A Very Sober Relationship Test!? | Emily Cried Twice!

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    1. jonas Kraus

      Where was the vodka?

    2. onlyaudreyb

      i dnt have ibs. I just recently dont have a galbladder. my partner and i are not near each other for covid reasons but I call him from the toilet just like, "hey man. I'm a changed person now. we gotta get a place with two toilets." lol

    3. Latifah Jay

      Honestly brought tears to my eyes you guys are the perfect match for each other 🤩🥺honestly and that’s just from watching 10 min videos

    4. Emily Norris

      Dressing up is super manly! Especially with the tattoos!

    5. Jack Ward

      Lewis Vewwwitton

    6. Becky Short

      Awwww you to together are so fucking lovely!

    7. Gavin Wilson

      Sorry but the shoes are extremely tacky

    8. redheadgirlygirl7

      Emily, you are not alone! I felt like that too when I lost my job & I love hearing your story! It helps me feel like I’m not so alone!

    9. John Lundgreen

      Well, that dress couldn't possibly be worn better !

    10. Dewell Springer

      Nile, quit the manly man crap. you are bigger than that nonsense.

    11. Wilmer Daniel Villanueva Llerena

      When wendding?

    12. sweesh Beats

      Emily is so sweet

    13. FrauW

      Doing something beautiful for your girlfriend ist the most manliest thing you can do! Love it!

    14. Devora H

      Hot dayum!

    15. Andrew Gilbertson

      The Bow Tie did not stay on very long

    16. Jo Rowlands

      What a beautifully honest video. The respect you show each other when you’re talking is wonderful. Thank you for being so authentic and honest! Xx

    17. Margo Rhys-Jones

      god these two are so awesome!

    18. Bob The Blob

      What a brilliant first date 😂

    19. Steven Walker

      Yano Nile is getting layed tonight well the night Valentine’s 🤣🤣

    20. Vincent Julien

      Manly man doesn't like the cute things? LOL, *insert photos of all the girly leotards you've worn over the years*

    21. is it dragons?

      You are both so generous and brave to be vulnerable, you never know how much you have helped others as they navigate the challenges that the pandemic has brought up, as well as the potential blessings, such as your relationship. I admire you both very much.

    22. Chris Pinder

      ‘ emptied my life away ‘ made me laugh so much bless😂😂😂

    23. munang bradley

      9:36 ... Damn , the way he looked at her

    24. chloé abacore

      nile kinda gives me tommy shelby vibes..iykyk

    25. Polar Bear

      you two have made a middle aged overweight person who did gymnastics as a youngster want to loose weight, get fitter and have another bash. thankyou.

    26. Bob Rose

      Fantastic video and so nice to see that you are both so strong in your relationship with each other, but I must say Emily is the better looking... hahaa!

    27. Tanya Turuwhenua

      Cheering for you both😊💕

    28. FaithsFallen

      Guy you got lucky very lucky! She may have IBS but the way she looks at you is worth every single fart!

    29. Eekie and Snow Cosplay

      Can you two stop being so damn wholesome and cute!!!!

    30. Lauren

      I know this is just a small part of the video but I can totally relate to Emily’s IBS. I went undiagnosed for so many years and I was so fed up feeling sick all the time and not being able to eat normal things. Finally I got put on Paxil and it changed my life. In a week I felt like I could eat without running to the bathroom five times and once I learned how to read my body’s signals the stress went way down and my quality of life went way up. I hope she has found something that helps for her too. Cheers to you two beautiful luvs. 🥰

    31. Jasmin Lee

      Absolutely loved this!!!

    32. Archie Fyfe

      No egos here.What you see is what you get.Feet on the ground

    33. Ally Stone

      Fave couple video ever!!! 😍 Love you guys and your honesty so much. ❤️

    34. Theresa Glover

      You two are adorable ♥️

    35. Charmaine Thomas

      Valentine's day? What's that?! Lol. Loved this though. X

    36. Blacklab Goldens

      You answered my question!! Y’all are great

    37. Eve h

      Ah lads ye're so cute!!

