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    911 days of beard growth time lapse. My wife and I traveled around the world for 2.5 years. I didn't shave the whole time.
    Video of me shaving off the beard: defasts.info/title/video/qcKQa8-5cGTJot0.html
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    RUSSIAN CHANNEL: defasts.info
    FACEBOOK - JonandEva
    INSTAGRAM - jonandeva
    TELEGRAM - t.me/jonandeva
    TWITTER - JonandEva
    Filmed on Canon Rebel T6i and GoPro Hero 3+ Silver.

    Am Vor 2 years


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      4. SKULL CRAZY


      5. Mira Dotlich

        This is so cool I am inspired 😍😜😄

    2. Luis Perez

      Like si eres de peru

    3. MOE MOE

      2:48 Unbelievable, you met the “hiiiiiiii …………… okey” guy! Good for you

    4. Green Hulk Knowledge

      Dude has got some serious dedication letting it grow 911 days! Peace ✌

    5. Panwar Messi

      *Love from INDIA* 🇮🇳

    6. b0nkk

      Soyboy to chad

    7. asbc ascb

      4:30 oh wow he went to my country too


      How you manage your photos in documents while traveling so much..how you justify your identity to different officials??

    9. Dan 4D

      I used to hate beards, but eventually it grew on me

    10. Ned s

      Can we just appreciate that this couple is absolutely living their best life. They took basically a 3 Year vacation

    11. Kwich Zwellbreck

      No Europe =/

    12. DuckyTheBuilder

      Glad he didn't do this last year...

    13. Mя.츺Ŋ〇〇乃츺

      3:04 i'm brazilian bro 🙌🙌


      Over 100km! Wow!

    15. Osama Bin Laden

      Damn I swear I'll buy d Beard if u sell them to me.. That's super cool dude 👍👍👍

    16. hva faen skal jeg hete

      911 LOL

    17. Ashish kumar

      From India

    18. Alex Rodriguez

      Perú ❤

    19. Monsieur Du Pirate

      Il est même pas aller en France, c'est con, ça vaut le coup! Par contre la barbe de 2 mètres dans un restaurant gastronomique français, je sais pas si ça passe🤔?

    20. Brandon Wilson

      Am I the only one who’s surprised Russia wasn’t just all snow..?🤔🤔

    21. free fire recommendatiom

      Beteeeee.... Sheer ho tum to Mauj kara di beeteeeeee....

    22. Agus TV

      The hair not as fast as the bears growing

    23. Gaser Beast

      Just put *Bone Meal*

    24. Blue Orchid

      I thought it was eating bread for 911 days what a scam

    25. Dutch Van Der Linde

      After events of Red Dead Redemption 2:

    26. Demon Sights

      He will have a good story to tell his kids

    27. ChangeU Berlin


    28. Melissa Dyan

      Wow! you actually travelled around the world!

    29. YUSUF


    30. Peribothron

      And your wife didn't shave as well?

    31. benjimcenji

      This man has not cur his beard and went like all over the world for 2years🤯

    32. KI NG

      He was grow his beard from 2 year 3 months 1 day and 129224 km❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    33. JJ Kâppâłott

      How is your beard hair so noice

    34. NamisS

      from 30 to 60

    35. Bhabani Sankar Mishra

      We still have Hippies?

    36. Gixux


    37. Aleksandr Safronov

      вы такие афигенные) ребяяятааа) у!

    38. 58goj58

      Me before and after lockdown:

    39. I AlwaysLie

      such a beautiful journey. thank you for sharing. majestic beard

    40. A.F.D -

      Ho ho ho parece que o natal demorou um pouco mais

    41. Sweat _ Khaos

      this is fake cause number one wherever they traveled we didnt see snow once and how did his beard not grow out longer than that

    42. KyPuJl


    43. Kevin P

      The bumed across the world. And het got a down bitch to bul it with him.

    44. Ahmet Perkün

      Why 911?

    45. Mr evil pancake Waffle

      Braden that and your a Viking

    46. Sargas

      Если уж борода собрала столько просмотров, то что бы было с ...

