Abandoned hunting dog was found in horrible condition. Her body started rotting.

DAR Animal Rescue

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    People who lives in the village saw Lydia wandering around for 3 days in this horrible condition and they started looking for someone to help her, then they found DAR.
    Lydia is less than a years old, had a microchip but not registered.
    She already has a wonderful adoption proposal.
    Hello, I am Ermioni, and together with Katerina and Fotini, I founded the Diasozo Animal Rescue in Karditsa, Greece. We are rescuing animals that are found abandoned, abused, mistreated and starving, and we are trying to offer them a better life. We are volunteers, and our only resources are donations. We depend on all of you, to help us offer our rescues the life they deserve, so we are grateful for any donation.
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    1. DAR Animal Rescue

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      1. Leland

        Hey, Jesus Christ loves you and died for you!!

      2. Ezazohl Games

        Ur doin amazing work. I kno how difficult it must be with the way alot of people in greece view dogs. Thank god u r there an doin this work. T.y.

      3. Rose Convile

        Finally I am Hiv negative again after using doctorojie1@yahoo.com natural herbal medication thank you so much dr Ojie

      4. Laura Susigan

        Jjbkjjj Juste

      5. Johnsy Feranquez

        Thank you 🙏 ❤️🙏

    2. Mark Nordgård


    3. Terry Naden

      That poor dog knows it’s being rescued xx

    4. Dennis

      From the very bottom of my heart, thank you for saving and treating her. 😌

    5. Carmela Sanchez

      I I'm so glad for her thank you you guys for helping her 🙏

    6. Christina Bugatti

      Thank u... love n kindness

    7. Miriam Prendez

      Ugh poor baby! I hate that humans are capable of such horrible things. Thank you for helping this baby 😥😫

    8. LaVelle Hardin

      😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧🤧 Thst poor dog...

    9. It’s Mum

      Omg humans suck. How can someone leave a dog in that condition. Thank you for helping her

    10. Joshua Cote

      This shit pissed me off so bad!! This shits why I hate people.. there’s good people out there doing great things like this but come on man?!! How can someone just leave a animal out there like this... I’m so disgusted.

    11. Sweet_Dale

      What an amazing person.

    12. Ernest Sargent

      I feel so sad and for the dog

    13. mikeal miller

      So what made this a hunting dog? Our hounds are our life. They are treated better then most peoples kids

    14. Force Wayne


    15. Sam Albarado

      When y'all are standing in front of god make sure you smile because he will be smiling at you.. thank you for doing what you do!!!!!!!!!

    16. Sharon Soucy

      You are good people for helping the animals.

    17. Chris Tucker


    18. Crystal Richard

      Awww poor dog who would do such a thing to the dog :

    19. Xcaliber Trekker

      Why is it a hunting dog and what do you think caused that wound?

    20. Nemo

      Something is strange?? Why are they filming it in the begining? Do they know there was an injured dog? Why arent they running and stop filming ang cutting...

    21. Cassandra Wood

      Even in the condition she was in she was beautiful. Cleaned up and healthy she'll be a stunner. Hope she finds a wonderful and loving new home who will appreciate the blessing they have in her.

    22. Anonimo Xd

      Me da bronca cuando no entiendo,

    23. Janaina Karla

      this is so beatiful im criyimg right now jesus is good to save this dog a miracle

    24. Andrew John

      How has this happened ?? Run over?

    25. Snipey Snipes

      Badly injured is an understatement. I bet they laid there, ready to die. Accepting their fate. Thank you for saving them

    26. Janette Gardner

      Aww that poor dog looks really bad it’s making me cry 😿. I can’t handle when a dog is hurt even when my dog was hurt ( not as bad as this one ) I had to have my dad take her in the vet they only allowed one person in the vet because of covid and I stayed outside with my mom.

    27. nail beaauty

      Sie haben so ein großes Herz 💓, zum Glück gibts noch so Menschen. Vielen Dank 🙏

    28. Suesanne Anderson

      People who hate this video are the cruel one's

    29. daniel odonnell

      Well done guys so glad theres people like you out there 💙

    30. Vivian Cripps

      The people that do this to animals should be ashamed of themselves the animals that they are hurting rely on them and they just in some cases leave them to die if the can’t properly take care of them. To those people that rescued and helped that poor dog thank you and keep up the good work.

