Adam Savage Learns to Vacuum Form Life-Size Dinosaur Skin!

Adam Savage’s Tested

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    Adam learns about the various materials and fabrication techniques that the builders at Animax Designs have developed to make the exterior shells of their dinosaur and creature animatronics. Experiments ranging from cast silicone to stretch fabrics allow for a balancing of weight and flexibility, and one technique calls for vacuum forming massive sheets of foam that is pressed with an impressive amount of detail. Let's watch this machine in action!
    Shot and edited by Norman Chan
    Additional production by Shay Willard
    Music by Jinglepunks
    Special thanks to Chuck Fawcett, Jay Rottinghaus, Michael Schupbach, and the rest of the team at Animax Designs for making our visit possible! animaxdesigns
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    Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
    Set design by Danica Johnson saysdanica
    Set build by Asa Hillis
    Thanks for watching!
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    1. Adam Savage’s Tested

      Special thanks to Chuck Fawcett, Jay Rottinghaus, Michael Schupbach, and the rest of the team at Animax Designs for making our visit possible!

      1. Takács Károly

        Can anyone answering me some questions about vacuum forming!? Adam or somebody. Or I have the ignore for those too.

      2. MarCuseusFX

        Wow, extra nice to see it's the Jurassic Park design. Might not be accurate to life but screw that, nostalgia for the win!

      3. Zack

        How similar is the cabin fever myth to you in lockdown?

    2. CranderianGlow

      I like that everyone was addressing each other by full names. Y'all deserve to have your names out there! Get you yours gents!

    3. Jed Eckert

      you people and your masks .... just stop

    4. m 88

      anyone who plays allot of ARMA 3 got anxiety at 7:29 lol

    5. Kieran Brown

      They really need to add an emergency release to their emergency fence.

    6. alida flus

      Adam's sense of child-like enthusiasm is kind of infectious.

      1. alida flus

        I think they trying to tell us that dinosaurs are not real

    7. H.L. Westlake

      Two Mask wearing Aliens discuss Dinosaur skin....epic ROCK ON FREAKS

    8. Carlos Flores

      Nothing like a good pull job, ay boys?!

    9. Sussie Sapphire

      Ok, I had a dream where Adam took the info he learned from making the raptor to make a 2 person puppet elephant and I now kinda really wanna see that in real life

    10. 1.5x playback everything - thank me later

      those guys running the shop were schoolkids if that when mythbusters were on. Feel old yet?=)

    11. Marc Thome

      Imagine AI becomes self aware, that T-Rex is gonna take on a whole new level of fear

    12. Alan Inu No Tomodachi

      Good to see you Adam. I used to work in a steel fabrication shop. The owner asked me to make a dinosaur for the front yard of the company. I had done some meatal art but nothing big. I made a stegosaurus skeleton that was about 20 feet tall and about 50 feet long. That was back 1999. Latter on I bought a CNC plasma cutter and made a lot of art with it.

    13. Funny Lady

      Thank you for not editing out the mistake. That was AMAZING!

    14. Macaroni Man

      This was a masterclass in how to show how dope your company is. Putting clearly invested and passionate individuals at the helm of the interview.

    15. lars K

      i agree that its really cool but that is NOT half .... you can see you remove less :P

    16. Kayz!

      The face mask didn't hide Adam blushing in shame :D Haha... I'd do exactly the same, even though no one would ever blame you. It's a very easy mistake.

    17. Martin Javinez

      where can i order?

    18. BrontoFox

      Adam literally went red with embarrassment.

    19. Atreyu

      6 feet!!! 😂

    20. Rob Card

      masks help when your talking past people. they dont help if your in their face for 30 minutes. perhaps im a bad guesser.

    21. Rob Card

      boy listen to that new kid spout out his lingo. omg go ! go omg go yo oyo!

    22. George Busby

      Dear Mr. Savage... I am a frustrated maker in Maryland, and I simply have to tell you about this man I have discovered here on DEfasts. He is a Maker Extraordinaire, to borrow a French term, and EVERY SINGLE THING I have EVER seen him make on his channel, is made by HAND!! That's because where he lives, (in an extremely remote part of China), there is no power. Absolutely none. His name is: Grandpa Amu. He uses traditional Chinese tools, most of which he has made himself. Saws, drills, chopper knives, draw knives EVERYTHING. Please, PLEASE give this man's channel a look and then tell the making world about him. He is in possession of an amazing amount of skill and precision and not just years, but decades of experience. You can tell this simply by watching his hands and what he is able to do with them. I'm begging you, Mr Savage, just go look him up, and see what he can do. You will be flabbergasted. (I use this forum because I have no other way to enlighten you about this fantastic maker.) Signed a dedicated Fan, George B.

    23. Don Jaguar

      I think they trying to tell us that dinosaurs are not real

    24. Louis Hoey

      I loved this thanks Adam!!!.weenis bump.