    47. Marisa McMillin

      He turned into a vikings

    48. Nina Abad

      Call the 911

    49. RxP3_aIMzZ _

      How much Money have you invest?

    50. Carlos D Cardona

      You went from human to wolfman!👍

    51. Maria Medina

      Hmm the man on the right has bigger forhead

    52. Melker Dandenell

      What app did you use?

    53. Arul arul Arul arul

      India la than Athiga day staying 😎😎😎

    54. EpicAndrew97

      And hair growth

    55. KOI STONKS


    56. Ethan Rose

      Fake the beard is a paid actor

    57. Luiz Gustavo

      DEfasts me recomendou, wtf?

    58. Carlos p.

      Beards look so good on us men, lady's go out and find us. 😁

    59. Yurimia

      Man,one of my dreams,to travel other Countries

    60. Awesome Boy

      He wasted his three years in traveling.

    61. Satvinder Singh


    62. Ying

      How the fukc do you afford a trip around the world for 3 years?

    63. M4r10 S.S.

      Me waiting for gta 6:

    64. YOUTUBE has removed my first channel LOL

      Do you have come to BTAD sir, cause you were wearing a scarf around your neck 2:11

    65. mann318is

      You look so old with that beard

    66. zen meadow :p

      imagine not recording when it took 911 days and a lot of suffering for money...............................

    67. Drift_Eleven_11



      Faster than Red Dead Redemption 2

    69. Aditya Raj Parichha

      I wanna see your face after shaved 😂

    70. Alex J

      nice beard, men :)

    71. Porter Wilson

      Like keep a day 24 beard

    72. Red Bunny bunny

      He looks like zeke lol

    73. All All

      2021 новых вам путешествий!) и бород) а вы попробуйте теперь не сбривать там...внизу))))ахахах(((шутка)))

    74. Santiago Tinajero V�zquez

      minute 1:56 , the best cosplay of Ssnta claus I see ever xd

    75. David Bushell

      Damn... that's a 'ZZ Top' worthy beard! LOL Congrats on travelling the world... an amazing achievement!

    76. Shankar Jatadhara Yoga y Salud

      you have a big balls man, comunist t-shirt in india.. omg for them the comunist is like nazis in europe.

    77. Emmet Gillespie

      Never visited countries in Europe like Germany, Croatia, Italy, France, the UK and Ireland

    78. Mohsin Nissar

      Me:No.Don't think that. Don't think. My brain:Did he shaved down there..

    79. The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise

      Skips Europe and Middle East

    80. Tani Kitten Plays

      2:16 Holi!

    81. Fabric Edition

      U should go Turkey too . There is a amazing places to visit...

    82. Avery Campbell

      He should donate the beard to locks of love

    83. K I N G

      my dream always worldtour

    84. Lakshay Tyagi

      Awesome fuzz bro, also im very glad you could play Holi while you were here in India.

    85. FedecZ Arts

      Hi, I want to ask, how old were you 2015?

    86. Fardeen Shaikh

      OMG bro 33 country 2015 to 2018 😱

    87. Noah Gamamates

      1 foot 2 inches. Of just full hair

    88. Bradley Snider

      2:10 Wait did he have a soviet shirt Massive respect man

    89. Owen

      Why 911 days?

    90. Sadi

      "Around The World Trip" Australia: am I a joke to you?

    91. Mujtaba Hussain

      We invite you to visit our country "pakistan"

    92. Christian Mohammed

      If he shaved the sides of his head and got a topknot and braided it and his beard, I'd think this man was a viking

    93. Murii lin

      2:57 pelo menos passou o final de 1 ano no brasil kkk

    94. Vinz Skuh

      My first and 911th day is exactly the same

    95. Anonymous Mexico

      Love ur wife she is so cute

    96. APPART

      who cares

    97. Rend Marquez

      Quedate con alguien que te mire como ella we

    98. Leon Meyer

      3:43 Oxxo

    99. jealoebill 2023

      Yeah that's the call from the ancestors...

    100. Сакенов Серик

      Где Казахстан блин?