sacrifice Brandon. Also love your videos!

    56. Denki Kam

      Hit the deck

    57. James Hayes

      carol were did you put your husband and to which tiger did you feed him to

    58. Izuku Mydoria

      Brandon: * gets kettle and pours water on head* TODOROKI HAS ENTERED THE CHAT

    59. John Dellinger

      This is my new favorite channel, first time here and i already love it

    60. Karbarson

      How...how did that not go out your nose?

    61. Shrek • for • Ever

      Me being the only one realizing that Brandon is going to be more famous than pewdiepie: 😏

    62. Mommy Dita


    63. StargazingStar

      Why am I not subscribed Update: the situation has been rectified.

    64. PS Imtheyoungest

      Brandon *STOP BEING YOUR SELF*

    65. Ben Melnichuk

      Brandon: I'm going to but a google home Siri: are you going to buy a google home? Brandon: PFFFFFFFFT NO WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT? Siri: Alright

    66. •moonlight• •hearts•

      * Brandon watching the hack on water over your head * * Bradon do's the trick * Alexa: hehe Me: shut your mouth Alexa guess how much people spilled water on you loser

    67. Lisa Marie

      This dude makes me laugh so hard!

    68. Ada Frank

      Brandon: “Hey Alexa are you impressed” Alexa: “i am not sure.” Brandon: *realization* Brandon: “oh right you dont have any legs got it sorry” 😂

    69. Milleven

      The reason Brandon only post once a week is because the rest of the week he is cleaning his filming room

    70. Nick Saxerud

      I love how I got a Coca-Cola ad right after the video ended

    71. Jennifer Luna

      Sddsss Soda spill over your shirt and your sus from among us

    72. Maci Brantley

      Why do messes always happen in your 5 minute crafts lol and it's always come

      1. Maci Brantley


    73. Nicolesauls

      Every time i watch this guys channel, he literally makes a mess or breaks something random.😂😂😂

    74. Luna Wolfe Sol Star

      Can you donate to bead of courage? It's in az Tucson

    75. 4mula_Spadez

      why does he remind me of spencer from Icarly

    76. Colby Kuschatka

      every time I watch this... I wheeze

    77. peter Wells art

      0:36 his glug glug 9000 abilities

    78. Ashlyn Campbell

      Brandon " oo I think I will look good in bangs" Alexa "mm I'm not sure" Brandon "Shutup no on ask you" 🤣

    79. I’m dumb 247

      0:59 me when I hear someone fall at night

    80. M4ntis

      The fact that he destroyed his room jus to entertain people. What a madlad.

    81. Cj Kelly

      The stuff he does for videos..

    82. April blossom Mango

      1 like 1 maid for Brandon 😂

    83. Lillyann Kampfer

      Nice Coke you have there

    84. Madison Quettan

      Brandon:I don't like diet coke *Diet coke eplodes* Brandon:Puts mouth on bottle of diet coke.

    85. Virgil Fitzgerald

      I am a Ravenclaw too brandon lol but "where are my scissors"

    86. Gilda Ceballos

      lol hey evan i thinktheres something in your juice box i think it could get hired at hooters

    87. Baby Yoda

      0:24 what everyone been saying to me from day 1

    88. Frankie is Fangirling

      His luck with sodas is just top noch

    89. Lavinia Gajiu


    90. H D

      Show us your cat

    91. Lavinia Gajiu

      My dude is a special fire thing(I dont know what they are called)🙃

    92. •Demon Mother•


    93. Potayto Quizzle

      Normal people trying to find scissors: **checks in desk drawers** Brandon: **Threatens an Alexa**

    94. skokeh

      Brandon is the only one who make me laugh 😹 and no one can make me laugh

    95. Olivia C

      I feel so sorry for this guys carpet

    96. Katie Paulk

      I only found about him yesterday and im laughing so hard😂😂

    97. MacKenna

      Tell me honestly How long does it take to clean after each video?

    98. Diyan_ _Smith

      "Trying to make a video" *Alexa ruins all* -Alexa 2021