    25. Jason Barber

      Why tf are you wearing a mask. You people are just insane.

    26. ThrA-X

      that's a lot of excess material, what do they do with it all?

    27. Caleb Smith


      1. Jason Peacock

        Talk to the Jurassic World/Park concept artists.

    28. Make Racists Afraid Again

      Until they bumped elbows I didn't even notice the masks.

      1. Lion

        When they bumped elbows it reminded me it's been a long time since I shook anyones hand.

    29. C R

      Kowalski, analysis! 17:50

    30. Dogol

      20:08 You can see Adam’s entire head turning pink after he accidentally pulls the safety bar.

    31. Daniel Meigs

      You had one job Adam!! haha

    32. kc5string

      I mean, with all due respect to the machine, what the hell kind of “safety mechanism” lets you just pull it open while it’s operating?? That’s a stupid design.

    33. View Beyond

      This guy knows what he's talking about!!

    34. Aidan Maldonado

      5:43 tell me that black carbon fiber with the blue wouldn’t look just amazing as a part of a Batman suit.

    35. Paul Cartwright

      Lol I knew, as soon as the guy told Adam about the reset gate, that he would pull it and reset the machine 🤣🤣

    36. Azrael GT

      15:45 Adam was going to get burned isn't he?

    37. daily business

      Adam is so gifted to experience these things and live a makers life! Greetings from Berlin to SF.

    38. Discordia Cosplay

      Dude foam vacuum forming is just blowing my mind.

    39. Geraldo Orosz

      SO red!!!

    40. Cailin Tamplin

      Im still waiting for a dinosaur model with feathers

    41. Marco killing Cliffcampers

      That socket either is too big or did the prop fail happen. Hold on let me see were did my glasses go?!?!?!?!?!?!?(grabs a magnifying glass and puts the blames it on the magnifying glass). Lol!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    42. God's Grace

      2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

    43. Ultimate Noob

      I love how on the second vacuum pull, when Adam steps back from the machine, both the techs have their hands positioned so they are stopping the safety from opening again if Adam caught it. Sly, but fair. I'm glad you decided to leave that faux pas in, even if Adam did go beetroot colour as a result.

    44. Joe Parker

      did anyone want to seee the "mess up" just to see how it compares to a good one?

    45. Vrede Human

      Honestly I was wondering when it will happen as I was keeping my eye on Adams hands.

    46. Patrick Snyder

      I wonder if Adam mooched some renshape waste from them before he left haha

    47. Maverick

      on next life somebody will be eated by t. rex inside a bathroom without paper!

    48. hazonku

      Oh my word that vacuum former is AMAZING!!!

    49. Leemon Page

      Damn, didn't think Adam savage would be the one to continue the false facts of dinosaurs having scaly lizard like skin. We know they are ancestors of modern birds. We also know now that most dinosaurs had a sort of down coat of feathers similar to ostriches. Here's to another 25 years of people being fed false facts about dinosaurs.

      1. Jason Peacock

        These are animatronics for a Jurassic World attraction. The models they’re using are screen accurate, not scientifically accurate. And not all dinosaurs were feathered.

      2. Joe Moore

        The word dinosaur was invented in 1841 by Sir Richard Owen, Its translation is "terrible lizard", I have not seen a lizard with feathers.

    50. Jalak Lenteng

      Dinosaur is serious business

    51. Samld1200

      I love how Adam always asks questions. Really shows how interested he is in these things

    52. Cyberneticwarmachine

      Hearing the experts talk about their job in such a well explained manner is so underrated. And vacuum form foam... what a time to be alive

    53. Jonny Boy

      I like that the safety makes the machine move the plate down instead of not letting anything move. I would think nothing moving would be the ideal safety setting?

    54. K. Panton

      This process made me think of the story of Jean-François Champollion's eureka moment, when he fainted after finally deciphering the structure of Egyptian hieroglyphics. He felt he had brought a whole civilisation back to life.

    55. Jacob Koevoet

      Just realized they are wearing masks. I'm getting too used to this.

      1. Red Sparrow

        Honestly our mouths are one of the few body parts that actually _make sense_ to keep covered.

    56. Juan Carlos Vega Pacheco

      They are still conspiring just letting you know.

    57. jjodoin05

      Adam: “You glued a foam onto another foam and gave it a shape!! Wow!! That’s awesome!!” Me: Looks at dirty dish sponge with scrubbing side in my sink.

    58. jjodoin05

      Who put the fleshlight on the table?

    59. Mark Johnson

      Some people in this world have worked hard enough to do these dream jobs...... I am inspired and jealous at the same time. Well done guys, keep up the terrific work.

    60. Sartjehh

      Am I the only one who thought that foam tube looks a lot like a fleshlight?

    61. cnl1213

      The dude doing the demo gives off Sheldon vibes.