    31. alexander neshev

      Good job fellow humans

    32. Rex Janko

      Przecież to był piękny pies co za kanalia ludzka tak go skrzywdziła.Gotowa byłabym zapłacić by taka kanalie złapano po to by ta ludzka kanalie tak urządzić jak on tego psa i wsadzić do beczki z kwasem.Psu życzę wyzdrowienia dobrego domu i dobrychudzi wokół.A Wam Anioły dziękuję.

    33. robert allen

      It hurts tobsee that owners would leave their dog like this as a dog lover it sickens me even if it was hit by a car the driver shouldve stopped and brought it to a vet

    34. FantaseaGrl

      That's just awful. You can tell she's a beautiful dog 🐕❤

    35. Zonnetje In huis

      Thank you❤

    36. Angelo Escobar

      They’re taking an awful lot of time to get the right shots while this dog is suffering.

    37. K T7

      ειμαστε υπερηφανοι για τη προσπαθεια που κανετε

    38. Lorraine Proctor

      Real hero’s 💕

    39. Henry B

      Hope the dog has happiness in its life from now on, as to those that abandoned it in that state, hope your life is bloody awful from now on.

    40. Klean Beatz Supreme

      Poor baby wants to live so bad, awfully sad to see someone leave her to die :(

    41. Curry Ellis

      Sad, but need have gloves on sweetie

    42. chris nak

      Συγχαρητήρια μόνο αυτό θα πω :)

    43. ninja moves

      Whomever hurt this pup...they need to be executed.

    44. ninja moves

      Who did that to this pure angel? This has me in tears.

    45. Niels Junker


    46. Bebo Beboba

      Y all bots

    47. Dimitrios Kalfopoulos

      So surprised when I figured out this was in Greece. Greece had some terrible ways to deal with dogs in the 80’s and 90’s. I have my parents house in Greece and was worried to bring my dogs from Canada. Now I am not. I want to help Greece fix their dog image and control the population. Great work! Keep it up.

    48. ปลาเงินปลาทอง 8999

      God bless everyone who help this dog. Poor thing☹

    49. crooks board channel

      I subscribed instantly because that's the least I could do

    50. Veri Gute

      These useless people. Woman is hiding her face from the camera bc it's Her dog. They abandon their pet and say its a stray - u can tell its her dog ... - for clickbait. These people could be in serious trouble. Reprehensible.

    51. M C


    52. Ruth Richardson

      Your kidding ..you go to get a weak animal on your own not even a couple of sheets or a stretcher...

    53. Ruth Richardson

      Your kidding ..you go to get a weak animal on your own not even a couple of sheets or a stretcher...

    54. Jason Fowler

      Thank you

    55. Kuzco

      I'd like to have a friendly little chat with the person that abandoned her. Just wanna talk to them.

    56. jhing bangayan

      😭😭😭💜💔💔💔This broke my heart😭😭💔😔dog parent here. We sleep with our dog. And we treat our dog like human. God bless you kind humans🙏🙏🙏❤️so much respect for you❤️

    57. Nerissa Santayo

      Shes really sweet dog

    58. Simply With Sonya

      That sweet girl will never forget you❤️

    59. IAmTheAmericanDream 88

      The dog is beautiful.

    60. Ruv Swap

      What the hell?! Who ever left that dog alone for such a long time, I swear I’ll make them pay! That dog is so precious, I’d love her with all my heart. Who could be so cruel?! Thank you so much for doing the right thing.

    61. Ege Ulueren

      How did they find him randomly i dont know but its still pretty sad for the dog i literaly burst into tears while watching

      1. DAR Animal Rescue

        Of course not randomly, we had been informed about her from the people who saw her there.