    38. xhpfanatic

      Nile, we LOVE cute! We don't love "manly man" quite so much :/ We also freaking love Emily so you better be good to her! Thanks for opening up, both of you. Always enjoy the vids and you two look amazing!

    39. Oden Warman

      One of the best posts ever

    40. Jordan Amm


    41. Robert Garland

      The honesty is so nice to see. But I wonder how it feels being this open so publicly?

    42. Adam Cox

      sick vid broooo

    43. Alice Fryman

      who else thought that when Nile said he's ready to live with other people he meant kids

      1. Samantha K.


    44. Alice Fryman

      such a lovely video!

    45. Marianne Paulk

      Nile, Em is a total babe! You better take good care of her and behave yourself.

    46. Steven GCP

      After watching this all I could think of is how much Nile has the same personality as Neil. LOL. Sorry Nile, probably not what you wanted to hear. Great video though.

    47. Diana

      I don’t know if it’s the latin in me but i would like to see Nile being super romantic with Emily, but omg the way he looks at her

    48. Jay Wyn

      Stunning outfit Emily! Nile looks likes a proper gentleman too I suppose! Not exactly the dance video I was hoping, but I didn't expect to see you two dressed up so nicely so soon. What a beautiful couple you make!

    49. Matt Privett

      You guys are a very handsome couple.

    50. crispypicklechips

      do you do flexible gym stuff in the bedroom? :P

    51. Lisa Shearer

      "Emily!! This is my channel!!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    52. Petersen

      Nile and Emily I just have to say that I appreciate the transparency you give in the videos and that you are honest about telling us the right amount of your life. I think as DEfasts “Sensations” people can get the impression that you guys are expected to tell the subscribers everything and be an open door to all the critical and rude comments and that isn’t right? I enjoy watching you both as you are and will continue to as long as you wish to continue. Thank you for adding joy to my days and laughter to my life🤣🤣🤣🤣♥️♥️♥️♥️

    53. Caroline L.

      You guys are a great couple!

    54. Catalina Santana

      this was so cuteeeee and funny, love you guys!

    55. Otoshi The Kid

      08:02 don't worry Emily, I think every single viewer could already tell. Just check the comments

    56. Milla Castro

      GIRL, THAT DRESS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    57. Danhi

      It's awesome how she talked about ibs without problems, it's something that I live so bad and I try to hide it.

    58. Danhi

      I really like Emily's shoes!

    59. Julia Murakami

      I like seeing how you are in a relationship, Nile! LIke how you treat your partner qnd stuff!! You both seem so similar with humor and life ambitions it has been nice seeing where you guys go!! Its NEVER a bad thing to show your softer side!!😊😊 women LOVE it!!❤ #trainsmartkeepitreal

    60. Nolan Herring

      That’s amazing Emily. I cry when ever someone says something close to your heart.

    61. Ashley Galvan

      Emily is such a beautiful soul inside and out! I love you so much friend!!! I am truly happy that you two found eachother 💕

    62. Evan Fernandez

      You guys looks great. Nile my man, Em is 🔥🔥👊

    63. Dan Kornfeld

      Nile and Emily.... Valentines Day.... Brian dying on Family Guy..... Damn! I’m so triggered! ;)

    64. Carola & poochies

      I like the belt n emily lush

    65. Amber

      I want you to know if you two ever break up I'm gonna be the one who takes it the hardest. 😂

    66. Elisa Dellera

      Yes i know i"m single

    67. Rev Gina Pond

      Can we talk about Emily's dress! Holy moly!!!

    68. brendelmeister

      That is such a nice idea. Viele Grüße aus Thüringen, Deutschland

    69. Pippa Hill

      This video calls me single in 500 different way

    70. Ron vdS

      Try to control those profanities and show some respect for each other.