    62. Teddy’s Workshop

      Dude said it’s a complex process, Five seconds later he says “and then you stand on it” 🤣

    63. harley rexUN

      Perfect but sadly still shows the stereo type of Hollywood dinosaurs with no feathers

      1. harley rexUN

        @Jason Peacock ohh okay yeah that makes sense now, thanks

      2. Jason Peacock

        These are Jurassic World specific dinos, so they should match the screen appearance.

    64. MsSaudm

      TAKE THE MASKS OFF you look stupid

    65. The Strange

      is adam a enigneer or sciencetist? Or is just modifer and painter?

    66. Rick Rubenstein

      You've watched Raiders _how_ many times, and of all things you screw up the part where you drop in the sandbag? :-D

    67. Punished Props Academy

      Boy howdy the foam stuff has me excited! =D

    68. Sewer Tapes

      I wish I could try fried T-Rex tail.

    69. James Fogel

      This is how you get a kid interested in pursuing a career in materials science. Just look at all the cool stuff you can make just to see what it looks like or how it behaves!

    70. Taylor Hewitt

      Okay but that little rex model would be a fantastic item to sell for dino collectors.

    71. beautifulsmall

      everything is a sinewave mixed

    72. Rich Hopkins

      IT'S ALL ADAM'S FAULT!!! lol it's nice to see that some of the well known people on TV are comfortable being imperfect on camera. Because I know there's some where that clip would never see light of day. Adam isn't perfect... But he is damn good at what he does. 🤘

    73. beautifulsmall

      if (external scale faces == microporous tubes) livings things will fill the skin and become something you will need to wash with a brush once a week. Like a teenager.

    74. jmiller2120

      I love that you didn't exclude the mistake from the video. Stay real Adam!

    75. Jamie Hudson

      This has to be a new demerit badge

    76. Aqua Peet

      I'd like for you to create a perfect fitting dino suit, with all the linkages and movements incorporated, but I need the claws to be able to not be heavy but also be able to fatally injure a child with it. Wait, what? I mean NOT. err.... oops.... **runs away frantically**

    77. tuddrussell


    78. Johannes Dolch

      Honestly i even would watch a Video entitled "Adam Savage Learns to Vacuum His Apartment"

    79. Lux Energon

      When they told Adam "the only thing you you gotta watch for ... is the safety gate" ... it was like someone saying "Whatever you do, don't press this button." Loved it when Adam put his hands up and said "I'm not touching the thing! I'm backing up."

    80. Mojos Bigstick

      Thank you for showing the oopsies!

    81. Andy Bushnell

      I like this. very cool

    82. Norman Buursma

      Even through the mask you could see Adam's face light up with the word "vacuum forming"....

    83. hobbsend

      First off, this is an amazing tour ! Secondly, I'm glad we got to see that even Adam Savage can make a mistake! Suddenly, I feel honestly a bit better about the ones I've made!

    84. Imperial Walker

      Classic Savage.

    85. Brett Salter

      It was actually really interesting to se the safety device go off, even if Adam sacrificed little dignity for us to see it. Who needs dignity anyway, arrogance's poor cousin.

    86. Whitpusmc

      That huge piece of Renshape must be crazy expensive!!

    87. Whitpusmc

      Adam breaks the T-Rex! LOL.

    88. Pete

      I love that at the heart of all of this is the transmodification of materials and processes. The art of being clever.

    89. Blukeyy

      20:00 for anyone looking for what everyone’s on about

    90. Lars v.d. Zeijden

      Did other people get the unintended Jurrasic Park reference at 16:57? I mean; talking about Dinosaurs and saying ' will find its way'.... COME ON!

    91. Nigel Winslow

      Tell your camera person to use a tripod.

    92. Eliot Brown

      I once was in the vicinity of an even bigger Ballovac-- the sort used for outdoor building signs. Terrifying. Built right along the same lines as this one. That "safety" looks a little loose-- they should have shown you how loose when the thing was dead. I blame those guys!

    93. Ruiluth

      I kept seeing this video in my feed and reading it as "Adam Savage learns to vacuum F R O M a life-sized dinosaur skin" and kept thinking how weird and uninteresting that sounded. Lol.

    94. Erik Siu

      Life goal: play with Adam savage one time. Im gonna put it on my bucket list.

    95. Ian Whitfield

      That company needs to look at pressure forming, no need for two stages and sand bags.

    96. Tor Ravengael

      $138.00 for one 39'' x 79'' x 1'' sheet Plastazote. Adam made expensive oops.

    97. Info Moizermekanik

      this is amazing, thanks

    98. AstroSteve

      "don't pull the gate thingie"... Adam; keeps touching it, keeps leaning on it.. mmmmmm my anxiety levels were rising already..

    99. tawesome

      When I first saw the thumbnail I thought it was one of the Navigators from Dune.

    100. Sullir

      The skin looks great, but aren't the feathers going to cover it anyway?