    62. Elaine Lalik

      People like them are angels. People who harm their precious & innocent animals like that deserve the same exact punishment. I was in tears watching this. Poor baby girl. I'm so happy she has a new chance at life...🥰

    63. Ozman

      That's awesome I'm not a sensitive guy but that touched me nice to see their are still some good ppl out there.

    64. mchells chuze

      God bless you all for saving her life! 🙏❤️❤️❤️

    65. devan

      this dont seem right.

    66. FERNANDA06111983


    67. jasminejdotcom

      She's so grateful 🙏

    68. Convict Hostage


    69. Sabrina H

      Ty so much for helping but I hate people who do this because then they give people who have hunting dogs a bad look:(

      1. Sabrina H

        Also I'm talking about the person who abandoned the hunting dog

    70. Ivan Broussdelattre


    71. Barbara

      She was ready to die, and even with a flesh wound, broken bone and starved body, she was still able to show complete trust and love! Oh god I love animals and people like these, who hrlp them! ❤️❤️

    72. Em em Doloriel

      God bless you all😇😇🙏🙏

    73. Catherine Keller

      Merci d’avoir sauvé ce pauvre Loulou 🙏🙏🙏🌺😢😢😢❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    74. Lori Lannholm

      I have a feeling the dog didn't live up to its owners hunting abilities, and as a result, she was beaten abandoned.

    75. LikquidDutch

      Wow this is amazing and the dog shows more love than most humans .

    76. Охотница за Феями

      браво! вы люди с огромным сердцем!

    77. Miguel Vazquez

      Way to go buddy …… and thanks too all those involved in aiding the dog it’s in recovery

    78. Fabricia Dionizio

      Meu Deus guanta maldade 🥺😢🤧🤧

    79. Dezider Szabó

      Köszönet ezért a kutyusért szép munka volt.

    80. Luke Jones

      How could someone leave her🙏🏼❤️

    81. Rose Cardello

      I feel sorry for the dog🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    82. Carmen Montalto

      Animaliiiii mostriiiiiii demoniiii senza anima e cuore DIO farà Giustizia ci prego e spero meno male k Dio manda altri angeli Amano ed aiutano loro Angeli del Paradiso ANIME PURE devono soffrireeeee ancora peggiooooo fare il carcere a vita

    83. Missy Rambow

      You are beautiful people! God bless you!

    84. Won O Park

      Thank you very .much 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍

    85. Clayton Sinclear

      Congratulation she saved her life

    86. Binge YouTube

      Omgosh thank you so much for rescuing her. 💙 Please post an update of her. I hope she finds a very loving forever home. 💙

    87. hotj2006

      This is the most amazing woman I ever seen. Her job doesn't requires that she care about her clothes or hands but there she was so gentle and carry the dog grabbing It like a child. I wish her the best healthy life slots of blessings so she can stay as the guardian Angel for the misfortune animal's.

    88. Lucia Rico

      Eres un ser EXTRAORDINARIO. Por donde vayas el universo de colme de felicidad

    89. Christine Robinette

      How come foster wasn't shown

    90. Dr Pepper

      I can't watch this it's makes my blood absolutely boil o what I'd give to have two minutes alone with the twisted monster or monsters that did this 😠

    91. Melyssa A Ermi

      That's funny... Her name is Ermion and my last name is Ermi hahaha weird.

    92. T.J Combo

      This is what life is all about even when half of the world is at war. Humans are beyond help. At least we can make sure these innocent animals live a happy life

    93. That Red-Hat

      Really hoping this isn’t one of the pages that intentionally hurts animals and puts them in bad conditions and situations just to rescue them for attention.

    94. zulfiyemustafa zulfiyemustafa

      iyiki varsınız sonsuz minnettarım sağolun varolun

    95. diego diego

      Existe pessoas Lindas.

    96. lex P

      God bless you!!!!!

    97. Lee Harrison

      The ppl who done this deserve to pay. Animals are such better than people

    98. Mike Giordano

      As sad and sickening it was to see such a beautiful thing in that state, bless you for helping and everything you do. You are true heroes!

    99. Sheila Smith

      Will you be doing an update on Lydia?

    100. Meow Ming

      В ТОП !!!!