      1. Robert James


      2. Ti Jay

        You need to stop being negative and lighten up! they clearly respect one another!

    71. Rachel Cagwin

      Get you a guy that looks at you the same way Nile looks at Emily

    72. Lanell H

      Nile acts so differently with Emily. True love?? ❤️

    73. Samantha Grainger

      Emily is so cute! Definitely such a perfect match

    74. Samantha Grainger

      I love and watch all of your videos (everyone's) but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get someone to edit your audio. All of your videos are so quiet I either have the TV or whatever all the way up or put subtitles on. There's no EQ'ing going on please Nile!!

    75. russell john walker

      Ay up you two. Nile. When are you going to put a ring on Emily. You two were made for each. ❤️♥️

      1. Ti Jay

        They only just started dating .. there is too much pressure for people to rush their relationships

    76. Dima Ivanov

      You guys are so cuteeee

    77. Kic00n

      Emily is so pure hearted! Keep her safe and don't break her heart!

      1. In Him I am Found

        Not gonna lie, I’m dreading the day I hear he broke up with her. She’s so Pure and everything kind. Not sure What he wants..

    78. Katie Williamson

      You two are honestly the cutest couple 😭❤️

    79. Laura Wolfe

      Be kind to each other. Be good to each other. Be true with each other.

    80. Jocelynn tLH

      You answered my question! what you learned about each other while living in the mansion. I think it would be interesting to hear the other guy’s opinions on it. Thanks for answering it!

    81. Fionnhuala Davies

      The whole vid is just Nile zoned out lol

    82. Juliette Repole

      5:48 hahah

    83. Laura Prebiračević

      Emily is such a cool lady :D

    84. Sean Whitaker

      You two have great Chemistry.. it is as it was ment to be.. good luck in all your future endeavors

    85. Andy Aitken

      Couple goals achieved, you two are awesome

    86. Maddie

      This was soooo cute 🥰

    87. Johannah Hager

      Had to press pause to like this video right after you saw each other all dressed up. So stinkin’ sweet!

    88. Richard Laundon

      I would love to see your reaction to the new video just posted showing Simone Biles going for yet another unreal move on vault. The Yurchenko Double Pike which has never been performed in competition by a woman before.

    89. Midori Bolduc

      Loved it! always go the extra mile to be CUTE with her.

    90. Yann LMP

      02:00 - 02:02 find someone who looks at you the way Nile looked at Emily!

    91. Emma-Lisa Björeman

      Your videos never fail to make me feel all warm inside, especially those with Emily(, and those with the boys, and your dad, and your sister, and you mom)...❤

    92. Pheebs Cain

      The way Nile looks at emily 😂😂😍😍😍

    93. Alexis84DE

      I love you guys are so open and honest but sometimes less is more. You should have stopped at, „at that point we had already kissed“.... the rest is just too much Information, do you really want that out there? I think it’s personal, I’d rather not hear about it. Same goes for jokes about favorite positions, that’s just really bad taste.

    94. Kris B

      Emily I can relate I'm lactose intolerant and normally I'm fine but I had mozzarella sticks from olive garden and on the way home I had to make an emergency stop at Burger King. And I was in the bathroom like 25 30 mins and I was so scared my now husband was just going to leave me but when i came out he was still in the car waiting and just asked if I was ok. I was so embarrassed

    95. esther langvad

      The way he is looking at you is just the cutest, love you guys!

    96. Emily Tharp

      Well good to see someone had a valentine this year

    97. Talha Dawod

      Wheres luke stoney been at. He hasnt uploaded a vid in 2 weeks

    98. Dalenna Perez

      In Emily's defense, I also cried when Bryan died on Family Guy

      1. Jessica Du Toit


    99. Emily Will


    100. 14rs2

      Love you two and the fact that you met in the pandemic is beautiful. It’s so nice to see something great happen in these times. Wish you all the best and can’t wait for you to be making more videos together. Much love