A New Flagship Challenger Emerges... 🚀

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    Is this the flagship smartphone package you've been waiting for?
    Leave a comment below with your Twitter handle for a chance to win one of 11 Xiaomi Mi 11.
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    1. Unbox Therapy

      Leave a comment here with your Twitter handle for a chance to win one of 11 Xiaomi Mi 11

      1. Israel Ivan Ripalda


      2. Diwakar . N

        Twitter Diwakar45859000 Super design 😇😍🥰😍 mi always good

      3. rakshith kaverikana


      4. bedstypisces


      5. bgy176

        OH Snap! I've been waiting for this one to come through...that intro got me all excited. @csatram1

    2. A f

      Batcave 🔥

    3. Hari Krishnan

      Mi 11 is absolute beast🔥🔥🔥 @harikri99441947

    4. Magic Box tecnology

      Hardman cardón very nivel but if for que no BOSE

    5. amrit pandey

      The studio is sick !!

    6. Namebanjopkupar Shylla

      Just love the phone Twitter handle - namebanjop

    7. Jacques Vlaming


    8. Khizqi Alyasa

      I dont see much competition. Where are you guys -_- Btw my twitter handle is @Khizqi1

    9. Pavan Patankar


    10. H MY

      Will you make a review on the Mi 11 Ultra?

    11. Muhammad Haroon

      @haroon_1408 🥺💖💖💖

    12. West Side Area

      Way to go xiaomi with the charger brick 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Wonder if the next will version will still be available 🤔 @NikGer9 is my twitter handle 😊

    13. Vengat Mani


    14. Jayson Santiago

      @Theos_Apollo This is what I really waiting for because I didn't much experience flagship phones and for me xiaomi is the best or one of the best to make the technology much fun and effective.

    15. Sajal Ahammed


    16. Sujjal Stha

      yes, this is the flagship smart phone i have been waiting for... Twitter:@sujjalshrestha

    17. bernard adano

      @nBoY99...i cant comment on the pinned...😭😭😭

    18. bernard adano

      Hoping to win this time..

    19. jw 041

      Lew lives in The Matrix. That's why his basement doesn't have an end

    20. Youtube Time

      Try Luck, Twt + Inst Id- youtubtime

    21. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    22. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    23. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    24. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    25. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    26. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    27. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    28. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    29. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    30. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    31. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    32. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    33. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    34. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    35. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    36. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    37. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    38. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    39. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    40. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    41. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    42. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    43. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    44. Laith

      My Twitter:@laith_syrian

    45. Meow Cat

      "But 120 is a lot more fun, obviously" @MeowCat1207

    46. Chris Wallace

      Ok this looks like a really nice phone but remember with great power comes great responsibility 😂

    47. Rahul Gaikwad

      I dont have twitter😶 here my Instagram - imrahoooool

    48. J Salazar

      @Eurisko75 looks nice

    49. Jacques Vlaming


    50. Subrata Dey

      My twitter is @subrodey .. best of luck to meeeeee

    51. Edel Tomines

      Thanks Lew! @edelfc44

    52. Feies Vlad

      Not gonna lie, this phone looks quite amazing, visually and specs wise. Twitter @feies_vlad

    53. Aakash

      This is such a great phone. I love it. Steve @Steve68944981

    54. Edwin Nyeow

      woah insane phone :D @Shyinx1

    55. Etregin


    56. Mina Bebo


    57. Vinaykumar_gs

      Who searched that eagle wallpaper like here😂👍

    58. Nikuuu

      Phones are getting better, mine is getting *worse.* @iwuvsewew p.s. I badly need one lewis 😭

    59. Faiz Muhiuddin


    60. Faiz Muhiuddin


    61. Abdul Mufeed


    62. J C

      OMG OMG I love this. Such a perfect package.

    63. Darshan Harry


    64. Muhammad Haroon

      @haroon_1408 💖💖💖🥺✌

    65. Muhammad Haroon

      @haroon_1408 Love it, love ur videos, always

    66. Eli Shohat


    67. Gaming Lourds

      Ohhh My Mi !!! @lourdpiso

    68. Digambar Katke

      Mi 11 is the beast not just for specs but also in terms of price.. @lalitkatke25

    69. Soustab Haldar

      Xiaomi is the King when it comes to value. @SoustabH

    70. Shashank Kubal

      My Twitter is @shashu45, screen looks great though.

    71. jacob abraham

      Check our vava ultra short throw laser projector

    72. Christian Öhrn

      Yeah this would be nice to win 💁🏼‍♂️ @Mrohrn

    73. Richy Riche


    74. ション0 n-e-m-e

      swap the bell for a Bluetooth speaker and custom bell sounds. And it be rockin.

    75. MrMagicmanali

      I am loving the audio of this phone! Here is my twitter. I hope I get it @syedalizaryab

    76. George Paschalis


    77. Jay Rajput

      I have k20 pro and, i think its time to shift @jayrajput2528

    78. Timon Tellis

      The phone I've been most hyped for 😍 @MontyTellis

    79. DailyLivesPH Vlogs

      The perfect phone I've been waiting for... Love it... @SpydrW

    80. Nao Yoshikawa

      This is a whole new level 🔥🥵 Twttr : @YoshiiMochii

    81. Nonimar Lasara

      Xiaomi flagships make you wonder why Samsungs and iPhones are sooooo exxxpennsive. I have always been a fan of xiaomi phones because they give topnotch performance at a significantly lower price. Great that your channel has finally found these technological gems and make them known to the world. @NonimarLasara

    82. Soumyajit Sinha

      Wait !!!! what ???? It comes with chargerrrrr Twitter : @soumyajitsinha

    83. Matthew Tan

      I bet I'm one of those lucky winner 😉 Twitter: @Matt17485

    84. YOHAN TV

      Xiaomi is improving

    85. Jiyux Antonio

      All Hail Mi 11! 🤴 @iJuxsyyy

    86. Muhammad Haroon

      @haroon_1408 Love ur videos...💖💖💖

    87. Pop Clutsh

      Hi do u have to push the unlock button and then use the fingerprint scanner or can u just dubbeltap on the screen to wake it up?

    88. Amit Paul

      The best, the beast, the beautiful! Twitter : @paulamit94

    89. Rohan Adlakha

      Awesome Phone especially that Display. Really want the phone and the design is so refreshing (with high refresh rate😅). Twitter Handle - @rohanadlakha09 Peace.

    90. Phil Joax

      Sana All

    91. zone

      i hope i win❤️❤️ @jasongvrcia

    92. Ahmed Ismail

      Xiaomi somehow manages to make flagship challenger devices and then comes with K40 to challenge that to emphasize its superiority in this segment 🧊 🎳 @ahmed_ism86

    93. Karl David

      That is a very cool phone! The performance is one of the best. @VerKaDavid

    94. Geuron Greyling

      Twitter: @GeuronGreyling

    95. antonio woodard

      Twitter: @comedianlac

    96. AkaliA Ø

      Impressive, I must say.

    97. johnmt025


    98. Ranee

      twitter @rnbeatrix gonna use up all my luck in this!! hope to get one 🙏 also, i would 100% live in this warehouse and just be sucked into its ever expanding void

    99. Anthony Garcia

      Yo Lew where can I get that scooter???

    100. Ramon Peña

      Here we go again! @_Ramonstr